Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2014 – Brody Stevens and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2014 – Brody Stevens and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brody Stevens and Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-16-2014 – Release Date 01-17-2014

Production Number #1241

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Adam is opening the show with an excellent #TopDrop for Alison quoting something she overheard as a youth, BB has an unusual moment of reflection on Adam’s statement about the years they’ve been going strong at Carolla Digital.

Adam is now introducing Matt Atchity for his 11th or 12th credited appearance on the show and first of the New Year, Adam is going in depth with him about this year’s award contenders.

Adam is going in depth on Rush in particular and Alison has a killer series of references her brain goes to when she hears that movie title.


Adam is now bringing up something overrated but still great, he’s citing the fogged in at Burbank flight delay story from last week.

Adam is explaining that when they were driving home and to kill time they discussed “CB Savage” a reference Jeff Fox somehow missed despite his extensive knowledge of “Dr. Demento”.

Adam is sharing the compliment he got from Jeff Fox comparing the discovery of this song to a “Twilight Zone” fan discovering a lost episode they’d never seen somehow.


Adam has Brokedown this song on Loveline, The Adam Carolla Show on KLSX and on the podcast.

They’re now playing the song and Adam is offering up some light commentary, funny Janeane Garofalo reference assuming she wouldn’t find the song humorous.

They’re wrapping up the clip and Adam is launching into a live read and mocking himself for a minor flub.

They’re all discussing the theme song and Matt has a nice anecdote about his brother, BB is playing the full theme in honor of it being the first show of the year.


Rotten Tomatoes Game with Matt Atchity

Today’s theme is Matthew Mcconaughey movies.

1st Movie Dazed and Confused, BB is offering up some words about it and Alison has a killer Rory Cochrane reference and joke.

Adam is giving his take on the character Matthew plays in the movie and giving his standard take on that type of guy and Matthew’s work in the movie.

BB is shocked that Dawson never saw this movie in the theater and Adam is giving his take on watching movies of people getting stoned, he’s got a great beat off analogy.

Dawson is on mic and agreeing with Adam, comedy gold!


2nd Movie A Time To Kill, Matt is giving all the details on this movie and the production.

Adam is not familiar with the movie and they’re all writing down their scores and revealing them.


3rd Movie EdTV, Adam saw it in the theater and enjoyed it and now realizes he’s thinking of “The Truman Show” and BB is asking Matt about the movie.

Matt is giving the details of the cast and the premise including the role of Ellen DeGeneres.

Adam crossed out his 61, spooky!


4th Movie We Are Marshall, Adam is pointing out that he was recruited to play, shortly after the plane crash or possibly during as Adam says, gold!

Adam and BB have a great reaction to the low number from the critics, BB is pointing out the director’s jail status McG was in at the time, at least with the critics.


5th Movie Tropic Thunder, Matt is refreshing Adam on the movie and Adam is bringing up the lack of cable airings for this one and how he’s glad that he never sees Drive in syndication either, the double edged sword of home video and TV rights.

Adam and Bryan have a shocked reaction to the order of the names, thinking they’re the order of winners, hilarious wish for contacts for Alison to constantly see the screen grab of the outcome of today’s results.

Alison has some funny replies and BB is asking what someone can give advice wise after a game like that, Adam is now taking a knee with BB making him feel better.


Adam is now teasing the arrival of Brody Stevens and the guest host controversy from 2010, Adam is giving his take on how he heard about what happened.

Adam is citing the last time he saw Brody while taping “The Burn” with Jeff Ross.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Matt is telling the gang his reactions to the Academy Award nominations with a funny moment discussing “Lee Daniels The Butler” and Adam is giving his take on the Robert Redford performance, BB has a nice counter point about acting challenges.

Adam is giving his take as someone who has acted before to BB, Alison has a nice bit of trivia about Redford never yet winning an Academy Award.

Matt is giving his take on Bruce Dern’s smart move of making himself available, Alison has a nice observation about lobbying.


Adam is giving his hesitance in regards to “Nebraska” and his take on the previous work of Alexander Payne, BB is in the mix and Adam is singing the praises for “Rush” once again.

Adam has a hilarious “All about the Benjamin’s” reference, Matt is mentioning the unlikely nomination for “Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa” in the makeup category.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Hillary, Adam is telling her he will soon be in her neck of the woods signing some Mangria bottles, she doesn’t know the location and her husband confirms where it is off air.

Adam jokes that’s where her husband picks up his whores and the area described is actually very appropriate for both whores and coeds, nice joke Ace!

