Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2016 – Brad Williams and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2016 – Brad Williams and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Williams and Jo Koy

Recorded 01-11-2016 – Release Date 01-12-2016

Production Number #1734

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Adam opens the show loaded for bear, with a dual meaning and funny “Black Lab” intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, BB has a “You’re Not That Good” #TopDrop.

Jo Koy has his Ace Award and he compliments them on his name being etched into it, Adam gives out some plugs for his upcoming dates, there seems to be some noise from the award moving around, some papers too.

Adam explains they watch football over at the other warehouse every week, he comments on the conversation they had about the movie ‘The Revenant’ and BB gives a spoiler warning.


Adam says people see what they want to see, he comments on pussy and it’s lure, hilarious you either have a taste for it or not analogy using ‘To Catch a Predator’ to make his point.

Adam says underage pussy is the absolute greatest lure for these predators, he shares his small plain cheese Domino’s Pizza diversion/test idea, he says the other tell is the reaction to a dick pick.

Gina brings up the company that goes after these would be pedophiles, Adam says he’s seen the movie and he comments on the eye blinking scene from the movie.


Adam says he asked everyone who was there, BB is chiming in and he says it was everyone against him, Adam says Leonardo DiCaprio blinked intentionally to ask Tom Hardy’s character to kill him, Lackey Nick is now on mic confirming the position Adam found himself in.

Adam says Dan Dratch went home and checked the script, the screenplay indicated that he blinked deliberately, Gary and BB both weigh in.

Gary is being forced to use an accent, he is able to sustain it for most of the script, and he reads the stage direction too.


BB is now arguing his point and comments on the nuance of the finished film, Gina talks about Tom Hardy’s character and role in the movie.

Adam is riffing about Leonardo being entombed in pelts and they play the scene from the movie, they’re doing live commentary over it.

Adam explains the confusion among the rest of the guys over a the warehouse for football Sunday, Adam is riffing about Zima and how people claim they don’t know it exists but have seen 200 commercials and billboard s advertising it.


Adam explains that the smart guys he was watching the games with didn’t want to believe that Leonardo’s character was willing to be put out of his misery.

Jo now comments and Adam now takes this to the legal system and how people can be certain of a lot of things and group tighter but they’re still wrong, possibly.

Adam is now riffing about snowbank living decorum and defends Tom Hardy’s character and his choices in the movie.


Adam is commenting on the frustrating part of this and how the director would have failed in the testing process if he was trying to convey what the script had written as stage directions.


Adam is doing a Carbonite Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Drake from Georgia, he’s calling about some dash cam footage and they play it live for the audience and Jo and ask the officer about the footage.

Adam thanks him for listening to Reasonable Doubt, Adam says he’s torn and explains that the other driver could have been another fan running a red turn arrow.

Adam asks him about the other driver and jokes about him being black based on his vehicle choice, Adam talks about the death rates from traffic accidents vs. gun violence and how one afternoon of driver’s education could solve this.


Adam is sharing his theory on how tuned out everyone is and comments on the guy walking behind his car backing out in the Home Depot parking lot before he came into the studio and how close the guy was to his car.

Gina talks about people who walk while texting, Adam says as he was backing out, he then saw someone nearly brush across the front end.

Jo mentions Drake and Adam is talking about societal indicators, he thinks half the accidents in Los Angeles are hit and runs.


Gary is on mic revealing the scary details of reporting a hit and run and the amount of information that the police give to the person who committed the crime.

Good contribution.

Adam is now riffing about wanting a backpack jack, that’s a fact. Hilarious!


Adam is talking about Los Angeles and the “hide it, lock it or lose it” campaign, he now says what if we tell Mayor Garcetti that it’s over and says he can reel back the taxes and instead use the cops services ala carte, Jo is now riffing with Officer Carolla about the cost for services.

This is a funny bit, Jo is performing and believably dying while Adam is negotiating other possible cases to tackle, and Adam is now telling him to blink and calling back to ‘The Revenant’ scene breakdown, holy shit this wonderful!

Jo is a delight, Adam is on fire and can’t stop dropping gold, this is Ace Awards 2016 material.


This scene is now going in depth on Jo’s leg and Adam keeps trying to find items of value he can sell for profit, Adam has a killer “watch your tone” and “you’re making a mess” series of follow ups.

Adam is now joking about Jo sucking cock or taking it in the ass, Adam doesn’t judge and he’s somehow transitioned to seasonal fruit.

Who is Nacho?


Adam is now sharing anecdotes form his rookie year on the force, this podcast is great!

They are still rolling with this hilarious scene, Jo bleeding out and Adam talking a mile a minute and asking all kinds of questions, he’s now going to clean out his apartment.

Adam is talking about plastic jackets on keys and Dying Jo is sharing his own anecdote about buying a full set of the same color keys, fat Bert!

BB asks if Drake is still there and they wrap the scene, Ace Awards 2016!


