Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 496

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 496

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-17-2017

Production Number #496 – Sick

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Adam opens the show with the standard truncated “Get it On” intro as he’s munching on some wonderful cheese dropped off by a fan.

Adam tells Drew about starting to get the flu, he goes over all of the details shared on the ACS, including Lynette wedged between the bed and the ottoman and the kids were also in a diarrhea and vomit storm.

Adam and Olga were both bystanders witnessing this chaos, Adam says the family seemed to feel like hell and he presumes they had high temperatures, it was academic at the point where he could have taken their temperatures, like trying to take the temperature of a wounded soldier on the battlefield.


Adam shares how he got the cold shivers in the middle of the night after his Hot Yoga class, Adam felt it kick in around 4:15am.

Adam was waiting for it to get worse, Lynette got Adam and anti-nausea pill and was kind enough to do that, he goes over his feelings and how he overcame his discomfort and skipped exercising that night, he ended up being fine a day later.

Adam says he heard from Olga that she got home and vomited once, then she reported that she was fine the rest of the weekend.


Adam asks about these viruses and has a “peak health” survival point, Drew gets scientific a bit and tells Adam about one of these upper respiratory viruses affecting him and his son, his other son and his wife were fine as they are more similar to Adam.

Adam asks about people’s wiring and then apologizes to a touchy Dr. Drew, he’s making a point about how it’s a 2-factor issue, genes and then environment but there is a mindset element as well.

Drew skips past that notion and goes into a live read.


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Adam is now sharing a fun anecdote of planning a mini snow vacation with his kids, he wants to make a point about Natalia and her nature.

Adam shares how he tried to put the trip off one weekend but Natalia didn’t even acknowledge it as a possibility and accepted the 2nd weekend trip he just offered, it wasn’t even on the table to delay it.


1st Caller Sonya, she has a confession and brings up the story of the fantasy Adam shares on the ACS, involving 3 prostitutes.

Sonya says she had a sexy dream about Adam and it completely changed how she thinks about him now, Drew wants to know what specifically made it sexy.

Sonya says it was ultimately how loyal Adam was to his wife and his family, that’s what turned her on and Adam is now going in depth on the rules put forth by the imaginary hookers.


Adam is going over his dreams, he says they’re like WWII, specifically the Germans and their Enigma code, the dilemma of not being able to warn everyone as that would alert the Germans and get them to change their code.

Adam’s dreams have to follow the same logic, if he just had a pleasant dream he would wake up, but three prostitutes giving him the rules to fuck them in his living room feels like his life, it’s achievable.

Drew asks about the rules Adam was being lectured about, Adam has no idea how his family got involved in it and he brings up the horrible sewage smell in his room, he says dogs vomiting, earthquakes, sewage gasses pouring out of the toilet, it’s always 4:12am not yet day time, at noon all of this stuff would make far more sense.


2nd Caller Phil, he’s having hernia surgery in a few weeks and wants to know about the post-surgery pain eh can expect, he’s a recovering opiate addict.

Adam says he was up hanging doors the next day, he felt 0 discomfort and kept going as he never was in pain.

Drew asks why it can’t wait a year before he operates on it, Drew says he needs to have someone else administer the opiates for under a week of use and that’s it.


Adam talks about his hernia that was flaring up throughout his mid-thirties and he recalls it was Classic Loveline – TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2004 – GUEST: KATHY GRIFFIN • HOST: ADAM, DR. HENSEL as that was the only time Dr. Hensel filled in on Loveline for Dr. Drew who was presumably out chasing a nickel.

Adam goes over how bad it was they’re now getting into how Adam was making racial jokes with his anesthesiologist who was Dr. Drew’s neighbor.

Adam says that his kids nor family have the same thing he has, he tries to explain the counting down he would do about upcoming events and gifts on the horizon.


Adam has obsessions with things out in the world, Motomag wheels in his youth and the laminate counter and custom mirrors of his adult life

Adam was super excited to go hang those mirrors right away, he needed to get it done and he wants to know about the wiring.

Drew says it’s deprivation on some level as he was so deprived in his childhood.


3rd Caller Brad, he’s a big fan and brings up a twitter poll about choosing between your dog and a stranger, who would you choose.

Adam gets to the topic and brings up Prager U. and now Adam says he would say the opposite and then really say his dog, that would be the logic.

Drew is saying that humans go towards each other in crisis and Adam says it’s emblematic of the time we’re in, Adam is sharing how he has always understood the distinction between dogs and humans, he makes a point about the relative worth of Charles Manson vs. his dog and Drew brings up Dylan Roof who he’s eager to see die.


Adam says people who commit mass shootings and murder randomly should want themselves to die, it’s what’s right.


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Adam gives out the plugs and Drew says he will be coming to Levity Live with the gang and they wrap up the show.