Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2015 – Anthony Cumia

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2015 – Anthony Cumia

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Anthony Cumia

Recorded 01-11-2015 – Release Date 01-12-2015

Production Number #1487

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Adam opens the show with some mandates and BB has a classic #TopDrop from the KLSX era, in honor of Teemu Selanne’s number being retired by the Ducks, he plays the “wow That’s Awesome” quote from Teemu directed at Dave Dameshek in response to finding out about his love songs for the man.

Adam explains that Gina is sitting out the first segment so he can go in-depth on the Alison firing situation, he says he didn’t want to get into the gory details and wanted to move on quickly.

Adam says that when you do something as drastic as he did you need to explain it to your audience, he says he handled it in a ham fisted fashion.


BB is critiquing Adam’s handling of it and describing the fan reaction, Adam is now arguing against the idea that BB is a yes man and that Adam somehow demands him to agree with him.

Adam asks him if he’s ever seen Adam fire anyone in a weird or mean way, BB brings up Anderson being prickly to Adam for a decade and how Adam didn’t attempt to fire him during the 6 years they worked together.

Adam brings up giving Kevin Hench the sole writing credit on ‘The Hammer’ and now BB recalls that story as Adam gives a thumbnail sketch.


Adam is now arguing against the claims that her showing up late, or talking about her deceased dog is why she was fired, Adam says that is show content and not an issue in the slightest.

Adam is expressing some mild outrage and getting fired up, he tells BB about his love for Howard Stern and his on air dynamic with Robin Quivers and how he wants to replicate that for his show.

Adam brings up the claims that Alison being a Jewish woman with liberal politics is the issue, Adam says that Teresa fit all of those same categories but got along fine with him.


Adam is now citing the live shows in Chicago last year and his instructions to BB and Alison about needing some help for the late show without a guest, Adam says he was feeling like he was running on fumes and asked BB and Alison if they had any material.

Adam remembers thinking he asked them a few days in advance, the answer was that she had nothing, no material.

BB apologizes for dropping the ball, Adam explains he did and so did Alison.


Adam brings up the “What to expect if I were expecting” bit and his instructions for her to bring one out for every live show.

Adam says he told her that bit was very strong and her writing was incredible, Adam comments on how it’s been several years since we heard that bit.

Adam brings up JMOE and how he told her they should do it on a regular basis, Adam says that the theme is her not exactly doing what he’s asking her to do, and he presumed she wasn’t excited to be on the show.


Adam is now getting Dawson to vouch for what he just said, Adam says that BB is his key improv partner, even doing the girl parts.

Adam says that Alison wasn’t rolling that way and he wasn’t able to do the “role playing (reenactments)” with her.

Adam says that in March of 2014 he was sitting around looking at iTunes and thought up the idea of adding a Carolla Digital bug to her artwork, much like Earwolf and Nerdist do with their podcasts.


Adam explains the thinking behind adding a Carolla Digital logo to the artwork for her podcast, Adam says he was telling it to Gary and comments that she wanted it basically invisible, claiming that other networks don’t do that. He doesn’t touch on the fact that perhaps they need a new logo.

Adam describes feeling hurt like she was trying to distance herself from his brand, he says he knew what was going on and he asked Gary what was going on, Gary is now on mic and Adam is telling him he has to talk.

Adam didn’t get why she wanted to distance herself from Adam and the brand, Adam says he thinks it’s about the politics and her fear that she would lose some of her audience due to Adam’s politics.


Adam says that Gary confirmed that Alison feared guests cancelled due to his involvement in her show, as remotely connected as they were.

Adam explains that Alison’s show was the only one to get a plug every episode, not FCOL or AOTH.

Adam says this was another couple pebbles removed from the positive side of the scale, Adam brings up her using guests from the ACS on her show and how hurtful and insulting it was that she wouldn’t allow the Carolla Digital logo.


Adam brings up talking to Mike Lynch and comments on him being on the payroll and working remotely, he says that he stopped sending stories to Alison months ago as she stopped using them.

Adam comments on how Mike quit doing the work but didn’t quit the paycheck, Adam says he didn’t find that out until over the Christmas break, he says that Mike is not a tattler and doesn’t complain, hence why it didn’t come up.

Adam brings up BB’s book and the possibility that she didn’t read his book, at least not immediately.


Adam says that he thinks she didn’t read his latest book either and suspects she’s never seen an episode of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and brings up how Howard and Robin talk about ‘America’s Got Talent’ on air each morning after it airs.

