Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2015 – Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2015 – Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy

Recorded 01-12-2015 – Release Date 01-13-2015

Production Number #1488

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Adam opens the show with a mention of Kevin Jackson but based on the show description it’s unclear he shows up, Gina Grad is back and BB has choice drop from last night’s episode of Anthony doing an impersonation.

The show feels like it’s back to normal and even the level of internet hubbub and gossip has slowed, Adam gets right into his duties in charge of the kids while Lynette’s away.

Adam is joking about hiring a guy with a blowgun to shoot medicine up dog’s anuses.


Adam explains that Lynette is at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, he birthday gift.

BB is getting Adam to elaborate about the origin of her interest, he explains how he told her what she would really prefer, and he starts to describe her initial reaction to the training.

Adam is now telling them about her friend reacting with tears during the van ride around the track but also ended up loving it.


Adam is explaining that Lynette’s friend Jodi left her car with two wheels up on the curb, he shares Sonny’s hilarious observation about her needing the driving instruction.

Adam is telling the gang about his impromptu trip to a ‘Jayhawks’ concert with his son, courtesy of David Wild.

Gina misunderstands that Adam brought a copy of ‘The Hammer’ to possibly give to the lead singer who he was texted throughout the night, Adam found out that he hadn’t heard of it but ended up leaving the DVD in the car.


Adam explains how his wife isn’t the best with numbers and how he showed up late with Sonny to his basketball game.

Adam asks what he should do, he got misinformation from “lazy mom” he’s not “lazy dad” and has a killer hunt down and kill your wife hypothetical one liner.

Adam jokes about blaming his wife and adding intense reasons as to why she wasn’t able to keep track of the times.


Adam mixed up a young boy on Adam’s team, #29.

Adam was asking Natalia if #29 was a guy or gal, he says you can’t tell at that age, a few moments later after his exchange with Natalia the woman sitting next to him yelled to “Steve” #29.

Adam jokes about the dad moment he had with another guy about the idea of signing up his son for the track and field team.


Adam explains how they don’t tell you the order of a track meet and you end up watching other people’s kids jog in a circle.

Adam is now using the open TSA checkpoints not being used for an analogy about the track and field coaches.


Jo Koy joins them for his first appearance of 2015.

Adam does a live read for Critic’s Choice Awards


Jo is telling them about struggling with the realization he falls into the “dorky dad” category, he’s sharing an anecdote about sporting some transition sunglasses, and his son wasn’t a fan.

Jo admits he kinda looked like a douche, Adam is now asking if being a dad doesn’t mean he can now wear whatever he wants, Adam misspeaks and says Apollo 11 instead of the title of the movie, and BB jumps in and corrects him in a funny way.

Jo is telling them about his son and Adam jokes about regretting not showing his son his cock and Jo asks Adam about kissing his son on the lips then shares an anecdote.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he’s got two lazy sons and wants to know how to deal with their sloppy nature.

Adam is telling them him about having a motor and cites the inner city variant vs. the Steve Job’s type.

Adam wants to know about all of the people in between who don’t have this drive and or grit to get by.


Adam has an “evacuate your bladder without feeling the need to pee” analogy for what it’s like trying to instill a motor and drive into lazy people.

Jo is now sharing his take that you need lazy people to fill seats in comedy clubs and be entertained by those with a motor.

Adam has now rounded his kids down to 1 and tells him what he needs to do, Adam says it’s a way of life and life process that they are going to carry with them forever.


Adam tells them about Ray borrowing money from Adam, Adam is now explaining the grey area of the money and he explains how much Ray has lost him in real estate deals and how the 200k is not on the ledger.

Adam offers to send Ray over to beat John’s kids, then realizes that sending the kids to Ray’s apartment would be more impactful.

Adam is telling John that the latest Take a Knee with Terry Crews blew his mind, he tells John just to buy one month to hear this and play it for his kids.


Adam tells him about the conversation they had about Terry’s upbringing in Detroit and Adam shares his own experience with dead-end dream killing jobs as he described the car plant careers.

Adam is now setting up a clip from the interview coming up on Take a Knee, it sounds pretty good, Adam has a killer pussy juice=water analogy for how they treated hydration in his pop warner and high school playing days.

Adam asks Gary why they chose that clip, he says Terry sounds the least Terry Crews like in it and asks him to play another clip to really get the vibe across.


