Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2017 – David Bianculli and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2017 – David Bianculli and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Bianculli and Jo Koy

Recorded 01-09-2017 – Release Date 01-10-2017

Production Number #1983

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Adam opens the show with a funny “NPR/Nonremovable pins” intro and he welcomes BB and Gina to the show, BB has a “Everybody Poops” #TopDrop from Matt Fondiler?

Adam welcomes Jo Koy back to the show for his first appearance of 2017, BB mocks Bung Lu Su for never delivering when he guests on the show.

Adam is now going over the football picks, Gina did very well and Adam says he liked the money-line bet for Seattle but he didn’t see Cousin Sal before the game so he missed the chance to gamble.


Gina is now giving the details of what she picked for the various games, BB says he chose a bet for the sake of the bit, Adam is now telling him to stand by his pick and not try and weasel out of his bad selection.

Jo says Gian took the game and Adam is correcting him, Jo says he made sense and clarifies his statement.

BB and Adam both share the various picks and recommendations they gave to Gina, she won on her morning show in Los Angeles and thanks them for the advice.


BB plugs an upcoming “Beat Bald Bryan” competition on Bet DSI and Adam shares his “What do I even need a job for” reaction to his gambling picks, he was a gambling wizard until the following day where he needed to blow guys to buy food for his kids.

Jo has a great blowjob from a wizard joke and BB says he’s felt Adam’s sentiment many times, he knows that siren song very well.

Adam is bringing up Brexit and the predictions about the doom and gloom for the UK and how they finished the year with their highest ever financial market.


Adam is now reacting to the ‘Trans-Air’ poster that a fan sent in and Adam is now talking about getting gender reassignment surgery while in prison to transfer to an all-female prison, he is setting up the idea and uses bogus service/emotional support animals and his predictions from 7 years ago, to make a point about the flood gates getting opened and how he always spots these trends early.

“a dog can’t provide therapy!” – Adam unknowingly pitching the next ‘Air Bud’ movie where Bud has to tackle his greatest challenge, healing the fatherless child who took him in


Adam now ads a pre-op special operative, Alec Baldwin as Brexit Romero and Gary is on mic again talking about the twitter account a fan created in response.


SimpliSafe – Holiday sale extended into the new year, built by a Harvard engineer edition


Adam gets to the Golden Globes and how he feels badly for Meryl Streep for devoting her lifetime achievement speech to shit on Donald Trump, Adam says it’s insanely narcissistic for her to choose to talk politics when we asked her to talk about herself.

Adam says they showed a close-up of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn and he knows their politics, he jokes about Vince Vaughan tearing Barack Obama a new asshole and how offended everyone would be.

Adam says he likes when Steve Carell gets on stage and makes everyone laugh.


Gina reads Trump’s twitter reaction and Adam breaks down his schoolyard retort, you can’t start with overrated especially for her.

Gary is on mic and telling Adam about Dana White and MMA, Gina explains the MMA element of her speech and Adam reminds him they talked about his off air.

Adam says when Meryl set up her “performance of the year” comment most of the people in the audience thought she might mention them, they’re that narcissistic, even some of the caterers were hoping it could be them.


Gina plays the clip of Meryl blowing hard, Adam says as he told Lynette whose mother was a black belt and knows of the work that goes into marital arts and learning to fight MMA.

Adam comments on the people who are qualified to act in a movie vs. who can defeat the best of the best in an MMA cage, it’s thousands of actors vs. single digits of fighters, it’s a much more enormous feat than she gave it credit.

Gina comments on the thoughtful reply from the C.E.O. of Bellator MMA.


Adam asks that after 4 years of Trump and nobody gets rounded up if we can’t just shut up about this stuff that’s pure fantasy doom and gloom.

Jo, BB and Gina all have funny comments about that 4-year timeline Adam just mentioned.


BB and Gina both weigh in and they further go over her speech, Adam goes right into a new Bung Lu Su song, with “Have You Seen Her” by ‘The Chi-Lights’ again, Bung is critiquing the song and mocking the lead singer, creepy guy!

Jo is crushing this and Adam is now busting out his new button and doing the producer character from the booth, the audio effect is nice but it does step on his comedy slightly, like listening to him through a tin can.

