Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2013 – Rhea Seehorn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/11/2013 – Rhea Seehorn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-07-2013 – Release Date 01-11-2013

Adam is opening the show with a tease for his upcoming race in the “scary” fire shooting Paul Newman car, Alison is asking Adam if he’s nervous and he’s explaining the only part he’s worried about is his lap time.

BB is asking Adam how he knows if it’s even Paul’s car after years of service and repairs, Adam is now citing an example from Penn Jillette and explaining why he knows his car is what it is, very interesting.

BB has a follow up question about car value and now Adam is explaining that there is a Ferrari like the one in “Ferris Bueller’s Day off” going up for auction to further explain his point. He’s now citing the car detective work that’s done and all the obscure details one can find out about a car.

Adam is explaining why he calls it “The Rich White Guy Race” and now Alison is chiming and Adam is further elaborating on how these events work and how surprisingly friendly everyone is that participates.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st Caller Margaret, she wants to know if Adam can complain about “Rainbows in the sky” Adam has a hilarious reply and now he’s riffing on a recent trip to San Francisco where he missed a very elusive double rainbow.

2nd Caller Fry wants to know how Adam can complain about “royalty checks” and now Adam is explaining that all his important mail goes to his money guy so he never even sees them. Adam is now citing the Kevin Smith example from last year, Alison has a very funny quip in response and now Adam is going in depth on the telepictures deal.

Adam is now riffing about dodging a 500k$ bullet, wow!

3rd Caller Sachron, Adam is having trouble with his name and now riffing about the cybertron esque origin of his name. He wants to know if Adam can complain about a CNC mill like Leno uses to make custom parts for his old timey cars.

Adam is now riffing on how he can’t read owner/instruction manuals, even for cars that cost over 100k, very interesting insights.

Adam and Alison are now bonding over their mutual inability to read an owner’s manual, Adam is now giving an example about HDTV sets and the various “motion blur”, FPS and HZ settings for picture quality, very interesting to hear this from Adam of all people.

4th Caller Dan wants to know if Adam can complain about buck slips and post it notes. Adam has a funny idea up top and now he’s launching into an ancient rant about “people” who refuse to write things down despite constantly fucking up.

Adam is now exploring the dark side of the “post it” note and all the various intrusive negativity it exposes people to that wouldn’t come up without the note being on display.

5th Caller Hammed, Adam has some funny “Hammed” comedy with BB. Hammed is thanking the guys for all the shows at Cobbs last month. Hammed does not think Adam can complain about Super bowl parties.

Adam is now riffing on hiring “The Sandman” from the Apollo Theater to clear people out from in front of the TV during a super bowl party, very funny riff about throwing bottles, hilarious!


Adam is welcoming Rhea to the show as they return from break, he’s telling her how the whole gang likes all the cast members from “Whitney” who’ve been on the ACS.

Rhea is now telling Adam not to worry about his name confusion and now they’re breaking down the Starbucks ordering process, Adam is riffing about the problems of Leonardo Dicaprio, gold!

Rhea is now telling the gang about moving around as a kid, her dad was employed by the govt to catch spies and “turncoats”, hilarious NCIS riff from Adam.

Rhea is now telling the gang about growing up with her parents, hilarious observations about her dad and Adam is chiming in with a funny riff about his discipline techniques, very funny one liner from BB too!

Adam is now riffing on the techniques used to torture men vs. women, he’s using technicalities to describe “a ton of sex” vs. “having your toenails removed with needle nosed pliers” wow!

This is gold, Alison is chiming in with some great observations, Adam is further explaining his point, and it’s kind of sound and definitely hilarious.

Awesome “Henchmen” comedy from Adam, he’s now declaring that he will prove his point right now, he’s calling for the control room to pull up some clips of the nemesis from “Road House” to further make a point.

Adam is now breaking down where the term “henchmen” comes from, Adam is bringing up how we still have “posses” and Alison has a funny comment about the first time she heard “posse”.

Adam is now further exploring the life of a “henchman” and the various parts of the duties that would be enjoyable vs. those you might want to avoid. Rhea is now asking a very funny question about henchmen having to explain things to their girlfriends.

Adam is now jumping in and doing an improv as a henchman talking to his lady, gold!


They’re back to Rhea’s dad and he’s asking her if he had a plan for her future, she’s now telling Adam about her dad’s artistic passion. She’s telling him about drawings she has that he did during the Tet offensive.

Adam is now on a hilarious riff about his own dad and his talk of his service during Vietnam, Rhea seems to be loving it and BB is chiming in a bit, amazing quotes! Alison has another word mix up that Rhea also mixed up.

Adam is now back to the henchmen and what they must do if the women are feeling “not so fresh” Alison and Rhea are chiming in and this is gold, Adam is now taking it a step further, whoa!

BB just jumped in and now led them down an even funnier path, Adam is riffing about a closeted gay henchman trying to avoid being discovered, Alison is joining him and helping the bit, this is so great!

Bryan is now in full game on mode and really assisting Adam as he has this amazing freeform in character riff as “The Closeted Gay Henchman”, Adam is now riffing about raping men to amplify his general rape skills.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about “Men’s Health” releasing their 100 hottest women of 2013 list. Adam is now weighing in on Jennifer Anniston and why she shouldn’t be on these lists.

Alison is reading off the rest of the top 5, including Mila Kunis who Adam is now being forced to give his take on again. Alison has a funny callback and Adam’s reply might be the funniest delivery of anything this episode, nice work Alison!

Alison just mentioned Katy Perry and now Adam is riffing on her look that says “I’m thinking about something stupid”, awesome quotes and some love for Mila to balance things out, Adam is now using Ray as an example to further explain his point.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Patrick Dempsey winning the “Tully’s coffee” name and franchise at auction.

Adam is now riffing about P. Demps doing for coffee what P.Diddy did for Vodka, BB, Alison and Rhea all seem to be loving this, good stuff!


Adam is doing a live read and now Alison is wrapping her news. Adam is explaining his take on the hot chick lists and now demands to know who in his employment has beat off to Jennifer Aniston.

Adam is now “polling” his staff and Chris Maxipada is on mic, Adam is interrogating him about his Jennifer Aniston love, he’s being coy but Gary just chimed in off mic and confirmed Adam’s question for him, hilarious!