Hillary wants the do’s and don’ts for a good caller into the show, BB has some funny comments about local wine shops.


Adam is giving the basics and I don’t disagree with any of it, BB has a follow up about questions that have never been posed before.

Alison has an important bit of inform about pausing and responding to Adam when your call is brought on air.


2nd Caller Tim, his girlfriend claims to be allergic to Red dye #40 and it’s affecting all of his purchases.

Adam wants to know what it’s in, Tim is listing all the things that contain red dye and Adam has a funny “you gotta blow yourself, sorry” riff about this extending to Tim and his bodily fluids.

Adam is now getting to people who “get headaches from things” and he’s asking aren’t these the people who are weaker than the rest, Alison is always suspicious of people who report getting negative symptoms like this.

Matt has a point about not needing someone’s life story and just a simple “no thanks” would do, Adam is getting to the inherent narcissism of these people and has a nice coffee complaint anecdote.


Tim wants to know how he could test her allergies to find out if she’s full of shit, BB says they can test for any allergy and BB is suggesting homemade meatballs.

Adam is now getting to how if she’s looking for this, “she’ll find it about anywhere on the planet, she’s not looking for red dye #40, she’s looking for an excuse to have a headache” – Adam, whoa!

Adam is joking about shopping at whole foods and telling Tim to not start buying into this bullshit either, Adam is now mocking the pussy assholes out there who can’t eat certain foods without graphing how it makes them feel.


Alison and Adam are now joking about these people, hilarious mocking tones abound from the whole gang.

Adam is telling Tim and everyone in the audience to not be the enabler and not to build a life around red dye #40.


3rd Caller Jason, Adam is now referencing the last caller Tim and asking Jason if they know each other, gold!

Adam is riffing about think hard and think about it used as replies when someone claims to not know what you’re doing.

Jason wants to know how Adam first met Alison, when she guested on the show during the news girl tryouts, dude!


Adam is citing Alison as the best during the news girl tryouts and they’re now sharing Bald Bryan’s origins with Adam back on Loveline in 2002, 55ish pounds heavier than today.

Adam is sharing how he was impressed with BB and his smug attitude and love for life, 8$ an hour, fat and bald and still better than his coworkers, he actually was though.

Adam is now riffing on the “Jr. Producer” Lauren, Adam is now trying to get explain producer Chris and his Palsy, Chris joined the show in the late 2003 era when the guys moved studios.


Adam is getting to how nobody on staff appreciated his comedy including Chris, Adam is joking it must have been part of the hiring criteria that Adam’s coworkers all not enjoy his comedic styling’s.

Adam is now riffing the “on the air talent” line he would get from Chris about his ambitions in radio, as discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show Episode #9.

Adam is getting to the “leave him alone” response Drew had ready for Chris but would never allow for his own children, Adam is making a very salient point about expectation and trying to help someone, Adam says he even wasn’t doing that, he’s not that nice to clarify for Alison.


Adam is really going in depth on this, it’s not often discussed and was never broached in these terms on Loveline.

Adam is getting to the ultimate looking down on someone in thinking they’re not capable of accomplishing the tasks required to meet reality on reality’s terms.

Alison has a point about broken birds in Dr. Drew’s life, Adam says he likes to back over eggs, get ‘em early.


4th Caller Mike wants Adam’s take on employees who check receipts at various stores, he seems to think this is a new trend and Adam is now comparing them to the TSA employees who make their weird squiggly line mark on the boarding passes.

Adam is explaining what most of these people actually do, Adam is now comparing that to what he does when someone hands him a 3 panel comic and pretends to laugh at it as it would take too long for him to read.

Adam is joking about what he would do and circling items for fun, BB thinks they must be trained for something and Adam is now getting to 87% of security and how they don’t possess a weapon and don’t look like they can handle anyone physically.


Adam thinks that most of the security presence is for insurance reasons, he’s joking about the typical security guard with their belt strung through every other loop.

Alison says Adam is right and totally is an excuse for insurance reasons to protect the store owners.

Adam is now doing a live read and working BB into the mix.

They’re now going to break.


Steven “Brody” Stevens is now joining the show for his 2nd visit, he first appeared on the show for ACS #90 (Production Number #422) released on October 7th 2010.

It was an unusual guest hosted ACS with someone who had never even guested on the show, the audience was unfamiliar and many had a negative reaction to what was a shocking and unannounced surprise.

Proud to say I never got shitty on twitter about it nor did I care outside from the initial wtf? Why wasn’t he a guest a first line of thinking?


