Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2017 – Omar Epps

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2017 – Omar Epps

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Omar Epps

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-13-2017

Production Number #1986

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Adam opens the show with Omar Epps in studio and to a solid ‘Tonight after Love Boat’ #TopDrop and BB once again plays Adam’s lamentation about not being able to nuzzle a bosom as a child. Omar is making his ACS debut, he’s never guested on Loveline nor the radio variant of the ACS nor even MTV Loveline surprisingly.

Omar loves it and they talk about his legendary career, Adam and BB both love ‘The Program’ and Adam talks about Omar playing a variation of ‘James “Lights Out” Tony’ and he talks about slick punchers who end up gaining weight as they don’t have to move much to dodge punches.

Gina brings up Omar’s work on ‘House’ and Adam brings up Cousin Sal, he also hails from NYC and is a huge Dallas Cowboy’s fan much like Omar, Omar explains his favorite player was Tony Dorsett and the guys remark on the change in the pronunciation of his last name after he got into the NFL, BB has a killer reply to Omar’s use of “enigma” that goes unnoticed.


Adam asks Omar about how he got into acting and Omar explains he was into writing first which leads to Adam asking him about being in Las Vegas the night Tupac Shakur was shot before his death later that week, he was supposed to hang out with Pac the night he was assassinated.

Omar reveals that friend of the show Marlon Wayans is his best friend and they were also in Vegas to see the fight, Omar famously met Tupac when they worked on the film ‘Juice’ and Adam brings up Mike August’s theory that Suge ordered the hit. Adam has a funny “you’re friend who does coke” one liner and he jokes about what one would assume if they heard David Wild was shot, hilarious bit that I hope David hears!

Adam is now joking about murdering his wife and Omar has a killer reply, Adam says a light aircraft crashing into his bedroom would be his preferred method for killing her and covering up his role in the death but much like Suge driving the car he would risk his own possible and likely death, so the theory doesn’t hold much weight.


Omar doesn’t have much the way of conspiracy theories but he does have some really incredible memories of young Tupac and he shares a story of the day Tupac was inspired to write ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’ he was there to witness the genesis of that song, wow that was a great story.

Adam plugs Omar’s new series ‘Shooter’ and briefs him on the Rotten Tomatoes Game, BB once again brings up ‘The Program’ and then struggles to find the abridged intro theme which Omar says sounds very ‘Magnum P.I.’ and Omar insists that Rich Banks must’ve had the time of his life singing that theme, he might be tongue in cheek’ing it but he loved recording it.

Adam says that’s akin to Ben Stiller always playing a male model or fitness guy, any excuse to spend 6 months getting ripped and ready to take his shirt off, BB brings up ‘Tropic Thunder’ and Ben’s inanely impressive physique from that film in agreement with Adam about Ben’s possibly underlying motivations for some of his roles and career choices.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Cast of Shooter Themed Edition

1st Movie ‘Natural Born Killers’ (1994)

Adam compliments the scene with Rodney Dangerfield and asks about its release date relative to ‘Pulp Fiction’ and clarification on if Quentin Disavowed this movie or if that was something else, was that ‘Four Rooms’ he’s thinking of?

Adam wonders if this not a great movie but instead just a series of solid vignettes, Adam asks if this is a movie where the critics loved it or hated it and Omar asks about the timeline for review submission.

Omar is writing down his percentage, he’s ready and he says 92% and Adam cleanses that then jokes about a judge trying to strike something from the record and convince jurors to forget information.

They all guess and Omar reacts to the conundrum of reality that is the audience reviews and score vs. that of the critics, it doesn’t line up and that’s often the case.


2nd Movie ‘Juice’ (1992)

Adam shouts 110% to be kind to Omar, funny and they ask him about the production of this film and its proximity to other films of the genre that were released within a year of each other.

Adam reacts to the super high score, the people have it at 90% and the critics at 835 and Omar jokes about what this would have turned into had he guessed high and then it was low, he says he would have looked like a douchebag then, now he just is going to eat the extra points sadly.


3rd Movie ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ (1997)

Adam comments on Ryan Phillipe and what a great genuine/good guy he is and Omar confirms it and says they have been having a lot of fun on the show together.

Adam says there is also nothing better than a 17 ½ year old Jennifer Love Hewitt, Adam says she was on MTV Loveline but we have no record of it, thought I do vaguely recall her on the show and her telling Adam to call her ‘Love’ as he describes.

BB and Omar’s reactions to Adam saying 17.5 and not going 6 months older are insanely hilarious!


Adam says it will take him 6 months to get it done and Gina jokes about their courtship, Omar says everything about that statement from Adam about meeting Jennifer was creepy.

They all make their guesses and Adam jokes about BB getting a whole season worth of points in a single game, Adam explains the exact guess rule and 5-point deduction to Omar and he explains how odd this game is score wise.


4th Movie ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001)

Adam asks Omar about working Tom Sizemore and says “he’s all over the road” which leads to a very loud laugh from Gary off mic in the soundproof’ish booth.

Adam comments on the “incident” that took place when he guested on the show in 2014, that was ACS #1411.

Omar has kind words and BB says this is his #1 favorite war movie of all time and they sing the praises of the picture.


Adam is now talking about the political subject matter deduction that is likely to hinder this movie’s total percentage and score with the critics.

Adam and the gang make their guesses, Dawson shocks them with the 76% score and BB agrees with Adam, Gina reads the first half of the critic’s consensus and Adam ask the critics to leave their politics at home.

Adam says he might be the least loser of this group, there will be no winners.


5th Movie ‘The Program’ (1993)

Adam and BB both love this movie and BB suggests bringing back ‘Basic Cable Classics’ but a Basic Cable Commentary would be vastly superior, even with BB as the 2nd chair.

