Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2014 – Haley Joel Osment and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2014 – Haley Joel Osment and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Haley Joel Osment and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 01-15-2014 – Release Date 01-16-2014

Production Number #1240

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Adam is opening the show with a nice bit of drop work from BB calling back the old morning show before his actual #TopDrop, Adam is saying how much he loves the stories of families and friends getting each other hooked on the show which triggers the drop from Jim Carolla.

Ray is in studio for his at least 10th appearance on the show, 10th credited with many more peppered in as a weekly contributor.

Adam is explaining the “hell yeah” confusion over his dad’s KLSX radio show drop, Ray is backing it up and explaining that he would never say that.


Alison is sharing her take, she always assumed it was an editing trick to make that sound, Adam is explaining it away once again.

Adam is now sharing the movement on the internet to have Ray take a poop in Adam’s burnt orange ski beanie, some monster on twitter suggested the “Ghost Ship” beanie too, HELL NO!

Adam is now sharing the “Rams Beanie” sack lunch from hell story, gold!


Adam is explaining that Lynette took to twitter to ask the fans if she should light it on fire, Adam is mocking his own beanie use and BB has a nice sarcastic joke.

Adam is now explaining the origins of said Beanie and how Adam randomly wearing a shirt when the guy who gave it to him recently showed up to fix the computer at his house.

Adam is now teasing the new “Wooster” Bung Lao Su T shirt coming to the Carolla store, Mike Dawson is apparently sporting on right now.


Ray wants to know what happened to the Cabo ’89 T shirts and Adam is now bringing up the “Ski Mammoth” and “Hike Yosemite” along with “Hawaii ‘79” T shirts he witness while growing up.

Adam has a quick anecdote of going out of town to Pismo beach with Ray and his dad, Adam is explaining that all of his childhood memories have someone else’s family attached to them.

Adam is now pondering how optimal that if for parenting, hilarious virginity closer from Ace, nice reaction from Alison.


Ray wants to know a memory Adam does have of his dad, Adam is telling him about a trip in a VW bug and is clearing up which car for Ray.

Adam is sharing the “do you think I’ll make it to 6 feet?” story from a less than satisfying interaction with his dad at around age 9 or 10.

Adam is sharing how Bill Simmons tweeted him an animated piece featuring Adam from his classic appearance on the BS Report, if only the audio quality was better, also very flattering to Michael Narren who invented this form of animation.


They’re now playing the classic clip from the video you can view via the show page link up top as per usual.

Adam is now riffing about the clip and wishing the urine salvo rule applied to ejaculation, nice reactions from Alison and BB.

Adam is explaining the concept of what he was discussing in the clip and how urination changes in men as they age, he’s now citing their road trips and having to wring the bladder dry.


Ray wants to know why the guys don’t bust out Gatorade bottles while on the road, Alison is pointing out that she never is the one to ask for them stop, Dawson is captain chivalry, nice work dude!

Adam is giving out some plugs and launching into a live read.


Just the Tip

BB has a quick mix-up for the Ace on the House theme and Ray gives his sigh of disapproval for that intro theme.

Adam is sharing how he was discussing the “Ace on the house” theme that was played on “The Tonight Show” when he guested last time with his coworkers on the Spike TV show.

Adam is theorizing how that song was eventually played on the show, Ray is now thanking his good friends “Jason Boots” for that theme song and Gary has the clip from the episode, possibly from the archive I provided them.


They’re now playing the “Taking Calls” intro song from Ace on the House and Gary is explaining things for Adam who rarely hears that song as it’s not played live when they do that podcast.

Ray is now offering up his tip, hilarious riff from Ace about belt sanders being your bff and Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is critiquing Ray’s “Just the Tip” and Ray is busting out an additional one along with a plug, Gary is losing his mind in the next room according to Adam, Alison is describing the events.


Adam is now trying to explain something as Ray wraps up and leaves the studio, Adam is passing on a tip for all the listeners and Alison has a killer dryer sheet callback.

Adam is bringing up people’s inability to change or recognize opportunities, citing all of his high school buddies and a hypothetical Academy Award presentation gig.

Adam is saying one should treat their personality and life like a gin rummy hand, Alison has a killer one liner and Adam is summing things up nicely.


BB is bringing up GRIT and the notion of the constant strive for self-improvement, BB is citing a sponsor and Adam is trying to agree with his mildly scatterbrained explanation.

Adam is getting to the axioms that don’t help one progress in life and the lack of ones that encourage someone to try and beat their “ghost” lap on the track from last time.

Adam is on a very interesting and motivational series of analogies, anecdotes and hypotheticals to make a nice “the more you know” about executing life, not the living but he means effectively steering ones towards their goals.


Adam has a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern analogy, while explaining that it’s all about execution and Alison has a funny River Phoenix dream that Adam tells her to pursue.

Adam is joking with BB and his potential fragrance line, Alison thankfully comments on the range of the term “execution” and Adam agrees.