Adam is talking about “The Burn” with Brody as that was the last place they hung out, Alison has a great memory in naming the 3rd cast member of Adam’s episode, good job.

Brody is giving them his inside info and Alison wants to know more, Adam was purposely moving on and accepting the “on the bubble” answer Brody initially gave.

They’re getting into Brody’s relationship to TMZ, his public freak out and what led to his Comedy Central series that was available in a different form on HBO GO as well.


Adam is sharing his experience with someone who “winged it” on a Comedy Central Roast and the flight home next to the man, Tommy Davidson.

Adam is asking who the black guy was on “In Living Color” funny reactions from BB, they’re now figuring out Tommy’s name for Adam. Adam is sharing his recollection of Tommy’s set.

Adam is sharing why the Burn is a different show than doing a straight roast.


Adam is asking him about trying to get a bead on Zach Galifinakis as a person, Adam has interacted with him on air a bunch and several “small moments” off air as he puts it.

Adam says he doesn’t feel like he knows the man that well and Brody says that Zach can be a little aloof, Adam feels like he enjoys the character of the man but doesn’t feel like he knows him from small person interactions.

Brody is defending his friend the “Jew Collar” guy from the valley.


Adam is now flat out asking Brody about the time he guest hosted the ACS, Adam never heard the episode and heard some of the blowback from staff but wasn’t the most active on twitter at the time so he probably didn’t catch that nonsense.

Brody is being extremely fair and telling the truth, he’s contrasting and comparing his reaction in 2010 to that of when he played baseball.

Adam is being very considerate and asking him about his medication and his personality, Brody is mildly defensive but also being super honest, even telling Adam about tweets aimed at him telling him to fuck off, despite his non role in all of the events.


Adam has a killer joke about Brody not combining the words “shoot” and “pilot” on twitter, gold!

Brody is once again referencing his “bender” of craziness and how he thought up a show based around his life situation at the time.

Adam is sharing his long walks and classical music advice for the average person, drop 30 lbs through exercise then tell him how you feel.


Adam is bringing up the all the guys he worked construction with, he’s citing the various races he’s met along the way and how the mood of the all the guys is stable, always in the same mood.

Adam is getting to their lack of obvious depression and lack of food allergies, Alison has a wise question about the thinking patterns of these types of guys.

Adam has some very interesting angles on the modern dilemma and Alison chimes in with something even greater about social media and perception.


Brody is lamenting his inability to get shitty on twitter due to high profile people following his account, I so know what he’s saying, Brody is killing it as a guest!

Brody is sharing his relief when he leaves his phone in the car, Adam is waxing poetic on raising children and sliding into a live read with Alison backing him up quite nicely.


Alison’s News Positive Energy Edition YES!

Alison is sharing a fan who tipped her off to a missed alternate name for the people’s favorite Mangria the Brose, coming soon.


Her top story is on the Academy Award nominations and Adam is sharing how he doesn’t think he’ll be watching “Philomena”.

Brody has some funny one liners and BB is in the mix too, Alison is reading off some more nominees.

“Bruce Dern seems like he would smell” – Adam on Funky hair meets thick sweater, Alison is picking up what Adam’s laying down.


Alison is reading the remaining nominees and Adam is sharing something about Cate Blanchet and Amy Adams, Alison is filling in the details.

Adam and Brody are addressing Andrew Dice Clay in “Blue Jasmine” and Adam has a great way of explaining Dice’s acting abilities, Adam has a “Chin music” callback to the episode with Jo Koy and Schmoes Know from earlier in the week.

BB is asking Adam about “20 feet from Stardom” and Adam is lamenting them not being included in the screeners like the big budget features.


Adam is sharing with Brody how “audience warm up guy” was the highest he ever set his career ambition in comedy, he’s referencing Jim O’Daugherty and his work on various shows.

Adam is now describing himself in 1989/1990 and what a good week was for him financially back then.

Gary seems to have tracked down Jim and his now displaying an image of him for the gang to view as well.


Adam is quoting Jim from 25yrs ago and how shocked he was with the income level for such a short amount of work.

Brody is confirming what a sweet gig being a warm up guy is compared to being on the road, while noting how being on the road has the benefit of getting you exposure as an individual.

Adam is asking him about the pay level for various shows and networks, Brody is offering Adam any room he wants over at CC if he wants to do warm up, Adam interrupts to make a point.


Alison is now stepping in to let Brody answer Adam’s question, Brody thanks her and it’s kind of funny, BB is jumping in with a possible scenario and Brody is telling the gang about taping 1k episodes of “The Best Damn Sports Show”.

