Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 108

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 108

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The Adam and Drew Show

Guest – Joseph Sorge, director of the new documentary “Divorce Corp”

Recorded 01-08-2014 – Release Date 01-12-2014

Production Number #108

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Adam is opening the show with some quick plugs and director Joseph Sorge making his A&D debut, they’re quickly referencing Adam’s “Fuck Me Money” from #107 recorded immediately prior to this episode.

Adam is asking Joe about his work on the documentary and Drew is explaining why he wanted him to guest on the show today.

Joe is now giving his background and Drew is interrupting to keep him from being too humble.


Adam is asking Joe about his other documentaries, hilarious fake title examples and Drew jumps in with a nice assist.

Adam is asking Joe what motivated him to make this film, he’s sharing that while things went ok for him he witnessed some interactions that left a bad taste in his mouth.

Joe is sharing how his research ended up proving his suspicions regarding the divorce industry in America, he’s explaining what happens to people when getting divorced and the terrible outcomes that emerge.


Adam is explaining that Drew narrated the documentary and is involved that way; Adam is now giving his take on the attorneys who use women and children to make excuses for them lining their own pockets.


Adam is comparing the legal system to the tax code, he’s saying that they like it that way, they don’t want individuals to be able to understand their rights and the system, in order to keep a million people employed doing jobs that aren’t integral to society.

Joe jokes he’s going to go get lunch as Adam is right and doesn’t need him there, nice.

Adam is making perfect sense while exposing the collusion of these attorneys.

Joe is explaining the Scandinavian system for divorce and child support, he’s got some very interesting facts chambered and is sharing them with Adam and Drew.


Adam has a nice J-Lo double reference and he’s asking why anyone’s kid is worth more than any other kid regarding child support while mocking the idea of “growing accustomed” to elements of a lifestyle one no longer has.

Drew is sharing Adam’s theory on the role women’s friends play in the divorce proceedings; Adam is now explaining his theory of “lunch with the cunts”.

Adam is now asking Joe a slightly off topic question from another angle of divorce, Adam is citing Drew’s P whipped status as why he might not be able to agree wholeheartedly.


Adam is sharing his take on affirmative action and while he agrees with the sentiment he doesn’t think it helps, Adam is now citing how a woman is going to get 50% of the income despite her actions as a wife, Adam thinks that this message leads to unhappy households.

Adam is contrasting this to federal employees and their attitude about their employment status vs. someone working a job that is performance based.

Joe agrees with Adam but he’s offering an additional point about women experiencing the unfairness of the system, Adam says “Gooood!” as that will finally bring equality and change to the system.


Adam is joking about nobody feeling bad for wealthy white dudes and how when women start getting cleaned out and treated like garbage they’ll help effect change in the system.

Drew is offering a point about family courts and how they relinquish your constitutional rights for you and can demand you do things that couldn’t be done in an actual court of law.

Adam is now asking Joe about the money, he wants to know what percentage actually goes to the attorneys in comparison to the spouse.


Adam misuses alteration in place of altercation, he’s joking about Drew getting a divorce and his refusal to keep a rolling pin in the house.

Joe is saying the lawyers will take all the money, exceeding 100% if possible.

Joe is sharing how much the average divorce costs in an uncontested divorce vs. contested; he’s got a 15k and 75k minimum figure for both.


Joe is sharing how the judge can play a role in even uncontested divorces by demanding the couple hire an attorney, as Adam points out “one of his buddies”.

Joe has a scary statistic about bankruptcy and its connection to divorce in this country; he’s got a nice hypothetical scenario to spell things out.

Adam just labeled himself a garden variety genius and says he’s knows everything because he knows nothing, his head is not polluted with ideas.


Adam is explaining that he always knows what people mean during confusing interactions as Drew just brought it up.

Adam is now explaining that the law is meant to be fair and favor the victim of a crime not the person who slammed their car into you.

Adam has a nice rich producer analogy showing the difference between wives who put you through law school vs. a young lady who had nothing to do with your income.