This clip was even better, Adam says he wants to finally try the slice of cheese over pie before he dies, Gina suggests ‘The Apple Pan’ and now BB suggests that Adam first saw Jay Baruchel from the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’. Adam is sharing his frustration in trying to recall where he first saw Jay, he still forgets that Jay was on Loveline in 2001, 3 years before he saw him in ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

Jo tells them about getting tickets for the Seahawks on Stubhub to the tune of 4,000 dollars, Adam is asking him about the seats.


2nd Caller Gabe, he wants to know cool things to do in Portland, he tells him that he only plays theaters, signs stuff and then gets back to his hotel at 2am and leaves several hours later.

Adam is now riffing about people in Portland panhandling, how he can’t tell the homeless from the home full just trying to snag a buck.

Adam says he found out they were really into soccer in Portland, he took a walk and realized it, Bryan and Dawson try to convince him he meant Seattle, but he recalls it was the Portland ‘Timbers’.


Adam is now commenting on bandwagon soccer fans and Jo is ranting for Adam about soccer and the lack of scoring, Adam calls it the world’s most boring sport.

Adam comments on how liking soccer is the sport version of driving a Saab or Volvo instead of something like a Buick.

Jo is now ranting about what a sport is and Adam is now riffing about Dez Bryant and his “football moves” and BB brings Gina into the mix, she’s familiar with the play/catch Adam is talking about.


Adam is now ranting about the obscure rule about Dez’s stumble, BB is now giving his take while trying not to disagree with him, and Adam seems to acknowledge his point.

Adam is back to Gabe, BB asks him about the nature of his road trip.

Jo asks him about playing the Aladdin Theater and Jo praises the pancake place next door, he tells him it’s his only suggestion.


Adam is doing a blue apron live read

Adam asks about their other guest, he’s not there or on the phone yet.


3rd Caller Matt, he wants to talk to Adam about ADD medication and tells him about his boss who is also his dad, Adam comments on Henry Ford ruining his son’s life and how he never saw his 50th birthday.

Adam says that machine shop guys are the worst and finds out that’s exactly what his dad does, Adam jokes about him not studying with the Groundlings.

Adam wants to know what Matt’s dad’s beef is with his son, Adam is saying he’s not met a lot of 26 year old dude’s with a ton of focus.


Adam asks Matt about his current weed usage, he heard the laugh despite Matt claiming he quit due to drug testing.

Jo is now playing Matt and Adam is interviewing him instead, hilarious “fuck this machine” riff.

Adam is now playing Matt’s dad and finally gets Jo’s hinting, funny timing on Adam not getting the hint immediately.


Adam is now taking it in weird direction and wraps up the scene on a dark molestation/death threat turn, wow!

Matt is now explaining why he decided to quit the weed, he has already transitioned over to Mangria and bought a couple bottles.

Adam says you don’t ever find out what your dad feels about you until the banquet where you’re moving on, he’s now giving a funny emotional speech about dad’s confessing their love for you and how proud they are of you on their death beds.


Gina has a funny callback, good stuff.

Adam asks Gary if the guest is not coming in, Adam sends it to break and drops a “Joy.”


Adam comes back from break to a new listener voicemail, Adam jokes about the call and all of our fears about time travel involve mistaken identity maternal blowjobs, holy shit!

Adam explains their guest is en route.


The News

1st Story is on the Golden Globe winners, Adam asks about ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and BB says he’s never been more surprised by a movie winning best picture.

Adam is now commenting on the lack of drinking at modern award shows, BB comments on the attendees fasting before the show, BB tells them about his Pilates instructor informing him about a female producer training and dieting for the show.

Adam tries to get BB to reveal who it was, he loses interest when it’s not a celebrity.


Adam is saying that when Ricky Gervais stopped hosting these shows the booze left with him, Adam says that the best part was drunk celebrities presenting on stage.

Gina has some clips of the Bill Cosby jokes told by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Adam comments on how Cosby is not official black and the hosts were chicks, so they can make those jokes without controversy, Adam is now deconstructing the rules about comedy and using Jo’s ethnicity to make a point about his characterization of Bung Lu Su.


Adam has a great tangent about feeling bad for Jo because of his Asian ethnicity, hilarious sarcastic riff.

Adam is now asking Jo what Bung Lu Su would sound like if he were to do a Bill Cosby joke, Adam is now on a mix-up roof/roofie tangent.

