Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 301

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 301

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 01-12-2016 – Release Date 01-14-2016

Production Number #301 – You Can’t Get Pregnant That Way

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Adam opens the show with a spirited intro, only one taping today.

Adam shares his watershed moment, he walked in on Lynette reading the back of her eyelids and was warned about the stinky bathroom.

Adam explains why they have traps under sinks and water lines to stop the sewage fumes with a water barrier that blocks gas.

Adam calls it’s a P trap and explains that he hasn’t showered since late December and because he hasn’t showered in so long the P trap dried up and toxic fumes were venting into his bathroom.


Adam is doing an Onnit Live Read

Drew shares how much of a difference it makes for him


Drew says that the corollaries he’s noticed about Adam being able not to shower for so long, he has to not smell and have a partner who is not offended by your scents and odors.

Drew talks about having sex with his wife and doing things that might result in buildup and need some cleaning afterwards, Adam is joking about Drew and his wife having anal sex and period sex.

Adam is now sharing how he does clean his ass and junk, Drew jokes about Adam’s fans discovering their leader puts water on his asshole, Adam thinks hot water is about as good as it gets.


Drew takes it back to the mess of sex, Adam asks if his wife is shitting on his chest, hilarious delivery!


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Drew brings up Adam on Stern and how Robin once again brought up him going over to Kevin Costner’s house and they’re now recalling the 2003 Classic Loveline incident with Junior Producer Laruen and Engineer Chris.


“Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Junior Producer Lauren insults Adam and Drew:

Adam: I just asked Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior [laughs] Producer Lauren what she’s learned from doing this radio show.

Drew: Watching us work.

Adam: She said, “Well, you don’t have to prepare.”

Drew: “You don’t have to be educated.”

Adam: “You get to leave early. You don’t have to be that educated.”

Drew: Not educated.

Adam: Yeah, be uneducated, be good. “It’s luck, and it’s who you know.” And, what else? I think there was another one or two on there, too.

Drew: [Laughs.]

Adam: Well, whatever it is.

Anderson: Was she speaking for herself?

Adam: No! She’s talking about what…

Drew: …what she’s learned from watching Adam and me work.

Adam: Yes.

Anderson: But she could be speaking for herself as well.

Adam: Well, it’s possible. It’s possible.

Drew: For her job.

Adam: All right, Anderson. Quiet down, or I’m going to ask her what it takes…

Drew: To be an engineer.

Adam: …to be an engineer. She’s gonna say, “A mouth that can fit a lot of penis in it.”

Drew: [Laughs.]”

Adam and Drew breakdown this interaction and comment on each of Lauren’s comments/accusations.


Adam talks about having Jay Leno on ‘Take a Knee’ and asking him about trying hard to be a regular guy.

Adam shares how it’s like to try and get ahold of Jay and references Bernard the shop manager.

Adam talks about how nobody fears Jay from his old staff at ‘The Tonight Show’ and he comments on the same qualities he shares with Jay.

Adam shares Jay’s take on self-esteem.


Adam says he never wants it to come down to a coin toss and why he wants his kids to think they’re unlucky in life so they will try harder and earn what they want.

Adam talks about Jay’s small office and how he didn’t need anything fancy at ‘The Tonight Show’ and Adam comments on his own reluctant to build himself an office.

Adam is commenting on the way fame is fleeting and explains why Jay never had kids, they play a clip from this new Take a Knee with Jay Leno.


Adam is talking about the passage of time, comparing to being on stage live vs. radio and how it’s about killing time instead of making the most of it like live TV.

Adam mocks the triple clock math of radio and radio DJs, the outdated formatics of a dying medium.

Adam says he was doing a bunch of shows in phoenix, he thinks it was a different club than the Standup Live, he is telling the story of Meat or Beef, the local radio host who wanted to do 10min at the top of Adam’s standup gig.

Adam is now riffing about how low rent his guy’s morning show was and the strange feeling of not knowing if you’re on a real show or a podcast with 3 listeners.


Adam is talking about this Big Tad esque gent named Beef and how he claimed to have a Sugar Momma who bought him a dragon T shirt and some shorts.

Adam is going in depth on each beat of the story and how Beef finally approached him about going on stage and told Adam about his dad who was in the audience, dying of cancer.

Adam explains how Beef was telling a 10 min story and couldn’t abandon it mid-stream even though it wasn’t going well, Adam says it was awesome and they move on.


1st Caller Fox, he’s calling about his upcoming graduation commencement ceremony, he’s 35 and doesn’t want to attend as he feels out of place.

Adam says he didn’t even open his Christmas presents, he says he wouldn’t go but does think you do go for other people.

Drew is weighing in and they explain why it could be important and what does render it unimportant, Drew goes with the flipside and tells him that it’s not important.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


2nd Caller James, he’s calling about his wife’s head and neck pain.

Adam talks about the dust settling on back surgery and how it won’t be kind to these interventions, he brings up Yoga and Drew is now asking about the meds she’s been taking.

Adam says James feels like he’s on a path, Drew says he has a bulging disk.


Adam is telling them about taking the new dog Phil for a walk and he explains how they go through construction sites and he explains how things works.

Adam calls Phil ‘Philly Cheesesteak’ and describes the incredible experience of going on a solo walk with his loving daughter.

Adam is really describing a beautiful moment and moves on to Hillary Clinton and the ‘Cradle to College’ pipeline to replace the prison pipeline.


Drew is doing a Live Read


3rd Caller Lisa, she says she called back when Jim Jefferies was cohosting and asks about some shameful doctor shopping and medical system abuses she committed while she was stung out on pills.

Drew says it has not been his experience that people spend a lot of time tracking this stuff down.

Adam is now giving out some plugs, he says he’s laughing and explains the time constraints required to do these things.

Adam has been dying to see Drew’s place in NYC for 4 years, he’s got a window between 1-6am to see Drew’s apartment.


4th Caller Chad, he wants to know about the harmful effects of addictions and they wrap things up with the actual closing plugs.