Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2015 – John Hodgman and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2015 – John Hodgman and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John Hodgman and David Wild

Recorded 01-13-2015 – Release Date 01-14-2015

Production Number #1489

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Adam is opening the show to another likely musical lyric quote that is a cute reference to his off air discussions with Mike Lynch.

BB has a rarely played #TopDrop of Adam mocking himself and Adam explains why he’s tired today, once again referencing his wife at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

Adam has an anecdote about Bob’s sale of a Daytona Ford Cobra for 10k, it’s now worth 7.2 million and Adam tells them about asking him about what it felt like to be a person who sold something and later had it go up in value to such a crazy degree, he gives the thoughtful reply Bob said to him.


Adam says that first his wife’s pal Jodi left her car parked up on the curb (only two of the tires man!) and he says that Molly is like having 5 retarded kids and explains that the phone ranged at 620am, it was Jodi calling the house, she thought she was calling Lynette’s cell.

Adam says that it was 6:30 and it was already getting light, he says it’s like trying to “fuck real good” when he tries to force himself to sleep, it never works.

Adam has a baseball analogy and BB is now backing him up, funny reaction from Gina.


Adam is telling them about getting his kids to school on time for the first time, he had to tell them they weren’t early as they presumed.

Adam explains the nanny picks them up from school, he says that his son was doing his homework well into the evening, as late as 10.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Sonny about his homework that takes up his evenings, Adam jokes about wanting to hear his son tell him that he was scheduled to go down to a river with a black guy and build a raft, not do more work.


Adam is explaining the conversation he had with Drew today, most likely on Adam and Dr. Drew coming up Thursday, he jokes about Drew and mocks his replies about the importance of homework.

Adam comments on homework just perpetuation the cycle of the “school to prison pipeline” he says that only the rich kids, the haves can afford a nanny and parent who can stay home to supervise homework, he says get rid of homework to level the playing field.

Adam says that Drew’s kids had easily 100k each spent on their tutoring and outside school costs, Adam is reverse engineering the problem and makes a lot of sense.


Adam clarifies his idea for leveling the playing field, Gina agrees with Adam and he takes it back to their taping for Adam and Dr. Drew earlier today.

Adam heard Drew recording his CNN show intro, Adam thought it was funny and says he’s not a good enough writer to come up with that prerecorded intro.

BB says this is not his favorite part of Drew’s public persona and Adam mocks him for thinking his opinion about Drew matters.


Adam is doing a live read for the Critics’ Choice Awards.


Adam shares his hypothetical question from lunch asking his companions if they would go on a cruise with their mothers, he asks Gina and BB the same questions and mocks the people from earlier for immediately replying “my mom wouldn’t go on a cruise.”

Adam jokes about knowing Gary’s answer and has a killer ‘New Jack City’ riff complete with flying Jizz talk, hilarious!

Adam asks Dawson and mishears him, thinking he said his mom was dead.


Adam says that he saw Superman with his emotional support pig (dog), he saw Henry Cavill on TMZ with his dog companion. BB and Gina weigh in and Adam takes it to another clip of Terry Crews from ‘Take a Knee’ which has a decidedly different vibe than the ACS, you can hear it in this clip.

Nice work Chris.

Adam is joking about getting a word count of Elliot Gould vs. Terry Crews and Adam is now riffing with the drops of Elliot, trying to do an impromptu interview for ‘Take a Knee’.

Solid riff!


Adam gets permission to go to the phones from Elliot.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Adam, he’s 22 and from Denver. He asks if he can buy a #TopDrop from Bryan and wants to know about joining comedy today, Adam riffs about him treating it like the armed forces and has some funny comedy brigade comments, BB is in the mix.

Adam is telling Adam how to grow balls to perform standup, BB tells him he has to pursue it, Adam asks Adam if he has any material whatsoever and he is hesitant.

Adam is trying to finish his bit but is flailing, Adam interrupts Adam and jokes about going to get a beer.


Adam is now riffing as if he’s a dissatisfied audience member, even conversing with the waitress and Adam is now letting Adam wrap up his “dirty cock talk” and Adam jokes about the taint and backsack material.

Adam says that kind of conversation that is personal to him is important is the very material that could work.


