Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2014 – Rob Delaney and Dr. Spaz

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2014 – Rob Delaney and Dr. Spaz

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Rob Delaney and Dr. Spaz

Recorded 01-08-2014 – Release Date 01-09-2014

Production Number #1236

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Adam is opening the show with a great #TopDrop of Alison; Doc Bruce is joining the show for his first visit of 2014.

Adam is quickly covering the Dr. Bruce story from earlier this week, he’s explaining the excessive “scooching along” he is required to do as an adult

Alison wants to know if it was Bruce personally, he says no it’s more his stay at home vacation being ruined by people.


Bruce is sharing an anecdote of asking to stay over at Adam’s house a decade ago after he guest hosted Loveline in Drew’s stead.

Adam is joking about medical rectal probes and comparing the things said about them to spending an afternoon with Dr. Spaz.

Adam is sharing the photo of Robert Redford who they got for the Paul Newman documentary, hilarious “Bobbie R.” one liner from Ace. You can see the photo via the show page link above.


Adam is plugging the twitter campaign to book Tom Cruise for the Paul Newman documentary, Gary is now mic giving Ace the info for the fans to RT the campaign, Bruce mentions the thing nobody wants and Adam has a nice “thanks dick!”

Adam is now sharing the info from the study on secondhand smoke covered in Adam and Drew #107, Adam is now having Dr. Spaz read the details of the article in what I guess is now “Health Watch”.

Adam is now setting up a March 2006 ACS radio clip that Gary and the production staff were able to locate before I could even reply to the email 11min later, I’m so proud of them!


Adam is now giving a nice football coaching analogy, contrasting it to the call from the Calabasas Mayor Barry Groveman from 2006.

They’re now playing the clip of Adam destroying another politician, 6 years prior to Newsom.

Bruce disagrees with the clip vehemently, says it’s lying through statistics, Adam is ranting about why people do this and attempts to infantilize the rest of society, and Adam is bringing up Barry’s attempt to refute his counter arguments in this classic clip from the KLSX Adam Carolla Show.


They’ve paused the clip to address the Dana Reeve argument from Barry, Adam is now asking a great hypothetical about politicians armed with statistics.

They’re back to the clip; Adam is destroying Barry’s argument in this classic segment.

They’re pausing things again for Adam to further tear apart the argument now in 2014, Alison, BB and Bruce all have great points, and Alison even stumbles over Adam’s upcoming argument from 8 years ago.


They’re further letting the clip out and then pausing it to address the complete idiocy on display from an elected official, Adam is really driving it home in the clip and Barry is further floundering.

Adam is addressing the overall discussion and BB is asking Bruce to further explain the science and lack of evidence supporting the secondhand smoke arguments, Adam is telling BB how he was indoctrinated into a lie as a youth and that is how these things work.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is sharing how he was informed of the new “Jay Walking” ticket fine amount of 197.00; Adam is going off on the idea of using non round numbers to imply the amount was arrived via some calculations and not simply the gouging.

Adam is using his classic Plumber example and BB has a funny convenience fee one liner, Alison gets a nice point in and Bruce has an even more alarming statistic.


Alison is now reading a story from Mayor Garcetti about gender and racial hiring concerns within the local Fire Department, Adam is responding to the quotes and info from Alison and is now on a hilarious “The Fire Chief should always be Indian” riff, gold!

Adam is now sharing his experience in the fire department testing and how truly difficult it was, he failed due to not having the proper type of grip strength the job requires.

Alison is now reading some more of the article on the most recent Fire Department class in the city; Adam has a great counter point about diversity at the TSA in LAX airport, great point!


Adam is saying this mode of thinking is actually racist and has a great point about the last 4 Fire Chiefs in Los Angeles.

Alison is now reading the breakdown of the most recent graduating class, Adam is proclaiming why he loves the Asians and their perfect 11% representation, hilarious!

Adam is now questioning the Fire Department as a whole and how much it’s needed in contrast to days of yore where it was more integral as a massive budget and attention getter.


Adam is now giving his take on whether he would rather have a man or a woman(he’s forgetting about Caroline Paul) rescue his family from a fire, he would prefer a man he says and it’s now so perfect that today’s guest is who he is, wow!

Adam is now sharing another article that was sent to him from the L.A. Times, they’re now playing a clip from the local news.

Adam is now responding to all of the failing in the city, Adam is asking if all these politicians are all just insane bullshit artists, Adam has a killer Gavin Newsom hypothetical and Alison has a funny reaction and agrees with Adam’s hypothesis.


Adam is now joking about the extra Asian guy who was removed from the graduation celebration as he was throwing off the stats; BB is joining him for the improv as the Asian Student.


Health Watch

Dr. Bruce is now kicking off the first one of his segments of 2014; Adam is doing a live read and connects it to Bruce’s laments about being known as a famous spaz.

