Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2015 – Dan Dunn and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2015 – Dan Dunn and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dan Dunn and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 01-07-2015 – Release Date 01-08-2015

Production Number #1485

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Adam introduces the show and explains who Dan Dunn is and forgets to mention he was on his radio show in 2012 as discussed in this ACS.

Adam welcomes Dr. Bruce to the studio who teases that he has something in store for Adam, Adam brings up Bruce’s sister who has the exact same diagnosis as BB.

BB says meeting her at Shakesbeer was his first ray of hope, she’s been living fine for years and is a very nice lady, I also met her that day, and BB’s telling the truth as we all kinda had a ray of hope for BB after meeting her.


Bruce shares how his sister was reacting to her diagnosis and how at first it was the same dire news that BB got, Adam brings up the idea of BB or Bruce’s sister being beheaded by ISIS and the small moment of positivity about proving doctors wrong by slicing through the brain stem, not inoperable now.

Bruce comments on the cruelty of Adam’s bizarre thought and tried to launching into health watch.


Health Watch with Dr. Spaz


1st Story is on an Alabama man who woke up post circumcision without a penis, he’s now suing for damages and claims to be unable to work.

Adam is arguing against that idea, saying that most jobs involved an ergonomic chair at a computer desk, Adam is now commenting on the disabled guys who seem to be able to shop for groceries just fine.

BB comments on handicapped parking, Adam says that your mental demeanor can’t prevent you from working otherwise there wouldn’t be a thing known as slave labor, BB’s reaction is great.


Adam comments on being dumped and working through it, Bruce tells him that he doesn’t know more about medical topics than he does, Adam is trying to discern why the man was being circumcised and is trying to recall the diagnosis known as Phimosis.

Bruce is steamrolling him and Adam is objecting wildly.

Adam is now riffing about surgical table shrinkage, Adam is asking how old the patient was and calls Bruce a dick.


Adam is now polling Gina and BB about adult men they know who’ve had circumcisions after age 30.

Gina tells Adam the man is in his 60’s, Adam says it’s super relevant.


2nd Story is on the latest research about porn stimulating the same area as cocaine in men’s brains.

Adam has a base jumping analogy while trying to discern Bruce’s point about the potential dangers for young men being exposed to internet porn.

Bruce is once again defending himself and Adam is piling on, Gina doesn’t understand what he’s saying either.


3rd Story I a Germany or Florida where a man brought his kid to a robbery, the gang are all weighing in and Adam thinks it sounds Floridian, BB goes with Germany and Adam gets Gina to clarify her answer.

It’s Florida.


Adam is now doing an Artic Ease Live read.

Adam is trying to get as witness in response to Bruce and his love for this verbal abuse and how he elicits it every time.

Bruce has an anecdote about a piñata.


4th Story Is on Mercedes engineers designing a car based on a fish that doesn’t actually swim efficiently.

Gina asks about the angler fish and argues with BB about it being the ugliest variety of fish, he claims the monk fish is uglier and Adam shares his love for the light on the angler.

Adam says that monk fish look like the Jews of the sea.


5th Story is on Crow’s and their left/right beak preferences for tools, Adam jokes about wearing his beak to the left.

Adam is explaining the advanced 3 stage tool training scientists are putting crows through, Bruce says we’ve elevated crows to the same intelligence level of apes.

Adam brings up the Crows ability to recognize faces and Adam is now explaining attack crows to Gina.

Adam is doing many laps on the crows and how they could intervene in a variety of situations.


Adam is now suggesting a movie plot, a bad magpie has infiltrated the gang of secret service white house crows with dastardly plans.

Adam is commenting on the idea of crows being an endangered species and describes the abundance of them around California.

Adam is now suggesting the crows be used to defend the borders, he has a Canadian twist on it.


6th Story is on the death of the man who coached ‘The Washington Generals’ and Bruce sets Adam up to explain the plot of his movie idea with Nick Santora ‘Professional Losers’.

