Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2017 – Tim Ferriss

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2017 – Tim Ferriss

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tim Ferriss

Recorded 01-15-2017 – Release Date 01-16-2017

Production Number #1987

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Adam opens the show with a “also had a dream but it was about prostitutes” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam thanks the fans for all of the kind words and BB has the “I May Be the Least Loser of This Group” #TopDrop from the last episode with Omar Epps.

Sonny Carolla is back in studio for what me closing in on his dozenth appearance, he’s asking if he can leave as not to miss the games that aren’t happening until later in the day.

Sonny and BB talks about their “Fairytale Football” league and Adam is bringing up how foot speed is important to young boys in general and especially while talking about player’s respective speed, BB is shocked Sonny knows these retired player names. Adam has a funny joke about challenging Fondiler to competitive foot races.


Adam is explaining why these names are on Sonny’s radar to an inquisitive Gina, Adam explains some background on Daryl Green and BB is demanding his cash from Sonny.

BB says it’s $50.00 he owes after they bluff him on a 3k sum, Sonny has a gift card and Adam asks him about re-gifting gift cards and Adam explains that Lynette must’ve re-gifted it.

Adam jokes about Gina saying “Fairy Wings” and he turns it into a name for a gay bar.


BB has a killer “The Carolla Grit” one liner and Adam talks about the key to life being breaking one’s self down, self-mastery to break through limitations and overcome obstacles.

Adam says everyone does shit they don’t want to do every day, but the percentage varies and he talks about getting through life’s list of tasks much quicker.

Adam says the quickest way to do what he’s describing and he suggests a cold-water shower closer, Sonny says he does the same thing and Adam critiques him for jumping out of the pool, Sonny then retorts with some age based mockery.


Adam is back on with Sonny being his son once he agrees with him about tacos being delicious, Gina is reading and article that tweeted to Adam by Carl Richards for the New York Times, Gina is doing a fabulous job and plowing through it, she goes back and repeats the last line for Adam.

Adam talks about his life of avoiding things and how he used to skip all of the work of life, Adam says the problem is the tickets turn to warrants and your teeth get plaque while your mouth is full of gingivitis.

Adam is back to his morning pool soak, forcing him to experience the cold and Sonny is back on mic with some math, then some mockery for his father.


Adam is talking about the entire group of people who are obsessed with him being sick or wrong, hilarious cancer joke and life of poverty while Adam goes back to fast food.

BB asks Sonny about adding the cold pool dips to his life, he gets fairly in depth on “life correction” and how Sonny could pre-emptively curb many pitfalls in life.

Adam is back to the house, telling them about walking in on the family sprawled out in bath robes and Adam jokes about the “haves and have nots” and the wage gap getting larger, Lynette was asking how we could correct that in society and Adam says you need to put in weekends and evenings to get ahead.


Adam is talking about the future of autonomous cars that will render about 60% of people in major cities unemployed, Adam says that middle class professional driver will be a job of the past.

Adam talks about package deliveries and town cars, Adam recalls the “professional drivers” who would pick him and Drew up for college gigs and made enough to own boats.

Adam recalls a very specific name drop from one of the town car drivers and remarks on how they all love to drop names.


Adam wonders if his son will have to hustle more in life due to the bygone era of job prospects for the middle class, Adam is asking Sonny about his shortlist for colleges.

Sonny says he’s like Clemson for some time, not just after they won and Adam mocks him for being a frontrunner, a whole 5 ½ weeks.

Adam closes it with the “hot but we don’t know it” line and Sonny tells him he ruined it by saying that.


Smart MouthAt work all day or just drive a Lambo and do donuts, Sonny don’t you get high edition


Adam has an update on ‘Black Hawk Down’ and the low Rotten Tomatoes Score, he says he checked the top critics and it was even lower, Adam is mocking the hypocrisy at play and how criticism should be above political opinions and topics, BB says good or bad movie is all that should matter.

Adam is now explaining bias to BB who doesn’t get how anyone could say ‘black Hawk Down’ was a bad movie, it’s a good movie even if you don’t like the topic nor think it’s the best war movie ever made as BB does believe.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw ‘La La Land’ and tells them about the movie and the universally rave reviews, Gina saw it 3 times and has a screener.

Adam is bummed he doesn’t have a copy as he gets screeners, BB breaks down the story by paying a clip of the movie where people aren’t singing for a brief moment.

BB explains Emma Stone’s role in the movie and Gina comments about the audition montage that Gina says does ring true.


BB says this is a master filmmaker at work and he comments on the impressive photography, he says it’s a conventional love story and he respected and appreciated the movie more than he actually enjoyed it.