Adam is now saying that Alison is creating a vibe where he has to lean towards Bryan, Adam says that he understands if someone is not into his brand, book, or TV show but he can’t do a show with that person.

Adam brings up the Patent Trolls Amazon link drama, he explains that Alison was the only person who refused to change her link over.


Adam says that he told her to move past it and they would drop it, she then did another beat telling him that she refused.

Adam asks if Maron or Rogan found out that Alison wasn’t a part of the patent troll’s defense fund, what they would feel, giving their money but someone on staff won’t give theirs?

Adam is missing the point about her never being able to get her subscribers back once she did that, at best it would be a small chunk of change that forever harmed her amazon linking ability/personal finances afterwards, it’s really hard to get people to modify and support that way.


Gary is now on mic about the conversation and how it bled into the studio, Adam says she was very upset about it and she suggested auctioning off one of her T-Shirts for the fund, Adam says they never responded to that email.

Adam says he didn’t want to force her to change her link, he now brings up the Mangria re-launch and asks if she ever said anything good about the product, BB notes that she doesn’t drink and Adam has a yeah but still style reply.

BB is saying he doesn’t recall her doing any of these things, Adam says that the biggest week from him is the Monterey Historic races, he says he feels compelled to drop a subject like that because Alison and BB weren’t interested.


Adam says he felt like he didn’t want to talk about the topics that are important to him on his own show, Adam brings up the new book cover for his latest tome.

Adam explains that in between these events, he created a part for her in his movie per her request.

Adam says he noted this, the reaction that Alison has to the last book cover for ‘President Me’ and now Adam is setting up the clip, and I was actually hit up by Caelan today to find this for him oddly enough, a few other clips as well that they don’t seem to be using.


They’re now playing the clip, Adam explains he was struggling with Alison and BB not making a comment on the book cover and having to fill the dead air.

Adam asks how excited you would be to unveil your next book cover based on her reaction, or lack of reaction.

Adam is now asking BB what that clip sounded like to him.


Adam says that he felts like it was a one way street, he says he was never invited out to a dinner or event courtesy of Alison, she should have taken him out after the Amazon link issue and explained her stance/side.

Adam says he would like it if it was social, she wanted the relationship to be that way according to Adam, Adam explains the Christmas party goodbye BB gave to Adam.

Adam says that Alison and Daniel walked right past him without saying goodbye, they chose to leave without saying bye.


Adam says he understands, he is exactly the same way, but what is he supposed to make of all of these events.

Adam wants people to understand the facts of his decision, he’s caved to the pressure and shared his reasons with the audience.

BB nominates this whole segment for Ace Awards 2015 “Most Uncomfortable Moment” and now BB is sharing his conflicted feelings.


BB cites the conversation he had with Alison about her firing after she found out, Adam says he found himself coming home from his most exiting weekend of the year dreading talking about it on his show, he felt unable to bring up the topics he wanted to talk about on air.

Adam has a husband metaphor and now Adam says he sees red when people suggest that he treats his employees like lackeys, Dawson is on mic claiming that he can second 98% of everything he said.

Chris is now on mic and claiming he saw the same stuff and she had a lack of enthusiasm, Gary is now on mic confirming that Adam is giving the honest truth.


Adam is doing a live read

They head to break with Adam plugging his Take a Knee episode with Terry Crews.


They’re back from break with a great moment in local news.

Adam welcomes Anthony to the show, asking him about his subscription model and brings up his controversy regarding his firing.

Adam takes it back to the first time Anthony and Opie were fired with pay, Anthony is now describing the situation, and he tells them about travelling and spending money.


Adam jokes about him being “full blown Foxcatcher” at that point, they’re now riffing about the infamous scene in Boogie Nights with Alfred Molina.

Adam asks Anthony how he got into radio, he tells them about moving from Construction to song parodies.

He shares his misconception that working radio went hand in hand with a big paycheck.


Adam is asking him if them getting fired and being shocking led to their great success, Adam is now bringing up the entrapment topics and questions brought in modern interviews.

Adam wishes they would never ask those questions, Anthony is commenting on the conspiracy theories among fans about them getting fired to line up another deal with a different station.

Anthony is commenting on the lack of ability to shock people via audio, he says that he hosts an HD video show and can put anything he wants on it.


Adam is doing a FXX live read for ‘Man Seeking Woman’ and they’re sharing their love for Jay Baruchel, Adam is forgetting he did Loveline to promote ‘Undeclared’ in 2001


Adam is unable to recall what he knows Jay best from, they wrap up the live read.


