Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2016 – Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2016 – Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal

Recorded 01-06-2016 – Release Date 01-07-2016

Production Number #1732

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Adam opens the show to a halfhearted “nickname for his penis” intro and he teases the arrival of Carlton Cuse, Adam watched the trailer for ‘The Colony’ and does his standard “TV looks so good now, like a movie” jag.

BB has an ‘Uppity Nigger’ #TopDrop and yet another weird groan while trying to get out his thoughts about that title, Adam interrupts to finish telling them about watching ‘The A-Team’ over the break and he comments on how shitty it was, he recalls watching it when he was babysitting and eating pie filling out of the can.

Adam talks about this episode where Boy George guest starred on the episode, Adam is breaking down the horrible plot and the insane amount of ratings this show got when it first ran.


Adam talks about crappy stadium food and the bygone era of limited choices which leads to limited quality, Adam says there is no more room for The A-Team and he recounts a conversation he had with Gary about the skills gap and he comments on how this country would have ever got to the moon with today’s lack of completion and added regulations and soils reports.

BB plays some ‘Intergalactic’ from the Beastie Boys and gets into his theory on why they must title the Willy T. Ribbs movie ‘Uppity Nigger’ and he’s very well spoken and 100% correct, that will make the movie.

Gina has an anecdote and Adam has a killer “Beantown” joke with some fine acting work.


Adam predicts he won’t get invited to Sundance anyway, this might change that.

Adam tells BB too cool his jets, he jokes about the coin toss he’s not going to be doing over the title, first they must finish The 24hr War.

Adam is now sharing his appreciation for Phil Hendrie the first guest next week.


Adam talks about being woven into a Phil Hendrie bit and he shares some of the favorite character names from Phil’s show.

Gary now plays a clip.

Gary is playing another clip with Phil doing his insanely impressive voice work talking to multiple characters and real people at once.


Adam is now playing some Bud Dickman from Phil’s show and says he will explain how he got roped into the show.

Adam recalls it being circa 2001 when he was mentioned on the show, the “is this the real Adam Carolla, ok just don’t fuck me over man” story

Adam brings it back to that episode of The A-Team with Boy George, Adam gives out some plugs after they play a clip from the that ep.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘The Hateful Eight’ and takes the opposite tact/argument he fought on ‘The Film Vault’ when Anderson brought up the Channing Tatum cameo/role.

Adam saw the low Falutin version, BB comments on trying to be a superfan of QT and his mixed reaction on the movie.

Adam talks about his mind meld experience of seeing movies with other people and how he often agrees with his company, Gina weighs in with her thoughts and what was confusing.


Adam says Quentin Tarantino writes like Woody Allen does, in that every character sounds like an extension of him.

They play a clip and Adam goes in depth on the way Kurt Russell was riffing on John Wayne, BB is making a lot of great points and wraps up his mixed review.

Gina tells them about seeing Zoe Bell on the morning show today and BB has a great use of her now legendary drop.

Adam talks about the guests arriving and plugs their work.


Adam has a #LOTJ Lord of the Jungle plug

They head to break.


They’re back from break

Carlton and Ryan are both making their ACS debuts to a ‘Great Moment in Local News’ which inspires Adam to joke about our first world problems.

Carlton Cuse is explaining the premise of the new series ‘The Colony’ and Adam jokes about “if his headliner or dome light could talk” and plugs the premier.


Adam comments on the new era of original content being created by every possible platform or company, Adam asks Ryan how he first met Carlton and got hooked up with him.

Ryan tells him about a pilot they produced that didn’t go and how it lead to this.

Adam is now sharing his “hottest chicks from high school” theory where his high school brain filled in the edges and made things seem rosier, he cites the middle zone of bad CGI and asks them how they are able to do such high end work on a TV budget.


Ryan explains the way they’re focused on removing cars and objects, instead of adding in new stuff.

Adam talks about ‘Omega Man’ and the way they filmed that on Sundays at strange hours of the day, because people used to you know, spend time with their families.

Adam is sharing how he told Matt Fondiler to schedule a date night and he comments on how the new puppy ate his eye mask, he goes over the Saturday night plans.


Adam asked if they could push the tickets to a day earlier, he comments on how they ended up with 4 tickets as we’re stuck in the “no mayo means extra mayo” era.

Adam comments on how the wrong tickets were refunded and he ended up in the wrong seats, the guy who came in was pleasant and made it nice.

Adam shares how the woman who claimed to have Lynette’s seat, Adam describes the “Mexican Seat Off” that lead to them being forced to move to the back rear seats, he hated the feeling of disrupting the opening for the other viewers.


Adam is asking the guys to rank the last 3-4 QT movies, Adam is now joking about the way people would talk up extra pick-up basketball players during his old party house days.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the recovery of the trapped minors, he jokes about Joe Frasier and his father the sharecropper and the bygone era of old timey professions.

Adam is now riffing about the variants of salt.


2nd Story is on Jaden Smith’s new job as the face of the women’s line of Louis Vuitton, Adam talks about his old MTV Loveline windbreaker, he tells the story of flying on the same plane with the Smith kids and their handlers and riffs about having to think about other people.


3rd Story is on a woman whose body is brewery and causes her BAC to be above the legal limit, Adam feels sorry for this woman’s gynecologist.

Gary has the details of her DUI stop.


4th Story Is on the upcoming Macy’s layoffs, Adam asks if this has to all be due to online shopping and he jokes about his theory that the last Brick and Mortar stores will sell bricks and mortar.


5th Story is on the upcoming on/off switch for male birth control, Adam jokes about an app for that.

Everyone is riffing, very funny.

Adam talks about Larry Flynt’s gold wheelchair and his penis pump that has a ballsack reservoir, Adam calls the ballsack a waste of space and Carlton takes it back to the TSA.

“If you’re like me and you’re beating off in your sleeping bag” – Adam

Adam talks about stifling a sneeze and they move on.


6th Story is on a Dodge Daytona that’s been listed, Adam comments on David Spade buying the other version that sold for 900k, Gary has the details.

Adam talks about how to figure out if the car is actually worth the value, he jokes about the stereotypical barn from this find, like Lucasfilm CGI’d it into the frame.

Adam talks about the news “barn find” trend where you present an untouched car and sell that and allow the new owner to restore it.


Adam is going in depth on this weird hobby and Carlton has a bit of info too, Gina gives some news on this car and it’s sales history.

Adam riffs a bit and they move on, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Texture Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, very fun episode with a “Spciorama” closing drop from when Gina was talking about ‘Uppity Nigger’ and mentioned John Leguizamo and the precedent for such a title.