Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2017 – Darren Knight

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2017 – Darren Knight

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Darren Knight

Recorded 01-16-2017 – Release Date 01-17-2017

Production Number #1988

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Adam opens the show to a funny “farting up a hot yoga studio” intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch and their merged myriad of talents.

Adam sounds enthusiastic and BB has a #TopDrop of Sonny saying “Cool” and Adam tells the gang about taking Natalia up to the snow with her pal, so they could go tubing.

Adam is sharing how Natalia returned from Chicago wounded due to the lack of snow, which led to Adam agreeing to take her to the mountain with Sonny, hilarious riffing about Natalia not enjoying the super luxurious conditions.


Adam explains how far the snow is from him and he compliments how beautiful the snow is, it’s underrated in its majesty and he paints quite the picture.

Adam says Sonny ended up having a birthday party scheduled and he needed to miss the trip to go tubing, Adam riffs about kids having too many events and possible entertainment options in the modern era and how insane it all sounds.

Adam shares how Natalia reacted to his idea to postpone the trip, she didn’t even acknowledge the possibility and instead committed him to two weeks in a row.


Adam is now telling them about the rental process for the tubing place, Adam is making a point about unnecessary verbiage and extra speech where it’s not needed.

Adam says he had a lot of hours up tone mountain and he was hanging out in the super overpriced chalet with the round chips and cheese sauce imitation nachos, Adam now shares the no hard liquor on the mountain rule, “you know because of the kids” which leads to an insane and hilarious “fucking my daughter on snow bank” extrapolation from Ace, wow!

Adam is joking about the reply making him feel self-conscious and BB riffs about it with him, Adam says he was watching the ‘Seahawks’ Game and he recommends people do things like this to get stuff done.


Adam took all of his buck slips and created a couple master buck slips to better organize his work and he talks about Natalia’s friends and their superior families.

Adam is addressing the latest news on peanut allergies, it’s been hinted at for over a week yet there has been no real response from Adam.


Smart Mouth – doesn’t matter where you are, all night. Getting high, fake nachos and no hard liquor edition


Gina has the latest set of guidelines regarding introducing infants to peanut based foods and Adam jokes about the notion of there even being such a guideline.

Adam talks about knowing about that humans can’t evolve and change this quickly to make peanuts into poison to humans, we can change our thinking much quicker re: Bill Cosby from Hero to Rapist.

Adam uses air travel to make a point about the risk and relative risk potential in general and how scared people create the backwards thinking that lead to the increase in things like peanut allergies.


BB shares his discussion with his daughter’s pediatrician about when to introduce peanuts.

Adam is now having Gary play a selection from his first audiobook ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and it contains a bonus rant about George Washington Carver.

Gina is now craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich due to Adam’s picture that he painted with his mouth.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Donald, he wants to know about his movies and the possible disconnect between the documentaries vs. his comedy films.

Adam notes that ‘The Hammer’ is very highly rated and ‘Road Hard’ lesser so but does still rank high with the critics and BB brings up the movie ‘Old School’ which is in the 60’s on Rotten Tomatoes.

Adam is talking about how easy it is to make a documentary and if you want to make a comedy you have to craft it out of raw material, documentaries come with huge parts bins, it’s an assembly more than a bespoke raw material ground up build of a car.


Adam says if you rebuild an old car people will love it, if you invent your own car you risk people not feeling the finished look and design.

Adam says he thinks the romantic comedy is the most difficult genre to get ranked highly among critics, BB agrees and says it’s absolutely correct that rom coms are always about 20 points lower than other genres.

Adam has a couple solid comments “interested in what your thoughts are, Bryan only” and then BB has a “don’t chime in here Gina” drop that almost sounds like he said it, bizarre.


Adam is telling Donald about not sitting around trying to think about what kind of comedian he is, he thinks of himself as human and most importantly a father.

Gina brings up the movie ‘Tip Toes’ and BB informs her of the ‘How Did This Get Made’ podcast episode devoted to the film.

Adam goes off on bad slogans and all of the people who let them pass by and didn’t stop them at the idea stage, he harps on “what can brown do for you” and UPS.


Adam is talking about his non-Nest thermostats at the studio and the annoying plastic covers and poor design that renders them nearly unusable, how did they make it past the clay modeling stage let alone end up in mass production.

BB has a great ‘Tropic Thunder’ reference while talking about stereotypical movie studio executives and they play the trailer for ‘Tiptoes’ and react to it.

Adam says he smells foreign money or something, he says it’s like when he discovered that ‘Caillou’ was French Canadian and BB asks if he can avoid his daughter falling into that trap of bad kid’s TV.


