Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2016 – Fred Willard and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2016 – Fred Willard and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Fred Willard and David Wild

Recorded 01-12-2016 – Release Date 01-13-2016

Production Number #1735

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Adam opens the show with David Wild in Studio making his 96th credited appearance, which includes a couple of phoners.

Adam talks about just getting off the phone with August about James Babydoll Dixon and Bill O’Reilly being in attendance for his upcoming standup gig on the east coast.

Adam welcomes BB, Gina and David to the show, BB has a “David Wild You Must Put Your Nuts Away” #TopDrop and Adam immediately gets to a story of traveling to Houston for the Super bowl in 2004, for a remote at a house outside of the city.


Adam explains how the super clean comedian who was driving them was trying out his super clean material on them in the car, James Babydoll Dixon wanted some food.

Adam explains he had them call Doug DeLuca to find out about the food situation, Adam is describing the confirmation bias phone call where Babydoll halfheartedly didn’t listen to Doug.

BB is asking if this was late night, it was 2pm and Adam clarifies again for him in this show.

Adam touches on the horrific BBQ, he dubs it the worst Barbeque in the world, he describes the phone call with Jimmy Kimmel where he was not happy with them being late, and Adam made the mistake of being the one on the other end of the phone.


Adam is now asking for them to bring Fred Willard into the studio, he thought the BBQ was the best he ever had and even loved the white bread served alongside it.

Fred jokes about taking extra time to enter the studio to make it seem like a larger studio, Fred is on mic and doesn’t recall eating all of the food. Fred is making his ACS debut, he never guested on Classic Loveline nor the KLSX morning show either it seems.

He’s now sharing his memories of the event, Adam wants to know about the “mopping” and David asks if Adam is trying to food Shame Fred.


Adam is now bringing up the clean comedian driver who didn’t know where he was going, Adam resets the show and promise to plug Fred’s movie.

Adam is talking about his appreciation for David Bowie, he comments on how Charles Manson and Yoko Ono are both going strong in their 80’s, making note of the cruel nature of the realities of life on earth.

David Wild has a beautiful comment about Bowie and follows it up with some ass kissing for Adam.


BB and Adam are riffing about the mezzanine of heaven, Fred is talking about church groups that die in bus accidents and other mass tragedies of religious and devout people.

Adam asks Fred about his spirituality, David takes it back to Bowie and comments on a story regarding a pig fetus David Bowie gifted to him, he reveals that he told him he found out he was Jewish, funny story.

BB is asking David how he met David Bowie and he comments on how he was there to witness David receive a gift from Tom Petty, dropping names!


Adam is asking David Wild about David Bowie, what kind of person was he really etc.

David is telling them how he knew the man pretty well and cried after learning of his demise, he praises David’s final album he finally was able to hear which touched him, like a message from a lost loved one.

Adam is back to Fred Willard and he talks about doing shows at the ACME theater, he says Fred was in the audience one night and they decided to perform for him, possibly just him.


Adam is telling Fred about building the original ACME Theater and he comments on laughing as the only audience member and not feeling self-conscious.

Adam jokes about his agent James Babydoll Dixon not being the friend who fake laughs for your performance, Fred asks if he hung out after the show, BB has a killer reply, hilarious!

David is praising Fred’s work and Gina comments on it too.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Julie, she’s coming to his live show in New York and BB has a killer use of Dr. Drew’s “You Cunt” drop, she’s saying that it’s rare that food service workers are ever negatively impacting your food or contaminating it to punish you, Adam talks about the food based tip pattern.

Adam says he doesn’t think anyone is doing to the food, it’s an urban myth almost aking to razorblades in the apples on Halloween, Adam thinks people are covering their own asses due to mass paranoia.

Adam is talking about the nuns at the airport with the donation baskets, why is the nun at the airport and not at the supermarket.


Julie has a “but” about food contamination due bad hygiene and unsanitary conditions and now Fred comments on being known as “the big eater” and he tells Adam about wanting to play a serious role.

He tells them about doing a radio show style show where he got to play the main role in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and Fred has a funny mixup with the title of ‘The Bad News Bears’ as he tells them about his latest movie.

Adam quotes Dean Martin on felling pity for those that don’t drink as they never get to feel how great it is to wake up the next morning.


BB compliments Fred on the DirecTV commercials, Adam is mentioning how great they all are and how they didn’t fuck them up.

Fred is telling them about his new movie ‘All Stars’ and now they’ve transitioned to Rod Carew as they talk about playing baseball, David claims Rod to the tribe and a few other black athletes while he’s at it.

Adam is talking about Celebrity Softball games and how every guy is trying to crush the ball, he says hitting a golf ball, baseball/softball or fucking and trying to crush it never works, the more you know.


Adam is now playing a choice cut from ‘Hunky Dory’ and he has pretty play whichever of his picks, he goes with ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ and they provide some light commentary, David proclaims the album as among the most perfect albums ever created.

David is now explaining how he found David Bowie later on and BB plays ‘Kooks’ from Hunky Dory as well, Adam thinks he’s singing to a daughter and David thinks it’s him singing to his brother who committed suicide.

Adam mixes up David Wild and Bowie, for a moment and makes himself chuckle.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam is not fully committed to sleeping position edition


Adam is now asking David for his Bowie track, he tells them about his pick from Hunky Dory was ‘Life On Mars’ but instead of playing that he wants to go with something more personal and BB is now playing ‘Jump They Say’ and he David explains the meaning behind it.