David Wild joins them and Adam thanks him for the hookup with the ‘Jayhawks’ tickets.

Adam says that kids respond to quality, he compares his son’s taste in good music to his Dora vs. the Simpsons comparison/theory.

David Wild drops the name of Freedy Johnston, who Adam also appreciates the work of.


Adam is now giving the breakdown of his experience at the concert and tells them about a guy he invited into his booth/seating area and was driven insane as he was a “non-clapper.”

Adam is trying to breakdown the psychology and David Wild explains that Adam was directly the guest of the lead singer of ‘The Jayhawks’.

David says he the lead singer wants to guest on the podcast and Adam shares his funny conversation after the show where he asked Adam about ear protection for Sonny and Adam jokes about them not rocking that hard to worry about it.


Adam is now asking David about his recent charitable event with Sean Penn and he shares his experience getting blocked by secret service while trying to get his Fitbit steps in.

David is now sharing some of the items being auctioned off, David is getting meta and commenting on his name dropping and explains how his charitable event organization after 9/11 helped him.

Adam and BB briefly reference ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan’ the charity event done for BB’s medical bills/life quality. ACS #227 Laughs for Bald Bryan (feat. Joel McHale, Bad Religion, Larry Miller, Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Fitzsimmons & Dana Gould)


Adam does a live read


2nd Caller Justin, he had to deal with the DMV and building department today and wants Adam to help him vent, Adam explains that the building department requires “you to show up and dance bitch, you need to prove it” and he explains the plan approval process and experience with the inspector rejecting the very plans approved by their office.

Adam explains how Carson Daly had to have his pool “double hulled” and cost over 200k, he references the 2008 “Nothing” rant from the Adam Carolla Show with guest/contributor Joel McHale.

Adam is explaining the city in a nutshell, he shares the vent-less dishwasher, and he goes in depth on the company and the experience with the inspector.


Gina has a solid point about the expert inspector knowing less than Adam, Adam has a solid Ricky Ricardo one liner and he explains how he had to alter his construction and then undo and redo the work to rig up the washer the way he wanted it.

Adam is now telling fans to “YouTube” his nothing rant.


3rd Caller Travis, he’s calling about his relationship dilemma as he’s teaching himself IOS development, he wants to know about long distance relationships.

Adam says he frowns on it, unless one person lives in Honolulu as his situation entails.

Travis is asking to bust out some standup bits, Adam is playing the MC and brings Travis to the “stage” and he’s now going over his premise but struggling with confidence and phrasing, doing better than the 1st caller.

Adam is now going on a nacho run, hilarious interruption and Dawson is back on mic riffing with him, good stuff.


Adam tells Travis the bones of the idea is there, he needs to work it out, he praises the use of “strange man inside me” and Adam teases the arrival of John Hodgman, making his ACS debut.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read.


4th Caller Nick, he compliments BB and his work doing role playing as women characters and he wants to know Adam’s take on Jon Jones getting busted for cocaine metabolites. Adam is now giving his take on the bar being set too high for “role model” status when it comes to guys who tote the rock or fight in a cage for a living.

Adam is using the captains of industry who do tons of coke and saying we shouldn’t be surprised that guys who spend their time fighting in a cage might be doing some stuff you don’t approve of in their free time, the limited free time they have between training camps that is.


The News – With Gina Grad

Adam gets an update on Jon’s rehab stint and is trying to explain the one loss Jon has in his professional fighting career, due to the use of the 12/6 Elbow strike, it’s a ridiculous rule.


1st Story is on some new “research” about porn viewing and narcissism, she’s reading the claims and Adam is riffing about aging people making up for lost time with newfound internet access.

Adam has some killer descriptions of this hypothetical guy’s “salad jack off days.”

Adam is sharing his computer porn/shutdown timer, Adam is now mocking Dawson’s answer and jokes about trying to sell him Real Estate, hilarious.

Adam has a funny day laborer riff.


2nd Story is on some regional McDonald’s signs in tribute to various tragedies and causes, BB has some info from his wife and Gina has a quote from an executive in charge of marketing.

Adam is now bringing up the NFL commercials and comparing it to this, he’s telling the NFL to just be the NFL and says he will assume that everyone is pro veteran and anti-rape, he doesn’t need narcissistic declarations.