Adam asks about the hype and says he’s guilty of experiencing too much build up and then getting disappointed and he brings up Dave Dameshek and the nonstop Primanti Bros. talk that didn’t live up to the hype.

Adam asks who goes to a new town and talks about the food of the place they left nonstop, he asks why anyone would leave if the food was actually so great, just set up and shop and eat the best sandwich on earth every day until you die.


BB says he rates every movie he’s ever seen on Netflix and says he’s seen over 1600 movies in his life, not bad.

Gina has some suggestions and BB says it’s a 4 out of 5 and it will probably win best picture, Adam plugs ‘The 24-hour War’ and asks Sonny about his future prospects, he gets an “I Guess” and “Depends” in reply, perfectly time comedy.


LegalZoomMatt registered Adam’s newest idea, he’ll be sharing more very soon


Adam teases the arrival of Tim Ferris and takes a call before going to break.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andy, he has compliments across the board and says BB’s been killing it, yes indeed!

He brings up legendary Seattle Sonics Basketball Coach George Karl and his tell all book that mentioned the most difficult players he ever worked with and what role them not having fathers played in their personalities.

He says that now when George Karl goes on talk shows or his brought-up people will only pick at that statement and try to paint him as something he’s not, because he told the truth.


Andy draws a parallel from the ‘Black Hawk Down’ bias and asks about the media which Adam says need to be like doctors, they need to be unbiased and tell the truth.

Adam says growing up without a dad gives you problems with authority figures, BB has a funny “benefits” joke and Cherry Pie music drop, Gina has a solid “Carmela Anthony” and Andy asks about people dodging these topics and not having honest conversations.

Adam says that if what was going on in Chicago was happening in his neighborhood there would be nothing the cops could do there either, Adam asks Sonny to drop and give him some push-ups then caves immediately, funny.


Adam says that a black coach could say this without any flack and brings up the most recent ADS tapings and their guest Ami Horowitz and his black ID voting video that proved how racist the concept of thinking a person can’t do basic things because of their skin color actually is.

Adam teases the arrival of Tim and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Tim Ferriss making his 3rd appearance on the ACS, he was previously on ACS #653 from 2011 and ACS #670 – (feat. Tim Ferriss, Boomer Esiason, David Wild, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop) from 2013.

You can get both episodes via the Adam Carolla Show Archive on PodcastOne Premium

They have a new ‘Great Moment in Local News’ and Adam gives out Tim’s various plugs, he says his life work is life. Tim Ferriss – “My Life’s Work is Life!” Adam’s new tagline for Tim.


Tim is telling Adam about his cryotherapy routines and experiments with it, he has some really concise advice and delivers tons of information very quickly while having it still make sense, nice.

Tim is telling them about his bed of nails, it’s a mat with cleats that treats backpain.

Adam talks about his car steering wheel having a heater and his feelings about being too soft as a race of people, he says since the invention of the fleece pullover The United States won’t win another war.


Adam asks Tim about interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger and he comments on his childhood affinity for his work and the realities about his business and work ethic, he plays chess and keeps track of the score in his head.

Adam says anyone who has won Mr. Universe multiple times it means they know how to work hard and now he’s transitioning to mocking people for having different accents, people who can speak two languages fluently and can do more than most average people, why marginalize him?

Tim talks about people who tear things down and tells them about how much money Arnold made off the movie ‘Twins’ and Adam brings up TAK 110 – Jocko Willink actually Take a Knee #109 as they mislabeled a couples shows and never posted a 99th episode in the Libsyn feed and never posted a 100th episode in the PodcastOne feed, if only they had someone who was an expert at archiving who Adam personally called the day he thought up Take a Knee and tried to hire to work on it, if only… sigh


Tim is far more well versed in Jocko than Adam is, he has some really impressive details about the man’s life and skillsets, Adam says he makes Henry Rollins look like Seth Rogen.

Tim further boasts about Jocko’s abilities and Adam asks for more things we can learn from these super successful people, he tells them about sleeping hot vs. cool and a pad that connects to a bedside unit that regulates the temperature for sleeping.

Adam jokes about his dog Phil who tries to smother him while sleeping, he says he annexed his dome like Germany did to Poland.


Adam talks about running hot vs. cold and the difference between men and women, Adam shares Lynette’s reply to her forehead being cold when he runs the ceiling fan at night, classic!

Tim tells them about the white noise machine he uses, Adam has a killer “I have tons of black friends” and “Dylan is being homeschooled” in reply as if the machine was spouting out things said by white people, comedy gold!

“I didn’t vote for trump, that being said” – Adam as a white noise machine


Tim is telling them about his honey based sleep aid and Adam is telling Tim about sleeping in the A frame attic of his father’s shitty old North Hollywood house.