Adam is doing a live read.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog choices are Kirk Douglas, Rob Reiner and Paul Reiser

Adam is commenting on the statement and how he has no problem with it and how he’s been burned in the past by Kirk Douglas in this game, he’s sharing why it can’t be Rob as the entry doesn’t bother him.


2nd Blog choices Clay Aiken, Lance Bass or Tim Gunn

Adam is now commenting on the narcissism from the conceit in the blog, Alison agrees and has a “but” that Adam totally agrees with, he’s saying how people suspecting things drives them insane.

Adam is giving his take on coming out of the closet and the actual manifestation driving someone insane by denying the reality of who you are.

Adam and BB have a nice ’84 vs ’85 Bears analogy about being right with factoids, classic Bryan indeed Alison.


Adam is giving his take on all 3 men with some praise for Clay and a reminder about Florida being in the south, Adam knows his boy bands well.


3rd Blog choices Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore or Annie Lennox

Adam is saying how much he likes Michael as a person despite disagreeing with him about many topics, Adam is commenting on the pass that Annie gets as an artist because of her dude outfits.

Alison has a nice angular explanation and she’s wise to point out that BB doesn’t have short hair as he tried to claim.

Alison is citing the one time she was actually good at this game, the guys seem to recall it as well.


4th Blog choices are Carole King, John Mellencamp or Cindy Lauper.

Adam is commenting on John’s face finally passing his hair, Adam is explaining the concept to BB, the hair no longer matches.

How old is that dude’s hair vs. his face?

Adam says you want the same thing from your hair that you get from your car, a 10yr old ride that looks 2-4 years old.


“Fucking Dominatin’ Man!” – Adam on his execution on all their asses, this delivery is frantic and hilarious!


Adam is offering up some defense for Alison’s statistical anomaly of a score, Adam is getting Bryan to admit her achievement.

Adam is giving a plug for “The Spoils of Babylon” and their upcoming guest Haley.

They’re going to break.


They’re returning from break with a listener voicemail and Haley Joel Osment live in studio making his ACS debut.

Adam is asking him about being the son in “Forrest Gump” and he’s addressing the backlash the movie now takes despite its actual quality.

Haley is sharing his take on the possible rub about it beating out “Pulp Fiction” and he’s telling the gang about his journey a bit, growing up in Pasadena and going to college in 2006.


Haley is telling the gang about his casting call for a “Bigfoot Pizza” advertisement (the Pizza hut menu item?) and Adam is mocking the Ikea mascot that reminds you what you’re buying comes in a flat box and is going to take a bunch of your time.

Adam is joking about Swedish chefs as a mascot over Allen wrenches, Adam is has a funny “sympathizer” comment and Gary has tracked down the Pizza Hut commercial.

Adam is now remembering that menu item and so does BB, Haley is super impressed at the discovery and Adam is joking about his crack staff, crack using staff.


Alison wants to know about his parents’ concerns regarding his childhood acting, he’s offering up some very insightful replies.

Adam is asking Haley about the massive amount of footage and images of himself at a young age that are permanently locked into American film history and culture.

Adam is contrasting his own childhood and lack of images, Haley has some intelligent replies about the culture catching up to him with everyone now spamming millions of pictures throughout their lives via social media, he seems to appreciate Adam’s mushroom one liner.


They’re now discussing the evolution of Jodie Foster and Haley’s own opportunities to evolve as an actor, Adam wants to some good Bruce Willis stories.

Haley is sharing Kevin Smith’s recent negative experience contrasting his own with Bruce, Haley just worked with him on “Tusk” if I’m not mistaken.

Adam is sharing his own troubles with Kevin and they’re going in depth on “The Sixth Sense” and Alison is joking about Adam predicting Haley’s age with super obvious clues, gold!


Adam wants to know if Haley was able to absorb the script at age 10, Haley says even at that age he knew something was special and he’s saying that the movie has a nice message about giving children more credit than society might typically do.

Haley is now quoting his dad summing things up for him and Adam has a killer one liner from the POV from Haley’s dad.

Adam is asking Haley about his relationship with “Night” and they’re moving onto Haley’s school history.


Adam is now asking Haley about the onset tutor and how he would have tried to bribe her into letting him slide by without doing any work.

Haley is sharing his work with “Lois Carl” who worked with him from childhood all the way through high school and why that was important for him.

Alison has a smart follow up question and Haley is discussing the time on set and the legality of a childhood workload in the film industry.


Adam has a funny point about the kids who actually need these dedicated style tutors, how the actors can fall back on their stacks of cash, hilarious financial advisor comment too.

Haley agrees with Adam’s point and BB is now asking him about his bank balances without trying to be rude, nice BB.

Adam has a funny “Cheryl Coogan” comment as Haley discusses the trust fund that kept his money safe until he was 18, Adam is sharing how thinks the 18 should be bumped up to like 26 and how Bar Mitzvah’s need to be upped to somewhere around 17.


Adam is now contrasting what 18 meant 100yrs ago vs. today, Adam is citing the changing lifespans and lingering immaturity of today’s society.