David tells them about the era it was released and album.

Adam gives out the plugs and David interrupts to talk about the song ‘Kooks’ being inspired by Bowie’s son who is Duncan Jones the director.

Adam wraps up the segment and they head to break.


They’re back from break.

They play a ‘Nicaraguan Name That Movie’ as they reset the show, Adam is talking about ‘Fernwood 2 Night’ as he and David both mentioned earlier in the show.

Adam is commenting on how enjoyed the show and got most of the jokes, Adam thinks it was ahead of its time and still hasn’t been duplicated, he name drops the rest of the stellar cast.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

They can put things to gather in bundles, Adam forgot to ask Mark Geragos what that means exactly.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the loophole that will allow Lamar Odom to avoid charges for his drug use that led to his stroke, Adam is talking about why they probably decided he’s been through enough.

BB agrees and now Adam is further explaining how nobody wants to be “that guy” who prosecutes him.


2nd Story is on Bowe Bergdahl, Gina is updating them on Serial Season 2, another podcast.

Gina argues the point that maybe’s he’s suffered enough from his captors and torture, Adam entertains that logic and then presents it regarding Bill Cosby and his murdered son and suddenly it doesn’t hold water for most people.


3rd Story is on the White house petition to free Steven Avery, Adam plugs the upcoming ‘Reasonable Doubt’ with Dean Strang and Adam shares his feelings on the case.

Adam says that most people who are in prison chose a path of non-righteous living, Adam doesn’t believe the law is right all of the time, but more spiritually right and in the end it all shakes out.

Adam says set up or not, he thinks their family and brothers are bad dudes, Gary read the rap sheet and he keeps bringing up his brothers as if he’s responsible for them.

Gina brings up the limited 70 IQ’s of Steven and his nephew.


Adam is commenting on the modern opinionated documentaries that have compelling narrative that isn’t necessarily fair or balanced.

BB is bringing up ‘Paradise Lost’ and the West Memphis 3, BB calls it the exception that proves the rule and Gina is getting Adam to agree that something was done incorrectly in the trial.

Adam says it’s literally impossible for anyone he knows or is related to.


4th Story is on Jennifer Lawrence’s rude interaction with a reporter with what seems like a language barrier, Gina has the details.

Adam shares his love for the Ricky Gervais joke aimed at Jennifer regarding equal pay in Hollywood.

Fred has some kind advice and Adam is trying to figure out what’s happening, Adam says she did that thing that douchey celebrity thing, he could’ve made the phone evaporate but he got her on a little blowhardy roll.

BB thinks maybe the champagne was talking and she was trying to be funny, Adam talks about picking on people who have English as a second language and comments on his own limited abilities, perceived limited abilities.


Adam talks about Molly Ringwald growing up town the street from him and her evolution from little mousy girl to her face on the cover on Time Magazine, he asks if anyone’s head would be screwed on straight with that level of attention.

Adam wraps up the story and has Gina move on.


5th Story is on the sale of the Playboy Mansion and Adam is now riffing about what it must be like to have Hugh Heffner as a squatter, he’s got a killer The Oakwood Apartments name drop.

Adam is talking about panorama city and the shitty areas of Los Angeles.

Adam talks about the overall charge of the Playboy Mansion and what you could do with that property, Fred asks who has this amount of money to buy it, and Adam predicts a crazy nationality will step in.

Adam asks about Candy Spelling’s home, Gary says it sold for 85 million and is now going for 150.

Gina shares some insights about the decaying interior of the Playboy Mansion as she learned from a book written by one of Hugh’s exes, Holly Madison.


6th Story is on a loose turkey on a commercial flight, Adam is now on an epic rant about service animals and support animals on planes.

Adam has a killer riff about buttfucking a lama in 1st class and a funny quick improv with BB regarding said Turkey.

Adam is talking about issues that can keep you from being able to live a “normal” life and might restrict you from certain activities.

Adam tells BB he is on a roll as he’s been right twice in a single hour, he’s talking about how one side of the victims group is composed of broken people and other are victims who are knowingly taking that status for opportunity.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


7th Story is on a simple act of kindness that was caught on video from an NYC subway, Gina has the details on the guy who gave the homeless dude his shirt and offered him some food and clothes after the video.

Adam is joking about offering a homeless a guy a leg from his service turkey and Fred has a killer “comfort python” one liner, nice!

Adam is talking about over policing society and what that does to people and quality of life, he talks about the plastic cups at stadiums, the CPS calls for kids playing alone outside and rules banning smoking from the beach.


Adam says we have wrestled all the common sense and dignity away from society, Adam says he would be the most self-conscious and embarrassed person walking through an airport with a turkey.

Adam says there will never be enough laws to prevent us and our diabolical methods to evade laws, its dependency on dignity and respect.

Adam blames the wives and relatives of then nutjobs, like his mom for allowing her husband Jon to wear red windbreaker to her mother’s funeral.

Gina wraps the news to the funny drop of Fred talking about his comfort python.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live read


Adam plugs Mangria Moments #MangriaMoment and Fred says he misses Jay Leno as he sees his name listed as a guest on a recent Take a Knee.

Fred gives out a plug and they wrap the show to a new drop from Gina, Dawson has a strange closing read, as if he was caught off guard.