Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2014 – Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2014 – Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 01-14-2014 – Release Date 01-15-2014

Production Number #1239

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Dawson has a very slick intro and Adam announces they are loaded for bear, BB has an unusual Fondiler clip for #TopDrop.

Adam is setting up an example of good people who do bad things, he’s citing a friend of his and his wife, and Adam is starting with NYE 6yrs ago and a trip to a ski vacation with said couple.

Adam is explaining that he first discovered the majesty of “Abracadabra” by Steve Miller, he had heard it many times but this incident lead to his reinvigorated rant from the 2006 era.


Adam is sharing the unfortunate news from the friend’s wife about her musical taste and love for Steve Miller’s shitty song.

Adam is telling people not to blurt things out, Alison has a nice hashtag on twitter reference about reassessing how you feel about someone for taking part in a dumb trending topic.

Adam is sharing how he was shooting his show “To Catch a Contractor” yesterday with Skip and his wife and her lapdog “Kilo”.


Adam is now describing a photo of the Makeup chair and describing an interaction with Kilo who was choking mid makeup application, Adam’s impression is hilarious.

BB lost the flow of the conversation and doesn’t know who owned the dog, BB says he was listening to a drop, Adam accepts that reason/excuse, and yeah he was listening to a drop…

Alison has a funny comment about her own need to make a “Kilo sound” funny stuff.


Adam is sharing his take on love for one’s pet but them not belonging in the workplace, Adam is citing how society is spinning into outer space when it comes to love for our dogs.

Alison is getting Adam to flesh out the incident.

Adam is discussing the non-smoking establishment and the “smoker’s terrarium” at airports, Adam is ranting about the anti-poaching signs and mocking their effectiveness.


Adam is on a killer poaching riff and sharing how bummed out he is about the replacement of the visual of gents getting a cocktail and enjoying a butt with that of dog anuses.

Adam is on a killer anti secondhand smoking explanation and launching into a live read with Fondiler repeating his #TopDrop live in studio.


Adam is now getting to the brutal beating of a schizophrenic man, the Kelly Thomas case from 2011.

Alison is reading the details about the not guilty verdict, Adam is sharing his take on the gruesome photos of the man that he doesn’t want to see again.

Adam is giving the details and describing the appearance of the two officers, Adam is sharing his take on Kelly Thomas and his blonde hair and blue eyes, Adam is bringing up the one officers “Ramos” last name.


Adam is saying these guys were acquitted for what could have a racial component, he’s making a great point about the differing reactions by a minority group.

Adam is saying that he’s saying this wasn’t race based and wants to know why everything else is considered race based, he’s got perfect logic.

Why it is non-racial when it’s a white guy, maybe it’s never racial, cops are awful to everyone – Alison.


BB is mocking Adam and the idea of “white people” having a voice, BB gets to now play the racially sensitive cast member.

Adam is making a point about what would be going if Kelly was black and was beaten to death by Officer Ramos, Adam says we need to have a dialogue about cops and who they work for, not the racial component of it.

Adam is stating we need to have a conversation about who cops bosses actually are, us.


Alison is asking if the 2nd whit officer is why the race argument is nullified, Adam says it wouldn’t come up regardless and is citing a pregnant woman who was kneed to the ground.

Adam is getting to his point “cops are assholes” and race needn’t be worked into the equation, he’s citing his years of shitty neighbors.

Gary is now providing the details of the beating and what Ramos did to Kelly Thomas, Adam is making a point about what would happen if this was a black man, he’s dead right in the hypocrisy of society.


Gary is reading the rest of the details, Alison is sharing an even more disturbing detail, Adam is responding to that.

Gary is quoting Ramos from the video threatening to beat the man to death, Adam is making his point again, and cops are out of control dicks who want to assault the people who pay for their family to live.

Adam is saying that cops kick the shit out of anyone who pushes back, Alison is now quoting some testimony from a pathologist that may have led to the acquittal.


BB is surprised and horrified by Adam’s suggestion that the possible riotous outcome of any given verdict is brought up in the jury room.

Adam is now citing the Rodney King beating and subsequent verdict then riots in the case.

Alison and Adam are bringing up the Treyvon Martin case, Adam has a nice coin toss hypothetical, and Alison wants to if Adam has ever been a juror and he shares that he was called once but never made it onto a case.


Alison is getting upset by the details of Kelly calling for his dad while being murdered by these horrible cops, Adam is now joking about the voice of whitey with BB and has a “smoker’s terrarium” callback.

Alison and Adam are doing a live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB has a short “Anchorman 2 is fucking garbage” review, Adam and Alison are curious why so harsh, Gary agrees with BB and he’s now citing the lack of laughs, Adam has a killer joke about BB making his wife sit in a weird spot.