Adam is going over every beat and it sounds almost as compelling as ‘Hot for Teacher’ and ‘Kill Gallagher’ and Gina takes it back to the crows.

They wrap up health watch.


Adam is doing a live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jason, he has an exaggerated voice he’s using and hands the phone to another character.

Adam is riffing about the filming locations for ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Bruce is now eating?

Jason is doing another character and Adam is telling him to come up with names for his characters, it should be the first thing he does.

Adam plugs the live shows from Vegas.


2nd Caller Trey, he’s not there.


3rd Caller Brian, Adam asks Dawson if he’s going to insist that he hasn’t touched anything, Dawson tells him that this time the audio is all good, so they wrap up the calls.

They are heading to break.


They’re back from break with Dan Dunn

He is returning for his 2nd appearance, he was first on ACS #534 from 2011, available via the official archive that comes bundled with ‘Take a Knee’ visit the show page link above to access it.

Dan is explain his quest to become the leading expert on wine in North America to earn the fake title he bestowed on himself, the gimmick/hook of the book.

Adam explains that he was doing Dan’s podcast when ‘The Better Man’ drink was invented by Simon Ford.


Adam has an “it knew I didn’t know what I was doing” explanation for why the Better Man mixes differently when in the hands of Simon Ford, he makes the drink look like it contains wax.

Adam explains his argument with Mike August about the ingredients for ‘The Better Man’ and whether it contains ginger or not.

Adam is now describing his initial hesitation about the use of rye in the signature Mangria cocktail.


Adam is back to Dan’s writing and he tells them about his goal to sample all of the wine in the United States, he’s telling them about driving across the country and his fear that he was going to die in Nebraska.

Adam tells him about driving with one hand and how a severe cross breeze can break your hand’s contact with the wheel.


Adam is doing a live read for


Dan says that he thinks they’ve tamped down the alcohol content in Mangria after tasting the latest variant on the formula.

Adam has a hilarious banjo one liner about the ATF’s alcohol content designations for booze, good stuff.

“By federal law you have to play the banjo when you take a hit off of it” – Adam


Adam is breaking down the changes in his formula and Dan has a red wine that retails for 95$ a bottle for Adam to sample.

Adam says that they would be charging a lot more for small batch wine from smaller wineries, Adam is explaining how some people pursue wine making as a passion, not a business.

Dan is filling them in on how a winery becomes profitable and tells them about yellow tail making more money than any other wine on earth despite its relative lack of quality.


Adam is now telling them about the town outside of Vegas and compares that to Pahrump which is even worse than the sad neighborhoods around the strip.

Adam jokes about ‘Mars Attacks’ with Dan Dunn and he tells them about deciding against the final leg of his trip to Pahrump.

Adam jokes about the lord working in mysterious ways while Dan tells them about a religious man’s winery burning down.


Adam is mocking the idea of looking for the silver lining in “god’s plan” and Adam asks when they’re going to crack a 2nd bottle.

Gina asks Adam about his wine drinking and he is now ranting about the insane alien concept of someone leaving an unfinished drink at a bar.

Dan has another bottle, this one if from Texas and they’re now sampling it.


BB is asking Dan about the best states for wine, Gina brings up dandelion wine and Dan has a funny one liner.

Adam is trying to get Dan to give a summation of his journey, he tells Adam that not everyone is doing wine right.

Adam is now asking him when the book comes out and Dan suggests he get Mike Lynch to help him out, then tells him the book will be out in a year.


Dan tells them about Neil Patrick Harris endorsing a wine from Washington State and Adam jokes about using other famous people to endorse Mangria without their permission.

Adam is sharing his love for pebble beach and says he might show up for Dan’s speech/presentation.


The News

1st Story is on the terrorist attack at the Charlie Hedbo offices in France, Gina has the details and now Adam is riffing about this not representing every single Muslim person on the planet.

