Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2013 – Jim Jefferies

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/14/2013 – Jim Jefferies

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-13-2013 – Release Date 01-14-2013

Adam is opening the show by sharing his love of Jim Jefferies with Bald Bryan as he teases his appearance later in the show. Adam is now telling the gang about his experiences at the “Rich White Guy Race”.

Adam is now explaining the types of off the charts rich guys you meet at these events; he’s now giving some hilarious quotes while Bryan lays in some fantastic drop work.

Adam is citing some of the incredibly rare cars that were being driven during the races, he’s now telling the guys about how he has experienced racing supped up factory cars but this is very different.

Adam is now having the guy’s play some clips from the race, Jeff actually mounted a camera specifically to capture footage of flames shooting out of the exhaust, awesome!

Adam is doing live commentary on the footage; I love it when he does this.


Adam is now telling the gang about having Chris Laxamana and Jeff Fox with him on the road for the upcoming Carcast dedicated to the race. He’s now sharing an anecdote about one of the other guys with them snoring. They just referenced the classic Chris story involving the bus.

Jeff was forced to sleep in the closet in the bathroom and recorded a clip of the snoring, they’re playing it and now Jeff is on mic giving his side of the story, awesome!

Adam is explaining the bizarre feeling of leaving your high end gear and electronics spread out without fear of losing it at these race tracks, Alison is chiming in and they have a hilarious back and forth about the only type of crime that could happen, gold!

Adam is now further going off on society and how we could live in a place where we don’t assume anything we leave out will be stolen, Adam is now going off on duct tape repairs and taking it back to his radio days and the crappy headphones/cans.

Chris is now on mic confirming Adam’s story, interesting points and Adam is now wrapping up the car stuff and having Chris explain how even though he’s not a car guy but more of a “free food guy” and has a hilarious anecdote about his reaction to the Mercedes Adam was talking about earlier in the show.

Adam is now on an interesting run about how each car in the paddocks represented the most you could do in each decade, with his being the example for the 1980’s. Alison is asking good questions and Adam is giving very interesting explanations.


Adam is now thanking god/the great magnet for his radar detector, despite it going off over a 100 times on the 101, not a single ticket. Adam is now telling everyone to get one, it’s the price of one ticket and nobody has one except for him and the other genius Gary Patrick Smith.

Adam now has Chris back on mic to confirm all the CHP sightings, Adam is now going off on them for being out in force to collect revenue instead of “looking for targets of opportunity” while out stopping crime, Adam just gave his classic WWII analogy.

Adam is now doing a hilarious live read, he’s telling the gang about Sonny adding a new word to his vocabulary; do not miss this live read!


Adam is now updating the gang on his correspondence with Chrisoph Waltz, Adam is telling the gang about his reactions to the academy award nominations.

Adam has the email he got from Christoph and thinks it will be fun to share it, Adam thinks he should bet on Christoph to win the Academy Award.

Adam is going in depth on the odds, he’s telling the gang about running into Cousin Sal and they’re all riffing about the parlay from the patriots.

Adam is now sharing a theory from Nick Santora about the odds and why they might be accurate, Adam and Bryan are now talking about Adam giving Christoph the kiss of death by betting on him, hilarious!


They’re back from break and Adam has Matt Fondiler get on mic to help confirm what a good guy and a dick he can be simultaneously. Adam is now explaining some backstory about his fireproof mint scented long johns, Alison is jumping and it’s great.

Adam is now further explaining the story of the missing long johns, Adam is now explaining a bizarre twist where he yelled at poor matt and how he found the long johns in the trunk and immediately blamed himself, hilarious!

Matt is now confirming the very sincere apology, this is great! Adam just dropped an amazing quote about Matt’s bathroom, gold!

The gaslight that was pulled on Adam is now revealed, very funny reactions from Alison and now Matt is on mic giving more backstory.

Alison wants to know if Adam has ever actually been the one to have messed up when he has the “I’m losing it” moments he described earlier in the story. Adam is now confirming he has but focusing on why he has these reactions and why he resents that aspect of these situations.


Adam is now reading Christoph’s email reply about guesting on the show, awesome!

