Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2014 – Eddie Pappani and Josh Gardner, Live at the American Comedy Co.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2014 – Eddie Pappani and Josh Gardner, Live at the American Comedy Co.

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Eddie Pappani and Josh Gardner, Live at the American Comedy Co.

Recorded 12-18-2013 – Release Date 01-10-2014

Production Number #1231

Show Page

Adam is opening the first live show from San Diego by complaining about the ride down to San Diego and the slap in the face of no traffic after he added time to his commute for it.

Alison is sharing her experience in the car and the effect on her bladder; I was actually interviewing Adam during said car ride.

Adam is joking about Tijuana with Eddie and the motorcycle cops in TJ that demonstrate the lawlessness of their culture.


Hilarious observation from BB about Adam’s worse usage when describing the wheelie cops.

Adam is telling Eddie about his trips to Margaritas Village and the move they pull there with the whistle that would be illegal in any other state.

BB is weighing in on the booze assault and Adam is now riffing on prison outfits, old timey outfits = delightful, new timey = fucking scary.


Adam is further describing the events and Alison says it sounds awful and BB is jumping in as someone else who has experienced it, Alison has some further questions about the experience.

Adam has a great Dr. Drew sitting across the table from the founder of M.A.D.D., hilarious word usage and a great chiropractor saying relax analogy.

Adam is now joking about the guest Eddie’s proctologist reply and Alison’s finger concern topper, Adam is now riffing out the joke and takes it in a way nobody expected.


Adam is telling the gang about his treks to “The Unicorn” and underground establishment and he’s sharing that “Margaritas Village” is where he actually vomited into the Ice Machine.

Adam is now trying to conjure a name, the man who came up with the restaurant grading system for California, a local news guy.

Adam thinks its Grover or Joel something, he’s back to the Ice Maker story and Eddie wants to know why there wasn’t a better place. Adam is describing the scene in incredible detail; this might be the most ever told.


Adam is mocking the construction of Tijuana and the attempts to modify it with things like mattresses as wall/ceiling padding.

Adam is now telling the gang about the one eye drunk level he was at when he was approached by an oncoming cop, he’s getting to the painful wake up with the cops nightstick.

Adam is really going in depth.


Adam is now telling them about sleeping on the beach in TJ and how that would typically occur; he’s probably going to tell the sideways dog wake up, yep, gold!

Adam is describing the dogs and Eddie is still in the mix peppering in some nice attempts, doing great for a radio guy.

Adam has a funny giant cockroach anecdote, BB takes it to the farcical and Adam is keeping it grounded in reality, Eddie gets him to break and riff it as joke scenario.


BB has a killer “she wrote off the trip” joke about Adam’s former stripper gf Lindsey who was with him on the cockroach on the strip club stage story.

Adam is telling the gang about his search for the infamous Donkey Shows, Adam has a killer reply to Alison’s question about people’s reaction to his queries, this is great!

“Oh finally miniature gum from Mexico” – Adam on Chiclets sales in Mexico, Adam is killing this riff!


Adam is joking about the ceramic ET’s wearing Prussian helmets; he’s riffing about his wife expecting him to bring it home to the kids.

Adam is telling them about sleeping in San Diego state dorm rooms, with his Aztec buddies.

Adam is really giving his best on this, he’s joking about the insurance him and his friends refused upon entry to Mexico.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia

1st Description “a ruthless TV network chief meets…”

Adam is burned and thought they were using a theme for San Diego based movies

2nd Description “A curmudgeon living atop…”

3rd Description “when their plans for a holiday getaway fall apart”

4th Description “in the 1940’s…”

5th Description “Former Army buddies put on a show with a sister act to save their…”

6th Description “The Griswolds…”

7th Description “When a Man inadvertently kills Santa…”

8th Description “A father decides to dream the impossible to get a Turbo man…”

9th Description “The Pumpkin King…”

10th Description “A Con Man and his partner…”

11th Description “6 years after their last adventure the infamous stoners…”

12th Description “2 neighbors…”

13th Description “A lonely obnoxious young millionaire pays a family…”


Whoa, one of the most intense and fun rounds of the game to date, Great showings from everyone, especially Lynch and Dawson.

Adam is thanking Eddie for joining them and wrapping up with him, I like this format with the radio guys much better, 15-30min up top then another guest.


Adam is now welcoming Josh Gardener to the show to perform some live music, he’s playing it very straight with his banter up top, Alison is trying to help him get started, and Adam is joking about his comedic hesitation.

Josh is talking at the top of the song and now launching into “FUCK MY PUSSY TONIGHT” which you can obtain off his first album on ITunes and via the Carolla Amazon link.

