Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2015 – JoBeth Williams and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2015 – JoBeth Williams and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest JoBeth Williams and Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-14-2015 – Release Date 01-15-2015

Production Number #1490

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Adam opens the show with plug for the live show in Vegas, BB plays a clip of Dr. Drew’s VO for his CNN show as today’s #TopDrop.

Gina is back once again and Adam welcomes Matt to the show for his first appearance of 2015, Adam is now using the reviews for ‘Top 5’ to make a point about the audience reaction creeping down as time passes.

Adam is explaining that the critics are giving him bonus points for not shitting out another turd, Matt is giving his take on how the reviews seem to adjust over time.


Adam brings up the question that Dawson had for him, he told him to save it for air.

Dawson is asking him about ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and how the camera seems to cut around Donald Trump, Adam jokes about him coming in on a rope ladder.

Adam jokes about rope ladders going the way of soufflé humor.


Adam is now launching into the fire alarm anecdote from Classic Loveline, the time he refused to evacuate the building and was willing to break an ankle jumping out the window.

Adam is explaining the game show rules element to having to adjust and reiterate certain legalese, Adam has a funny “Trilanka” name for Donald’s daughter Ivanka.

Adam is asking BB about a text he got from his dad, Gina is now reading the text.


Adam is asking BB why his dad thought he might be vulnerable to the lure of Scientology, Adam is asking if this is part of aging, you start to blend things together.

Adam makes a point about conspiracy theories coming from super young or old dudes, either way nobody is getting laid.

Adam says he would be deeply flattered and explains why, BB’s dad’s default is to be profoundly concerned for his son.


Adam is doing a Reverie bed live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Justin, he wants to know about the trailer for Road Hard and Adam reveals the premier dates for both of his films.

He wants to know about the brown rice conversation with Dr. Bruce on The ADS when he was filling in for Drew.

Adam is exploring why these mix-ups happen, Adam reveals that his son saw ‘Birdman’ sitting around and wanted to know if he could see it.


Adam is now bringing up the trend of titties being replaced by dong/Edward Norton’s asshole for 90mins.

Adam is giving his take on ‘Birdman’ and says he was impressed by would rather watch ‘American Sniper’ or ‘Master and Commander’ for sheer entertainment factor.

Matt and BB are giving their take on the movie, Matt says he would have ended the movie 6-7 minutes earlier, Adam says he was unsure where the movie was going at a certain point, and Gina gives her take.


Matt is now breaking down his thoughts on best picture and what will win the award vs. what was a better movie.

Adam is joking about picturing Oprah having great experiences while on his deathbed, he doesn’t want to see her having more of this, and she’s had enough.

Adam is now flipping the script on experience equality and trying to take it to the streets to occupy Oprah.


Adam and BB agree on the “don’t ever have to see again” element of ‘Birdman’ and BB says that his favorite movie of the year was ‘Whiplash’ and Matt recommends ‘A Most Violent Year’ to Adam.

Adam plugs his new podcast with Dennis Miller and reveals the title.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live read.


Rotten or Fresh – Bradley Cooper Movies

Matt asks Adam about the new Ford GT, he asks him about the Gulf Livery, Adam hasn’t seen it yet.

1st Movie ‘Wedding Crashers’ 2005

Adam is now praising the movie and how you can tune it any seen and enjoy it, BB and Adam agree that movie knocked it out of the park.

Gina gets the closest score.


2nd Movie ‘The Hangover’ 2009

Adam explains the hipster cred factor of 2009 Zach Galifianakis.


3rd Movie ‘All About Steve’ 2009

Matt explains the movie to the gang who haven’t seen it, Adam is joking about the name “Common’ being used for a rapper, Adam is riffing about alternate names including “Camry” and Adam is joking about Matt Fondiler trying to get into the rap world.

Adam is really into this idea, he says it doesn’t mean anything and he now adds Chris Maxipada to the hypothetical rap crew.

Adam corrects his Rick Ross/Rick Rude mix-up.

BB hit this one out of the park.


Gina asks about assholes and mental illness, she is talking about Bradly Cooper’s role in the movie.


4th Movie ‘Limitless’ 2011

BB praises the movie, Adam never saw it.


5th Movie ‘Silver Lining’s Playbook’ 2012

BB says this is a movie you never need to see again, Adam shares the moment of the movie that left him cold, he didn’t care about the characters or plot.

Adam describes the medication spit out scene and follow up shot of the discarded pills.

Adam says he kept checking back with the movie trying to see it evolve into the great movie people described to him.


Adam explains the personal connection element of Matt’s appreciation for the movie and how the 3 other people in the room don’t seem to care about it.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read with BB.


BB takes the win, Adam screwed the pooch and Gina is “nestled.”

Adam is bringing up the suicide bandages in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and Adam calls the movie an overrated piece of shit.

Adam explains his frustration with the “ice cream for breakfast” scene, he mocks Paul Dano’s character and his dream of being a fighter pilot in the movie, and Adam jokes about trying to audition for that part.