Adam is joking about ‘Dora The Explorer’ and Swiper who apparently has a hang glider of some sort, Adam shares how and why he let his kids watch ‘The Simpsons’ and Adam has a killer lead paint doorjamb bit of logic for BB to present to Christie.


2nd Caller Jeff is telling them about getting busted for doing 70mph in a 55mph zone, he was crossing state lines to get some hard booze.

Adam is now talking about how “white commutes matter” and he wishes we could walk back radar guns and speed traps, Adam says if they set a speed limit for walking on the sidewalk and it was set in 1951 when dudes were wearing wingtip shoes.

Adam says now people move faster, naturally cars move quicker and he tells everyone to fight every ticket and jam the system up and render it unusable, he wants cops out there working on crime.


Adam wraps up with Jeff and they move on.


3rd Caller Brandon, he asks for a possible “Mr. Sunshine” (Mr. Brightside) take on automated drivers putting an end to professional drivers and many industries humans rely on for employment in this country.

Brandon presents his own logic for how people will be needed to service LIDAR and Adam mixes that up with light rail, he gets corrected off mic by Gary presumably.

Adam says there is now avoiding technology, you need to find a way to work with it and he brought up horse coach builders shifting to automotive coaches and BB agrees.


Adam talks about the B1 Bomber program and outdated industries we need to phase out regardless of the jobs it will eliminate.

Adam would like to build nuclear power plants and those are some shovel ready jobs.

Gina explains that computers were a huge role in the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ and Adam is now riffing about the “I’m deceased” sitcom plot from the 1980’s that went away pretty quickly.


4th Caller Britton, he’s recommending a parental lock for BB to keep the crap off his TV, using it for the reverse purpose it was intended.

Britton is now sharing two possible scenarios and Adam has a killer “Pop N Fresh” reference and promises to poke him the belly, with his dick?


SimpliSafe – Safe Robbery in Las Vegas, god knows what’s in that safe edition

Adam tells Gary not to “steal” things off his screen and Adam setups a clip of Darren’s character “Southern Momma” that has gone viral on YouTube.

Adam reacts to it and the 25 million views it’s received.

They head to break


They’re back from break with Darren Knight making his ACS debut with a listener voicemail form G Money in Seattle, he takes the (his) answerer off the air and Adam informs him if he balls up TP or folds it.


Adam is asking Darren how he came up with is character, he says he copied the idea from another YouTube account and did it better.

Adam is telling Darren about his relationship with his “dead fish mother” and Adam tells Darren about the first time he was in Portland Oregon doing some live shows at the Aladdin theatre, he had censored his act to appease them only to learn they were at the 2nd show and not the first.

Adam jokes about people being able to smell his mom but you wouldn’t know if her presence any other way if she was to attend a live show.


Adam is asking Darren about his mom’s cooking and Adam riffs about southern racists, black folk and Jewish people all bonding over their shared love for the worst parts of animals that they all seem to enjoy.

Darren is telling them about his parents and Adam asks him where the comedy came in, Darren says his character came from his family and his standup act is a lot different.

BB asks about the comedy scene in the south and Darren tells them about how it’s growing and Adam plugs some of his live dates.


Blue ApronNo Giblets Here! And enchiladas don’t get enough love Edition


Gina’s News

Gina remarks on the deer meat and Adam sings the praises of one killing their own animals and getting their own meat, skipping the factory farms.


1st Story is on Martin Luther King’s legacy and she plays a clip of his most famous speech about his dream for better tomorrow and Gina asks Darren about race, he says in the south it almost never comes up.

Darren says it comes up in big cities and in the south there are other issues.


2nd Story is on “Blue Monday” and Adam brings up the Fats Domino song and a Foreigner Track that Dawson schools him on, Adam is reacting to “Blue Monday” by ‘New Order’ which he never knew to be the title of that song he hates.

They play some of the other ‘Blue Monday’ that Adam does know, Adam brings up ‘Stager Lee’ and BB plays the Lloyd Price version that rose to prominence on the billboard charts in 1959.


3rd Story is on Rolling Stone’s top 30 sports movies of all time, Adam and BB do some speculating and Adam comments on ‘Raging Bull’ which reached #4 and Gina says ‘Hoosiers’ didn’t make the list.

Darren asks about ‘The Sandlot’ and Gary informs her that ‘Hoosiers’ is ranked #13 and Adam objects to them pitting documentaries against narrative films and dramas.

Gina says ‘Hoop Dreams’ is #1 and BB agrees despite this being his favorite documentary of all time and Darren’s phone goes off, Adam has a funny “huge black man” impression of southern momma and Gary further helps with more movies from the list.


4th Story is on the danger of fingerprints being readable in photographs and Gina explains how it works, Darren refuses to accept the science behind this fact, Adam definitely believes it and comments on how every move towards the light and progress comes with this stuff.

