Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2016 – Phil Hendrie

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2016 – Phil Hendrie

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Phil Hendrie

Recorded 01-10-2016 – Release Date 01-11-2016

Production Number #1733

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro from Dawson and Lynch, he plugs some upcoming live dates.

Adam is talking about Phil Hendrie and his skillset that left him unsure he could be on radio; he comments on how the radio was his lifeblood every day while working on various jobsites.

BB talks about how radio became Adam’s job goal, Adam has a clip of Phil Hendrie playing two morning radio hosts.


BB and Dawson both weigh in on the clip, Adam talks about yelling at Drew and his limited role on Loveline that was far less demanding that keeping the plates spinning.

Adam brings up a guy named Dave that Phil does that sounds just like a guy he worked on jobsites with, Adam teases his clip from when he called into the show.

They play a clip of Phil playing “Dave” and a heated call with a “listener” and now Adam is moving onto the Latin theme/groove of the later 1970’s and cites ‘El Chicano’ to which BB plays a clip as Adam makes a point about the musical landscape of 1975/76.


Gary has some more ‘El Chicano’ music for them to sample, the “brown eyed soul” genre that Adam is riffing on, he talks about losing his keys.

Adam says he was coming up against it and took Lynette’s car and proclaimed for everyone to make note of the day he lost his keys, to relish it now.

Adam talks about working someone else’s care stereo and misses the days of dual knob decks without so many buttons and inputs.


Adam is doing another lap on the car stereo, he says it was a Bruce Springsteen deep cut blasting from her Tesla, he gets to the new x factor of Phil the puppy and how his keys could’ve been stolen by him.

Adam is sharing his posture that he recommends for all other people, the “you’re not that good” rule of life where you don’t outthink yourself with a hiding spot or password you won’t remember.

Adam explains how Sonny was assisting but kept discovering the wrong keys over and over, Sonny found them in Lynette’s purse and he asked who did it but nobody fessed up.

BB is now weighing in and gets a genuine cackle from Adam after implying this could be nipped in the bud so it never happens again.


BB asks why Sonny had the hunch to look in mommy’s purse, Adam explains it was his clean slate brain that Adam doesn’t possess, too many years of life and assumptions built up.

Adam now plays the 1999 clip of when he called into The Phil Hendrie Show, it wasn’t Bud Dickman, it was RC Collins, this is hilarious and extremely rare radio, previously thought to be lost for all time, wow!

Adam explains he was driving into Loveline, Adam now has them play the ‘Alice’ theme song so they can hear Linda Lavin scat towards the ends of the song, Adam is peppering in some light commentary.


Adam mocks the 1970’s TV sitcom cliché, the single mom with the asshole boss who sexually harasses or intimidates them, he goes specific on the plot of a raise at work and an expensive purchase they have to return.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Bill, he’s calling about the “Rainbow Bridge” story they told the kids regarding Molly’s death, he mentions Gina’s absence and Adam explains it was just a minor scheduling issue, it’ll be remedied.

Adam is now talking about his early love of cars and the gas lines of 1972, how he was bummed that there would never be a time where he could own a car nor have gas to power it.

Adam is citing Bryan and Christie while explaining how his dad is like angry at food, he didn’t care for it, his mom was fat and depressed, and they didn’t care about food.


Adam says BB and his wife aren’t rich but their kids will eat great, they enjoy life, they enjoy food.

BB is now sharing a nice anecdote about his wife and parents, Adam is further describing his hellish upbringing with bummer parents and he jokes about the “your dog’s dead, it was euthanized and put in the ground by a lesbian” alternative he could’ve told the kids.

Adam notes the arrival of Phil Hendrie, again.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


They head to break.


They’re back from break with a great moment in local news, Phil Hendrie is making his ACS debut, and he once guested on the KLSX ACS morning show on April 18th 2006.

He may also have a lost appearance from Adam’s era of Classic Loveline, if so it’s still missing from the archive.

Adam compliments Phil and has a funny comment about him not being appreciated in his lifetime, Phil riffs with him and they get into some of his characters, his old program director and he explains it’s a real guy.

Adam brings up Bobbie Dooley, he compares that bit of her implying she or her kids are better than them as the same nerve he hit while filming a bit for ‘The Man Show’ where he told a guy at a hardware store that an item was too much tool for him.


2nd Caller Adam, he references his past calls and explains who he is, BB plays the “Don’t Care!” drop and Adam the caller brings up the opening 5min of the movie ‘Carrie’ and the full bush nude “plug it up” shower scene.

Phil is now answering the question in character, BB comments that this does sound crazy that Bobbie Dooley is having “bush shaving parties” with teens.

Adam is now pointing out the best move Bobbie has where she interrupts, Phil busts out some Steve her husband, flawless execution.


This is hilarious, Adam is now responding to Bobbie and Steve and the weird Crown Royal non sequitur accusations.

Phil asks what happened to the gunship guy, Adam is now updating them on the red haired girl from the McDonalds commercial, Adam mentions Scott a Jimmy Kimmel Live employee and Nick Santora is also in studio defending himself.

