Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2014 – Schmoes Know and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2014 – Schmoes Know and Jo Koy

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Guest Schmoes Know and Jo Koy

Recorded 01-13-2014 – Release Date 01-14-2014

Production Number #1238

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Adam is opening the show with Jo Koy in studio making his 13th appearance on the show and first of 2014, Dawson is out sick and they have a pre-recorded intro from the man.

BB has a nice #TopDrop and Adam is asking about Dawson’s missing spleen as discussed on the sublime ARIYNBF #243 with Guest Mike Dawson, she should do one of these with every staffer btw.

Adam is now riffing about his idea for a disabled son, BB effortlessly steps into the improv, keep that up BB you have inherited the spot of T and Dameshek before her with that ability, possibly now outshining them both.


Adam is mocking the idea of a boss demanding to know the specifics of what your special needs child is going through, Adam is now suggesting his new move is actually removing one of his kid’s spleens.

Adam is sharing his take as the boss to a man sans spleen and how he’s let with a shitty option of being a dick to a guy with a legitimate condition.

Alison has a funny joke and BB is now riffing with Adam about the topic.


BB is offering up his take on non-essential organ removal for weight cutting in MMA and boxing, Alison has a nice Cher reference and Adam is mocking the idea and wrapping it up.

Adam is sharing his intention for Jo to try out on a new song as his character Bung Lao Su, Adam is giving out the plugs and transitioning to this recording being off by a day with the Golden Globes news.

Adam is now going to “mensch-drop” a nice guy in Hollywood, he’s sharing an anecdote about Bryan Cranston and his win for best actor.


Adam is discussing email and how chains can become endless, Alison wants to know about replying to thank you emails with a thank you, and Adam has a funny hypothetical party example for A-Rose, gold!

Adam is sharing an update on the spleen from the control room, nice work Gary or Chris.

BB simplifies it and Adam is joking about Bryan’s idea, Adam is now back to the Cinefamily event from Friday and sharing how he instructed Matt Fondiler to invite any of the big timers he knows, nice insult from ace towards the cast.


Adam is sharing the email reply from Bryan as to why he couldn’t attend the screening, Adam is sharing some of their email chain without giving out any personal info, nice work.

Adam is now quoting his email reply to Bryan that he thought was the end of the exchange, Alison is giving her input and now Adam is sharing the follow up reply from Bryan addressing Adam’s screening.

Adam has a hilarious “is he gay” joke and Alison is saying that she is that good with her replies, I’d agree with that.


Jo has a killer response to Adam rooting for “Breaking Bad” and Alison has a nice hypothetical that BB actually has an anecdote regarding Bryan and his one story painting him as an asshole.

Adam is now bringing up the guy who came to the KLSX studio to interview him for a “say hello to Les Moonves” video according to BB, Adam is now stopping himself to interrupt with an example of a strange drunken encounter with a former North Hollywood alumni.

Adam is now joking about not knowing people who graduated before and after he did, hilarious “trolling” one liner.


Adam is sharing how he ran into “Danny Cheevers” again while heading for the bathroom behind the kitchen, Adam is sharing another lap of his conversation with the unfortunate Danny.

Adam is explaining the “bridge builder” status of booze and how builds beautiful liquid bridges between shitty ideas islands, like Hawaii.

Adam is confirming the video they were filming and now describing it to the gang, BB is joining him.


Adam is lamenting the lack of cue cards and he’s describing the lame bit the guy had worked out with Adam and Dave Dameshek tasked with recording it.

Adam is sharing the “Peach Snapple” twist to this story, the same gentleman who was tasked with filming this Les Moonves piece was the PA on set for 1997’s MTV Spring Break, where Mike Myers guested promoting “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”.

Adam is hitting the detail of how insistent Mike and the studio rep were on Adam saying the full title, Adam is getting to the details of the Peach Snapple incident.


Alison is wisely backing up Adam’s use of “Peach Snapple” and how it was synonymous for the Peach Tea in that era of the brand and probably still is.

Jo is still trying to understand how this PA fucked up, Adam is now lamenting peoples refusal to pull the trigger on items that cost under 1$, if you don’t know just get ‘em both.

Adam is sharing a cufflinks anecdote and Jo agrees with Adam’s logic.


Jo has a hilarious “fuck your bacon” riff and Adam is wrapping up his story.

Adam is now playing Amy Adams speech from the Golden Globes, he found it “Precious” and he’s saying how he hates seeing actors jack themselves off in the public eye.

Adam is bringing up the praise for Ozzie in “The Hammer” and how he was coached into giving a decent performance.


They’re now playing the speech from Amy, Adam says he has nothing against her but thinks she’s getting a little up her own ass with this speech.

Adam is now responding to the speech and mocking the idea of kids shitting on themselves and teaching you about life at the same time.

Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is now sharing how he’s constantly trying to think up songs for Bung to try out for, Jo is sharing how this now gets shouted at him while he’s performing.