Jo compliments Adam’s idea for paying for police services ala carte, Jo tells them about a police lineup after someone hit his car and fled.

Adam talks about the over 50% hit and run statistic and the legit concern for public safety.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Caelan is on this, BB says “Run!” edition

Caelan is on mic and he comments on his options, Adam has a killer “how about dinner and a misinterpretation of a movie” and he closes out the read.

Adam wraps up with Jo, Gary gets on mic and says Adam will see him in a couple of weeks, what?

They head to break


They’re back from break

Brad Williams is returning to the show and he plugs his next special taping for Showtime, Adam references “Zorback” the hippy pal of her mom from his childhood who nearly killed him with a converted bus that leaked exhaust.

They’re talking about the death of David Bowie, Adam compliments the album ‘Hunky Dory’ and he says he was just plain artistic and Brad praises his roles in ‘The Prestige’ and ‘Zoolander’ and Gina weighs in as well.


Adam is recalling ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ and recalls a scene where someone is talking to a penis, he was on a date and it’s burned into his memory.

Adam is talking about bad commercials, he says you can be unfunny, but you can’t be confusing.

Adam is now sharing a quick anecdote of Brad Williams from before the returned from break, hilarious sneaky dwarf comedy.


Brad is sharing another story of accidentally sneaking up on someone, Gina seems to enjoy it.

Adam is saying he doesn’t shout out before giving himself a 3 Mississippi to process what he’s seeing.

Adam brings up the McDonalds commercial controversy, Gary reminds Adam this next one is for AT&T Uverse and he explains the premise.


Adam is now riffing and Brad talks about the antipiracy commercials that play before feature films now.

Adam is now having Gary play the ad, Adam is now breaking down what this commercial is and how he was trying to figure out why the black chick threw her mug against the glass coffee table.

Gina has a killer reaction to this breakdown and replay, Adam is commenting on the broken handle and the very confusing way this ad was edited.


Brad is now riffing about what he sees from that ad, Adam says his greatest part of life is calling people who know about production into the room to see crappy things, and he contrasts it to showing things to Olga.

Brad is now playing Olga, hilarious back and forth.

Adam is sharing a ‘Volvo and Saab’ example from an old hairdresser to convey how Olga pronounces Lynette’s friend Jodi’s name, Yodi.


Gina’s News

1st Story Is on the Golden Globes, Adam asks about having an uncensored version of the show for adults, Gina is now informing Adam what Ricky Gervais actually said to Mel Gibson.

Adam comments on the argument he had about tits about being the least offensive of all of the slang terms for breasts, Adam comments on the ‘7 Dirty Words’ bit and how it influenced society.

Adam is joking about Carling railing coke and coming up with this, not some supreme overlord.


Adam is making a point about the audience of these award shows and he wants to know if we must go another 42yrs with these bleeps and censorship, Brad has an NFL example and Adam has a killer Yiddish curse twist on it.

Gina has some of the winners and Brad busts out his Sylvester Stallone impression that sounds similar to his buddy Adam Ray’s Tony Danza in a weird way.

Gina has some clips of Ricky Gervais.


Gina has a clip from Lady Gaga’s acceptance speech, Adam is doing some commentary and Brad does some Stallone and he riffs about Apollo, Adam wants a Ricola guy with a giant horn and lederhosen to do the musical note equivalent of an Apollo theater hook taking someone off stage.

Brad is riffing and Adam jokes about Viola Davis and other potential super blowhardy recipients getting the gong and gonged off stage.

Gina has a clip of Jamie Foxx pulling a “Steve Harvey” with a shout out for ‘straight Outta Compton’.

Adam is now riffing about the Steve Jobs movie and Fassbender’s impressive physique that ruined the movie for him.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Story is on the arrest of El Chapo after an interview with Sean Penn, Brad has a hilarious example of how you know you’re considered to be an asshole, he riffs about Tom Hanks throwing Adam’s puppy into a vat of acid while jerking off to a picture of his wife, hilarious!

Adam is riffing and gets to the efforts to extradite him to the United States, Adam suggest we just execute him and get it over with.

Adam says we need Tom Hardy and BB chuckles, Adam is once again referencing Tim McVeigh and how he was eliminated and nobody has to ever hear from him again.


Gina has some details on the extravagant lifestyles of Chapo’s kids and now Adam is saying what we’re basically doing with Mexico is taking the keys after our buddy gets hammered, we’ll handle this now.

BB praises Sicario and Gina mentions Narcos after Gary says he watched Sicario 4 times.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote and jokes about buying a car that Lynette told him to take back.

Gina wraps the news and Adam tells them about a John Krasinski lunch anecdote, which involves a Tom Cruise go karting story, Adam praises Emily Blunt and calls her fetching.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

August installed this baby himself.

How out of it Mike is, he doesn’t know when he’s going to sneeze, that violent “did we get in a car accident” sneeze.


Adam plugs some live dates and wraps the show.