Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2013 – Bill Simmons and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2013 – Bill Simmons and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-14-2013 – Release Date 01-15-2013

Adam is opening the show in classic fashion with a tease for Bill Simmons return later on; David Wild chimes in at a funny moment. Adam is now explaining the update on the odds for the academy awards; he’s recapping yesterday’s show and citing it as an example of how he knows everything.

Bryan is giving his take on Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln” and now Adam is remarking on Tommy’s screen time during Will Ferrell’s presentation/bit. Adam and Alison are now joking about Tommy Lee Jones, hilarious quotes from both of them.

Adam and Alison have a hilarious Yaphet Kotto riff that I won’t spoil. They’re all now speculating on the Academy Awards; David has a funny quip that just lead to Adam riffing about “Inglorious Basterds” being a documentary, hilarious!

Adam is now telling the gang about one of the guys on the Carcast road trip telling him about walking out during “Lincoln”; Adam has some funny lines trying to remember whom.

They’re all now discussing “Lincoln” and now David is telling the gang about making the “back row” of Phil Rosenthal’s famous private theater for that movie. Adam is joking about Phil’s theater and has a great call back to earlier in the show.


Adam is now telling the gang about being tweeted a picture of a poster with Tina Fey and how the ridiculous “women aren’t funny” thing reared up again. Adam is now explaining the fact he cited Tina as being funny and what he actually said.

Adam is now critiquing the idea behind these ad campaigns and has a very strong analogy to make his argument.

David is now telling Adam about working with Aisha Tyler and Boomer Esiason. Adam is now telling the guys about how he was recently reminded that he had put money down on the Patriots to win the super bowl and he’s unsure how to break the news to Bill Simmons.

Adam is now doing a great score big live read with a great Disney quote.


Adam is now bringing up “This is 40” and his surprise at the mixed reactions for the film. Adam is now exploring a possible reason people didn’t connect with the material and the revere classism that seems to exist, I totally agree!

Adam is now breaking down what he thought Judd was saying with the movie, and how he thinks it’s a great message and a great movie.

David is now giving his take on the movie and why it had the mixed reactions, he’s giving some examples from his own life. Adam is now mocking some other movie premises that don’t have as much depth to further explain why audiences didn’t respond to “This Is 40”.

Adam just dropped an amazing quote and his calling back his earlier black joke, David is making note and Bryan has some fake outrage.


David Wild is now playing his first song pick; Adam has a hilarious reply to David that Alison seems to appreciate.

David picks The Wallflowers “Love Is a Country” and is now breaking down why he chose it, Adam is explaining how he thought Jacob was good on the show and how he has a house near one of Adam’s.

Adam picks The Raspberries “Go All The Way” and is now breaking down the era it comes from and David says it’s the song that got him interested in music; Adam is now laying in some hilarious quotes about the Gary Puckett era of music.

Adam is now calling back the “Chevy Van” singer’s legacy of raping runaways, from the Adam and Drew bonus ACS episode 7 I think.

Adam has some even funnier quotes and now he’s rolling into a Legal zoom live read, Alison has a very funny laugh/squeal noise in reaction, awesome!

Adam is doing some plugs for David and David is going off on Rick Springfield while complimenting his new album, of course. Adam is sending it to break.


Bill Simmons is now in studio and Bill just referred to David as “that other guy” and now Bill is joking about the real reason for him even being booked on the ACS.

Adam is now telling the gang about the infamous “softball mitt” story involving his ex-girlfriend and now he’s telling the gang about his reaction, I love this story.

Bill is now giving his take on “This is 40” and Adam is explaining why studios have trouble marketing “tweeners” movies that fall between multiple genres, comedy and drama in the case of “The Hammer” and “This is 40”.


Bill is now explaining he has something for Adam, Adam is jumping in and they’re explaining their history with certain types of movies, they’re breaking down the story of the time they saw “The Marine”.

Bill is now pitching Adam on the fake movie “Quarterback to the Future” Bryan is laying in some great music and Adam seems to love the idea, nice work Bill.

Adam is now adding to the idea and has a twist ending for Bill, Adam is busting out the impression of Bill in front of Bill and now he’s explaining where the impression comes from.

Adam and Bill are now doing a new 2013 Pedoph Isle/ Pedoph Isle “Made up Movie” with Bryan laying in some appropriate sound beds and Alison jumping in too.

Lots of Kyle Chandler comedy in this episode, Bill is jumping in and so far it’s great, Adam’s casting twists are genius.

