Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2015 – Jeremy Garelick and Artie Lange

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2015 – Jeremy Garelick and Artie Lange

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jeremy Garelick and Artie Lange

Recorded 01-15-2015 – Release Date 01-16-2015

Production Number #1491

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Adam opens the show to a funny Jules Dash intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, Adam welcomes Jeremy to the episode and plugs his movie, BB plays the “Neat” #TopDrop from the Dave Chappelle ‘Crank Yankers’ call.

Adam praises the movie ‘The Break-Up’ and he explains how they viewed that movie as an attempt to make something that feels like it’s from the 70’s.

Jeremy explains the lemon anecdote from his real life and how that influenced the movie ‘The Break-Up’ and now Adam is taking it to the latest movie and Adam praises the work ethic of Kevin Hart.


Jeremy says he works his ass off and jokes about him not being sure what movie he’s in, Adam asks Jeremy how they got involved with this project ‘The Wedding Ringer’ and he explains he came up with the script 14yrs ago as a vehicle for Vince Vaughn.

Adam gets Jeremy to reveal his previous work as an assistant to Joel Schumacher on 3 movies, BB compliments ‘Phone Booth’ and Jeremy is now trying to conjure the name of an old boxing gym.

Adam has a killer one liner about “real” gyms, Jeremy asks Adam about running into Denzel Washington and leaves out the anecdote regarding their mutual boxing trainer, and He told Denzel that Adam had the heaviest hands out of any of his clients.


Adam is now describing his first boxing gym experience and the disgusting water bottle (used jars) table, BB has a pineapple one liner that Adam rolls with nicely.

Adam is explaining how one might get a viral infection from sharing sweaty headgear, Adam names 3 gyms and Jeremy is telling them about shooting a short film to add to his reel, before getting this job.

Adam now quotes his trainer Terry Claybon and his “faces in seats” adage/mix-up.


Adam asks Jeremy about his next gig, Jeremy tells them about his next project ‘Sick Day’ and still in development ‘The Insane-Laws’ and now Adam tells Jeremy about speaking to Johnny Knoxville who is currently in China filming with Jackie Chan and couldn’t meet up with him.

Jeremy plugs his Reddit AMA and Chris Laxamana gets on mic to give a vague answer about how long they take, Gary confirms it’s roughly an hour.

Adam is trying to figure if Jeremy can come back in and join them before the episode wraps.

Adam gives out the plugs for the upcoming two live shows in Las Vegas.


Adam does a Legal Zoom live read.

Funny Donald Sterling as the default heir in several states variant on the live read (again).


Q and Ace

1st Caller Corey, he references ‘D-Bagz’ and talks about being a non-stereotypical black man, Adam jokes about him adding a D’ to his name to “give Caucasians what they want.”

Adam is joking about him getting into décor and using the name D’Corey or D’Cor, BB jokes about Corey not helping by knowing about Ikea, Adam wants to know who makes more of an issue about his lack of stereotypical behavior/speaking.

Adam puts him on hold as BB and Gina comment on him being so upset, guess he is fulfilling a stereotype now, or Gina and BB are being very sarcastic and mocking that notion, either way it works.


Adam is now quoting Terry Crews about making your own pie, not looking for a larger slice of someone else’s.

Adam is citing the very dear friends who are in “get something from you mode” vs. “go out and go get something mode” and he says you can’t be in two modes simultaneously, Gina reads Terry’s quote from the upcoming Take a Knee.

Adam is telling people to break up and start excelling in life, instead of looking at themselves as part of a community, Corey like Adam’s advice and tells him about his work and future plans, Adam jokes about Corey going back to school and getting caught in the school to prison pipeline, gold!

“Congratulations on the white wife!” – BB

“I’m sure she’s heavyset” – Adam


2nd Caller Robert, he thanks BB for choosing his call, again.

He wants Adam’s take on MG midgets and the possibility of getting his son one of them for his first car, Adam is now connecting this to the Spitfire discussion from a few months back.

Adam says it’s not a good idea for people’s 1st cars to be the kind without crumple zones nor airbags, Adam asks why buy the car that ups the multitudes of your kids dying in a car.

Adam is now telling Robert about Smart Cars, quoting the guy from Edmonds after asking him about the bad cars still on the road, smart cars are pieces of shit.


Adam jokes about a string of tires around the car like a tugboat, BB tells the gang about his wife surviving a brutal accident as a teen due to her Pathfinder keeping her safe through the roll.

Gina says she was saved by a Corolla, it rolled twice and Adam jokes about her being a little top-heavy.

Adam says that Cameron Diaz would’ve kept the wheels on the ground had she been in Gina’s Corolla.


Adam is doing a live read for

Adam explains the business model and how they give you small samplers of various wines, then you pick out the one you like which leads to a case of various wines they pick for you based on your initial choice(s).


Artie Lange is now on the phone, returning for another call in appearance.

Adam asks Artie about his new subscription based podcast, he explains the price point and Adam jokes about feeding a kid in Africa instead of paying Artie, Adam asks Artie about how he’s doing.

He’s telling them about his recent pancreatitis, he says that diabetes has something to do with it and he’s got type 1 diabetes.


He’s commenting on his unhealthy eating on the road.

