Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2013 – Leo Laporte, Barry Zito and Kelley James

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/18/2013 – Leo Laporte, Barry Zito and Kelley James

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-17-2013 – Release Date 01-18-2013

Adam is opening the show with a very enthusiastic Get It On, Bryan and Adam are having some fun talking about Barry Zito.

Adam is now sharing a hypothetical “Who Could You Hang Out With Less” scenario for Alison, very funny.

Adam is now going off on people at the studio who are using too many coffee creamers, he’s transitioning to James Baby Doll Dixon and his use of sugar packets, and he’s now showing the gang a photo of his coffee aftermath from the last time he was with Dixon.

Alison is now asking Adam about conference calls, he’s explaining how he doesn’t like being the first guy on the line and now he’s riffing, good stuff.

Adam is teasing Leo’s upcoming appearance; he’s now “riddling” Alison and BB while blowing smoke up his own ass. Adam is plugging the new Ace On The House and Carcast episodes coming out tomorrow.

Adam is now telling the gang about Matt Fondiler buying him a GPS app for his iPhone to track his racing times; he’s now sharing a confusing mathematical problem and his hunch for an answer. BB has his own theory (of course) and now Alison is agreeing with Adam.


Leo is now joining the show and asking Adam about how he’s feeling in light of everything. Adam is now discussing the lawsuit against the company for the first time; he’s got a lighthearted comedic spin about why he ended up on the radar for this lawsuit.

Leo is now chiming with some facts and Adam is telling him this is exactly why he wanted him booked on the show. Adam is now asking Leo if he’s not concerned because he would be next along with many of the other high ranking podcasts and networks.

Leo is now explaining why these lawsuits originate from where they do; Leo is now warning Adam about even discussing this. Leo is now explaining the lawsuit that was filed against apple and how the patent was even acquired.

Adam is now explaining how the 2nd thought he had after “Light up the Leo signal” was that all podcasters should unite to avoid this happening to anyone else.

Adam and Leo are joking about the speed at which Lawyers became involved in the internet; Leo is now agreeing with Adam. Adam is clarifying he’s not asking for charity but more of a united front of all content creators, Adam is now riffing about Joe Rogan, very funny!


Adam is now calling for possibly bringing Apple into the mix, Leo is now telling Adam that Apple doesn’t care about podcasts because they don’t profit, Adam is now explaining how iTunes actually does indirectly profit off the podcasts via ancillary products.

Adam is now calling for a kick starter legal fund to help protect all podcasts from future litigation.

Leo is now pledging to follow up on this and talk to his own legal guys, Awesome Podcast Team Up!

Adam is wrapping with Leo, doing a live read and now Alison is teasing an upcoming story from the news regarding Manti Te’o.


They’re back from break and now Adam is explaining how he met Barry Zito in 2003, Adam just found out that Patrick Duffy is Barry’s uncle. Adam is now explaining how “Step By Step” was a show he would watch when he was home on weekends depressed.

Adam just got the information on what years the show ran and now Adam is bringing up his classic hypothetical question about people asking Suzanne Somers about doing another sitcom while that show was on the air.

Alison is now bringing up a possible “compisult” she received after the live show at Amalfi, Adam is now explaining what he gets and how Alison’s is actually a compliment and how what Adam gets is much worse.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about the ongoing Manti Te’o drama in the news, Alison is reading the updates and Adam is weighing in.

Adam and Bryan are now on an epic riff about what “Irish Football” could be a euphemism for, Adam has since tweeted and credited Mike Lynch, not sure if it was in jest to shift blame or factual.

Adam is now going off on news media and the way stories are embellished instead of simply reported on, very sound points and call backs to Adam’s past rants.

Adam is now giving a personal example of how something is reported inaccurately; Adam is now sighing JFK and MLK’s extramarital affairs getting a pass from the media of a different era.


2nd story is reporting the death of “Dear Abby” columnist Pauline Phillips, Adam and Bryan are now riffing about the differences in questions throughout times, Alison has a great reply.

Alison is now explaining the differences between her and Ann Landers, Alison is now asking Adam about his reading habits and whether he reads the advice section. Adam is now explaining the only paper reading he tends to do is USA today while trapped on a flight.

Adam has some hilarious quotes about working as Dear Abby for 10 years on Loveline.


3rd story is on the death Conrad Bain, Adam is now asking if you could get away with making “Diff’rent Strokes” in today’s world.

Adam and Alison are now riffing about the show and Alison is schooling Adam on the “very special episode” of the series.


4th story is about ATM’s now dispensing 1 and 5 dollar bills; Adam is explaining he’s glad because he’s been complaining about this for years. Adam is now giving his theory on how to best disperse the cash.

Bryan is laying in a “Cherry Pie” music bed, Adam is now riffing in character as the strip club dj about the ATM.

Alison is now asking Adam about tipping and now Adam is explaining why he thinks a single dollar is worse than no tip. Adam and Alison are joking about trying to make 3 dollars seem like more money when tipping.


5th story is on a woman who was fired from teaching in Oxnard California after her past career in adult films was discovered. Alison is reading the story and Adam is now agreeing with the school district and explaining what happens in the mind of a 13yr old boy.

Alison is asking a very good question and now Adam is describing how discovering the porn career would be the greatest day of a 13yr olds own “career”.

Alison is now asking Adam and Bryan what it’s like to be a 13yr old boy; Bryan has a very funny one liner. Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t know what it would be like today, he’s got some very funny examples of how he would’ve reacted if he had the internet at that age.

Adam is now on a funny riff about the “fighting and fucking gene” he’s doing an in character improv as an old man mentoring younger guys, hilarious.


6th story is on the rise in emergency room visits caused by Energy Drinks. Adam is now giving his take and brings up his mom.


They’re now back from break with Kelly Jones who is enjoying the Mangria, Adam’s talking to Kelly about “The Nick and Artie show” and now he’s introducing Barry Zito and asking him about his journey.

Adam is going in depth with Barry and discussing his career. Adam is now switching gears and bringing Kelly into the discussion, Adam is now explaining that they’ll be performing a song together.

Alison reminded them to get into the topic of Patrick Duffy; Barry is now telling them what it was like and praising Adam’s reference from earlier in the show.


They’re now performing “Standing on a Rooftop” live in the studio, it sounds awesome.

Kelly is now taking some topics from Adam and Bryan to work into his freestyle in the middle of the song.

Adam is now doing a live read with a nice guitar bed underneath, good stuff.

Adam wraps the show and Bryan closes it out with an amazing drop, one of the all time best!