Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2017 – Duncan MacMillan and Scott Carney

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2017 – Duncan MacMillan and Scott Carney

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Duncan MacMillan and Scott Carney

Recorded 01-10-2017 – Release Date 01-11-2017

Production Number #1984

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Adam opens the show to a funny “2016 on the check’s he writes to his deadbeat family” intro and Adam teases the call from Duncan, BB has Gina’s “Adam’s not that hot…” drop from yesterday as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam talks about how people manufacture fears in light of their other guest Scott Carney and his work, Adam is going in depth on air travel and the fear of the dangers, statistically we know it works and we can just apply that to the rest of our life.

Adam says dudes used to be the keeper of the sane flame, dudes are now chicks as he predicted in his first book and we have two fretting hand wringers, it’s not going to work.


Adam is back to he marker for people with “delicate wiring” ala Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel, he says Ray has the wiring of a seas sponge, he’s not as finely tuned of an instrument.

Adam says Ray is the chest worn washboard of instruments, Adam jokes about the musical element that involves clothes washing based instrumentation, how that came about.

Adam is now going nuts on jetlag and “what time it really is” and he says that the two markers are being affected by time changes and Altitude, if you are affected by time zones or distance from sea level you have delicate wiring.


Adam talks about trying to figure out the new breed of cat in the workforce, he talks about the rain in California and the guys at the other shop who failed to wipe their feet.

Adam says that Brian was on a Thai Food run and he talks about the jumbo welcome mats and his begging of his staff to simply wipe their feet.

Adam says there is no chance of him being their age and having their rich boss begging them and pleading with them to not ruin his floors by not cleaning their feet, there are no more orders, everything is a suggestion.


Society has decided we no longer need generals and Gina says she hears her mom critiquing her for walking with wet feet and Adam jumps into a bit with BB playing clips of his mom asking how she would know anything about etiquette or foot wiping courtesy.

Adam says everything can be turned into a game show with points and a system or one could just wipe their feet, he loses it and yells and it’s hilarious!


Adam says the new school of therapy is telling people to move on and digest the bad behavior of others, Adam is not going to just move on, they need to change.

BB says that that logic applies to family dynamics and personal relationships but the boss and employee relationship is well defined, that power balance.


Zip Recruiter2017 Edition


Adam has Duncan MacMillan on the line, he’s the playwright behind ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ and Adam compliments the production.

Adam talks about the various spinning plates going on in the production, Duncan explains how he got the audience involved and how they worked them into the show itself.

Adam is now sharing how the play starts off with some alarming statistics about suicide, Adam shares the born gay vs. scrambled by abuse “Created in the lab” gay.


Adam asks about people who have no interest in life vs. those who are made suicidal by abuse and tragedies, Duncan is explaining how the play begins and talks about depression and Adam jokes about America having safe spaces and The British people having invented a “stiff upper lip” and Adam says they have a society built on dudes being stoic and not panicking.

They are talking about British men who are very unlikely to share or open up about their depression and the horrors of their daily existence, Adam says the play felt so personal and Adam asks how Duncan was able to summon this kind of emotion and truth without experiencing anything specifically like what happens in the play.

Adam mentions his grandma and how she spoke of her own brother’s suicide, which led to her getting a free house.

Adam asks Duncan to plug the play and Adam says it’s a funny and poignant hour, Adam says the audience all nail it as the setup is so perfectly defined for them, their roles.


Adam invites Duncan to come out and visit the next time he’s in the states and jokes about what time is it over there as Dr. Drew wants to set his body clock.

Gina talks about the people who died from drinking and didn’t get filed away as depression related deaths as they wrap up with Duncan and Adam says you constantly need a track in front of you to avoid the depression of not having gravity pressing down on you in life.


Adam is sharing how he was watching the story of the Menendez brothers and their fabulous lives pre-matricide and patricide of course.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dan, he wants to know how long it took for Adam to get paid doing standup comedy, Adam says he never made money doing standup.

