Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 205

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 205

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-13-2015 – Release Date 01-18-2015

Production Number #205 – The Stoner Laugh

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, telling listeners to tell a friend.

Adam teases a theory he’s going to get into with their first caller.


1st Caller Solomon, he wants to know if they’ve ever discovered why stoners have that specific laugh, he clarifies he’s been listened to Adam and Drew for decades now and is still shocked they can predict if someone smokes with such high accuracy.

Adam brings up an evening out with a couple, the woman laughed often with a heavy smoker’s hack, he wants to know why those people don’t hide their laugh, Adam shares Lynette’s theory on the woman wanting to hack and changing her hack into a laugh affect.

Adam is trying to get Drew to agree, he gives him a “could be” and explains that the laugh seems to come from the effect Marijuana has on the brain, Adam has a killer wisdom comment aimed at Solomon who shares his “monkey see, monkey do” theory on stoners imitating the media’s portrayal of people who smoke pot.


Adam is now asking Gary for one of the old “soulful” 1970’s MacDonald’s commercials, Drew brings up the psychiatrist who was the burger kind commercial spokesperson as a kid.


2nd Caller John, he’s off the line but wanted to know about repetition among humans, Drew explains the repetition compulsion as lined out by Freud.

Drew shares his theory on it being a lived memory, John is back on the line and Drew reiterates it’s an experiential memory, one that you can recreate by experiencing it.

Adam shares an anecdote of “that ain’t going to be me” from Terry Crews, the most recent Take a Knee guest, Terry didn’t drink to differentiate himself from his father, Adam drinks in part to differentiate himself from his father.


Adam is giving a “knock it off” explanation for people who blame trauma for recreating behaviors and scenes that echo their abuse throughout their lifetime.

Adam is now commenting on the cycle of poverty and explains that repetition is the issue, Drew says that Adam is talking about “the Human potential movement” and asks if he can go political, Drew says no but Adam proceeds.

Adam is now ranting against Elizabeth Warren and her “the game is rigged” speech, Adam is explaining his take on the message of being told the deck is stacked against you and what that does to people.


Adam is now using a job without potential for upward momentum based on his race or gender would make him give up at life.

Drew is now giving some author recommendations.


Adam is now doing a live read for Cremo Cream


Drew is sharing his “most people are hot house flowers” theory on how people like Adam and Terry can overcome so much while others seemingly can’t.

Adam says that you can swap out weeds/hot house flowers and make them feel like each other, regardless of the reality.

Adam is now asking for Drew to use some knowing nods to talk about couples they both know where the wives become “orchids” as their husbands become weeds.


Adam is now on a tangent about “eye of the weed” and the “weed that could go either way” analogies, he says that it’s up to you to be motivated to take care of yourself.


Drew is now launching into a The Bouqs live read


Drew is back to ritual and why humans repeat behaviors, he’s citing reenactments of historical events and takes it to Judaism and Christianity and how they remember trauma by ritual reenactments, and Drew says that assures the memory stays present among a group.

Adam likes this theory and is further fleshing it out with Drew, using more Jewish practices.

Adam brings up Drew leaving his keys with his flu vaccines and Drew takes it back to the Aztecs, he’s now using human sacrifice to make a point about shocking people into behaviors.


Adam is saying he’s less likely to reenact due to his atheism, he says his lack of a religious base doesn’t set him up to look at himself as part of any group.

Gary found a solid 1970’s MacDonald’s commercial, Adam wants to know if a Jewish person has ever successfully pulled off a game of double Dutch.

Chris is showing them an advertisement from the 1970’s aimed at black people that Lynch showed him, Drew is now reading the ad copy.


3rd Caller Hunter, he thanks Drew for letting him come by the studio and Adam is now asking if Drew can at least ask for permission for people who he invites to Adam’s “joint.”

Hunter wants their take on tinder, he thinks it could damage relationships between men and women and Adam is now taking to a wrestling with friend’s analogy.

Adam says he’s always confused when his son and his pals aren’t in headlocks and wrestling, Adam is now taking the indoor kids playing video games vs. wrestling outdoors approach to his analogy, he interrupts it as Drew is busy texting and talks about the NFL.


Adam is now finishing his analogy about the atrophy of skills and muscles that are no longer used, Drew is saying that porn and tinder is a dangerous combo, when it comes to sending a message.

Adam shares the “why?” story, the one where he approached a table of 4 ½’s and was asked what he wanted, he shares the humiliation in being turned down by your 2nd or 3rd choice.


4th Caller John, he intros his call with a round of “Adam Carolla” (formerly Marco Polo) and wants to know about a recent seizure.

Adam asks John about his cadence and learns he’s Philippino, Chris gets on mic for some hilarious back and forth, Adam and Drew are joking with him.

Drew gets serious and tells john what he needs to do as this could be very serious.


Adam is doing a Life Lock live read


Adam is now sharing the super depressing conversation he had with his son this morning, about his afterschool plans.

Adam was acting as if, he wasn’t actually interested in his son’s plans but was pretending to do what a good dad would do.

Adam shares his reaction to Sonny’s “homework” lamentation for his evening, Drew says kids need practice and asks where Adam would be if he had a proper education.


Adam is now saying this is a massive burden on the family and only helps to create a gap, Adam is asking for Drew to dig and explains what it takes for his son to get all of his work done.

What is a single mom supposed to do to keep up with the Carolla’s?


Adam and Drew are doing a live read (Bitch!)
Drew asks Adam about his sweater, he’s never seen him in this sweater and he now explains how clothes get strewn around his house and unworn.

Drew is now reacting to Gary’s citation for backing into a parking space, Adam is explaining what he thinks the reasoning is for why they don’t want him parking that way.

Adam is now ranting about the city using meters to charge people to park on the streets they already paid for, he’s differentiating between city parking lots and private ones.


Gary is on mic making some points and Adam says it’s not working trying to keep up and do things right, the city has overreached so far that they can’t keep up with their tickets and demand they’ve created.

Adam is telling Gary not to pay it, Adam says they’re fuck ups and mocks the red light cameras/tickets.

Drew says that he’s now greeted with “What I Do Now” at every restaurant.


Adam tries to pick up the line with Bill, he’s not there but wanted to discuss homework burdens on kids.

Mike wants to talk about driverless cars and the social implications, Adam doesn’t claim to know the social implication but says that most of the traffic is caused by people.

Adam brings up his rides to Irvine with Mike August where their car is literally stopped still on the road and Adam wraps up the show with some closing thoughts on driverless cars and uses a blood vessel analogy for traffic.