Adam wants to clone himself so that version of himself can suffer and be miserable in the modern era while he enjoys his life and gets fat.

BB brings up the movie ‘The Island’ and the organ harvesting plot buy not ‘Multiplicity’ which is more akin to what Adam is describing.


5th Story is on Elton John and Mariah Carey performing live for a Russian Billionaire’s granddaughter, Adam is now riffing about who the bigger diva and Gary says he knows so someone who witnessed her throw a toddler like temper tantrum and Gian has a second-hand Elton John piano tuning tale of woe from the Hollywood bowl as witnessed by Mark, formerly of the morning.

Adam says he was skimming through the radio and he stopped on ‘I Will Always Love you’ with the girls in the car, he forgot about Whitney’s ability and he says he liked it when people’s parents would joke around in the car when he was a kid.

Adam then riffed about this being his Karaoke jam and he started thinking about this, he says he was left pondering how Whitney and Mariah may have set themselves up for failure, with these super impressive vocals that could rarely if ever be pulled off in one take, they could never match their studio perfection in the wild and if they could that was years ago, in Whitney’s case before the booze, crack and other damage.


They set the bar too high and can’t nail the triple gainer dive without a splash, it would be smart to be more like ‘ZZ Top’ and Adam has a killer impression of them “how, how, how” and Dawson says they know themselves as a band and don’t try to branch out much.

“we like drinking and eating bad pussy” – Adam on ‘ZZ Top’ and now BB is critiquing Adam in character as one of the guys for being too in key on stage, hilarious!


6th Story is on U2 playing the ‘Joshua Tree’ album on their latest tour and how Trump’s presidential win inspired them to celebrate the 3oth anniversary of the record.

Adam shares his feelings about the band, he says they have some good songs, they are a good band that he doesn’t appreciate very much at all, he could be doing laundry and or listening to ‘The Jayhawks’ and he brings up how Lynette brought up how he goes from one rant into another.


Adam has BB plays ‘Charms’ by ‘The Wild Colonials’ who guested on Loveline and went to dinner with him before the show, Adam is trying to recall if the singer was Irish and Adam is trying to recall when they came on the show.

Adam is now talking over the song asking Gary where they’re from and when this was released, he doesn’t care where they formed as a band.

Adam keeps telling them to turn it up and he’s now made aware again, that the singer is Scottish.


Adam feels like he’s been cleansed by the “bucka, bucka” U2 sound and goes into some sponsored content. – he takes it, she takes it, they take it edition


Adam is trying to discern when the song got popular and they plug the album and move on to the next story.


7th Story is on the George Lucas museum opening in Los Angeles on May the 4th and she asks if anyone knows why that date is significant and Adam has a killer “Columbine?” reply, gold!

Adam is now mocking his life of hearing about peanut allergies and hearing about Star Wars and how shitty his life is, he says you can carve out 2 years of his life of Star Wars discussions from his life on his death bed.

Adam realizes it’s the “force” reference and Gary and Dawson both get on mic.


Adam reacts to the idea of a soccer stadium being erected in Los Angeles and he’s asking Darren about his momma’s casseroles and Adam recalls his late grandfather Lotzi who made a sauerkraut casserole.


8th Story is on the end of the “25% rule” for tattoos regarding Air Froce cadets, Adam is talking about the relaxing of standards for various industries and Darren gives his take on tattoos for enlisted men.

Adam says it’s ironic as the NAVY was the primary source of most tattoos back in the day.

Adam says we have taken the foot off the tramp stamp accelerator, now it’s replaced with fully sleeved women.


Adam says he’s sop pragmatic and he thinks women would look better without the tattoos and the piercings, Adam says dudes are way too practical to have tattoos work positively in the boner department.

Darren agrees and he shares the tattoos that he thinks look good, Adam likes the big Samoan guy with tatted up calves, more power to them.

Adam looks at most people with tattoos and wonders about them and their discretionary income, he doesn’t think it’s a good allocation of funds and he says all of the money and all of the time could be better directed elsewhere.


Gina says her favorite episode of ‘Lock Up’ involved tattooing eyeballs, Adam has a killer hepatitis riff and they’re now looking at a guy with tattoos eyes and a Wu Tang Clan tattoo.

Gina wraps the news and Adam tells them about trying to get Sonny into the pool again, he refused while observing it was much colder out when he did it.


Life LockFinger prints in pictures while you give the peace sign/safe in England Edition


Adam plugs the upcoming live show with Jenna and Bodhi and then he plugs the rest of the live dates and various projects.

BB closes the show to a “you can beat your kids just fine on beer and wine by the way” comment from Gina.