Adam says it was as if he was athletic but his sport hadn’t been invented yet, he was waiting for the comedy version of MMA to be invented.

Adam says standup wasn’t his calling and he did his impersonation of a standup comic, it never fit right and he kept putting it down after limited success, he says radio and fully improvised performing was his actual calling, the business evolved into allowing for more avenues for comedy.


Adam plugs some upcoming live dates and Adam asks what’s going on with Dan, he’s telling them about getting into standup last year, he’s doing open mics and did 5 minutes at Gotham comedy club for his school.

Adam says there is no intellectualizing it, get up on stage and do it, there is no advice to be had.


2nd Caller Adam, he’s curious when Adam is coming to Germany, Adam says he would love to go and wants to know if they could do a show there, Adam asks him what he’s doing there.

Dawson brings up a fan who sets up USO shows they met while in Europe, a rich young dentist which Adam says he knows is code for his actual profession, he saw ‘The Running Man’ and Gina asks about the modern German sentiments towards Semitism.

Adam says she’ll be fine and caller Adam agrees, funny back and forth riffing.


Adam asks about the differences between America and Germany, caller Adam says they actually tell you honestly how they’re doing and they don’t BS like we do here.

Adam asks about Angela Merkel and segues into Brexit and the feelings of young Germans, hilarious dark history of Hasselhoff comedy.

Adam keeps pressing Adam and they eventually move on, Adam jokes about expecting people to be the spokesperson for a whole country or culture.


Life LockAdam is down with the young kids 2017 edition


They are now playing a fan made parody song, themed around wiping techniques. It’s very funny.

BB tells them it’s from Britt Savage and Adam jokes about BB writing the lyrics, no wonder he’s laughing so hard, Adam likes the ambition and compliments BB.
They head to break


They’re back from break with Scott Carney making his ACS debut to a new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ revolving around a stabbing and favorite donuts.

Adam is now asking Scott about his book and he comments on the Gabrielle Reece episode, Scott says he was just on her podcast and Adam complains as he tried to take her up on the hot tub offer.

Scott shares a funny nude playboy anecdote between himself and Gabrielle, Scott talks about human being at the mercy of nature and how evading harsh temperatures might be to our deficit, everyone has the biology to handle different temperature variations.


Adam shares his “no nation builds a good car if they’re too close to the equator” and he shares a statistic he heard about cultures closer to warmth that don’t need to worry about tomorrow and plan ahead, a cultural evolution that never takes place due to never needing to overcome nature.

Adam wants to find the places where the temperature changes the least and he gets to the Defense industry and porn industry of California vs. the automotive industry of Detroit.

Adam jokes about only sleeping on the ground when he’s drunk and Scott talks about temperature fluctuations.


Adam is bringing up Cryotherapy and he wants to know if that factors in to this, Adam asks if there is an emotional component to this as well.

Scott says comfort is making us weak, we need to put ourselves out there and activate the fight or flight response regularly, actual stress tempers you for minor stresses.


Adam jokes about only needing Gabrielle, he doesn’t need Laird to hang around if he comes over to hot tub, hilarious!

Adam brings up his freezing cold pool and he asks how long he should stay immersed, Scott tells him about walking in vs. jumping in.

Adam is making a psychological argument for jumping over walking, each will hurt your balls equally.


Scott says it’s simply overcoming the Fight or Flight response, repressing the shiver response, instead using your metabolism to burn fat and warm you up.

Adam shares his concerns about how recently we’ve changed as a society, it could be dangerous and he comments on Canola Oil and its dangers.

Citing ADS #492 with the guest Doctor talking about the dangers of our recent changes to human biology.


Scott talks about the 1990’s and the bygone eras of Thomas Guides and maps, he says we have outsourced our wayfaring skills to technology and out brains are shrinking.

Scott says using your hippocampus actually grows it in size, Adam is telling Gary to remind him about the peanut allergies for next week.