Alison’s News

Her top story is an update on the Golden Globes winners, she just told Adam about Christoph’s win and now she’s giving some more information.

Bryan is congratulating Adam on locking in his odds early, Alison is reading some more winners and BB and Adam are giving some limited reactions, Adam is now telling the gang about the screeners not playing correctly.

Adam just shared the news that the first episode of “The Dr. Drew” Podcast is now available and will be 3 times per week from here to eternity. Adam is giving a plug for Alison’s amazing podcast “Alison Rosen is You New Best Friend”.


2nd story is about a stripper in Cleveland who fell off a balcony during a lap dance. Adam’s reaction is insanely hilarious and now Bald Bryan is laying in a great Richard Banks music bed and Adam is rolling with it and is now in character as someone speaking at her funeral.

Alison is reading a profound and heartbreaking comment from her family and now Adam is initiating a hilarious improv reenactment with Alison, she’s right on par with Adam and its gold!

Bryan is in the mix, this whole news story is Ace Awards 2013 material, nice job everyone!


3rd story is an update on the Golden Globe winners; Adam is now explaining how he likes Anne Hathaway but already assumes she doesn’t like him. Alison interviewed her and is giving her take.

Alison is asking Adam how much his bet is impacting his life, he’s now clarifying how much he actually bet and giving a racing fuel analogy, Adam and Alison are riffing about the universe’s opinion of Adam.

Alison was starting to intro another story before asking Adam about the bet, she’s such a pro that they’ve now moved on and are wrapping the news to get Jim in studio.


Jim Jefferies is now in studio and Adam is telling the gang about the last time he hung out with Jim was at a benefit they were roped into by Larry Miller.

Adam and Jim are going off on an older couple from the audience at the benefit. Jim is now telling the gang about a different charity auction he was recently a part of.

Adam and Jim are bonding over some Mark “Jacko” Jackson nostalgia and now Jim is telling the gang about Miley Cyrus and her fiancé having a bidding war over some Heath Ledger item.

Jim is now telling the gang about a speech he heard from Miley’s fiancé, Adam is now going off on young people who always explain how long and hard they’ve been working for something.


Adam is now giving an example about a recent confrontation he had with a woman, he’s got a very funny riff about how we’ve all turned into sponges and it’s up to us to “squeeze back”, very funny!

Adam is now lapping back to the old woman and further explaining why trying to change her mind is not worth even a few minutes of his time and would be futile anyway.

Adam is now telling the gang about an old woman he encountered at his grandfather’s wake, the “25min defecation” accusation story. Hilarious replies from Jim.

Adam just gave her name and is now doubling back again to go off on her, hilarious vitriol. Jim is now telling Adam about a TV show called “best funeral ever” Adam just guessed the theme of the show and has already declared he’s in.

Jim is going in depth on this show and now he’s telling the gang about his mother’ wishes for her own funeral. Adam and Jim are now discussing surfer’s funerals, Jim has a personal story he’s sharing.

Adam’s reply to Jim’s story is mind blowing, Adam is now sharing the premise of an old bit from a buddy of his and that the quote actually comes from the bit.

Adam is now telling the gang how that ties into an old Crank Yankers call he did too.

Jim is now chiming in with his thoughts on American television ads about preparing for your own death/funeral. Adam is now giving his idea for dead bodies to be used in stunt work in movies, Adam has a funny quip that Jim misunderstands and Adam then tops it with a joke about Australia.

Jim is now going off with a story about sperm donation, Adam is now chiming and they’re riffing about the jizz they would prefer to consume, whoa!


Alison’s News Round Two

4th story is about a giant snake that was wrapped around the wing of a Qantas jet, Jim is asking questions and Adam has a hilarious joke. Alison is reading more details and Jim is sharing a story about the time his cat brought him a poisonous snake.

Adam and Jim are now riffing on spider and snake names, they close it with a very funny twist about car names and now Adam is queuing up the Crank Yankers call mentioned earlier.

Adam is doing a live read and now wrapping the show, he just announced Bill Simmons will be making his triumphant return to the podcast on tomorrow’s episode, Awesome!