Adam is giving a plug for the upcoming Chicago live shows, and transitioning to plugs for other shows as Chicago will sell out the 2nd show too.

Adam is sharing how he was tweeted a song by “The Intruders” and they’re now previewing it before Jo tries out as his character Bung.


Adam is joking about writing one of these songs for his mom, Alison and BB have a couple great one liners and they’re letting the song play out a little more.

Adam is now having some fun with Bung about his name and the pronunciation, they’re doing a few laps and Jo is doing the language mix-up thing.

Adam and Jo are having a hilarious back and forth about “Intruders” and Adam is telling Jo how America still outweighs all the citizens of China, just “nip” ya –Adam.


Adam is now having a great back and forth over the term “nip” with Bung, great “Hometown Buffet” and “Mashed Potato” riffing with Adam and Bung.

Now they’re onto Creatine/gravy misunderstanding, they’re now onto the topic of Bung’s momma and he’s trying to talk about her, Bung is getting angry at Adam for misunderstanding.

Adam is now setting up Bung’s music audition, telling him to vamp about his mom.


Adam is stopping the track and trying to get Bung to use more affection, he keeps referencing the “Su’ettes” and Alison’s reactions are priceless.

Adam is asking Bung why he keeps directing it back to his mother’s hands and they have a nice riff over some more confusing pronunciations from Bung.

They’re riffing over the word tribute and Bung is taking it in a very dark direction, Bung is pledging to murder his mother in Adam’s honor.


Adam is launching into a live read and BB makes it funny with a nice connection to the bit and Adam has a funny appliances talking to each other riff that’s reminiscent of “The Brave Little Toaster”.

Adam is now setting up a classic “Family Guy” clip from when the show returned in 2004, you can view the clip via the show page link above.

Adam is explaining that he was discussing Vince Vaughn’s upcoming animated show and how that lead to a conversation about the “Mr. Birchum” pilot.


Adam has a great “Napoleon Dynamite” vs. “Super Mario Brothers the Movie” hypothetical, Adam explains that Kevin Hench hipped him to this clip.

They’re now playing the clip.

Adam is giving out the plugs and BB is interrupting to bring up a possible bet between Bryan and Jo regarding the upcoming NFC championship game, Adam is now launching into another live read inspired by BB.


They’re now discussing a recent field goal controversy, Jo is asking why he now notices it all the time since Adam brought it up, he’s got another observation on the camera poles being longer than the field goals.

Adam is now getting to the giant TV screens and elite construction in these NFL stadiums and how much of these outdated goal posts stand out in comparison.

Adam is citing a recent article about this very subject and asking what’s up, he’s got a funny comment about his parents being team owners and is now predicting that it’s become so ubiquitous it now must happen during the Super Bowl.


Adam is setting up the clip of the recent Denver game that has this controversy he’s been bringing up for what seems like a decade.

Adam is bringing up how little materials and effort this fix would require, Alison thinks she could accomplish it and Adam agrees, I do too!

Adam has a great “nobody says a fucking word!” exasperated quiet yell, Adam is joking about his status as an alien time traveler sent back to be annoyed by idiocy.

Alison has a great laser beam callback, Adam is now ranting about all the dumb future ideas people propose in response to his complaints about this oversight.


The Schmoes are returning to the ACS for their 11th appearance, Kristian wants to know Adam’s take on Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as the “Golden Globe” hosts.

Adam is sharing how he views the self-awareness of Tina and Amy, Mark is giving his take and seems to agree with Kristian about his preference for Tina and Amy over Ricky Gervais.

Mark has a weird “all time cougar” comment about the drunk Emma Thompson from the Golden Globes, Adam has a funny vomit trophy for sale on eBay comment.


Mark thinks everyone was acting and pretending to be drunk during the awards show, Kristian is giving his take on the winner who were not expecting to win.

Adam is bringing up how he was told that Matthew McConaughey was doing an impression of himself while accepting his award.

Adam is asking the guys about the current movie crop and Kristian says January is the toilet bowl of cinema, Mark seems to agree.


Adam is giving the Schmoes some love for their two achievements in the world of movie criticism, Kristian is thanking Adam for helping them grow from 4k to 75k subscribers, nice.

Could’ve been The Film Vault …

Adam is giving his take on “Rush” vs. “American Hustle” and he’s giving some praise for the guy who played Niki Lauda.


Kristian is giving his take on “American Hustle” as a fan of David O. Russel, Mark is giving his take on the two biggest contenders for “Best Picture” and Mark has to let everyone know he can’t predict who will win.

Adam is giving his take on “Gravity” and Mark is trying to crack jokes, Adam is bringing up the dialogue in “Gravity” and how it was the weakest link of the film.

Kristian is bringing up the “cool to hate” status that “Gravity” has taken along in wake of its success.


Adam has a nice bit of praise for the first “Transformers” movie that BB loves, this is Adam’s classic “Terminator 2” argument, Kristian is now saying they should do a best blockbuster category, missing Adam’s point that best picture is an overall achievement.

