Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2013 – Harley Morenstein and Daymond John

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2013 – Harley Morenstein and Daymond John

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-15-2013 – Release Date 01-16-2013

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Adam is now opening the show with a good day; he corrects himself to night now that he’s aware this episode is streaming live.

Adam wants to talk about Lance Armstrong, he was taping some episodes of “The Adam and Drew Show” earlier in the day and Drew was getting some texts from Lance about his recent media experience.

Adam is now explaining how sensitive Drew is, he’s citing the heavy set dog enthusiast woman who stopped to settle his hash while they were waiting at an airport back in the Loveline days.

Bryan is now chiming in with some great points about sports and medical science, Adam has a hilarious Gale Sayers joke that BB seems to dig.

Adam and Alison are having a very funny back and forth about the bullshit “it’s not what you did, it’s that you lied about it” argument, Alison is killing it.

Adam is now going off on lying and breaking down what is lying vs. what is lying to save your ass, great cop and Abraham Lincoln analogies. Adam is now in character doing “cop talk” to Lincoln, hilarious!

Adam is now breaking down how raising 470 million for cancer research trumps lying about some blood doping, he making the counter point of deadbeat dads who are free to ruin people’s lives without judgment from society.


Adam is now going off on the responsibility of athletes when it comes to being a role model or inspiration for other people’s kids. Adam has some very interesting points, he just brought up a time machine and that’s always gold.

Adam is now giving and example about Ferrari; shockingly he cheated and bent the rules in order to change racing and car manufacturing. Adam is now giving a specific example of how Enzo Ferrari cheated the system at Alison’s behest surprisingly enough.

Adam is now giving his take on Lance and whether he will ever compete again, Adam is now going off on Lance not being able to keep his jersey’s and he’s making an OJ Simpson/Reggie Bush analogy.

Alison is asking Adam about Drew’s connection to Lance and how it came to be, from this superfan’s recollection I think it was a charity function that lead to Drew having Lance guest on his Discovery Channel health show.

Adam is now on a funny “starfucker” riff and has a very funny improv with BB about Kimmel talking to A lister’s behind his back, hilarious! Adam just announced that Jimmy might be stopping by the podcast next week, Huzzah!


Adam is now breaking out the “He Say His Name Was Bobby” Thai food story, the best telling and possibly first was during the October 1999 Loveline with the kids who survived Columbine.

Adam is now going in depth on the story and how he was initially excited about the extra items in the bag, he’s now breaking down the “cold beef salad” that was in the mistaken order.

Adam screwed up the names and couldn’t pull “Bobby” from his memory, went with John for his one. BB has some funny attempts at an accent before bailing; Alison was much braver and actually gave it a yeoman’s effort, hilarious!

Adam is now doing a hilarious Carbonite live read, very funny riff about the bonus months, don’t miss this one!


Harley Morenstein is now making his ACS debut, Adam is plugging his videos and just brought up the most recent one he saw featuring a “hotdog casserole”, Adam is now arguing that the “McRib” kind of makes all crazy food options fair game.

Harley is countering with some of the more intense items they’ve made and now he’s explaining that the “Epic Meal Time” guys aren’t ugly Americans and are actually Canadian.

Adam is now picking up some “Tom Green” in Harley’s Canadian accent, Alison want’s Adam’s take on Oreo’s and Baby Corn, too food items that were discussed in depth on the ACS last year.

Harley is now taking the opposite stance on Oreo’s and actually has a funny reply about leaving mid-show, Adam is now giving Harley some hypothetical Arby’s menu items that come with extra services, Harley is really jumping in and giving shit back, this is gold!

Harley is now declaring Oreo’s his favorite cookie and accepting the counter arguments of Alison and Adam, Harley is now telling Mint to F off, Adam is on fire with his reactions and replies.


Adam is now talking to Harley about the new epic meal time competitive cooking show; he’s explaining why he got this opportunity thanks to how awesome the internet is.

Harley just invited Adam to guest judge on the new show; Adam is explaining that while he enjoys eating more importantly he enjoys judging. Harley is now explaining how he thinks “In N Out” Burger is overrated.

Adam is now calling for the treat they were promised to break the comedy food tension going on, Bryan has a hilarious and gross reply. Adam almost just refused a sample of the food and now he’s kicking the other guys out of the room.

Harley is trying to setup another “Captain Morgan” shot, Adam just referenced them already doing one for the commercial off air, with a hint of displeasure in his voice, great!


Adam is now making some finer points about the “Fat burger” menu and Harley is now admitting that he takes umbrage with “In N out” the way Adam does with Oreos.