BB says it’s easily the worst film he’s seen all year, Adam is bringing up the Rotten Tomatoes score and BB has a nice admission of his love for off color racial humor.

Adam is giving his take on the worst of the worst Adam Sandler movies and the 11% from critics vs. 49% from the audiences.


Adam is asking about Judd Apatow’s involvement and BB and Gary are letting him know about Judd’s almost in name only credit for the production.

BB wants to know if the creators are aware they were making a piece of shit, Adam has a great construction analogy and is citing Mel Brooks and his mixed bag of a filmography.

Gary has a wise bit of info about the explanation behind the score being askew, BB is sharing his theory on this one being a “make up” attempt from the critics who slept on the first movie.


BB says this is the first F in the history of his reviews and is telling the gang to see the movie for the sheer spectacle.

I saw the film, it felt heavily edited with some jokes having no pay off, and I wonder if there isn’t a superior R rated/unrated cut of the film waiting for DVD release.

Adam is now doing a live read with BB.


DFG is returning to the show for his 11th visit, Adam is setting up a serious round of “All balls or JV” and DFG has an update on BB’s review of “The Wolf of Wall Street”.


All Balls or J.V.

1st topic, losing wood in a foursome

Adam is giving his take on this scenario and is calling it J.V., Alison agrees and BB has a nice counter point.


2nd topic, Chris Christie shutting down the bridge in the latest scandal.

Adam is sharing how over time this has become more disgusting to him and he’s calling it the most dangerous aspect of government, hilarious ant analogy.

DFG is calling it “All Balls” and Adam has a nice fake suicide attempt theory for getting bridges shutdown.


3rd topic, Rob Ford in general.

Adam is commenting on the fodder he provides for various late night shows, Adam is now joking about society deciding that comedy should take place at 6am and 11pm, nice assist from BB.

Adam is now citing Rob’s drug use and blaming of one narcotic on the use of another, BB has another nice YOLO assist on this one.

DFG is offering up his take on the man.


4th topic, Michael Bay’s awkward address at the Samsung trade event.

Adam is now explaining F you money vs. F me money and is saying it was J.V. due to the hissy fit style nature of his walk off.

Adam is explaining his take on the walk out, DFG is giving his take on the man and the event.


5th topic, Flynn from “Breaking Bad” getting snubbed at the Golden Globes.

DFG is very impassioned about this and Alison has a hilarious reaction to his delivery, Adam is now asking DFG about the kids and his acting.

DFG has a killer “more box than the Memphis hub of FedEx” one liner, nice reactions across the board.


6th topic on the Golden Globes in January

DFG is mixing up the idea of the show, thinking it’s about breasts and has a hilarious turd cutter one liner.

Adam and BB are explaining the award show to DFG and citing the Poochie’s Uncle Commentary about “The Wolf of Wall Street”.


7th topic, John Hiatt

Adam is commending the man and DFG has him mixed up with a local guy who’s bagged both of the Ashely’s, Adam is explaining his mix up with the singer songwriter.


8th topic the war on bread

Adam is giving his take on the L.A. thing he’s noticed about the lack of toast on everyone’s breakfast order.

Adam is getting to the windfall of unmade toast for all of these establishment and what it means for their bottom line, Adam wants a toast statistic showing the decline over the past 20 years.

Alison has a funny 1992 one liner.


Adam is now breaking down the name IHOP for DFG and explaining that it’s not really international and bob’s pizza is also not internationally known.

Adam is bringing up the center of super buttered toast, the butter hammock from the middle.

BB has a funny “this is porn to Alison” comment and Adam is calling for better buttering of the crusts of toast.


Hilarious “oil on the chain” assholes comment and self-satisfied sniff from Ace, Adam is now pledging to walk around restaurants and take that choice bite from everyone’s plate in the diner one he has enough Fuck Me Money.

Gary has an update on the international IHOP push that began in 2012.


9th topic is on NFL owners who sport the non-matching collar and cuff style rich white guy shirts.

Adam is explaining that he has shirts made for him and telling the gang about the “Jim Rome Show” custom shirts they used to give out with a nice tangent about commuter mugs as the typical gift from TV shows.

DFG has a burp and BB has a funny comment blaming Alison, funny watch/swatch mix-up and BB is giving his take on the shirts.


“Eating shrimps and sipping wines” – DFG

Hilarious “sometimes I get a little bummed out” reply from DFG who is now doing a pitch for Brose, the marriage of red and white Mangria flavors.

DFG is giving an extended plug for the booze and has a weird “Poochie’s” liquor store reference that if true is awesome.