Mark interrupts to make a joke about Michael Bay accepting “Best Picture” for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and Adam is now asking the guys about “12 Years a Slave”.

Adam wants to know about the movie and how much of its praise is based on guilt vs. the quality of the filmmaking.


Mark is now trying to best Bryan’s bet with Jo Koy saying that he’ll bet Kristian an entire “battalion” of Mangria.


Alison’s News

Mark laughs at the use of Cunt in the theme, a true sign of a daily listener?


Alison’s top story is on the rating for the “Golden Globes” and Kristian wants to credit it to the quality of films this year.

Adam is sharing his theory on rebellion and reactions to trends, he’s using the changes in culture from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and how the trend then loop around to make a point about the Award Shows now being popular again.


Adam is bringing up some movies that disprove his point, he’s joking and they actually prove his point.

Alison is bringing up “Duck Dynasty” as a good show while watching from a hotel room, the guys agree and Adam is now bringing up the Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir argument about no ratings=getting fired, he then predicted the “Duck Dynasty” controversy before it happened.

Alison is complimenting Adam’s sage like wisdom, Mark is rolling right past Adam’s clairvoyance, and Adam is now giving his take on the popularity of “Duck Dynasty” and the lack of a moral compass in Hollywood.


Adam is now going off on posing in Hollywood and praising the “Duck Dynasty” guys for sticking together, Mark has a funny point about Dog the bounty hunter and his racist language.

Alison is summing up Adam’s point and seemingly agreeing with him, Adam is now asking for all the examples of the guys who were fired and those whose hands were slapped and their respective ratings.

Mark is bringing up the Imus controversy from about a decade ago.


Kristian is giving his take on Mel Gibson and the reaction to his recorded outburst, Adam is clearing up his point for Kristian.

Mark is bringing up the Michael Richards controversy and is asking what would happen if that event took place during the 3rd season of “Seinfeld” and Adam has a killer “rerun” joke about rehab for racist actions against black people.

Everyone is skipping over the famous KLSX phone call with the Gloria Allred about the Michael Richards incident in 2006.


BB is bringing up Riley Cooper and Adam is giving his take on what the man did and what it would mean for him if he was a baseball player.

Adam has a hilarious superstitious theory on what Riley would do to maintain his streak, Adam is mocking Mark’s use of gay slang and BB along with Alison have hilarious reactions.

Mark is asking BB about his fantasy drafting of Riley.


2nd Story is the list of winners at the Golden Globes, Alison is reading them off.

Adam is sharing how he’s down with “Behind the Candelabra” and as a listener I can tell you he’s been riffing about that story and how weird it was for over a decade.

Adam is sharing his reaction when he first heard about “Behind the Candelabra” and Mark is his giving his take.


BB has a nice callback mocking Mark’s gay slang (baseball terminology), Adam is sharing his in depth take on the acting of both men along with the supporting cast.

Alison is reading off the rest of the winners.

Adam is giving his take on Jon Voight, Adam says he spoke with the man for over an hour on the phone, Adam is explaining that Jon is a friend of Dennis Prager and set up the phone call.


Adam is giving his take on Jon, he’s sharing how he always feels bad about Jon and his relationship to Angelina Jolie, Adam is stopping short of bringing up the obvious “Loveline” history going on between the two, and it seems like the only explanation.

Adam is saying “don’t fuck with your daughter” and the Schmoes are offering up their take defending Jon and blaming her, Adam is offering up his take on Madonna and her success’s connection to her mother’s death.

BB has a nice factoid and funny comment mocking his own knowledge, the Schmoes are still trying to joke and Adam is taking it back to Jon and his politics which he doesn’t think helps the scenario.


Alison wants to know if the word on the street is that Brad Pitt is dumb, hilarious Jennifer Aniston one liner, Adam is sharing his theory and BB seems to agree.

Adam is giving his take on guys like Alec Baldwin and Robert Downey Jr. and their visits to Loveline which left him very impressed upon their first meetings, he’s contrasting their personalities to Brad Pitt’s.

Adam has a great point about SNL and the Schmoes are defending Brad.

“Brad Pitt does not throw down” – Adam sharing his theory on tough guys who are willing to fight and actors who have something to say who are eager to demonstrate it in public.

Adam is now asking what Jon must have done besides being absentee, Kristian is making a wise point about their work together on the “Tomb Raider” movie.

Adam is now riffing out a scenario where Jon learns about the vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood she kept around her neck, Adam has a killer 3rd callback to the earlier gay slang joke.


Kristian is now saying he thinks it was an insensitive comment about “Maddox” her first adopted child.

Alison is sharing how Jon learned about Angelina’s double mastectomy via an online article, she’s also citing how she changed her last name to snub him.

Adam is giving the take on Jon’s dalliances with other women and how that effects a child, especially a daughter in some circumstances.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now launching into a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.