Adam is now talking up Josh’s 2nd song of the evening “We Can Make It Work”.


Josh is closing it out with “Mr. Stinkfinger” the title of his first album; you can get all 3 of these tracks off of that album.

Alison just alerted Adam to some wine or blood on his face, Adam is responding to a paramedic in the audience; Adam says what’s worse a sober guy or a shitfaced paramedic.

Adam is now joking about the paramedic and his CPR dummy.


Adam is now lamenting the modern blades for men’s shaving and how 6 blades prevents him from being able to shave between his nose and lip, rendering him and all men to grow out the Hitler mustache.

Adam is now mocking the makeup ladies who are missing key elements of their kit and can’t cut hair nor carry the Styptic Pencil.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new security measures for this year’s Super bowl, no taxies nor drop offs will be allowed in addition to no tailgating.

Adam is joking about the roman numerals in the Super Bowl and Alison’s opening joke, Adam is now saying someone needs to bite the bullet and drop the roman numerals in the NFL.

Adam has a hilarious “eventually it’s going to spell out fuck or cunt or something” idea.


Adam is now saying it’s time to move on and stop looking up to the Romans as a people, Alison wants to know if any of the guys have been to the Super Bowl, seemingly forgetting about Adam’s numerous stories and references.

Adam is now explaining his observations when he attended the game in New Orleans and BB is helping him flesh it out, the Patriots fans running around town looking for Rams fans to make fun of.

Adam has a solid Elton John joke.


2nd Story is on the performers who have canceled their performances at SeaWorld in Orlando after the release of “Blackfish”.

Adam has a funny NFL player name joke and Alison is asking Josh if he’s seen the movie.

Adam says it’s an unfair documentary and is describing why, Alison has a solid “Faith No More” music video reference, gold!


Adam is now joking about slow Mo footage of him pushing Molly into the pool and how if anyone saw it they would want him locked up.

Adam says he’s down with the idea and agrees these animals are majestic but does have a counter example along with a joke, Adam says he’s going to go home and scream at his daughter that she’ll never be a veterinarian.

Adam is updating Alison on Natalia’s loom obsession and Sonny’s stretched out tribesmen neck due to his extreme use of chokers, Adam is now riffing about Ty Pennington telling his son to reel it in, Jeff Probst too, comedy gold!


Adam is riffing about his shins having no feeling; he’s saying he’s sporting the lowboy style imitation shorter ugg boot, hilarious.

Adam is now asking the gang if they also have been walking around with the feeling of something in their shoe but are too lazy to remedy it.

Adam is explaining that Natalia’s sweatshop of bracelets left him with one of her miniature rubber bands in his shoe, connecting all the riffs back to his original complaint.


Adam has a solid hypothetical riff about comparing his pain to that of a parent who lost a child in combat.

Adam is on fire, he’s got one liners left and right and Alison is now jumping in to lament her late son Kevin for the improv scene.

Josh is now in the mix asking about weddings and now Adam is riffing about rape and death in the animal kingdom, asking how great a free life could be for a whale/horse.


Adam is now saying that if you could ask the animals at least half of them would prefer captivity and Josh has a funny comment about leather fashion accessories for wild animals.

Alison is sharing her own moment of stepping on something gross, she’s sharing how what she mistook for an extension cord and realized it was dead mouse, wow!

Adam has a hilarious riff about nobody ever being attacked by a rogue mouse waiting in the treetops, Josh is now throwing Richard Gere under the bus and Adam is sharing why he believes that story about Richard.


Alison wants to know how everyone heard the gerbil made its way into Richard’s butt; Adam is now saying the great thing about being a human is that a few bits of specific info lead to people believing something.

Josh is now telling the gang about his kid’s gerbil that he has great affection for.


3rd Story is on the best tongue in cheek porn titles, Adam has an alternate descriptor and he’s now telling the gang about “Spank Me, Fuck Me” the movie Adam tried to track down after Ron appeared on Loveline in the mid 1990’s.

Adam is now walking them through the story and sharing the rare anecdote of walking on an Asian dude in the Asian section and how he was rendered uncomfortable.

BB has a funny hypothetical and Adam has a killer sister one liner.


4th Story is on Toyota Prius winning the best new car value from consumer reports, which has finally unseated the Honda fit.

Adam is joking about the Honda CRV being the gas powered version of the Prius; he’s polling the audience for Prius drivers.

Alison wants to know if they’ve discussed the lack of noise in electric cars and the safety risk.

Adam has a closing gay joke that nobody picks up on, Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read with hilarious risk comedy and bleach thrown in eyes one liner from Ace; I’ve actually been temporarily blinded with a bucket of bleach, Great Magnet!

Adam is now wrapping up the show with the appropriate plugs.