Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 300

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 300

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Mel Rodriguez

Recorded 01-05-2016 – Release Date 01-10-2016

Production Number #300 – Mel Rodriguez

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Adam opens the show with Mel making his ADS debut, Adam has him pull his mic up to his soup cooler, he plugs his movie ‘Fat’ which is available on demand and VOD.

Adam is talking about the way food addiction can creep up on you and how the holidays only encourage out of control eating and weight gain.

Adam talks about growing up around food, having energy around food and not wanting to waste it.


Adam talks about his son sick on the toilet, asking for someone to come in there and he jokes about sending in a hobo before going in himself.

Adam talks about the suspicion that Sonny got salmonella from the Chipotle they ordered over the break, Adam took the excess meat and beans and put it at the other shop, he’s been living off of it for a week, poor Adam.

Drew brings up Mel’s boxing history and Adam is now riffing about teaching troubled kids how to more effectively throw punches and assault people, Mel cracks up.


Mel is telling them about his up and down battle with weight his whole life, he tells them about his buddy who got really sick and he cites the movie ‘Fatso’ with Dom DeLuise.

Adam is mocking the commercials for things like Little Caesars Pizza and he says it’s unfair in a weird way, he comments on how Toyota’s can’t sway him when he’s got a Jaguar in the driveway.

Adam comments on the cost of homes and food, he brings up the McDonalds dollar menu and Drew asks what we are actually dealing with when it comes to food uncertainty.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

Drew is singing the praises of ‘Last Man on Earth’ and he comments on the persistence of fat guy jokes, Chris is chiming in and gives the show a plug.

Adam talks about his dilemma of having two kids with a high metabolism who eat whatever they want and his wife and her ability to consume endless calories and not gain weight.

Adam shares his desire for one In and Out burger to eat and another to shove up his ass, funny reaction form Mel.


Adam is mocking people who forget to eat lunch and Drew brings up Will Forte and the Will Ferrell cameo on the show.

Drew marvels at two guys named Will both being big in comedy, Adam appropriately mocks him.

Adam is asking Mel about coming up and his journey, he argues against people voting for people with a name that sound familiar and Mel tells them about his graffiti and how he got in trouble for doing it.


Mel tells them about getting into Drama to meet women, Adam shares an anecdote of ‘potent storm of you getting your dick sucked” as told to him by the late Philip the Juggler.

“And now a competition breaks out, who is going to get their lips on that cock first!?”

Adam is joking about having a cock out in front of a McCaw parrot, no thank you!

Hilarious riff about your dick being exposed to a bird.


Mel is telling them about working with Pedro from ‘The Real World: San Francisco’ and how he started in theater.

Drew says he noticed that Mel was a real actor on the show, he didn’t think of him as a comedian but as a real guy.

Adam talks about Vince Vaugh in ‘Wedding Crashers’ and his huge performance that also strikes viewers as real.


Adam is talking about being hit up for a screener of ‘Winning the Racing Life of Paul Newman’ for a big name guest star on season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ and Adam speculates who it might be.

Ray is the name of the guy who guest starred on the show, it was 3-4 months ago and Adam says he wouldn’t have opened his mouth if he got a fruit basket or something.

Drew is asking Mel about his various roles in various plays.


Adam does a Live Read


Adam is asking Mel about his daughter and he asks him about the ear piercings on baby girls in the Hispanic communities, Adam tells Drew it’s not training for the plugs as he jokes.

Adam is sharing the “mama” calls that Olga used for Natalia, he asked her to stop and thinks it send a bad message.

Adam brings up the tiaras worn by little black girls and the rolling memorials for dead Hispanic men, Adam jokes about whitey doing the “died young” math and presuming all kinds of negative things.


Adam is now willing to give up truck nuts and Calvin peeing on things for them to get rid of the rolling memorials, Drew suggests throwing in mud flaps and Adam jumps down his throat saying it’s a bridge too far.

Adam is telling Mel to back off the mud flaps.

Adam is now asking for the Brahma Bull decal, he’s riffing about it being a symbol of prosperity and he has a funny twist on what our symbols of prosperity entail, not beat up pickup trucks.

Adam and the guys are talking about the Sinatra special that aired on HBO.


Adam is now riffing about how guys used to roll back in the day, Mel is well versed in all of this too.

Adam is commenting on how California Divorce laws have curbed this behavior, Adam suggests we’ve swung too far and comments on unions and pensions that bankrupt cities.

Adam is back to the decal and trying to get Gary to find it.


1st Caller Ram, he’s telling them about his wife’s decision to get divorced and Drew steps in to explain the therapist’s role with the counseling in this situation.

Adam asks him about their kids, he explains they both cheated and Adam tells him to think about the kids first, Adam is back to the decal and Adam is being fair to Gary, Adam says if you were another bull you would try to fuck this decal, it’s not a cartoon.

Adam finds an acceptable picture and Gary nails it right as Adam is wrapping up the show, hilarious riffing from Adam and he gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.