Phil is busting out some Bobbie and Steve and having them weigh in on this matter regarding the girl from the McDonalds commercial, Cousin Sal is now correcting the record and he tells him his lackeys were lying about not having enough juice in their phones to keep looking this up.


Cousin Sal has both names of the actresses in the commercial, was it supposed to be the alter ego asks Adam and he exonerates everyone.

Adam has a killer Duke Lacrosse closing remark, Phil is now asking about the confusing commercial controversy and Adam brings up Ted Bell and his steakhouse.

Phil is busting out some Ted Bell, Adam explains the frequent bit Ted would do on Phil’s radio show.


Adam is now asking Phil about his career in radio, he wants to know about the landscape for jobs in the industry in today’s world.

Phil says they hate talent in radio, Adam explains that Television is talent centric, Radio is a format, they think they’re the New England Patriots and they don’t like stars, he says he talks to Mike August about this all the time.

Adam comments on the end of his time at Loveline and his time doing the KLSX ACS before this podcast, he says everyone hated MTV Loveline he worked with in radio, KROQ hated it.


Adam doesn’t know if this a strategy to inspire loyalty through abuse, he talks about the way they would win syndicated program of the year or another award and it would never seem show up, now trophy case according to BB.

Adam says most of the conversation bordered on insulting and he brings up the infamous 2003 Junior Producer Lauren incident, BB accurately describes Engineer Anderson and Phil is amazed at these stories.

Adam is sharing how his agent James Babydoll Dixon had a rude awakening regarding a jar of peanut butter being requested for the radio station, Phil is laughing it up hearing this and he knows some of these guys.


Adam shares how naive he was when he started in radio, telling the guys to go find some talent at the Improv Theater to find new funny people for air.

Adam eventually realized they didn’t give a shit and would never scout talent, even dirt cheap/free talent living off of ramen.

Adam says he knew he jumped the shark in radio, he cited when he showed up to Loveline in 1995, they were #1 on 91x for a decade and suggested they take his morning show on that same affiliate but was turned down because they wanted local San Diego talent, they moved in guys from Phoenix, Adam is affair when braking down their presumed middling level of talent.


Adam talks about not knowing geography when it comes to entertainment, he cites Seinfeld and Everybody Love Raymond, and how he loved ‘All In The Family’ but still doesn’t know where Queens is, when commuting between NYC and the airport he looks over the bridge to try and find Archie Bunker’s house, wow.

Phil is now complimenting what Adam and Marc Maron have done for Podcasting as a medium and how it has affected radio as an industry and technology, Adam is moving onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live read

Adam talks about his burned up bathrobe, he had to buy a new one online, identity at risk edition


Adam says he bought Phil’s album and gave it to a fan as a gift, he asks him how it works now, he tells Adam about his download sets.

Phil is now riffing on local announcers and Adam talks about the big network announcers vs. the local guys and the lack of opinions or team preferences.

Adam is now talking about current guys, he brings up frequent guest Jay Glazer, and he wants opinions from announcers.


Phil says he used to love listening to Bill King, the local announcer for The Raiders, Adam asks for the infamous clip of Bill telling Madden to get his fatass off the field (get your big butt out of here.)

Phil brings up Chick Hearn and they listen to the famous clip of Bill King, Adam is now comparing this type of annoying work to the modern Day Joe Buck style, he’s doing an impression of oatmeal behind the mic describing what happened.

Phil asks about levels of genius, he talks about Jonathan Winters and how he never had a hit TV show, Adam tells Phil he has that quality too, he’s got the Norm MacDonald syndrome and he comments on the two hemispheres of the brain Albert Einstein on one side, hygiene on the other side.


Adam is saying it’s a weird rare thing where you find a guy like Jimmy Kimmel who has the funny gene as well as crazy work ethic, that’s focused, sober and honed ready to work.

Adam is contrasting it to guys like Artie Lange, Phil says he could give it a shot and Adam says the reason you can’t is that would make you not you, you can’t subtract some qualities and have the same person, it’s not human Jenga.

Adam comments on the reckless abandon and ferocity of the players in the NFL and Adam brings up Pacman jones and his fever pitch of aggression mid game, he’s in another place, doing this life or death thing because we ask him to do it.


Adam is right, Phil talks about the barrel of the gun they put to the head of a performer and how it only increases as time passes, Adam mocks the “Marciano would beat Ali” claims Phil says he heard growing up, Adam says that was just his white friends.

Adam wraps up his evolution of boxing analogy and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read


Adam says the end of the TiVo recording of the game he was watching with his son happened mid pass, Adam says he and his son would have loved to watch that whole end of the game play out in real time.

Phil, BB and Adam are going very specific on the game and Adam wraps up the show with a plug for Phil’s new best of album.

Adam gives out some lives dates and plugs his standup show along with ‘Take a Knee’ and Promescent, he mixes up Leno and Lynette, sad(Adam’s observation.)