Adam wants to know why that’s not factored in like a car accident; Joe is explaining that alimony and child support can be used to pay legal fees, whoa!

Drew is interrupting to bring up the simple changes that could be made to make this system fair for all parties.

Adam has a funny Fidel Castro mural joke to make a point, Joe is now explaining that people have to create a groundswell for reform, Joe is saying he made the film as a positive way to raise awareness instead of taking legal action.


Adam has a hilarious indigenous tribesman joke and Drew is hoping this documentary will shine a light on all tort reform.

Joe explains the system wants this status quo as they can use that to then leech off the provider and even off of the child support.

Adam has a nice what the fuck for the fundraising this means for states, each alimony and child support payment.


Joe has a nice factoid about the amount of child support that’s actually collected, Adam says all these things start off with noble intentions then lead to these traps; he’s citing the school system and incentives for test scores.

They’re doing a live read.


1st Caller Alex, he’s a big fan and has nice intro.

Adam is now explaining his parents’ divorce to Joe with many of the details, their lack of possessions, and his dad’s move to the in-laws house.

Drew is asking if they ever actually got legally divorced, Adam is explaining what eventually happened, hilarious custody battle over Maxipada joke from Ace.


Alex is sharing his dilemma, he’s a world class bartender and has won an award for it, and Adam is now joking about the award, gold!

Maxipada is now on mic to share that it’s actually a huge award in the culinary world; Alex doesn’t like his job and finds it’s taking up his spare time and keeping him from his passion.

Drew is asking Joe about his career transition and Adam has a funny reply, now Adam is explaining that intelligent pursuits are not a waste, even when you switch gears, Adam is kind of lecturing Drew a bit.


Joe has a nice quote about making decisions with your heart and brain, Adam seems to like the sagely wisdom.


2nd Caller James, his gf is on the NuvaRing and he’s concerned about the pregnancy risks, hilarious jokes from Adam about the Nuremburg ring.

Drew is explaining why James semen stings his gf after intercourse; Drew is explaining what modern birth control does to the lining of their vagina.

Drew is recommending episodes 7, 12 and 39 of his podcast with Dr. Goldstein for the best birth control advice.


3rd Caller Jen, she’s dealing with addiction and wants to know why she transitions from to another.

Drew is explaining this is textbook cross addiction; Adam wants to know about “toe tappers” the addict guys he grew up with, like his buddy Chris.

He’s sharing how they go from one substance to another and replace the substances with coffee and tobacco, Adam calls people like Lynette the “Labradors of life” the people who are fair tempered and are not compelled to consume all the substances in front of them.


Drew is bringing up the ADHD connection and possible anxiety disorders that lead to this, Adam says it’s them uncomfortable in their own skin.

Jen is sharing her history with therapy and Drew is giving the classic addiction treatment advice, he’s citing a recent conversation with Mike Catherwood about the importance of peers in recovery, the self-help organizations that are committed to change you the way the organization changed them.


Adam is going off on common sense advice and he’s citing the diet and exercise plans that are made to be overly complex to sell books.

Adam in on a nice hot air balloon analogy contrasting and comparing the gondola to the human body and the energy required to keep you aloft.

Adam is explaining that someone sent him their own “Super-Size Me” and monitored his caloric intake and lost 30lbs in 90 days, unlike Morgan Spurlock’s results in 30.


4th Caller Jared ironically inspired the McDonald’s conversation as pointed out by Dr. Drew.

Jared is telling them about his time in Australia and inability to afford food, his buddies and him chose to subsist off McDonald’s ice cream cones.

Adam is now sharing his argument with Jimmy about clean water and Churros being enough to keep someone alive.


Adam is sharing Drew’s reaction at the time and Drew echoes the same sentiment now, Joe agrees with Adam and they’re stating out could survive on an all churro diet with the proper multivitamin.

They’re now wrapping up the show with the appropriate plugs.