Adam and Bung are doing another back and forth, hilarious!


Bung Lu Su is stuck on diabetes and explains his cultures version of “have you seen her” and Adam is telling him not to say “the shit lights” and to let the lead singer introduce them before he jumps in.

“little to no talk about diabetes” – Adam the producer

Hilarious kid’s cigarette break riff.


Funny lonely mispronunciation a back and forth, Bung is now asking his motivation for this song, Adam says she’s still alive and it’s not about smelling her corpse.

Bung is now addressing the singer who stepped on him, Adam has a funny “Larry a founding member of the Chi-Lights” reply and mentions the producer of ‘The Floaters’ who had warned him about working with Bung, Adam is playing two different producer characters?

Adam wraps up the song and Adam says he misses talk up in songs, Jo references the band ‘Blackstreet’ and he’s making Gina get into it, funny back and forth from both of them.


Jo is now doing the black R&B thing and crushing it with his vocal inflection and singing, Adam asks who has more range than Jo, he’s alternating between singing and whispering, Adam is now telling Gary to write down ‘Boyz II Men’ for next time.

Jo says it’s a BYOP, bring your own panties show, Adam pronounces Jo’s name correctly and they wrap up before break.

Adam teases their guest and they head into break.


They’re back form break with David Bianculli making his ACS debut to a listener voicemail of a kid who accidentally called into the Adam Carolla Show, hilarious!


Adam goes over David’s long running career and he gets right into the new era of great TV, they all shit on the bad programming of the 1970’s.

Adam says he hates the architecture and TV of his youth, he doesn’t have a nostalgic yummy phase for crap.

David is talking about the various culminations of events that has led to this new era of TV, Adam talks about art by committee and how it never works.


David says ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ was the beginning of the Platinum Era of Television, he credits that to Grant Tinker and they all weighing in as well.

Adam says that humans are wired for insane swings in what is demanded of them, he is making a point about complacency and how the pie being divided up to such small slices is that it now requires more work and demands better of those who create to get the eyeballs they so desperately seek.

Adam is now making a point about ‘The Cosby Show’ and David has some great wisdom about how kids don’t want to laugh at the Cosby show, Adam is now predicting that there must be some ambiguous incidents that lead the viewer to infer drugging and rape.


Adam has some hilarious examples of how weird it could get, Gina brings up Cliff Huxtable’s annexed office attached to his home, Gina said “gynecology office in his basement” and David shares a great tidbit form a discussion with a student about the movie ‘The Graduate’ and how they both see the movie through different lenses.

Adam mentions his lack of familiarity with many of the shows that were up for Golden Globe awards, David swears by the new ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix, he says it’s safe for kids as young as age 5.

Adam talks about SNL and David says he’s seen every SNL and he reveals he made a vow as the show kind of got him a career, David gives is take on people’s favorite SNL cast and Adam is asking for a top 9 all-star team of former cast members.


They’re singing the praised of Dan Aykroyd and Phil Hartman, Adam shares how he was never attracted to Jane Curtain despite her incredible beauty, she was traditionally very attractive but because she was in a comedy troupe he never saw her as a sexual object.

Adam is making a point about men and women and what turns them on, everyone on the Love Boat or Charlie’s Angels were fair game but funny women were something more/different.

David asks for some early TV crushes, Gina mentions Richard Grieco much to the delight of David and Adam says he liked Cheryl Ladd, BB asks David for his Mount Rushmore of TV.


David gives his personal list of top 3 shows, including Rocky and Bullwinkle and the original Singing Detective from the BBC.

David drops some wisdom about ‘Twin Peaks’ and its limited amount of quality stuffed into too many episodes, 30% great at its best.

Adam brings up ‘Police Squad’ and David counters with ‘Angie Tribeca’ and compares it favorably to the Naked Gun launching pad.


Adam doesn’t get the economics of these shows, he brings up ‘The Crown’ and ‘Atlanta’ and David compares a golden globe to a “Hobie” and Adam recalls that’s the name of David Hasselhoff’s character Mitch Buchannan’s son Hobie Buchanan played by Jeremy Jackson.

David said he taught next to the guy who created ‘Baywatch’ and jokes about teaching next to him slow motion to fuck with him.