Adam is saying he thinks the critics were probably harsh on this movie and Omar jokes about Adam trying to gaslight him into going with a low guess.

Adam further waxes poetic on the film and Omar compliments James Caan’s performance in the movie, they all make their guesses and Dawson has the game results.


Adam took the win with 96 points, Omar has the all-time worst score with 139 points, which Dawson says he lost to Gina by 3, but she was 135, hmmm?


Smart Mouth – getting’ high, bad breath the deal breaker edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nina, she’s very busty and was just aggressively searched by a TSA agent who thought she was hiding something in her bra, it was a zipper and Adam asks about the fashion choice.

Adam jokes about her asking for logic at the airport, Adam is now bringing up the 3/3/3 rule and how absurd it is when you half of a 4 Oz bottle that’s less than half full.

Adam tells Omar about having a black man’s beard and needing to buy ‘Tend Skin’ and Adam talks about seeing Ben Affleck being patted down on TMZ, it was heavily ass focused.


Nina is heading back to Seattle, she is a radio operator and tells Adam about her role before offering to send Adam a Challenge coin, Adam is commenting on the cost of these coins and how much we must be spending on these annually.


2nd Caller Robert, he tells them about a neighbor who gets picked up by a carpool and the driver honks the horn and wakes everyone up, every day.

Adam is now arguing about on and off hours and adjusting one’s schedule for the “set life schedule” and he brings up the rules about building in Beverly Hills.

Adam says it’s on the person to have their driver not honk the horn, especially in the age of cellphones and Adam says there is nothing worse than the person who honks goodbye and he jokes about having your car say bye, going to get his car to say bye to their car.


Omar has a funny point and horn sound impression, he’s a great guest!
Adam is mocking people who honk goodbye and Omar tells him about growing up with guys who shouted out of car windows.

Adam asks Omar about going to high school with Marlon Wayans at the ‘School for The Performing Arts’ and Adam tells them about the movie ‘Fame’ being a guilty pleasure of his.

He says he first saw it with Beth Ringwald in Westwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger was heading out of the theater as they entered, Adam talks about his ripped biceps filling the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing while smoking a cigar.

Adam says wearing a big sleeved shirt and filling that out, that’s the ultimate “don’t mess with that dude” show off attire.


3rd Caller Bryce, he brings up Adam’s New Year’s Resolution and shares his with Omar after asking him if he had any for 2017.

Adam explains why he is demanding more for his deodorant and Gina says that the ammonium alum in the deodorant Adam has was flagged by Vinnie Tortorich who says it’s dangerous.

Bryce wants to know about shooting some shorts, Adam confuses wrote with row and Adam jokes about handling this topic with Omar in studio.


Adam is asking him to ask both of them about writing as Omar writes too, probably more.

Adam says his nephew called and asked him about getting a job or gig doing something creative alongside his crew, the nephew was almost rudderless much like Adam was when he was 18.

Adam says it’s the most depressing answer when you say “I Don’t Know” when someone asks you what you want to do.


Omar agrees and makes a point about the changes in the job market, he has a great point about coding and Adam brings up the buffet of jobs that’s also offered and there are almost too many choices.

Doing what you wanted to do used to be a luxury and now we have done this mind game on kids and convinced them they have endless choices, Adam makes a point about an easier life and Gina shares a Charles Bukowski quote she loves.


Bet DSIBB explains the Beat Bald Bryan Contest edition


Adam brings up the Dallas Cowboys and he says he would be worried about Green Bay, Omar feels like the Cowboys are going to beat them again.

Adam talks about records and how nothing stands anymore when it comes to the modern era, BB and Omar are going in depth and Adam jokes about “the rapist” while doing an improv scene with BB where they disrupt a team’s mojo by bringing up controversial events at press conferences, hilarious “he’s a Jew” line and BB is really holding up his end of this improv scene.

“The terrible towel, that’s to wipe a dude’s ass” – Adam before claiming to fuck Lily Tomlin and Omar compliments the terrible towel reference before they get to the news.


Gina’s News

“he stepped on a spatula and rolled his ankle while cooking for his boyfriend” – Adam removing valor

They do 3 more laps on the hilarious press conference accusation bit, gold!


1st Story Is on the Donald Trump press conference, Gina has some clips and plays Fox News coming to the defense of CNN and BB says he thinks Shepard Smith is gay, Gary reveals he came out last year.

Adam is trying to recall the southern dandy who works in NASCAR and is mistaken for gay, Michael Waltrip seems to be the guy he’s thinking of.


2nd Story is on ‘The B Street Band’ performing at the Trump Inauguration and Adam jokes about Jimmy Kimmel’s Neil Diamond impersonator name idea and Adam is amazed he was right that it’s all cover bands, he was kidding and Gina reveals he’s correct.

Gina tells them about the remaining artists and Adam says you have to go classical when you don’t have anything, Adam talks about Loveline guests and how going with no guest was better than a D lister.


3rd Story is on the new ‘Chips’ movie and Adam jokes about the wildly inappropriate flirting that Erik Estrada would engage in on the show.

Gina has them play the trailer and the gang mildly react as not to interrupt it, Adam says it’s always funny how you hear of these things all of a sudden, he knows Dax Shepard and this is the first he’s heard of the movie, someone at Spike mentioned booking him and then an hour later here on the show.

Adam shares a funny series of observations about the TV incarnation of ‘Chips’ and he launches into some sponsored content.


GeicoSave 15% or more 2017 edition


Adam gives out the plugs and the casting notice for real contractors to come build for his show.

Adam plugs Omar’s show ‘Shooter’ and Adam closes the show to a funny drop of Adam saying he may be the least loser of this group during the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

Omar crushed it, I hope he comes back again very soon!