Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2013 – Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2013 – Alonzo Bodden and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-07-2013 – Release Date 01-08-2013

Adam is starting the show with a somber intro assist by Bald Bryan and David Wild; they’re explaining that Huell Howser, frequent comedic icon used and referenced by Adam on various projects has passed away.

Adam is going off on the markers that reveal you might be a fuck up, they’re now back to Huell and Adam is doing a hilarious eulogy with a great music bed from Bryan.

Adam is back to the markers for fuck uppery, this was inspired by Adam’s name being misspelled in the LA times, Alison is giving her take and David Wild is saying he thinks print media is almost dead.

Adam is now back to Huell and explaining how he has true love for the man and his work, Adam is breaking down good people vs. bad people and citing Huell as a good person.

Adam is now explaining how they had the range of personality types on loveline and how he could determine who was good or bad based on how he would feel around them.

David is sharing some anecdotes about celebrity encounters he’s heard of that went poorly, Adam is now telling the gang about the biggest jerks to ever guest on Loveline; Adam is dead on in his assessment.

They’re going even further in depth on the shittiest guests to ever grace the loveline studio; Adam is citing the Richard O’Brien appearance that is sadly not available.

Adam just referenced the infamous “Sneaker Pimps incident”, he can’t recall the band but it’s that story, Bryan just interrupted with the “Jerry Cantrell incident” where Jerry refused to talk about Lane Staley and made it very uncomfortable. Loveline had a lot of “incidents”.

Adam is now going over the infamous “Auquabats” appearance, he’s hitting on some of main details but there some bits he’s not brought up or temporarily forgotten.

Adam is now explaining that He has the comedy chops to pull off a 2hr in character riff, he did it on Loveline when he first guested as Mr. Birchum before he ever got the job as a host. Adam is saying that Dana Gould also has the chops to pull off a riff for that long and he’s citing the “Showgirls” Basic Cable Commentary, they’re now playing a special clip from that commentary in tribute to Huell.


David wants to know if Adam was aware of Huell ever hearing any of the radio riffs or the commentary, Adam is now on a great tangent about not worrying about people you’re talking about listening to what you’re recording, very inspirational stuff.

Bryan is stepping in to correct the record about Huell, they get some info off air and Adam wraps up the Huell Howser memorial.


Adam is now taking bets on whether Alonzo Boden will know how to play Dominos, they’re all guessing and Adam has a great racial themed riff, hilarious!

They’re back from Break and now Alonzo is on the show, Adam is now explaining how he saw him perform stand up for the first time while in Montreal, Adam is complimenting him and now telling the gang about his own reception when he did some stand up.

Adam just had Alonzo reveal if he can play Dominos, Adam has a very funny riff about “Go Fish”.

Alonzo is now telling the gang about white guys who act black vs., white guys who grew up around black people. Alison has a funny comment and Alonzo is now explaining dominos vs. “bones” and how it works during a BBQ as an example.

Adam is now explaining how difficult he thinks it would be to get his kids to try to play Dominos, he’s explaining how Christmas isn’t as meaningful to them and using “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” as a metaphor.

Alonzo has now changed the subject to “Pop Warner” football, he’s giving take against the movement to ban it, Adam is now weighing in with an example that he explained to Lynette during dinner the other night.

Adam is going super in depth with his point; Alison weighs in with her thoughts if she were to have a son. Adam is explaining the actual risks and now he’s riffing about his son, hilarious!

Adam is having David Wild explain the premise of his documentary; Adam is now asking him about Elton John. Adam is on a riff about bad ideas, citing what David was talking about, he’s using UPS failed attempt at a slogan and the initial WB TV ad campaign.

Adam is now explaining some footage he saw of Madonna that left him stunned, the control room have now fired up the footage. Adam has some hilarious words for her and David is explaining that this isn’t a sudden shift in behavior.

Alonzo just brought up Snoop Dogg and now Adam is telling the gang about smoking weed at Snoop Dogg’s house and at the Bishop Don Magic Juan’s house.

Adam is now talking about “The Snoop Deville” and how Snoop had a sudden alternative plan upon learning the car had been cancelled, Alonzo seems to appreciate the humor.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Huell Howser, Adam want’s Alonzo’s take on the black community’s reaction to this news. Now they’re riffing about the “take me, take me” theatrics done at funerals, Adam is citing guys who talk about what they would’ve done on 9/11, Adam now has a funny time machine riff.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Jimmy Kimmel’s recent comments about Jay Leno. Adam is remarking how he’s the only guy who doesn’t hate Leno, Alonzo is jumping in and agreeing that he also doesn’t dislike the man.

Adam is now citing two very telling stories about Jay, the Shakesbeer event and Jay’s easygoing reply to the initial request. He’s now explaining the story of the private jet return flight when Adam was playing “The Borgata”.

Alison is now chiming in to explain that Jimmy got his star on the walk of fame in 2010, Adam is now confused because he just got an email about his publicist about Jimmy getting a star.

Adam is now figuring out just what this is, he thinks it might be Variety trying to get Adam to buy a page to thank/congratulate Jimmy.


Alison’s 3rd story is on David Letterman opening up to Oprah about his Sex Scandal, The control room fires up the clip and now Adam is riffing on the “no answer reply” that David gives in the clip, Adam’s commenting on how that might be the most he’s ever been uncomfortable in his life.

Adam has a funny quote about what David shouldn’t have been expecting, Adam is now explaining how he misses Oprah’s “Legends” parties, and he’s riffing on what took place at these events.

Alison wants to know if one is to cheat what the best response is, Alonzo has some thoughts and now Adam is making a larger point about men’s intentions.

Adam is explaining how everyone sees the world through their own prism, he’s citing the “meatball sandwich preference” example he’s given before.

Alison wants to know if this is really how most men feel the why isn’t it more prevalent, Adam is giving an interesting example and Alonzo is now explaining it from his pov.

Bryan has a funny callback and now Adam is explaining how he doesn’t fuck around, very funny riff and quotes.

Adam is now doing a live read, Alison wrapped the news and now Adam is wrapping the show.