Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2017 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2017 – Jay Mohr and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Mohr and David Wild

Recorded 01-11-2017 – Release Date 01-12-2017

Production Number #1985

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Adam opens the show to a funny “Oh Lord Please Don’t Let Him Be Misunderstood” intro and Adam is in great spirits and sings along to the lyrical intro.

BB is bummed as his daughter has her first fever and he has a crying baby #TopDrop and Adam welcomes the gang to the show along with David Wild. Adam says BB needs to expose his daughter to viruses and illnesses to strengthen her up.

David is making his first appearance of 2017 and he is plugging his ‘The Comedy Jam’ taping tonight and mentions Busy Philips which leads to her “Fuck you!” drop being played a few times.


Adam is now sharing a tweet from a guy whose father taught school for 30+ years and only had one student who was allergic to peanuts, in his entire career.

Adam is talking about his pledge to swim in the cold that he made on the last episode with Scott, Adam talks about the temperature and shares how he invited his son to jump in with him.

Adam says Sonny was up for it and promised to give it a try as well, he showed up with a long sleeve shirt and Adam had Olga take some pictures of them jumping in.


Adam asks Gary for the photos but his “QuickTime crashed” as they’re sadly still using QuickTime for the show, why!?

Adam is sharing how he was trying to regulate the cold and he describes the 5 minutes he stayed in, he got out of the pool and felt warm, he felt great.

Adam says he did it again this morning and he baptized himself, he tells them about his son standing on the Baja shelf and then said fuck this and gave up.


Gary has the video of the attempt, he’s playing it and then stop as Adam jokes about Phil looking at him like he was nuts, the only time that happens.

Adam says Phil jumped in when he opened the cover last week but would not go back in after feeling the cold, Adam says Phil was pawing the water and looking at him confused, Adam is delighted in baffling his dog, hilarious!

Adam is joking about his family being more concerned with the dog than him, the earner and how illogical that is.

David jokes about Adam’s childhood pool and he brings up his dad’s house where he lived in the garage and had a pool right next door that he couldn’t use, not in daylight anyway.


“gay guy putting the flower in my mouth” – Adam referencing ‘Papillion’ and David talks about the sheer number of pools that even shithole houses seem to possess as seen while flying over Burbank.

Adam is talking about Sonny’s “Pain Don’t Hurt!” promise to jump in, Adam is joking about his son’s nature and he tells the gang to focus on Lynette and her reaction to him jumping in the pool.

Adam is now sharing how he needs to tell his wife about reading a study before suggesting anything for the kids, Adam mocks the notion of being cold and catching a cold and tells BB he won’t be able to talk Christie out of the notion either.


Adam is having them play the video, he tells everyone to listen to Lynette and how she reacts, David Wild has a solid Jake Gyllenhaal torso comparison for Carolla, Adam loves it and cracks up.

Adam is having Gary roll it back and BB is describing the footage, Gary has no more head to give Adam on the clip.

They once again watch it and Lynette’s dramatic reaction, Gina loves how much Natalia is enjoying the freak out, BB says it’s a great sentiment and motherly instinct.


Adam is now talking about his various problems with the house, he cites some sewage smells and David jokes about coming over with BB to do some work, funny.

Adam says he doesn’t have the energy to go the YMCA and swim every morning but he can walk out and submerge himself for 3.5 minutes to wake up, the length of a good Graham Parker song like ‘Paralyzed’ which he listened to this morning.

Adam says this also eliminates his need for showering at all, Gina talks about doing this at the Korean spa and Adam jokes about her leaving a titty behind in the pool, hilarious!

David asks if she is ok with the large breast humor, she feigns being over it and then tells Adam it’s cool, it is good natured and complimentary.


True CarDavid Wild recommends this week’s Mohr Stories edition


Adam says Jay is coming in and he talks about Jay’s character ‘Randy Warwick’ and how he sounds a lot like Brad a friend of the Sunday football crew who they’ve called “Randy” for years, well before Jay ever developed the character and the bit, wow Great Magnet!

Adam says he was at A&M records working on the set, doing painting work when they shot the Police video for the song ‘Synchronicity’ that David Wild just referenced and he was also there for the taping of The Tubes video for ‘She’s a Beauty’ and Adam talks about the ‘Cyclorama’ and how they would paint it.

Adam mentions having to get wooden dowels and other accessories, he might be thinking of the video for the song “Wrapped Around Your Finger” of that same album, as the song was ‘Synchronicity II’ and that video was apparently shot in London.


David knows the song and video and corrects Adam right away, I guess I didn’t need to look all of that up after all, always wait for David to reply!