Haley has some very honest insights about his own decision making at 18 and 20 vs. now and about how you observe famous musicians and their acting out behavior.

BB wants to know if M. Night ever calls him drunkenly and Alison has a killer one liner, Adam has an even funnier “so to sorry to call you so late at ME!” gold!

Adam is now doing a live read with BB and a nice Thurston Howell comment and accidental impression.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Apple having to refund millions to consumers for “in app” purchases made by children, Alison is asking Adam about his own knowledge of this and his kids trying to buy stuff on their I devices.

Adam is now giving a series of examples of his kids and the constant stream of money flying out his window and how it’s not even worth him trying to run outside gathering it up, he has to support their habits as Alison puts it.

Alison is sharing the convenience feature that resulted in this ruling, Adam is sharing how the problems stem from things being intangible and has a great “pelt for hand job” exchange analogy.


Alison has a fine point about the insidious nature of recurring charges and Adam has a great point about the loss of money, complete with a callback to his beaver pelts riff.

Haley is giving his take and Adam is sharing his theory on the simulated virtual world and how the money will also be somewhat simulated in nature, this is very interesting.

Haley is sharing how PayPal and other online merchant services want to link to a bank account to verify you and the dangers it presents.


Adam has some nice Hometown Buffet callbacks and is further exploring what life will be like for his kid’s generation and calling for people to reinforce the relationship between currency and goods.

Alison has a smart point about children learning to operate I devices before reading, hilarious beat off comedy from Ace, nice reactions from Haley and Alison.

Alison is reading the rest of the details of the payout and quoting Apple’s statement, she’s sharing how if the refunds don’t reach the 32 million the remaining amount will be required to be paid to the federal trade commission, very suspicious.


Haley has a funny closing comment going along with Alison’s funny apple gift card comment.

Alison is now asking the intrinsic value of gold, what will it do for you when you’re cold and starving, Adam is giving his take on why people are moving towards gold in this digital era.

“You can throw it at somebody” – Adam on the value of gold in the apocalypse, hilarious Armenian trade comedy.


Haley has a some great comments about the desperate situation you’re preparing for, Adam likes it and is adding to it, Haley has a Goldschläger idea for a superior apocalyptic currency.

Adam is applying whatever works in prison to what will work in the apocalypse, gold!

Adam is on a fucking roll and Alison has a funny comment, BB is jumping in and they’re now doing a nice rapid fire riff on the basic prison model to use in order to survive the apocalypse, Haley is a killer guest!


Haley is giving his take on canned food and it’s limited expiration that is always disappointing, Adam is bringing up the military grade variety and how he doesn’t like it when the canned and freeze dried food items get too “high falootin” and he’s mocking the fancy variants foods.

Adam will live off the beans until they get back on the grid.


2nd Story is on Pizza Hut adding “Pizza by the slice” to their menu, Adam has a killer “gimp foot” pizza comment mocking and celebrating Haley’s earlier commercial and quick one liner, gold!

Adam is giving his take on selling too small and too big is a bad sign for many items, 750ml being the perfect neighborhood bottle size.

Adam is now jumping into a live read, seamlessly.

Alison has the rest of the details on the test markets for the slices, Adam is now explaining that he blames the country for not celebrating good tasting pizza, Adam is citing his trip to “John’s Pizza” in NYC.


Adam is explaining the simple equation of pizza and he’s comparing/contrasting pizza making to the Soviets trying to work out their jet engines from Britain, Adam is explaining that it has nothing to do with the water and Alison is asking Adam about his feeling about Hawaiian pizza toppings.

Adam says he wouldn’t order a pizza that way, but if he ordered 3-5 one of them would be Hawaiian, Adam is sharing his other love for “Mmmbop” by Hanson, he says he doesn’t advertise it but he does like it.

Alison is bringing up Adam’s love for “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy and Adam is giving his plea for pineapple pizza, even BB agrees.

Adam is now giving a mention to all the “Za ’haters” out there, he’s citing his Christmas party pizza order for the studio and how fast the Hawaiian pizza goes before the veggie lovers and even the plain cheese.

Adam says “it’s the Alf of pizza” and cracking Hale’s shit up, Adam is mocking his cliché POV on Hawaiian pizza and now everyone is hungry for some.


Alison is wrapping up the news and Adam is going back to the pizza topic and offering up the order of operations for ordering, he’s lamenting round tomato slices on veggie pizza, I agree 100%

Tomato ruins pizza, too much green pepper overpower the flavor, Adam is advocating olive or mushroom pizza, Pineapple and black Olive.

Haley is offering up some info on “Banana Ketchup” and is great for dipping a pizza slice in, he’s confirming what “Doug” the animated series new in the early 90’s banana should work with pizza.


Adam is now doing a live read and wrapping up the show with some plugs, Adam tells Haley to come back anytime, he was a delight, one of my all-time favorite guests.

BB has a great closing drop from the pelt riff earlier in the show, nice work Haley you were excellent!