They’re now playing a clip of the campaign, Adam is telling Chick-fil-a to shut the fuck up and David Wild brings up his struggle with the company’s politics and delicious buffalo sauce.


Adam and BB are now talking about the companies throughout history and if people were as aware of the horrible opinions and politics of CEO’s of the past.

Adam brings up Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh and their anti-Semitism that didn’t stop them from making the machines that crushed Germany and eventually liberated the Jews.

Adam has a complex point about words and ideas vs. actions and what is ok to settle for.


3rd Story is on the debut of the new Stephen Colbert Late show on CBS.

Adam is joking about the ladies who run comedy at CBS, John is still not in the studio and Adam says he would have figured he would be on time as he is using a car service, David explains traffic is horrendous.

Adam is talking about doing a show in the U.K. and scheduling it around the Goodwood revival festival, making his return after over 10 years, wow!

This idea has been suggested a few times over the last 5-6 years, interesting that he is finally interested in doing it, should be very cool!


Adam explains the festival to David, he says it’s the place to see 10-40 million dollar cars slamming into each other, he says that everyone dresses in period garb.

Adam says that one of the best gifts his wife ever thought to ever have him pay for himself, he explains how he saw the festival on T.V and his mind was blown, he was so impressed and she bought him tickets and airfare.

He can’t recall if he was married, he was for the 2004 trip, so yes.


4th Story is on working fathers who spend more time with their children being happier, Adam says that when he is gone for some time, his daughter gets frosty towards him.

Adam says his son is just his son, his daughter gets cold and a little weird and he says that Christmas time when he was around 24/7 she was a different person.

Adam is explaining how one of his nephews was a prick to him for a couple years, he says that he is not going to force it and you have to give kids their space.

Adam says that now that mommy is out of town his daughter is back to Christmas mode and enjoying their time together.


David is now sharing a touching point about appreciating his late father, Adam is now mock struggling to understand his point and jokes about sharing the word from David to his father with his daughter.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and Adam welcomes John to the show for his ACS debut.

Adam says that the event he was told to plug is sold out, he references past two time guest Jesse Thorn who acts as bailiff on his podcast.

Adam is ranting about long shoelaces and how he cuts and cauterizes them, he asks what’s filthier than shoe laces, John totally agrees.


Adam is telling John about his son who can’t yet tie his own shoes, they need to teach him the two bows cheating method that I still use.

Adam explains that Sonny told him he couldn’t tie the shoes because Adam cut the laces too short, then bailed on the argument when Adam asked for further explanation.

John says that “big lace is infantilizing him” and he doesn’t remember his shoes untying with such frequency before he hit his 40s.


Adam is further going full into this shoelace discussion with John, he tells them about a show and now Adam is digging into John Hodgman and his career arch.

He explains how ‘The Daily Show’ led to his current success, he tells him where he’s from and Adam further probes him about his journey.

John is describing his father’s vague businessman career, he tells them about his only child upbringing and loathsome affectations he deliberately adopted to somehow create an identity.


Adam asks John about his parents feeling about him entering into the arts, he has a funny explanation of them birthing this weirdo.

Adam is asking him about his level of rebelling, John asks Adam about his childhood and Adam breaks down his family dynamic rather quickly.

“Your weird older roommates” – John on his life as an only child, he says he was so afraid of his sexual adolescence he tried to skip it by becoming a 35yr old man at age 15.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read with BB.


Adam asks John about his time in college, he tells them about his rebellion while at Yale, he studied literary theory and jokes about that as a major, learning how to write a hypothetical book.

Adam asks him about performing humor, he gives his take as an internet humorist and Adam shares his theory on spoken word performers being comedians who don’t want to worry about a blown joke.

Adam likes John’s sociopath comment and Adam is now bringing up the person who hands out the globe keychain at the airport, to contribute to their cause, usually deaf people.


Adam shares his idea about guys like Snoop Dogg getting a pass to smoke weed in places that smoking isn’t allowed, to be on brand as John puts it.


Adam is now doing a live read for Radioactive media.

Adam jokes about “theoretical ROI (ROY)” with BB and John, pretty good.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up with John, solid guest, I hope he comes back soon!