Adam talks about the weird indicator that peanut allergies were, peanuts wee healthy and now they’re poison, how does that work?


BB shares his concerns about introducing peanuts into his daughter’s food, Adam shares how he wanted to get a spoonful of peanut butter from a friend’s house but he was told they can’t keep it stocked.

Adam mocks the infant helmets and the bogus experts who spread this pseudoscience, Scott brings up Adam’s lackluster bathing habits and his renowned immune system.

Scott says we have made an antiseptic environment and never dealing with pathogens weakens the human immune system and Adam is calling for a class action lawsuit against Procter and Gamble for poisoning the minds of mothers already in fear of their kid’s safety.

Adam says it’s the greatest scam of all time, selling people cream to apply then another cream to remove it and replace it, just mimicking what nature already does, they’ve tricked you into buying your own biological processes back from them.

Ada masks about his exposure to his family’s bug and how he seemingly fought it off, Scott says that’s entirely likely and the shaking and chills was him experiencing his immune system firing up and perhaps he had encountered it earlier or was just too powerful, bought he fought it off.


Dawson gets on mic and shares the details of his splenectomy, he had a very specific condition and he has now taken Adam’s advice to build up his immune system as he always gets sick, first and worst.

Scott talks about autoimmune illnesses and he brings up the Wim Hof method, Scott talks about the various outcomes of this method.

Adam wishes he could take this home and share it with his family who don’t listen to him and continue to lather themselves in junk.


Stamps.comPhilly is going in the cold pool with Adam, he’s down for it edition


Adam has Scott think up some easy and cheap techniques that anyone can access and perform to improve their help, Scott talks about holding his breath for 3 minutes and how he’s learned to control his autonomic responses, he says it’s magical and you can suppress panic even when the body wants to.

Adam asks him for some timelines and has a funny “marvel at how small your junk is” one liner, Adam says his pool must be 50 degrees or so, Scott says he rolls in the snow every day, he says shovels the snow in shorts and BB jokes about his neighbors thinking he’s insane.

Adam asks how much of this is found in his book and he talks about his “Jelly Fish spirit animal” once again, Adam is sharing how he feels when racing vs. how people who don’t race see it.


Adam says he’s been focusing on a relaxed demeanor in an intense environment and he brings up his Bikram Yoga and he jokes about the attire of the other attendees causing the most pain for him.

Scott brings up the ability to master your autonomic biological processes and overcome them, Adam jokes about his family at home with VR goggles on as Adam jumps in the pool like a madman.

Scott and BB are talking about ‘Rocky IV’ and Adam jumps into a live read. BB busts out the “Not Interested!” Carl Weathers on ‘Dancing with The Stars’ drop


Geico – Get outside at some point and face the danger, Carl Weathers is interested edition


Adam says he feels like humans are trying to outsmart themselves and you can’t eat endless fudge and lose weight, you need to adapt and change.

Scott talks about working out and losing a pot belly, he says the body is designed to burn white fat to heat itself, he says being cold is the best way to burn body fat.

Scott says he lost 7 pounds of fat while living in the cold and he gets into brown fat and Adam has a funny Trump joke.


Scott says the body is waiting for you to be cold to consume your white fat, you just need to get cold to lose weight and Adam feels challenged regarding the pool.

Scott offers to come over and jump in the pool with Adam, Adam says he doesn’t need a pool buddy and turns down his offer, bummer!

Adam teases on more thing and gets into another live read.


Adam’s New Spike Show –


Adam asks Scott about eating and diet, he says he has no dietary recommendations other than eat whole foods and make smart choices.

Gina asks about ice water vs. room temperature and the thinking behind it, Scott says he wanted to focus on environment over diet and eating as it’s so well covered by everyone else.

Scott is making a ton of sense and sounds very reasonable, nothing nutty and no bullshit.


Adam pledged to experiment with cold training and he gives out the plugs after joking about dying the pool with his dog who cannot be brought up on charges.

Adam closes out the show, the Red Mangria is back everybody!