“The Road is like you packing up a station wagon with 10 Beelzebub’s and hitting it” – Adam on the way the road is akin to the adage about the devil making work with idle hands.

Adam has a killer cardiac arrest joke about Artie choosing fast food over something like Primanti Brothers.


Artie says he’s lost a bunch of weight and then put on 42lbs over the holidays, he laments his relationship with sugar, the one addiction he can’t kick.

Adam jokes about how awesome it is that Artie can’t get pregnant, he riffs about Artie gaining 200lbs and giving birth to a smoking infant.

Adam is asking about Artie’s latest beautiful girlfriend, he explains how the road took its toll on his last relationship, he shares how he returns home to an empty apartment every time these relationships end.


Adam asks Artie what he thinks the next 5 years holds for him, he says not doing heroin is a huge positive and Adam jokes about picturing Artie giving this speech as a job interview, BB joins him for a funny improv and Adam takes Artie off hold in time for a punchline but only half of the setup.

Artie comments on his monthly nut and savings, he’s explaining how he still has some money but needs to keep working, he supports his mom and needs to get the podcast to a very high level if he was to quit the road.

Adam gets Artie to give some live dates, he says he will come guest on the ACS after doing Conan.

Adam wraps up with Artie, he compliments Adam sees him as a pioneer of doing your own thing.


Adam is now quoting August, his brilliant insight into comedians not loving themselves as much as everyone else loves them.

Adam is praising Artie’s creativity and craft.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read.


3rd Caller Wes, he wants to pitch his pilot idea about a celebrity Limo company and casts Larry Miller and Adam Carolla into various roles of the show.

BB has a solid follow up question, trying to discern if they’ve even come up with a show bible and Adam jokes about him skipping over the love interest angle, joking that you should always skip what the executives want.

Adam mocks him feeling stuck to the horrible title ‘Training Wheels’ and Wes is now further breaking down the pilot structure, involving Matt Damon.


Adam is now joking about getting Matt Damon to be a part of this sitcom, Adam jokes about getting Ben Affleck for the 2nd episode, hilarious Michael Keaton riffing with BB.


“The name of that show could be called rape with a mop handle starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck” – Adam on how the show could only hope to get made based on star power, title doesn’t matter.

Adam plugs the new merch in the ACS store and the new markets for Mangria.


The News – With Gina Grad

1st Story is a list of some of the annual Razzie award nominees, BB says that Kirk Cameron being on the list is perhaps piling on at this point, Adam says he’s not interested in movies that nobody’s seen being nominated.

Adam calls it low hanging Razzie fruit, Gina reads the remaining nominees.

Adam asks about the Razzie for Seth MacFarlane and says it’s different than Sandra Bullock being nominated after 100+ films vs. Seth getting the nomination for his first starring work.


Adam is now trying to breakdown how he would feel if he were in Seth’s shoes for this, Adam brings up Andy Sandberg and his “shot” to be a leading a man in big films.

Adam says you get one box office shot, the way they talk behind closed doors about giving people a shot, Adam says that Kevin James can open a movie and how 7 years in between projects can put you back in the penalty box.

Adam uses Dane Cook and Katherine Heigl as key examples.


2nd Story is on a school’s new variant on the A.L.I.C.E. emergency response training that requires students to have one canned food item to possibly use in defense against a gunman.

Adam jokes about writing on bombs in WWII and using this new technique, Adam says that he likes the idea and his only problem is the part where you tell your kids about potentially grim situations that they might not need to be made aware of so young.

Adam doesn’t want his 8 year olds living in fear, he says kids can’t do that math of the odds and statistics of the likelihood of something like this ever happening to them.


Adam references the Hillside strangler and how his killings disturbed Adam as a young man.

Jeremy is back in studio and liked the AMA experience, Gina catches Jeremy up on the story.

Adam is further riffing about garbanzo beans, Jeremy brings up some alternate techniques and Adam jokes about his idea just adding pageantry to the bloodshed, hilarious.


3rd Story is on a tattoo artist offering up discount word tattoos, Adam is now commenting on the tatted up guys in the UFC, he asks who has that kind of time.

Adam says he has almost no time to get the shit done he needs to do in life, how could he put this time into getting tattooed.

Jeremy has a recovery period explanation that might work, Adam says that guys with no tats are far more confident in their abilities, Adam jokes about Tyson’s tattoos with Jeremy.


Gina has more of the details on the tattoo artist, now he’s listing off legendary boxes without tattoos.

Jeremy comments on his checking account balance update from his accountant and the bad timing of getting it before his movie is released.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read with Gina.


Adam is asking about Josh Gad, Adam compliments his work in ‘Frozen’ and Jeremy is explaining how all the boys from his son’s school are posturing and pretending that it’s not a good movie even though his son enjoyed it.

Adam is commenting on the range of Josh Gad, he is now recalling a tweet sent to him about the time he did Comic’s unleashed with Kevin Hart.

Adam brings up the meeting he had with Kerry Washington after seeing Dag’s play in NYC.


Adam is now doing a Radioactive Media live read


Jeremy is trying to contact Kevin Hart to ask him about doing ‘Comics Unleashed’, the episode he taped with Adam in 2008.

They actually have a copy of the episode on the archive at the warehouse, BB wraps up the show with a clip from 1st caller Corey aka D’Cor.