Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2013 – Ken Block Live from CES

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2013 – Ken Block Live from CES

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-09-2013 – Release Date 01-10-2013

Adam is welcoming everyone to the show live from CES including guest and driving legend Ken Block who will be joining the show in a few minutes. He’s now telling the gang about just driving back from Mike Tyson’s house where they recorded a podcast.

Adam is now telling the gang and the audience about Mike and the Body Mass Index, hilarious riff.

Adam is explaining how he asked Mike about his lifestyle, Adam is saying the last time he saw him for the special 1 on 1 podcast about his documentary Mike was moving around like an old blues singer and now he’s back in great shape and seems spry.

Adam is telling he gang about Mike’s sobriety and the one holdover substance that nobody seems to count as a real drug anymore.


Adam is now talking to audience member Julian, he’s visually impaired and Adam is riffing on it, shockingly hilarious run by the Aceman, Alison come in and tops it at the end.

Adam is now making some observations about Julian being at CES and he also wants to know why the walking stick folds up into so many pieces, hilarious!

Adam has another blind tangent and now Alison is reminding Adam that the foldable cups of their childhood have similarities to the foldable cane/walking stick for the blind.

Adam is now doing a tune in radio live read he’s got a very funny riff about a Cuban morning radio show, don’t miss this live read!


Adam is back to talking about interviewing Mike Tyson earlier in the day, Alison wants to know if he was able to get Mike to go any further in depth on his “unusual” workout schedule.

Adam is now asking Alison if she has any further Tyson related questions, she wants to know about his birds and Adam is riffing about the climate not being ideal for pigeons. Adam just invented Majestic Falcon Wire, hilarious!

Adam is now riffing on how people who keep pigeons are always intimidating, very funny riff.


Adam is now welcoming Ken to the stage; he’s asking him about his Ford Fiesta driving and his “gymkhana” videos. Adam is now riffing with Alison about the type of driving in the videos not necessarily pertaining to the views.

Adam is asking Ken about his origins with racing, he’s going super in depth and now Adam is joking about Ken’s Ford Fiesta and his take on Tanner Faust. Alison is asking Ken about driving and his family, good stuff.

Ken just had a great reveal, Adam’s reaction is priceless, and Adam is joking about seatbelt harnesses and explaining it to Alison. Adam likes the junk spilt/submarine belt, who knew.

Adam and Alison are now joking about things being more popular in Brazil, Adam is joking that everything is appreciated more over there.

Adam is now joking about the “Fast Five” production and the super unoriginal opening shot of Brazil, he’s now riffing on the “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Brazil, he’s got a hilarious riff about entering the statue.

Adam and Alison are now joking about his own giant statue; Adam has a great idea for the gift shop/snack shack. Alison is now exploring this idea even further and it’s become Adam’s theme park, they’re riffing on his “Hamper of Mystery”, gold!


Adam is now back to asking Ken about his events and videos, Adam wants to know about the similar name to “Gymkata” and now he’s got a great bit about overcoming greater obstacles, hilarious delivery and persistence from Ace.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on an Iowa court that wants to have peanut allergies considered a disability. Adam is now riffing about what he’s going to do with the peanut allergic citizens after he’s done erecting his 102 foot statue in his likeness.

Adam is now riffing on his “Devil’s Island” for the peanut allergic and he’s explaining his inspiration came from the movie “Papillion” which Adam famously saw when he was 8-9 with his father.

Adam is now polling the audience on peanut allergies and now joking about the amount of people in attendance.


Her 2nd story is on Jimmy Kimmel Live defeating the other talk shows and all other programming in his new timeslot. Adam is now joking about “Honey Boo Boo”, Alison is now chiming in and they’re joking about Adam’s racism.

Alison is making this gold; they’re further riffing on Adam’s new energy drink, wow!

Adam is now back to “Honey Boo Boo” and he’s mocking all the elements of the program, the mom’s chins bit is amazing!


Her 3rd story is about the Razzie nominees, Adam is now joking about “Twilight Breaking Dawn” and saying goodbye to Ken Block.

Alison and Adam are now joking about the nominees and discussing some past films to receive them, Adam is now joking about owning a Slinky, Alison has a great question about how he acquired it, and Adam’s reply is amazing, nice work Alison.

Adam and Alison are now joking about extra made up words in various sayings; Adam is now joking about prison and exploring a concept of doing time without the threat of rape.

Adam is now calling for all citizens to spend 4 months in prison much like the Israelis are forced to join the military.


Her 4th story is on GQ putting out their list of the hottest women of the 21st century, Alison is asking Adam about his take on the results, and Adam is now sipping some of his new energy drink.

Adam is now telling the gang about emailing Christoph Waltz after seeing “Django Unchained”, Adam gave him a nice return invite to the show and received an even nicer reply, can’t wait for his return!

Alison just wrapped the news and now Adam is knocking out a funny CES/nerd themed GoDaddy live read.