The guys are now breaking down alternate menu items at “Fat burger” and Harley just admitted to trying their hotdog, Adam is now going off on Taco Salad’s at “Carnie’s” and what a crappy choice it is.

Adam is now discussing “Gyro’s” with Harley and sharing his “buying Gyro’s with Euros” riff, Adam is now further going off about the “Gyro”.

Adam just pitched “Mangria” as a secret ingredient on Harley’s new show; BB has a grand idea to merge the judging with Mangria as a promotional ingredient, now Harley is suggesting Adam should come smoke pot at his house, hilarious!

Adam is asking Harley about Montreal and sharing his experience of being an American visiting there, Harley is now explaining why he was met with that reaction and explaining why Canadians put flags on all of their backpacks when traveling overseas.

Alison is now pointing out Harley’s accent ramping up; Harley is now giving some examples of words he says differently and the American versions, gold!

Adam is now going off on animal names vs. food/meat terms and the euphemistic language we use in America to cover up the reality of our diets. Harley is now giving his take and explaining how Canadians deal with it, he has an anecdote too.

Adam is now doing a live read and giving a plug for Harley’s “Epic Chef”, Harley has a hilarious reaction to Mike Dawson, Adam’s replies are gold and now Adam is wrapping the segment.


Adam is now welcoming Daymond John to the show for a somewhat unusual format changeup for the ACS, I wonder if this was random or if we’ll be seeing more of these types of episodes.

Adam is explaining how he knows Daymond from “Shark Tank” and teases that they’ll get into the “FUBU” topic later.

They have a very funny group riff about “Shark Tank” and now Adam is jumping right into the “FUBU” topic, Adam and Daymond are discussing “the business of doing business” and how instinct plays a role, Daymond calls it a hustle and is now explaining how he only had 10 T shirts.

Daymond is now explaining the only rapper to not give back a T-shirt was “Old Dirty Bastard” from the Wu Tang Clan. Adam is now asking Daymond about his role on “Shark Tank” and how the judging process works.

Adam is now asking Daymond what has been the success story of the show, Daymond is now explaining the various products and deals they’ve launched from the show.

Adam is now giving his “elevator pitch” of Mangria for Daymond, Alison is chiming and Adam is explaining the shipping cost issue along with offering Daymond a sample of his signature beverage.

Daymond is now kind of complimenting Adam’s booze while focusing on his business model and explaining that Adam doesn’t need to involve any other big companies, comparing him to an indie band, nice.

Adam is now asking Daymond about “Shark Tank” and they’re discussing the slow build the show has had, Adam has some very funny replies to Daymond.


Alison’s News

Adam is now pitching Daymond on the Mangria being made for the brothers, hilarious comments about possible marketing tactics to reach the “Urban Community”.

Daymond is being no help and just claimed he doesn’t know who would be in the market for this product, Adam is busting his balls in reply and BB has an amazing reaction.

Adam is now calling for Fred Williamson to be the Mangria Spokesman.


Her top story is on Governor Mario Cuomo signing into law the first gun control bill since the recent tragedy, Alison is now reading some of the laws that the bill puts into place, and Adam is now going off on the social security number being the prime example of privacy not being the issue everyone makes it out to be.

Adam has another great point about cops, building and even keeping an ostrich as a pet, Adam is now tying this into his argument against everyone who was against the “Patriot Act”.

Adam’s now giving his take on teachers packing heat and giving a very sound race driving course analogy.

Daymond is arguing for the gun owner to be responsible for anything done with the firearm and giving an example citing his travels to Dubai, Adam is giving his take and now Alison and Adam are asking Daymond about Dubai.

Adam has some observations comparing “Shark Tank” to “Celebrity Apprentice” and they’re having a quick exchange about the nature of editing in reality TV.


2nd story, Alison is reporting on the new flavor of “Girl Scout Cookie” and Adam has a killer reply for what the new nutritional additive sounds like, wow!

Adam just topped the robot line with an even funnier joke about what it sounds like and now Alison is reading the rest of the information about the new cookie.

Adam is sharing his pain caused by “too many flavors” with Daymond, Adam is now explaining how with too many flavor’s together it starts to taste like nothing.

Alison want’s Adam’s take on ketchup with eggs, Adam is now launching into a rant about Mike August cutting up his food like he’s his own handler, awesome!

Daymond just told Adam he also doesn’t care for flavored Tea and Alison is wrapping the news to a new classic drop from Bald Bryan.

Adam is asking Daymond for an update on his enjoyment of the Mangria, Adam is now segueing into a live read.  Adam is now working some of the Dubai and massage conversation into the live read, very funny stuff.