Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 492

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 492

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Cate Shanahan

Recorded 01-05-2017 – Release Date 01-11-2017

Production Number #492 – Cate Shanahan

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Adam welcomes Cate to the show and Drew says he wants to get rid of the subcutaneous fat and the sagging skin of aging.

Cate immediately gets into her work and search for deep nutrition instead of the flashy or more superficial side of nutrition.

Cate is telling them about the Hawaiian people she studied and how she saw that the older patients were healthier than their children and grandkids.


Cate says that about 50-60 years ago, humans changed their way of eating and messed things up, the fear of saturated fat is mostly to blame.

Adam is now mocking the fake butter commercials for margarine he saw as a kid, he says how can fake butter taste more like butter than actual butter and has a killer pussy taste one liner.

Cate is telling them about a study that was done as propaganda by big sugar trying to cover up the actual dangers of sugar.


Cate is now telling them about a bogus study and Adam is trying to get her to not go so deep, he wants to know a good breakfast lunch and dinner, he wants her dream for the country’s breakfast menu.

Cate says she’d like kids to make their own breakfast, she’s telling Adam about how we screw up breakfast and she brings up cortisol and Adam has her clarify further, she gives some easy breakfasts.

Adam asks about raw milk and Cate tells them about trying to buy it, she explains how homogenization process alters milk, Adam is going to get some fresh milk and Drew brings up the worry about diseases.


Adam brings up Vinnie Tortorich, she has done his show a few times and she mentions Filipino soup breakfasts, Adam asks how well they’re doing over there and a funny “you know of Manny Pacquiao” moment takes place, without the time to explain everything that goes into that re: controversy and apology then Manny guesting on the ACS.

Adam is trying to find some easy soup solutions, Adam talks about his wife’s difficulty with preparing two different style of eggs on schooldays, wow!

Cate is talking about rotisserie chicken and the benefit of meat on the bone, she is going heavy on bone broth and the sweet flavor released from bones.


Cate says she recommends milk, nuts and fruit more than the actual oatmeal in your bowl.

Adam says he grew up thinking that vegetables were vegetables and they were all good.

Cate talks about total carb consumption and how she advises people to proceed, Adam talks about Vinnie Tortorich again and his stance on white rice, he’s not that concerned with it.


Cate talks about the known genotoxic effects present in some of these foods due to their processing, Drew says that she could tell him the exact toxicity process and how it effects the genome, unlike most people talking about “toxins.” – Drew saw the 24-hour War discs on the assembly line using edition


Cate brings up the oils in the sauces, dressings and desserts. Cate is going into the dangers of canola oil and how marinated chicken in Canola is the worst. Cate was at a fancy restaurant in Napa and they didn’t have a menu item without canola oil in it.

Adam says the heating of canola weaponizes it and Adam asks if there is a movement afoot to change some of this stuff at fast food restaurants.

Cate says Chick-fil-A uses peanut oil and it’s better than the Canola found at their competitor’s establishments, Drew cites the new data about peanut exposure.


Adam is now mocking his youth and two-a-day practices without water, taking salt pills, he wants to know why everyone was so uneducated about actual health and how to keep people hydrated and healthy.

Cate says gluten can’t suddenly be bad, it’s polyunsaturated fats, seed oils that have never been in our diets before and she shares some details about soy oil and migraines.

Adam is asking her about getting away from seed oil, Cate recalls the bygone era of beef tallow in McDonalds fries.


Adam says that the lies he was told while growing up was that pasta was better than meat, he cites the cult-like information and fudged results to steer people towards bogus science, regardless of the good intentions.

Cate says the food pyramid was never adjusted as it should’ve been after it was proven to not have any benefits, she further blames this one dickhead scientist who fudged his study and Adam plugs her stuff.

Adam plugs his stuff and Drew gets his plugs in before Adam closes out the show.