Anthony is telling them about his incident in NYC that led to the twitter controversy, he tells them about his unusual sleep schedule for morning radio.

Adam comments on Stern’s modified life schedule and early dinners, he suggest that maybe that commitment is why Howard’s show is still on air and Adam’s morning radio show collapsed.

Anthony is telling them about his assault and now they’re breaking down the events, Adam asks Anthony what he feels like was the most offensive comment.


Adam brings up the form of racism that requires people to bend everything for different people, Adam brings up the “little monkey” Howard Cosell controversy and why he disagrees with it.

Adam ask Anthony how much he feels a slow news cycle was responsible for his firing, He explains that nobody complained, they chose to fire him to nip it in the bud.

Anthony brings up his tweets and how they covered the same content he talks about on air, Adam brings up the conversation they had on Anthony’s show.


Adam says it’s a retarded form of narcissism to announce you’re against super obvious negative things, Adam is mocking the notion of social justice warriors without being aware of it.

Adam asks Anthony if there is any part of him that might go back to radio, Adam says it was a stupid question and has a great “Id kill my mom for 9” one liner after joking about 10 million dollars getting him back into radio.


Adam is now doing a live read for The Critics’ choice Awards.

Adam has a funny Michael Strathairn riff, Gina chimes in with her love of the movie ‘Birdman’ and brings up Jimmy Kimmel telling him that Michael Keaton is apparently a huge Carolla fan, but didn’t specify from what, is he into Loveline?


Adam brings up the story of his contract renegotiation for Loveline in 2005, he tells them about the phone call from Bob regarding his reduced pay.

Adam explains how he told Bob to stop Drew from signing his deal to give Adam some leverage, Adam had to then fire him.


Anthony is now explaining how he views the cast split on his show, Adam is now bringing up the story of why Opie hates Adam.

Adam is now saying he was confused by the retelling from Opie after their brief meeting during Loveline in early 2000’s.

Adam says the story as told by Opie was manufactured out of whole cloth, none of it happened.


Adam is citing the crazy blistering tangent from Opie that you can find on YouTube.

Gina has a solid ‘Rashomon’ reference and Adam brings up speaking with Opie or Anthony after the Hugh Hefner roast in NYC.

The pussy stats of David Spade and Rob Schneider are brought up.


Adam is doing a live read for


Gary has the clip of Opie “exploding” on Adam form the old O&A radio show.

Adam is now discrediting Opie’s claims that he was staring at him through the glass, Anthony says it makes sense because of the Howard connection.

Anthony says that was over the top and Adam explains why he might have asked “what are you doing here?” and Anthony describes a famous scene of Juliette Lewis from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.


They’re now playing more clips of Opie going off, Adam is explaining how he speculated that it might be the Stern connection that caused the rant, Adam brings up Robert Eatman again and the radio meeting with him and Opie.

Adam is mocking the scenario once again, joking about giving Opie the stink eye.



The News

1st Story is on Bill Cosby’s recent comments while on stage, mocking his current accusations and Adam asks if we all like that joke.

Adam is now asking if being removed from a room with a rapist isn’t a good thing after hearing about the heckler who was booted.

Gina play some clips from audience members after the show, Adam is now suggesting a nanny cam to witness his wife try and convince him to protest Bill Cosby.


Adam asks what it would take for the rest of the cast to go protest, Adam says he can’t think of anything.

Adam is now riffing about occupy Wall Street and jokes about shitting in a bucket.

Gina likes Adam’s “lets fuck on this” idea.


2nd Story is on a recent shooting outside of a birthday bash performance by Chris Brown, Adam is now asking if Chris Brown didn’t learn his lesson.

Gina says he might lack the humility to truly feel the weight of his actions and punishment, Adam is commenting on the “but he can move” factor.

Anthony comments on the support Chris received after assaulting Rihanna.


3rd Story is on JK Simmons nomination for ‘whiplash’ and BB addresses Gina commenting on mental illness being sexualized in the movie.

BB now argues that his character is not mentally ill.

Adam is now commenting on the idea of labeling all super loud and abrasive characters mentally ill, Adam suggest she’s internalizing and she reveals she just also saw ‘Gone Girl’ and agrees she might be internalizing things.


Gina reads the remaining nominees and wraps up the news.


Adam plugs the upcoming live shows


Adam is doing an Artic Ease live read

Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.