Gina takes it back to the details of the satire, Adam brings up the Christians and Catholics who killed people 2k years ago, the standard “Tavis Smiley defense” and now Adam says that Muslim people need to start judging, well judging themselves and peers.

Adam is bringing up the way the US government caught Tim McVeigh and killed him.


Gina has a point about every religion having these crazies and Adam says but the differences is that we snuff them out.

Gina explains the rogue element of this terrorism and Adam comments on the fear du jour common in America.

Adam is now using kids drowning pools and percentages to make a point about this problem, he says that we needn’t make excuses or mute our judgments.


Adam now uses the global AIDS epidemic to make a point about banding together and solving problems.

Dan pitches a new terror tactic involving luggage and Adam riffs about the shoe bomber being his nickname before attempting to blow up his shoes.

Adam jokes about sicking ISIS on the writer of the ‘Cathy’ comic strips.


2nd Story Is on Phylicia Rash?d’s comments concerning Bill Cosby and the allegations against him, Gina sets up a clip of Gloria Allred giving a speech about predators.

Adam is now riffing about predatory behavior being the job description of predators, they replay the clip and Adam chimes in with more commentary interrupting the clip again, thankfully.

Adam is now asking about Phylicia Rash?d and her comments on the case, Adam asks what she has to gain from getting involved, Adam is now swapping out Bill Cosby with Martin Short and asks if 128 other woman would come out of the woodwork if one woman accused him.


Adam is arguing against the idea that these women are making false accusations, Adam is explaining how this is similar to the gay rumors about leading men in Hollywood, a where there’s smoke there’s fire.

BB is now telling Adam about the director’s cut of ‘That thing You Do’ featuring Howie Long playing Tom Hank’s boyfriend in the movie, Adam is surprised after his mention of Howie as the prototypical non gay dude.

Adam is giving his preference over the two wines he’s tried tonight, Dan is telling them about the Texas winery and the constant stream of bachelorette parties.


Dan is now bringing up the element of these women showing up in Bill’s hotel room, asking if they’re not to blame in some way, Adam is now explaining the power and nature of celebrity and how people don’t want to separate.

Adam says that women are scared of the unknown and that when a good looking guy or nice guy asks them to their room it’s different when the guy from MTV or America’s dad asks them, it fools them into a false sense of security.

Adam references the rape scene from ‘Showgirls’ and says that as a father of a daughter he would like to teach her about the intentions of men, to consider them before going to places alone.


“Ladies we are never interested unless it’s got to do with your pussy” – Adam on a 63yr old Bill Cosby not being on the lookout for the careers of 23yr old cocktail waitresses.


Adam has a Jennifer Aniston invite analogy and is now explaining how he views George Clooney as a plate he must keep spinning, not a human being.

Adam says he will do anything to not interrupt their contact, you wouldn’t break.


Adam is now commenting on the twitter reactions and asks if we must all be heroes and comment on this stuff, he says that Judd Apatow doesn’t need to weigh in, this is rape, it’s bad, and we all know it.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a live read for TriCalm

Adam explains he wanted to use is on his dog and jokes about Molly trying to clear a doorway with a protective donut around her neck.

Dan shares his discomfort with ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam is now breaking down the confrontation days and the scary way most of the contractors are described by the homeowners.

Adam tells Dan about the “I Changed My Mind Motherfucker” incident and Adam is explaining how the cameras and the WTF element confuses the guys, not giving them enough time to process everything and lash out.


Adam says they have to get permission for everything afterwards, sometimes having Adam go talk to the guys and Adam explains how he tells them they can go along with the process and sign the forms and make it all go away.

Adam gives them an “its gonna suck!” pep talk of sorts.

Gina has a good question and Adam tells them about episodes (possibly unaired?) where the contractors left and never came back.


Adam is wrapping up the show, giving out the plugs and insults for Dr. Bruce.