Adam is sharing how they were filming ‘Soul Train’ the next morning after the video for ‘The Police’ song and Adam jokes about tantric masturbation after David brings up the topic of Tantra.

Adam is explaining how he was setting things up despite not being hired to set up candles for Sting to run through, he was supposed to pain the ‘Cyclorama’ black after the video, Adam says it seemed to be coke fueled and all done on the fly.


Adam thinks they used the same stage in ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and BB observes that he’s going to one day struggle to explain the notion of music videos to his young daughter.

David recalls driving through a music video for Paula Abdul’s ‘Rush, Rush’ with Keanu Reeves, David jokes about losing roles to the man.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he noticed that Adam’s water level was too high and Adam says he realized it and turned the pump on after leaving the cover off in the rain.

Adam says his unfortunately named pool guy Phil, he interrupts his train of thought to comment on his name and how he forgot it almost immediately and then struggled with asking him the name again but decided against it and he was yelling Phil at the dog who was jumping up on the pool contractor, also Phil.


2nd Caller Kenny, he wants to know how cannabis legalization will affect jobs in California, Adam says he’s all for it but the only complaint he does have regarding pot is the “it’s natural, it’s medicine” refrain and how it doesn’t accurately establish the potential danger.

Adam has an ATV analogy and he talks about people getting high before driving, working and doing other things they would do after drinking.

Adam is talking about the various stoners who tell him how great they are while stoned, Adam mocks them and they move on.


3rd Caller Frank, he’s getting into VO work and wants to know if he should keep trying or give up. Adam is now telling Frank to go old-school and repeat a sentence after he hears it.

Adam does an old-school Ernie Anderson promo read for an episode of ‘Vega$’ as he’s done many times before, his ‘Hack’ variant.

Frank struggles to nail the tone and inflection, Adam tells him not even quit his night gig let alone day job.


Frank has some Guatemalan roots and Adam says he loved having Olga around, BB suggests Frank get into Spanish VO work and Frank says he recently got into reading books in Spanish for blind people for free.

Adam jokes about this being for Spanish people who can’t read, not necessarily blind.

Dawson gets on mic and Adam asks Frank for his best Spanish language ‘GOAL!’ but he delivers something very quiet at first, then nails it, kind of.


Adam is remarking on him sounding like Sonny jumping into the pool and he says that video shows everyone’s personalities and comments on how Natalia relished Sonny’s momentary pain, she enjoyed it and Lynette was perhaps too rough on the Aceman as well.


4th Caller Kevin, he called last month and he wants to pitch Adam on being an Executive Producer for his project ‘Comics Watching Comics’ and he gives him the elevator pitch and basically reveals he’s looking for a comedic drug mule in Adam, Adam does all the work and cashes in all the favors and Kevin gets to work in comedy.

Adam has David give out his plugs and wraps up with him before they head to break, nice work David, he made Adam laugh on his first outing of 2017, solid!


They’re back form break with Jay Mohr also making his first visit of 2017 and they come in from a new “Great Moment in Local News” and Adam pitches his mom as a TV news anchor, joking about her inability to fake enthusiasm.

Jay is now busting out the Big Momma character and Adam is lamenting his lack of a bosom to rest on and a motherly figure out dote on him like Sonny has, Jay/Big Momma offers up her titty for Adam to suckle on, holy shit!


Adam is back to the champion sons she has, all named Champion?

Big momma can’t figure out who BB is and does that thing, funny.

Adam is talking about A.C. Green and his virginity while playing in the NBA.


Jay is now breaking in and out of character and he brings up Cesar Milan and Adam’s dog Philly (Phil E.) Cheesesteak.

Adam talks about growing up as a white guy in the valley with a puss for a father, Adam wish they had come up with a beating stick, instead of switches or belts, why not device meant for beating kids.

Adam is now telling Randy Warwick and how the nickname Randy for their buddy Brad.


TCLJay Mohr got a free TV edition


Adam asks Jay about his documentary and he asks him about the release avenue, Jay says they’re still working on selling it and he explains that it’s about the singer from ‘Bad Brains’ and his mental health.

Jay is now telling them about H.R. (Paul D. Hudson) and it sounds amazing, Jay explains he got involved with the doc after being asked to be interviewed, then do the VO and then he eventually partnered up with the director as it was so compelling.


Jay has Gina setup a news story for Big Momma to bounce off, Adam asks BB about meeting his mom and Jay busts out the Randy Warwick character and he comments on Mark Paul Gosselaar doing diamond pushups in the steam room at the gym.

Jay talks about listening to the ACS and gleaming personal information for Big Momma to use on air, Adam is telling Big Momma about what they did with Molly’s corpse.

