Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2013 – Anthony Jeselnik Live from Room 5

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/17/2013 – Anthony Jeselnik Live from Room 5

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-16-2013 – Release Date 01-17-2013


Live from room 5 at Amalfi Restaurant, Adam is opening the show with some mic confusion and now offering up some Get It On’s to the crowd, nice sound on this one so far, good news since this will be a regular recording space in 2013.

Adam is now riffing about chalk outlines of bodies, Alison and Bryan are chiming in and it’s great. Adam’s riff about how he would react and feel if he had to draw a chalk outline is incredible.

Adam just announced he’s left handed and now he’s shooting down someone in the crowd for cheering about also being left handed, he’s really going off.

Adam is now riffing about “family portrait camera timer humor” from 80’s TV shows, Adam is interacting with the chick in the crowd more and based off her reveal of being a photographer he’s now riffing in multiple directions.

There is a quick dual meaning bit about Comedian vs. Comedienne and now Adam is riffing about “secret/quiet pussy gigs” and Alison is jumping in. Adam is riffing about penmanship being overrated, Alison and BB just got in some solid one liners.


Alison just asked Adam a very direct and hilarious question, Adam is now riffing about a lost 3 stooge’s episode, gold! Adam is now explaining he has not and is glad he’s not into that, Alison just dropped possibly the funniest name in reply, whoa!

Adam is now riffing about using a tampon as a weapon, great quotes.

Adam is telling the gang about Jimmy’s star on the walk of fame and somehow he’s now stuck on a tangent about slave vs. master cylinder. Adam is now on an even further tangent about slave owners having sex with slaves, hilarious and insane!

Adam is now back to the Jimmy story and explaining Jimmy’s present was the Disney escort for him and the kids. Alison and Bryan are jumping in with great replies. Adam just confirmed Kimmel is going to make his return to the podcast on Monday.

Adam is now explaining to Alison why he wants his wife home running in place while he’s onstage performing at live venues across the country. Adam is now telling Alison about Detroit.


Anthony is now joining the show; Adam is now asking Anthony if he trusts Jim Carrey, Anthony replies before Adam finishes the question.

Adam is now comparing Eddie Murphy to Jim and their enigma quality, Bryan has his 2nd laugh out loud bit of controversial racial comedy for the night.

Anthony just told an anecdote about John Travolta in “Hairspray” Adam just proclaimed he likes John and now Alison is asking Anthony why he was in a fat suit and make up for his show.

Adam just guessed what the bit was about, Adam is now riffing about playing a guy with AIDS, and Anthony has a killer reply.

Anthony just mocked Bryan, gold. He’s now telling Adam what it’s like performing at “Stage 5”; Alison is now chiming in and asking about the nautical theme. Adam is now riffing on nautical themes and how the only news to come from the sea is bad news.

Adam and Anthony are now riffing over “Vacant Lots” not giving up their dead, Adam is now in character as a vacant lot and Anthony steps in and tops it with the perfect closer, and this is just perfect.

Adam is now finishing up the Kimmel story and asking Anthony about his new show, Anthony is explaining the premise and timeslot. Alison wants to talk about the guy Anthony referenced, Adam and Bryan’s reaction is priceless.

Adam is now riffing about how to not get caught for killing your wife, he’s got a great idea for the 911 call, and Anthony has a funny reply.

Adam is now riffing about “Home Depot” and being mistaken for an employee, Anthony is now busting Adam’s balls about bragging about spending time at “Home Depot” and Adam has a rad call back to his hypothetical dead wife.

Anthony and Adam are exploring a very creepy and hilarious topic, Adam’s replies are shocking and hilarious, and how does he always top himself!?


Nerd Walking

1st question Robert Craft is the owner of which NFL team?

Adam is now riffing about using Alison as a ruler, she does nerd and gay. Adam and BB have some topic confusion and Adam kills it with a funny retort. Alison just topped it with a rad Sklar brothers joke.

2nd question hankook is a brand of what?

3rd question a touchdown is how many points?

4th question Bushmills is a brand of what?

Adam is now calling for people to start showing their amazement when he’s involved in bizarre “Great Magnet” style moments like what just happened with the answer to question 4. Alison is now agreeing and Adam just proclaimed he could kill everyone with his thoughts if he wanted to.

Adam is now explaining how he would like to spend some time wished into a cornfield, he’s now sharing how he tried to tell Lynette how he wouldn’t mind a short stint in jail to get away from the day to day.

Adam is now riffing about the amount of time spent in the cafeteria in actual prison vs. movies and TV, hilarious quotes from Adam about eating while standing up and or running in place.

5th question finish the name of this Tom Cruise Movie ____ of Thunder?

Adam is now doing a killer Go Daddy live read, this one is unbelievable, do not miss this commercial, the Superfan says so!


Alison’s News

Her top story is about Obama’s proposal for gun control in light of the recent tragedies across the country. Adam is now riffing about gun magazines, Alison is chiming in and making it great.

Adam is giving his take on guns and gun violence, hilarious quotes.

Adam is now going in depth on his opinion and offering up some very sound and rational opinions, followed up with a funny joke about Sonny. Anthony has his own controversial take, hilarious!

Adam is now going super in depth on the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter; Adam is going full gear on this one, awesome!


2nd story is about Manti Te’o, Adman has some funny jokes interrupting Alison trying to report the story. Adam has a hilarious joke about Manti Te’o’s fake dead mom being a type of alcohol and Alison actually tops it with a great one liner.

Anthony is now chiming in with some funny quips and his take on seeing Manti Te’o talk about the deaths on TV, great

Alison finally made the story make sense by comparing it to “Catfish” the MTV series, Adam is now riffing about that show and the “Greasy bang” look found on many guys on the show. Adam is now riffing in character as “Greasy Bang guy”.

Adam is still riffing its gold, Anthony just chimed in with another classic quip, guy is pod gold!

Adam and Alison are going over the Wayne Federman episode and his porn confusion, Anthony who knows Wayne just jumped in with quite possibly the darkest and funniest moment in what has been an exceptional show, nice work!


3rd Story is on a study about the effects of online porn on men. Adam and Anthony are riffing about it and Adam is telling her about the time Adam and Jimmy measured their “times” for a Man Show bit.

Adam is now riffing about the studies he would spearhead if he was in charge of these experiments, this is so funny.


4th story is about pubic lice being on the decline; Adam and Alison have a great riff about personal grooming being analogous to the destruction of the rain forest. Adam is now sharing a discussion with his buddy Ray about never getting crabs and the sad realization as to why.

Adam and Anthony are now riffing about sleeping together, and it’s great. Alison is wrapping the news; Adam is doing the plugs and wrapping the show.