Alison’s News

“Oh I’ll read her lips!” – DFG

Her top story is on Justin Bieber making the news for the 11 car police raid on his house, Gary is going to toss up a picture for the Aceman.

Adam is sharing his theory on cops being like bored teachers who don’t want to do the hard work but want to be involved in celebrity encounters, his tone is very intersecting.


Adam is making a point about the cost of each cop car per hour, DFG has a funny Grand Canyon comment about Bieber.

Adam is now joking about the damage estimates going up based on the neighborhood Justin is in and because of his celebrity.

Alison wants to know how eggs could possibly do any real damage, Adam has a nice child support analogy.


Alison is reading the details and explaining that cops found some drugs at the house belonging to Lil’ Za and Alison explains that Gary helped her decipher the name.

BB is bringing up Za as pizza slang and citing asshole new Yorkers as the people who use that term, Alison clarifies that it’s only douches who do that, not New Yorkers as a whole.

Adam has a funny “Beebs” use and DFG has a nice the more you know moment.


2nd Story is on the school shooting in Roswell New Mexico.

Alison is reading the details and DFG has a hilarious alien question.

Adam misses the days where crimes like this were explained, not happy crimes but they at least made sense and as long as you didn’t engage in said behavior you could avoid these scenarios.

Adam says the problem now is that this is basically the same problem with terrorism, the randomness of it and he’s citing the old dateline programs on spousal poisonings, hilarious back and forth with BB his wife’s dependent, gold!


DFG has a killer “desolation of Smaug” comment and you can hear Gary losing it in the booth, gold!

Alison is giving her reaction to Columbine and the actions from the bullied shooters, Adam is not mentioning his firsthand experience with the Columbine kids on Loveline.

Adam is now giving his take on the rape statistics that get inflated and the connection to bullying and those inflated statistics.


Adam is going off on the nature of being a teenager and what is or isn’t bullying, Adam is bringing up the chicken or the egg nature of bullying.

Alison and Adam are having an insightful conversation and Alison is making a point about conformation and Adam is asking about the targeting for the victims of the columbine shooting.

Adam is giving an anecdote about a guy knew Keith who set himself apart with this drum skills, Adam is saying that it’s fine to not conform and to pursue your own thing.


Adam is spelling out the difference of setting yourself apart vs. what the Columbine kids were doing that was picked up on by the people who bullied them.

Adam says the dark and weird existed and the heard picks up on that and responds in kind, Adam is using Elvis as his prime example for people who stand out.

Alison is making the point that many people who have darkness in them will grow up into artists and never harm anyone.


Adam is making the point about all the people he talks to who claim they were beaten up literally every day, Adam is making a great point about physical violence and someone’s whistling nose breathing is killing the audio.

Adam is making a point about the something more that attracts the ire of the heard and saying there is plenty of room for differences among people.

Alison has a funny Orange County comment and Adam is pledging to move out there, Adam has his 2nd Dr. Pepper commercial reference in the past 8 minutes.


Alison is asking if that Adam is saying that there is a check and balance between weirdness and bullying as a response, Adam agrees with Alison but is saying that it’s an innate human trait to respond to this type of negativity this way.

Adam is arguing for the nature and saying it’s akin to saying it’s disappointing that hyena’s eat the weakest of the heard.

DFG has a nice callback plug for Mangria while telling people to not be a pussy, “first player shooter guns” – DFG.


Alison has a nice reaction to DFG’s response to his ailment comment from Adam, DFG sums it all up nicely and is sharing how once you go deaf you never go back.

Adam is joking about his fighting and fucking approach, great lines from DFG and reactions from Alison.

DFG is giving his full potato gun history thanks to BB and sharing all the ways they would bully kids in school.


Adam is launching into the first DDP yoga live read, this dates back to the KLSX morning show and Diamond Dallas Page’s guest spot promoting the book “Yoga for Regular Guys”.


3rd story is on an investigation into Chris Christie and the hurricane Sandy funds that may have been used to pay for tourism ads featuring his family.

Adam is saying that everyone politician has a steamer trunk of these stories and doesn’t want the first story leaking as it leads to people sniffing around, he’s got a nice Beebs callback.

Adam is saying “fuck him” proving he doesn’t lockstep any political party and Alison wants to know if Adam is truly over him, Adam is explaining why he liked the man and why he now has soured on him.


Adam is once again citing how he understands basic crime but not the serial killer part of life and is citing some almost Zodiac style scenario.

DFG is summing it up nicely and Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom.


Adam is giving out the plugs and has a funny “hey man” riff, DFG is doing a nice plug for his buddy Josh Gardner as he’s “hurting real bad right now” gold!

Adam has a nice closing mahalo and the closing drop is DFG’s comments about a “meat and bag” from earlier in the show.