Adam is now trying to get Jo to switch gears, Gina tells them about Margaret Cho appearing on stage as Kim Jong Un, Adam says he couldn’t tell if it was Margaret or Alex Borstein and wonders who would be more offended, because at least one person is never flattered by a comparison to someone else.


Gina has a good point about the audience anticipation and the line these hosts/comedians walk while on stage, Adam has a funny Jeff Fox/Jeff Foxworthy mix-up.

Adam is now having them play the clip again of Amy and Tina, Adam says that Tina jumped in too early after Amy’s joke that was getting a decent reaction.

BB is defending her timing, Adam is not trying to be a douche and Gina is getting BB to clarify his joke and Adam has a funny one liner about Bald Bryan knowing comedy.


Gina has more clips, including Tina and Amy making fun of George Clooney and his wife before George got his lifetime achievement award.

Adam comments on someone’s son with a crazy name, he asks for Kirstie Alley’s son’s name “true” and is now giving his take on Michael Keaton giving his speech.

Adam says that his speech was almost identical to his “special needs son” speech he would give to a hypothetical employer, he wants to know if his son has an affliction, nobody seems to know that his wife died of cancer and they made it through that rough time together as Keaton told on another podcast.


Adam finds out that Keaton’s son is 31 and they now play a clip of Keaton giving his speech, Adam says that he thought his son was named “shark” for a moment and jokes about his dad giving the same type of speech and calling him Alan.


Adam and BB are now doing an improv bit where Adam is playing his father struggling to get his facts straight about his son, hilarious one liner about Dr. Dre and Adam firing him from his podcast ‘Life Lessons with Jim Carolla’.

Adam is now sharing his thought that occurred to him while looking at Michael Keaton, he says that he looks like he’s thinking about something smart due to the structure of his face.

Adam says it’s just the shape of his forehead and brow, he says it looks like he took all of Katy Perry’s thoughts to keep for himself, as she has the oppositely structures face.


2nd Story Is on Katy Perry and now Adam is interrupting to complain about Lenny Kravitz at the halftime show for this year’s Super Bowl.

Gina is now reading her quotes about Lenny.


3rd Story Is on a woman who kept her yarn in her vagina, Adam is now riffing about vaginas and uses Tony Hawk to explain how Vaginas have evolved like skateboarding since the first ping pong ball was inserted sometime in the 1950’s.

Gina explains this woman’s craftism form of activism, they play a clip of her explaining her process.

Adam is now having Gina play her mother, Adam is playing her father and Jo is playing her former neighbor.


Adam gives Gina the 1980’s sitcom instruction for the bit, Adam is now mixing up the story with Gina, pretty solid.

“She’s Amelia Earhart gone!” – Adam on his fictitious daughter being dead and gone, instead of the truth about her knitting from her vagina.

Jo wraps it up with a killer one liner, wow!


Adam is now doing a Square space live read


4th Story is on Pope Francis encouraging women to breast feed while he was baptizing babies over the weekend, Adam is now asking who is more nuts, the breast feeding nutjobs vs. the circumcision folk.

Adam says it should be the decision of the person doing it, Gina is now weighing in and quotes research about circumcision raising the odds of children developing autism.

Adam is now quoting the Dr. Drew data about foreskin cooties, Adam is riffing about the foreskin being like a claw grabbing machine, and Jo is now playing the foreskin, gold!

Adam jokes about a new cock sheriff being in town, again!


Adam and the guys are riffing about being able to train your dick (foreskin) like an elephant, Adam explains this is more of finesse game and jokes about trying to tie his shoe with his cock, hilarious Pilates callback from Ace.

Adam is joking about shooting ping balls at a Thai chick, BB has a hilarious addition and Jo now wants his foreskin back.


Adam is now doing a TriCalm live read.


5th Story is on the son of a hedge fund manager’s murder allegedly committed by his son, she has the details about the murder.

Adam is commenting on the part where Gina can’t get over the 200 bucks that led to this murder, Adam says that 90% of murders are based on impulse and Gina wraps the news, Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

He explains they will reschedule with Kevin Jackson very soon, he says there was a “mix-up” (scheduling?)


BB closes the show with a drop of Adam from the hilarious time travel blowjob riff at the top of the 2nd half, you can hear the smile and fraction of a voice crack from Dawson as he hears it before giving out the closing legalese.