Jay compliments Adam on his ability to continue the improv bit and remain kind hearted and happy that Big Momma cares enough to talk to him, while correcting her politely, Jay further praises that skillset and Adam dodged the compliment by bringing up their buddy Brad who they have called Randy for years.


Life LockStandard read for 2017 edition


They play a clip of Brad talking for Jay and he says he talks like a homeless person and Jay suggest they arrange a phoner to confuse Brad.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Obama’s final speech as president and she plays some clips from it, Adam says he is a great orator and he loved the first 10min but hated the segment on race.

Adam says that the problem is that Obama has been the custodian of race since his presidency and acknowledges the tricky position he was in while sharing his feelings about it.

Adam says there is a questionnaire for figuring out how race relations are, Jay weighs in and then busts out some character work to make it funny.


Adam thinks that even white people would say that race issues aren’t settled, the news media is pumping us full of disinformation and fear.

Jay busts out the Big Momma impression and they both compliment Obama and Jay says Adam doesn’t like the race part as he’s a white guy and someone like George Wallace loved that portion of the speech.

Adam rejects the notion that everyone needs to talk about race, the racists are far outnumbered by normal non-racist people.


Adam asked his nanny Olga about the racism she might have experienced in the 32 years since she moved to America, she cited one crazy bitch boss.

Adam asks Olga who she knows who has not been rewarded for hard work and treated with respect, making it in life, she couldn’t name a single person.

Adam only knows fuck ups who still struggle in life, they were fuck ups then and still are now.

Adam talks about his buddy Chris who got runover by a VW and then spent the 13k doing blow in Maui instead of planning ahead.


Jay tells BB to encapsulate his own life, he is trying to do that liberal couching move of pre-apologizing for not having everyone’s life experience.

Jay reframes Adam’s question and calls it amazing, Adam doesn’t want to hear the constant chorus of racism and white privilege, that’s not how it works.

Gary now has the clip of Obama talking about race and inequality, the same endless speech we’ll hear until we die.


Jay says the fatal flaw in this is based on the population numbers, he’s mostly speaking to white people and Adam says the government is not ever going to fix what Obama is talking about.

Only an individual family can fix those issues, even he couldn’t do it.

Gina has a great point about self-empowerment and how it’s the one thing he won’t say, he won’t address the personal element where someone has to work to achieve what they want.


Adam has Big Momma talk about ‘Champion’ some more and Adam talks about his wife’s ethnicity and how she’s not some legacy slave owner, nor is he.

Adam would like a tip of the cap for the guy who built the company and the factory, instead of hating him for being the employer of the employees, that he employs.

They got back to the speech and Adam asks who said they weren’t willing to invest in the education for the children of immigrants, Jay has some good points about the straw man argument Obama was perhaps presenting.


Big Momma brings up Lane Kiffin and they play more of the speech, Adam would accept that there are certain pockets of racist people, he rejects that all of us must look in the mirror and see a Klansman looking back at us, that’s not reality!

Jay is telling Adam to calm down and they play another clip about wealth inequality.

Jay quotes George Carlin and his “jobs” bit, gold!


Gina suggest this might be a “cough, cough Trump” move and Adam says if it is then just say it, don’t lump him in with the group.

Gina brings up how one of his daughters was absent as she didn’t finish a paper for school, so she needed to stay home and complete it.


2nd Story is on Donald Trump admitting that the hacks were possibly done by Russia, Gian reports on the fake news regarding the golden shower.

Adam says Obama’s speech was perfect and then you go right to Trump, yikes.

Gina has a clip of DFG talking about the “Donald Trump Orgy Tape” and Jay loses his shit to the notion of “secretary of oil” and BB asks about the fake news, is the information fake or the dossier fake?


3rd Story is on Trump going to war with a reporter over his tax returns, Jay says his retorts are perfect and Adam says this perfect as everyone will have to go in the swamp with Trump, it only took this reporter moments to engage in the schoolyard tactics right back at him.

They play the clip again and Adam says it will soon start with them yelling “Melania’s pussy stinks” at these press conferences.

Gina has another clip of Trump talking about handing his empire over to his kids, Adam thinks this is going to be perfect.


Jay says that if something true actually lands on him, something hurts his rise to power and is an actual career ender it’s going to be massive.

Adam doesn’t think it’s possible and he’ll never be taken out, he’s Teflon.

Gina wraps the news


Geicosave 15% or more edition


Gina comes up with ‘Divorce Court-Yard’ for Adam’s idea to settle home remodeling arguments between couples on his new Spike TV show, they also announce the tentative title for the program.

Adam gives out all of the plugs and wraps up the show, hilarious episode!

BB has the crop of Adam talking about growing up unable to nuzzle a bosom to close out the show, you can hear him snickering too.