Adam is now going off on Hobie Cat water craft and how they taunted him in his youth, so common yet so far out of reach, much like everything else on TV that his family wasn’t engaged in and could/would never get to experience.


BB asks about The Man Show and David thinks he was fine with it, BB brings up Tom Shales and David shares a great anecdote about the man before knocking his appearance.

BB and Adam both are struggling to recall the horrendous Tom Shales review that has been stricken from the internet and even the Washington Post archives.

Adam is addressing the “smugly preening” Dr. Drew line and Adam drops a funny “let momma finish her ice cream” line while advocating for the Menendez boys not to execute their mother too.


Adam asks about other comedians and why his looks were so scrutinized, Adam shares his theory about Tom Shales having a crush on him and how he arrived at that conclusion.


Adam thinks if he met Tom he could get a BJ from him and he would order room service too.


True CarAdam loves him some true car, new or used 2017 Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on some of the winners of the Golden Globes and Adam tells Gina about trying to finish ‘Moonlight’ and BB goes in depth on ‘La La Land’ and Adam asks how Ben Affleck is with his younger brother Casey Affleck.

Gina brings up The Accountant and BB scoffs at it, Adam says Casey’s manbun is not working for him and he says that Casey getting on the map could be enough to get Ben pissed.

She highlights some of the funny on stage appearances, they play the Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn bit.


Adam says he likes Amy Schumer’s sister from the Old Navy commercials, Gary gets on mic to inform Gina she was thinking of the movie ‘Snatch’ and Adam further sings the praises of Amy’s sister.

Gina plays the clip of Matt Damon mocking his win for best actor in a comedy last year, Adam says he needs to re-watch ‘The Martian’ and he cites the previous year’s “I woke up in Phoenix this morning” incident where he passed out jet lagged and drunk at Phil Rosenthal’s house.

Adam is covering all of the events and reveals even more than he did last year, The for Crying Out Loud after the incident revealed even more!


Adam is now having Gary play a different Old Navy commercial with Amy and her actual sister, Gina agrees that must be her actual sister.


Life LockAdam bought deodorant online, he’s officially jumped the shark edition


2nd Story is on Phil Rosenthal’s PBS show moving to Netflix, they play his announcement video that he shared on social media, Gina and Adam both are very enthusiastic about ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’ moving to Netflix, David agrees and Adam pitches a “Frontier Gynecologist” show that he quickly tweaks to complete his metaphor for modern day show business and entertainment.

Adam says this is Phil doing what he’s passionate about and he can now just move his product to a new platform, it’s a spiritual and philosophical win for Phil.

David sings the praises of Phil and his show, Adam says the only bad part is when he’s at home eating garbage and watching Phil eating the best stuff on earth.


Adam shares Phil’s “Let’s Eat!” email reply to his congratulatory email.


3rd Story is on the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds documentary ‘Bright Lights’ which both Adam and Gina saw and they go deep on the details of it.

They go in depth on Carrie’s love of Coca Cola and Gina shares some inside info about not getting the part of her voice double and what she was told about what Carrie did to her voice with cigarettes and coke and the soda too.

Adam is saying she always had a cigarette or a can of soda, she needed to pick one vice, not the immature vice of soda and the adult vice of cigarettes.


Adam is going in depth on Eddie Fisher, his feelings about his narcissistic traits and abandonment of his family, he didn’t deserve forgiveness nor to be told he was a great dad.

Adam says it was his last selfish act to demand Carrie come in and tell him all the things he wasn’t were true, Adam says why not just say he won the Heisman Trophy.

Gina plays a clip from the trailer of Debbie and Carrie showcasing their rapport, Adam says that Carrie was a grown woman when she was in Star Wars, despite only being about 8 years older than him at the time.


BB closes the news to Gina’s “Adam’s not that hot, he’s not that interesting” line when she was thinking out loud as Tom Shales during the earlier discussion.


Adam gives a plug for Renovation Disasters and teases that Mike August is working on getting Norm Macdonald for an upcoming live ACS.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show with ap lug for David’s latest book ‘The Platinum Age of Television’ and they close out the show to Jo Koy’s “panties” drop from his black 90’s R&B riff during the first half of the show.