Gina asks about ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ she thought it was terrible, Adam says that he would see ‘Foxcatcher’ again over seeing ‘Birdman’ again.


2nd Caller Tim, he wants to know about left foot breaking and Adam explains how it works in racecars and how they can match the revs to downshift without hitting the clutch.

Matt is asking Adam follow up questions and getting him to elaborate, Adam says he cannot do it and explains that Paul Newman’s cars have a very small cockpit, not enough room for him to even try.

He explains how he was able to utilize some heel/toe technique this year after bending the throttle back to match the other pedals.

They’re heading to break and Adam is excited about Matt Atchity being a gearhead.


They’re back from break with JoBeth Williams making her ACS debut.

Adam gives out some plugs for her new show, he comments on her illustrious career and asks her about her journey into acting.

Adam is joking about ‘The Forgotten Woman’ and how he feels horrible for any woman entering that store, he jokes about sitting outside of the store giving out money telling women to go to Lane Bryant instead.


Adam is sharing his love for Ed Begley Jr. with JoBeth, she also loves him and jokes about him riding his bike everywhere and being cheap.

Gina has a nice contribution asking about Ed’s soda company.

Adam says that pure cane sugar is the ultimate sign of us going too far into the chemical realm that now sugar is considered the healthy.


JoBeth is telling them about her fast, Adam says he sees fasting as more of an attempt to master oneself other than an attempt to lose weight.

Adam is now describing the calories burning free trip to the fast food place, They’re all now commenting on the ease of fast food, in particular ‘Taco Bell’ and Adam wraps it up with a ‘Twilight Zone’ twist.

Adam jokes about JoBeth getting into coke to lose weight, she says she was around in the 1980’s and Adam is now asking her about coke not being considered unhealthy back then.


Adam is explaining how coke rose to popularity in the 1980’s.


3rd Caller Michael, he wants to know about Adam’s use of good or evil vs. good and bad, he’s angling that Adam must have some religious angle on it.

Adam is explaining how god isn’t necessary to delineate right from wrong, Gina is clarifying Michael’s point about the enormity of the word and concept of evil.

Adam is now refusing to lump Dawson and his lung butter puddles in the parking lot with the ISIS cutting off the heads of journalists.


4th Caller Garrett he’s trying to recall what model of Ferrari Adam brought up on a recent Adam and Dr. Drew show.

Adam tells him to go the archive and listen, he name drops me asking me to tweet him the answer.

He wants to know about the 3 songs picked for his movie out of the 2k submissions, he explains the crowd funding element to JoBeth. Adam says they haven’t chosen them all yet so Garrett’s wife could still be in the running.


The News – With Gina Grad

1st Story is on 2 Chainz interview with Nancy Grace about the legalization of Marijuana.

Gina is now playing some clips and Adam wants to know where his 2 chains are, Adam has a funny laugh reaction to Nancy’s “I hear you!” and Adam is now requesting people call him ‘D’BagZ’ or his original rap name ‘ManAyz’ as endorsed by Snoop Dogg on Classic Loveline.

Adam is joking about the way talking heads like Nancy get away with really simple statements attaining false gravitas, hilarious examples about inviting the entire family to watching them defecate.


Gina plays a final clip of the interview.

Adam jokes about reading transcripts from Nancy Grace, he says it would be like reading the script to ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and says you wouldn’t know what it is.

Adam is now riffing about inventing D’BagZ and selling it to the producers of these shows, joking about white people being tricked into thinking rappers are more famous than they actually are.

Adam is joking about making up fake black people to be talking head guests on Dr. Drew’s show.


Adam is doing a Lifelock ultimate plus live read.


2nd Story is on the controversial comments from Rand Paul about people who abuse the disability and welfare system.

Adam is using dogs on the airplane to make a point about how people scam and get away with things, he says its human nature.

Humans can be incredible and pathetic, Adam says he’s not opposed to these systems because of the cost, he thinks it limits and ruins people who could do so much more and be better off.


Adam brings up Dr. Drew and methadone, he uses the phrase “that’s his Niagara falls” and BB doesn’t get the reference, he looks to JoBeth but she’s unfamiliar with it too, Adam jokes about not implying that she’s old but does reference her doing coke in the 80’s with Scorsese.

Adam explains the ‘Three Stooges’ joke, but then is told it’s actually ‘Abbot and Costello’ and they play the clip.

It’s exceedingly long and Adam is doing some live commentary, including a dark but true comment about everyone being dead, sarcastically joking about it adding a level of comfort to the clip.


They stop the clip, Adam finishes his point and Adam declares it turns out that Abbot and Costello aren’t funny and he now breaks down the flawed premise of ‘Who’s on First’ and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Tax Act live read

BB is playing a new drop of Gina making a funny noise.

Adam is giving an update on Pennsylvania and Mangria, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the episode telling JoBeth about the recipe for Mangria.

Adam is now using Cocaine and the cutting process to explain how brandy enhances the alcohol content of his Sangria variant.