Adam is recalling how he would wake up every morning and feel gross, he talks about dipping in his neighbor’s pool while living in the garage at his dad’s place and dousing himself with a hose while living with his buddies in the apartment.

Tim tells them about running hot and experiencing heat stroke and BB has a killer Christina Dolce drop from the 2006 KLSX ACS.

Adam is talking to Tim about the information gap that is disguised as an economic gap or something pertaining to class.


Adam talks about his life of being defeated before he even ever thought about running the race, his family and the mentality of the downtrodden.

Adam is talking about the modern era of guys like Tim who suggest things like sleep hygiene and he has a funny “wipe your balls before you go to bed” joke before Tim replies.

Tim is now telling him about what he thinks has changed and he says he wishes even more people would jump into the fray and get involved.


Adam talks about giving up on people who refuse to listen to advice and have so much potential, like his buddy Ray and his stolen tools and belief that he always gets fucked again, instead of locking the tolls up and learning from his mistakes and laziness.

Tim tells Adam about giving people what they want before what they need, he tells him about his dad and his female friend who both needed diet assistance.

Tim shares his 30 grams of protein rule of thumb, 30 within 30min of waking up.


Tim says this will have a huge impact on someone, he brings up whole fat crème and what that changes for people, Adam says he understands about people not wanting to spend money but this information is free or relatively free.

Adam has Tim get something ready, a general overall life quality tip.


Stmaps.comAdam demanding more form his deodorant despite his heavy sweating edition


Timmy is now giving Adam one more, he says playing Tetris for 10 minutes before bed it can overwrite brain patterns and help insomnia.

Adam has him give the elixir that he uses as a sleep aid one more time, he brings up mindfulness practices and suggests and app called Headspace, it teaches people to be less reactive.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the return of SNL and she plays a clip she had cut of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump giving his first press conference.

Adam says he will be doing the celebrity Match Game very soon, it will be airing very soon, at least one of them will.

Adam is sharing he had a flash back to a moment in time and he gives Tim his tip about building a plywood riser for skipping rope, Adam saw a clip from the inauguration preparations without any sound on the news and he jokes about it being like a scene from ‘Back to The Future’ and how seemingly far into the future 2017 feels in comparison to 2016, maybe it’s an odd number thing?


Adam says he likes the “here is what we’re going to do” stuff in lieu of the good vibes plans of past cabinets and presidents.

Adam is mocking the decade of slow movement and incremental hope vs. actual attempts at progress.

Tim gives his take on Hillary’s downfall and comments on living in San Francisco and what that was like, BB brings up past guest Glynn Washington and his Trump hysteria whom Adam says is like Tim but black.


2nd Story is on Milo Yiannopoulos speaking engagement with Martin Shkreli, Adam jokes about Milo struggling to find someone more hated than himself and never hearing back form the Stalin camp, Gary reports that Martin got hit in the face with feces.

Gina reports the speaking event was cancelled due to protests from the “liberal” students and Adam is now saying how scary this is, Tim says it’s intolerance disguised as tolerance and he explains the actual message and order of events found in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ very interesting.

Tim takes it back to deliberate exposure to discomfort and how that goes from cold baths to conversations and Adam talks about looking through his lenses of his 52-year-old glasses at the blatant hypocrisy, he asks of the celebrities aren’t self-conscious and he comments on the age and the role it plays in people being ignorant of their role in the world and history.


Adam joke about Matt Fondiler and his “window of negligence” in not knowing how to operate a manual transmission.


True Carfair price, getting a good deal. Market value apple to apple. Adam is looking at a new Jag edition


They’re now talking about the poop that hit Martin and Adam brags about his history of being hit with human poop and says Ray is his own go to poop expert after Dawson gets on mic telling them about being from that area and how it could be shit form a cow.

Adam tells Tim about the time he had shit smacked on his ear and face while at school, Gary has the video of Martin being pelted with poop.


3rd Story is on a new study that used sensors to predict health issues and Tim says he’s aware of many devices that track trending instead of snapshots, patterns over time and he’s very excited for the technology.

Adam says that’s a good point and sees Tim’s logic about sample size and how easily mistakes could be made.

Tim has some great info about how doctors work and how they won’t intervene until you’re in the red zone, Adam has Gina wrap the news.


Life LockFake news, fake free money. You need it, the Ruskies are going to take it edition


Adam gives out the plugs and some live dates, he plugs his own movie and then gets Tim’s plugs in before the closes out the show to a new drop from BB, Adam’s “Wash You balls before you go to bed” from the sleep hygiene discussion, Adam says Gina writes down notes nonstop when Tim is in studio, well this is the first time they have been together.