Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 203

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 203

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-06-2015 – Release Date 01-11-2015

Production Number #203 – Morbid Curiosity

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Adam opens the 2nd hour with a plug for Take a Knee, Adam asks Drew about his take on New Year’s resolutions, again.

Adam is saying it would be interesting to look into the history of great humans throughout time, do they make resolutions inspired by a holiday.

Adam jokes about Drew having a breakfast with one of the screaming black women from his show with the elaborate headwear, hilarious zebra meat one liner.


Drew is explaining how he executes resolutions in a continuous fashion like Drew is advising, Adam brings up how the holidays bring the end to his eating like a glutton and some housekeeping, literally.

Adam has a funny “work, work, workkkkkkkk” delivery to describe his breakneck schedule shift from lazy holiday time to gotta work mode.

Adam is bringing up the people who accuse him of not being able to shut down his motor and relax, he says it’s quite the contrary. He can shut it all off but chooses to keep that to an exception rather than a regular thing.


Adam asks Drew how important it is to take time off, Drew explains it’s important for the other reasons than people often cite, Drew brings up their trip to the Beef Bowl and they’re explaining the way it works, you don’t really order food like a typical dining experience, instead you choose from only a couple of options.

Adam is now describing the dim bulb waitress and uses his own McDonald’s working experience to explain how repetitive motions lead to special sauce on every bun.

Adam is breaking down Drew’s wife Susan and her “Prime Rib” order after a goblet of wine, Adam is describing her wine order.


Adam has a “I’ll live to drink again” way of viewing a wine list, Adam describes the full drink order that was held up by Susan and Adam says at that point Drew’s wife is having no feelings but Adam would like to climb out of his own asshole, he’s describing the awkward scene as time stood still.

Adam says they were banging against the waitresses rev limiter where she offers to return, Adam apparently yelled at Susan about how she always asks for option c when there is just an A and B.

Adam says he broke down how every encounter with the staff ended with a unique request, breaking the conveyer belt system they have in place.


Adam is now arguing on behalf of Susan, Drew seems very entertained and is now explaining why Adam and his wife see this event so differently.

Adam says he has to explain things to Mike August all the time, he’s not dumb but doesn’t listen so he has to stand him in front of other people and have him listen to them explain what they want.


Drew plugs Calling Out with Susan Pinsky.

Drew is now doing a live read for


Adam is back to not being able to feel other people’s discomfort and Adam is describing the waitress doing a “right to left” shift in place.

Drew brings up Natalia punching Sonny in the face, Adam is now explaining that his daughter is physically strong and aggressive, he says this is worth talking about.

Adam says that his daughter has his core strength, he explains how he uses every part of the buffalo of his limited genetic hand, Adam laments puberty ruining his life and giving life to all of his peers.


Adam explains how he used to be able to wrestle anyone before puberty, Adam is now explaining how his twins varied when being picked up as infants, and Adam says he can feel his daughter’s core when they roughhouse.

Adam says that it’s about engaging all of your body in unison, Drew says he’s the exact opposite and Adam says that plays into his theory about guys who hit the hardest and are the best golfers, they don’t have the biggest guns, and they do a whipping motion.

Adam is now bringing up the Tommy Hearns vs. Roberto Duran fight and Drew is bringing up how Adam used to give him boxing lessons on their heavy bag in the MTV Loveline dressing room.


Chris brings up getting hit last year, Adam is now doing live commentary on the footage and explaining how rare it was for someone to hurt Roberto that way.

Adam is commenting on Tommy’s super skinny arms and how he was able to generate such power, Adam brings up Tommy’s two nicknames.


Drew and Adam are now doing a new live read for Creamo


Adam is now welcoming Hunter to the show, Drew has him explain how Hunter interviewed both of them freelance for ‘Forbes’ and Adam is unclear on the policy of Forbes and freelance writers.

Adam is explaining why Hunter is now joining them, Adam has a killer ‘Gatherer’ joke and Drew wants Hunter to explain why he’s a superfan.

Hunter is now asking them about the Paul Newman doc and Adam’s car collection, Adam gives an update on the movie.


Hunter asks him about doing a profile on him when the movie release is upon us, Adam is bringing up the Monterey Historic race footage from last year.

Adam is telling Gary to pull up the footage, Adam is telling Hunter about many of his cars are basket cases and Adam says that in the future we’ll look back at the insanity that Nissan and other companies aren’t preserving their racing legacy.

Adam says it is a cool story as Hunter insists, but it’s one that nobody gives a shit about.


Drew brings up his mom’s reaction to hearing about Adam’s Newman doc.

Adam is now doing some more live commentary over his race footage and explaining the sounds to Drew and Hunter.

Hunter wants to know how he found this podcast, he’s telling them about how he first heard the show, he brings up the bit ‘Who the F Sells This Shit’ and the gay code hidden in many of the ads, that Adam commented on.


Adam is now pontificating and using Mr. Birchum’s success to explain the nature of comedy, he says it was universal experience to have a shitty shop teacher but hadn’t been done on SNL or in many comedy premises.

Hunter is unfamiliar with Loveline and mentions he went to see Adam live at Caroline’s last year, Adam is taking Hunter’s compliments and says he met with his friend Gary the radio consultant.

Adam says Gary told him he’s an artist, he explains how his early obsession with drawing and art was washed away by sports and building, Adam is explaining he still didn’t synthesize the artistic portion of his person, he was a victim of his own pigeonholing, assuming he couldn’t be an artist because he likes cars.


Hunter mixes up the famous anal sex imitation advice given on classic Loveline, Hunter mixes up the exact quote and Adam recalls Alec Baldwin calling him about that line.

Adam is now explaining how he figured out how to arrange his race cars to fit two in the same trailer, he says the first part was picturing what was needed to make it work.

Adam says the same thing is true of his anal sex analogies, he starts with a picture.


Adam is now explaining how bananas Steve McQueen memorabilia when it comes to dollar value, Adam is now using Paul Newman’s actual achievements over the years in comparison to the stuff Steve did on film.

Adam is now trying to figure out the steeping period for memorabilia, he brings up Steve’s death and how nobody was interested in shit around 2000.

Hunter is asking if they have time for another question.


1st Caller Jimmy tells them about immigrating to the US and how Loveline shaped him as a young man, Adam wraps up with Jimmy and gives out a plug for Hunter’s twitter account.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.