Bruce is telling them a story that was sent from Lynette purposely to be brought up on air, Adam refuses to quit smoking because he’s not going to start, Adam is being fair saying that Bruce can be objective when caught between him and his wife and a medical concern.


Bruce is bringing up the horses being banned from Central Park, Adam is now asking if he was just asking about this and referencing the horse poop from earlier in the week during the State of the Union show and BB is jumping to help him make the point.

Adam is actually trying to make the point of politicians making new laws and policies in place of actual work; Bruce is bringing up Liam Neeson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Bruce says the horses will be replaced with green vehicles, Adam is asking if horse drawn carriage around central park was something anyone could conceive of as a problem 50 years ago.


Bruce has a nice McDonalds point and Adam is asking what the goal is and standing up for personal freedoms.

Bruce has some data about left handed activities for athletes, he’s saying that ruminating and thinking about things disturbs the function.

Adam is now stopping things to clarify this point, Adam is trying to understand this story and Bruce is explaining how the brain works.


Alison is asking a good follow up and getting Bruce to elaborate, Alison has a funny butthole comment.

Bruce has another finding on the link between social alcohol consumption and the reduced risk of MS.

Adam is now getting to how most medical science is based on “don’t do this” and would prefer another adult pass on the direct information, instead of telling him a doom and gloom scenario.


Bruce has another factoid that Medicare access leads to 40% more use of emergency care, Adam has a great reaction to this shocking bit of news, he’s adding it to his theory on calling 911 and a 100.00 charge for bogus calls.

Alison has a point about therapy and Adam is with her saying he would prefer his tax dollars go to therapy for others than where it currently does.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dave wants to send a Bit coin donation to Adam and wants to know if he’ll accept it, Adam is fine with it and Bruce has a point about China, Dave is now correcting him calmly with some other facts.

Adam is joking about the things he will accept from fans, he’s riffing about the food that gets sent in and how Chris operates as the “Canary in the coal mine” of the studio.


2nd Caller Christine, she’s a big fan and Adam has a killer joke about her name.

She wants to know the last time Adam was actually sick, he’s saying it was over a decade ago and Bruce is citing the last year where Adam had diarrhea and nausea, Adam is now citing his work schedule.

Adam is trying to establish a “mason Dixon” line of sick, BB has a joke about the Danny Bonaduce sick out, something I was just discussing with him backstage on Monday.


Adam has a killer “blue/blew flu” joke at the expense of Danny, Adam is now citing his last huge cold from the first year of JKL in 2003, Adam is describing the time when you groan alone in pain because you’re sick.

Adam is explaining that Lynette was going out of town with her girlfriends and left him home alone on the one time he was too sick to even ascend and descend stairs, he even missed a day of work on Monday.

Adam is now citing the office asshole he encountered on Tuesday who claimed to have the same thing that kept Adam out sick; Adam is doing the one man improv with this stupid prick.


Adam is further elaborating and now BB is personifying this guy, gold!

Adam is sharing his new theory on corner men, cut men and boxing trainers who never get sick.

“Fuck no, that’s for pussies” – Adam Carolla on Flu Shots.


Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is wrapping up with Bruce and going to break.


They’re back from break with a “Definitely Not a Jew” and Rob Delaney is guesting to promote his book.

Rob is making his ACS debut, he’s sharing what he heard when he guested on Kevin and Bean this morning, he’s impressed with the 90k words Adam is approaching.

BB is telling Rob about his book and its 116k word count, Adam is complimenting Rob on his “Funniest Person on Twitter” award from 2012.


Adam is asking Rob about being the only one to hold that title and what it means for him.

Adam is sharing a discussion he had with Matt from Carcast about the end of the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix and what the end of that means for him and his legacy.

Alison is asking Rob about the actual award.


Adam is asking Rob how he figured out how the format was good for him and his comedy, he’s telling them about his efforts submitting late night packets and headlining comedy clubs before he exploded on Twitter.

Adam is now paying Rob a compliment, declaring he looks like Ben Affleck meets Randall Tex Cobb with a possible dash of the Brawny Man.

Adam is sharing his “Retarded Pete Sampras” designation from Kimmel, that’s now become Pete with Downs Syndrome, slip up or deliberate revision? For Comedy or Guest sensitivities?


Rob is now sharing an idea he had and his singing of the national anthem 5 times, Adam is riffing about Randall Tex Affleck singing the anthem.

Adam is saying that it’s a nice gig as people will always start applauding before you finish despite your performance.

They’re now reviewing the photos, Gary is telling them they’re still putting it together and Adam is explaining who Randall Tex Cobb is and has a hilarious “eating a lot of leather/munching leather” riff.


Rob has an anecdote about his dad doing some work with a lesbian and Adam has a hilarious “female carpenter” reply.