Adam is now asking Brody about late night shows and how hosts feel about a polished set before rough material being performed for the first time during a monologue.

Adam is getting back to the job being a perfect gig for a comedian and a Cush job too, Brody is taking it back to Adam’s point about the construction guys he used to work with.

Brody is explaining how he became burnt out with too much work doing warm up and lost track of his own sets, Adam has a nice comment about Brody being friends with everyone in the industry.


2nd Story is on the video of Kate Gosselin’s daughter, Alison is sharing the story with BB who is ignorant of this story.

Alison is giving all the details and explaining what happened on the Today Show, they’re now playing said video from “The Today Show”, Adam is talking it up now as they’re having technical difficulties.

Adam is getting to the age of the girls and how 13 is perhaps the year everyone hates their mom, especially young women, Adam is bringing up the possible historical and biological reasons as to why these relationships dissolve at that age.

Adam is citing his childhood escapes to his friend’s house and has a great “Tovar the Caveman” callback that Alison seems to appreciate.


They’re now playing the clip from “The Today Show” and Adam is giving some light commentary.

The reactions to the video are pretty great, BB even seems incredulous, and Brody is perhaps having the biggest reaction.

Adam wants to slap the 2nd daughter, regardless of how crappy the mom is, Adam is citing the time Dr. Bruce’s kids refused to tell him their favorite pizza toppings.


Adam is bringing up a possibility that it was planned, BB is giving his take, Brody is telling the gang about his sister who clammed up on camera.

Adam has a point about the id and teenagers, Alison has a point about Kate’s snap, Adam and Alison have a very fair “can you imagine being married to that” about both parties in the former Gosselin marriage.

Adam is giving his take and explaining what those two girls did and citing the hormones, anger and resentment that teens can’t fake their way out of, Brody is sharing his sympathy for them.


Adam says he feels bad for them until he thinks about everyone else, he’s getting to the first world problem nature of the whole thing.

Adam is citing his sister for the 2nd time and how rough she had it growing up, Adam is preemptively feeling sorry for the man that comes along for one of the Gosselin daughters.

Adam is explaining his relationship to his parents in comparison to his sister’s and their different reactions to the households they both come from.


Alison has a few smart comments and Adam is explaining how his kids would react to a broken home like he came from, Brody is in agreement and explaining how he studies people while out getting coffee.

Adam is explaining his “in 50 years” theory about all households being two mommy households now, Adam is explaining to Brody what he means.

Brody is in agreement with Adam’s logic and the responses he has as the man in his children’s life, Brody is telling that’s going to pay dividends in the long run, BB drops some “Cherry Pie” and Jade is heading to the rare stage #4, I hope everything is going ok for Jade.


Brody is explaining how his parents treated him and how important he feels male energy is in a child’s life, Adam is now quoting his weird “Kyhhhheaaaahhhh!” yell he does to make them snap into behaving.

“I’m allowed to yell, I’m allowed to do whatever the fuck I want” – Adam Carolla.

Brody is getting to his Best Damn tapings and how he would try to get famous athletes to rally and pick it up a notch, he’s sharing how you can beat on athletes verbally to get them to snap to.


Alison is wrapping the news with a great new drop, BB is going to have a field day with this one.

Adam is sharing how he did a taping of “Best Damn Sports Show” with Hollywood Henderson, Adam is now quoting him and his laments about not nurturing his talent with the work ethic of a guy like Randy White who had to spend so much time in the gym.

Adam is sharing how he got a “WTF?” response to his joke mocking the idea of the clichéd roles of Henderson and White, he’s sharing how it ultimately erupted in laughter.


Adam is sharing who he would and would not give lottery advice to, interesting 1 million for house money idea and he’s doing a live read with a reaction to how much Hollywood won in the Texas Lottery.

Adam has the details on the lump sum amount he walked away with, Adam is now joking about how the government is the only organization that can get away with bullshit like a lump sum payment reduction.

Adam is pointing out the irony of how the government would never allow anyone to get away with the “sweet deal they’ve cut themselves” as BB puts it.


Brody is asking Adam if he should play the lottery and Adam is saying only when hanging out with Hollywood Henderson and has a great take on random events segregating non-randomly and how once you’ve won the lottery twice your odds actually skyrocket in the opposite direction.

Adam is giving out the plugs and forgets to say bye to Alison, she steps in and gets her bye and Dawson is wrapping up the show with all of his closing remarks.