Adam has a “Modern Family” set of additions to the cast; he’s now getting to the arrival on the island and the “Lord of the Flies” style welcome but with a darker twist.

Adam is explaining his own real world reaction in comparison to the dad in this movie and other movies like “Red Dawn”. Adam says he would promise literally anything to ensure his survival, hilarious!

Adam, Bryan and Bill are now discussing Michael biehn, Adam and BB wants him in the movie, Bill is asking for a different casting choice, Adam’s go to pick is hilarious.

Adam is now bringing Terrence Howard and the Osprey aircraft into the movie, Bill got him removed too and now Adam is wrapping up the pitch, it’s in development!


Adam and Bill are now reminiscing over some classic bits from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bill is now telling Adam how the ad for the latest Jason Statham movie made him think of him.

Bill just asked Adam what he thinks about the latest Die Hard trailers; Adam is going off on movies where cops don’t seem to exist at a certain point during the 2nd or 3rd act. Adam is referencing “Drive” and has a great Jacuzzi riff.

Bill is now telling Adam about recently watching all of the “Die Hard” films and how he ranks them, there is a brief Justin Long discussion and now the guys are on to Mel Gibson.

Adam is proclaiming Danny Glover the real loser because of Mel Gibson’s behavior, Bill is bringing up his appearance at Jodi Foster’s table during the Golden Globes.

Adam is now doing an amazing impression of the audio recordings of Mel Gibson, you must hear this!


They’re back from break and now Adam is congratulating Bill on his self-made success while acknowledging they’ve never really gone in depth about it. Adam is telling Bill how he first heard about him from Jimmy and how they started working together.

Adam and Bill are breaking down the keys to how to succeed with a unique product or voice, Adam is explaining he thinks its word of mouth and how it’s all essentially merit based.

Adam and Bill are now recounting the first time Adam guested on Bill’s podcast; Adam had to record it from Bill’s driveway on a cell phone.

Bald Bryan and Bill are joking about that podcast being from the “Bonaduce Era” of the morning show, you can tell Adam does not even want to get into it, just a series of mild grunts and noises.


Alison’s News

Her top story finishes up the announcements of Golden Globes winners, Argo and Ben Affleck are now the topic of discussion and Alison is giving her take on Jennifer Garner and wants to know the guys opinions.

Adam is now praising Jennifer Garner’s looks and Alison says she stands corrected after seeing a picture of her. Bill is now telling the gang about his crush on Jennifer Lawrence and his wife’s possibly hypocritical interest in various men.

Adam is now telling the gang about the Natasha Henstridge crush story and how Adam missed his chance to ask her out, Bill has a funny joke about Ray and now Adam is explaining how Lynette found out about the crush. Adam is joking about Bruce Springsteen having sex, hilarious and creepy.


2nd story is about Jodi Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes. Adam is now riffing about the name confusion of the award; he’s making a great 90210 cast member reference to make his point.

Alison is reading over the beats from the speech, Adam is arguing that one’s life actually “outs” them more than any words can, very sound points from the Aceman.

Bill is now giving his take on Jodi’s speech and Alison is discussing it with him, Bill is now arguing that working in Hollywood is not as bad as people often make it out to be.

Adam is now calling for a picture of young Jodi Foster and Paul Williams as they appear to be the same person, Adam is going off on the Golden Globes and calling them a jack fest.


3rd story is about deaf twins from Belgium who were going blind that asked to be put to death as they couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to see each other. Alison says this story has been stuck with her since she read it.

Adam is now riffing on cobbling as a profession vs. a term for gathering cash. Adam is now joking about how if there was such a service offered in the US cousin Sal would be using it for pranks, wow!

Adam is now joking about “The Better Man” with Bill and now recalling Bill’s wife drunkenly pulling lemons off the tree for their drinks.

Adam just proclaimed he was obsessed with Jodi Foster and Alison has a hilarious reply, Adam is now making the guys really earn their pay with more demands for young Jodi Foster pictures, Bill Simmons has a funny quip.

Bill is now joking about Adam’s strange behavior of telling people what or who their baby looks like regardless of whether it’s flattering, Bill is now listing some examples.

Alison is wrapping the news; Adam is calling for more Jodi Foster pictures and wants Mike Lynch to follow his heart with the Google image search. Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is doing some plugs for David and now Bill is jumping in to plug some various projects, Adam wraps the show.