Adam is doing a live read.

They’re now looking at the pictures in comparison to Rob and Rob even agrees.


Adam is sharing how he was bitten by his own snake and BB has a nice terrarium callback, Adam is saying that he was on the phone with Mike August and had to bail to speak with Babydoll Dixon, Adam had to bump Mike.

Adam is describing how then Babydoll did the same thing and then apologized to Mike as he knows how that felt.

“Who’s Zoomin’ Who” – Adam


Alison’s News

Alison is telling them about pulling scabs through hair and Adam has a nice reply about the zit that pops in your ear that you can hear, Rob agrees and Alison is explaining the dark twist of this new scab.

BB is busting her balls for this topic with a drop.


Her top story is on the Gabrielle Giffords commemorating her 3yr anniversary surviving the attempt on her life with a skydiving celebration.

Adam is sharing his take on the Bush Sr. skydiving on his 90th birthday; Adam says you’re essentially a human fanny pack and that if the shoot doesn’t open you’re getting squashed by another dude, junk first.

Adam is saying that you could be shitfaced drunk and be strapped to a guy skydiving, Adam says it feels a little photo op’y but doesn’t like shitting on people who have overcome so much, and Adam suggests hidden masturbation time.


Rob is giving his take and Adam is supportive of Gabrielle and her Astronaut Husband, Adam is joking about him as a dad and his particular nature.

Adam is citing his time hanging out with Buzz Aldrin and Alison wants to know when, hilarious almost reply, Adam is now joking about the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix.

Buzz was with Adam during his first time doing the race in 2003; Buzz wrecked about 5 cars and didn’t have a sense of humor about it.


Adam is describing the nature of astronauts and how they’re the cream of the fighter pilot crop, Rob is bringing up facial plastic surgery in men and how that leads him to judge Buzz.

Alison and Adam both agree with Rob and judge men to a harsher level for getting work done, “You work with Rob’s dad” the new “Friend of Dorothy” nice riff between Adam and Alison.


2nd Story is on the Chris Christie campaign orchestrating a traffic jam in response to a political disagreement.

Alison is reading the quotes and the details of what went down.

Adam is giving his take on the incident and how much he dislikes punishing people who aren’t involved and traffic, Rob has some interesting points too.


They’re further discussing controversy, politics and hypocrisy.

Adam is explaining why he likes Chris Christie and is joking about the country being fat and the idea of “are we ready for a fat president?” and how truly silly that is.

Rob is giving his take on the bias against overweight people and Adam agrees, he’s often declared fat the last bastion of open abuse, in a culture where you can’t mock anyone but the obese without recompense.


3rd Story is on Mary K Letourneau’s return to Jail for a traffic violation.

They’re covering her past conviction and Adam sharing his “have you ever masturbated” rape argument, Adam is citing the guys in the similar Florida case still beating off to those ideas.

Alison is bringing up the actual ages of Mary and Vili, Adam is sharing a rare story about Ray and his babysitter and how he became the toast of the town.


Alison is explaining her recent trip to the clink and BB has a funny delivery expressing his disappointment in Mary.

Adam is now joking about the looks of the average woman he used to date when he was single in comparison to the women who are arrested for screwing students or marry a guy on death row.

Adam is saying that the women he dated couldn’t compete with the women raping their students, poor Cynthia.


Rob has a new and hilarious theory on phrenology and the shape of an attractive woman’s skull brewing up the right kind of brain to rape students or marry a guy in prison.

Adam is now doing a live read.


4th Story is on a waitress who found some meth under a check and called the police.

Alison is asking Adam about his reaction, Adam says he’s almost black in his level of resistance to willing bring cops into any scenario.

Adam is now joking about his possible reactions and how the cops and the manager wouldn’t enter into his thinking.


Adam is now joking about leaving a question mark near a bag of powder.

BB and Alison are both unaware of how meth is crushed to snort, much like other nose drugs.

Rob is sharing his stint at the rehab Drew used to work with, Adam is now joking about different highs, and he’s calling meth high gross and contrasting it to the good times of Mushrooms.


Adam is now joking about his love of food and sleep, he’s going to try to get Lynette to start feeding him while he dreams, small things at first.

Alison has a funny prediction at being so good at meth because of her love of scab picking; Adam is on the other hand swearing by good Cocaine, he’s calling it yummy.

Adam is joking about walking in on his kids snorting powder; Rob is jumping and joking with Adam.


Alison is wrapping up the news.

Adam is doing a live read and giving out the plugs, he’s thanking Dr. Spaz and Rob Delaney for making his debut visit to the ACS, and he mentions Rob’s book and upcoming stand up dates on his website.

BB is closing the show with a great new drop from Rob giving some advice during the 3rd news story about Mary K Letourneau.