Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2013 – Bobby Slayton and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2013 – Bobby Slayton and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-08-2013 – Release Date 01-09-2013

Adam is opening the show with Dameshek in studio, he’s got a funny reference to his junk and now he’s sharing a funny anecdote from earlier in the day when he was recording “The Adam and Drew show”.

Adam is now riffing about guitars and how they attract women, he’s got some funny observations about guitar size and a hilarious observation from Dr. Drew about ukulele’s, Alison has a hilarious quote and stuns everyone, awesome!

Adam is now making some hilarious comparisons between his long held “rodeo clown=0 pussy gig” theory and the guy who plays the giant guitar in the mariachi band, hilarious quotes!

Dave is now complaining about handsome guys who deliberately dress poorly and don’t groom in order to rub it in our collective faces; he’s now accusing Adam of being one of those guys.

Adam is using Kevin Hench as an example to make a point about his own appearance and beard, Mike Lynch gets a great compliment in there, good stuff!


Adam is now telling the guys about a call from an upcoming episode of “The Adam and Drew Show” from a pizza delivery guy in New England. Adam was shocked to learn the “Chicken Bacon Ranch” was the most popular option.

Adam is now telling the guys about being tweeted to about “Churro” flavored yogurt. Adam and Dave are declaring both unacceptable, hilarious quotes from Adam involving a crossbow.

Adam is now calling in an assist from Mike Lynch to show how terrible Adam would be if he had to work at a pizza delivery place, if you enjoy this hilarious bit make sure to look for episode #8(I think) of the Adam and Drew show.

Alison just dropped a funny implication about Sierra Nevada much to the chagrin of Dameshek; Dave admits to serving urine as beer and now Adam is telling the gang about peeing in a freezer.

Dave is now telling Alison about his first meeting with Adam Carolla at Kimmel’s Sunday football; Adam is now weighing in and explaining his various vetting processes.

Dave is now telling the gang about his first Man Show interview and Adam’s response to that.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

He’s got an NFL update, packers vs. 49’ers. Adam is asking how many players actually know what their team names mean, Dameshek is explaining he’s actually done the research and uses the clippers as an example.

Dave is now telling the gang about the upcoming Seattle/Falcons game; Adam is weighing in and helping Dave clarify his point.

They’re now discussing Ray Lewis, Adam is giving his “if you can dance all is forgiven” theory. Dave is weighing in and now Adam is breaking down his recent dance routine, Adam has some hilarious replies and quotes about his own activities.

Dave is giving more upcoming NFL game updates, Adam and Bryan are now explicitly telling Dave that people gamble on football and he’s responding with a hilarious deadpan, nice!

Dave is telling the gang about Rex Ryan’s tattoo, he has a hilarious analogy involving Lynette and Bald Bryan, Bryan’s reaction is wonderful and Alison’s reaction to BB is even better.

Dave is now playing a clip of Jane Goodall at a college game, Alison has now inspired them to recount her visit to the ACS, Adam is now riffing on Jane and the concept of being accepted into an animal group that you’re studying, very funny.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding lobsters experiencing pain when boiled, Adam assumes they do, hilarious riff and quotes with a nice callback inspired by Dave.

Adam is telling Dave about his botched coin toss at the UCLA game, Dave is now bringing it home and having Dawson play a clip from a game this past weekend.

Adam is interrupting to ask who wants to see Jane Goodall do the coin toss; Dave is back to the clip of the announcer talking about the quarterback’s girlfriend from an Alabama game.


Creep of the Week Dave’s showing a visual prop in honor of the cameras in the studio, a cigarette advertisement featuring a white guy who dropped pizza dough on his own head.

Adam is now riffing on the great day for white commercial actors now taking over all the roles in home security commercials and what might be next.

Dave is now declaring the people who celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square with adult diapers and those in Pasadena who sleep on the street the night before the annual parade.

Dave is proposing a 3 option scenario to Adam, Alison and BB, Adam has a great reply.


They’re back from break with Bobby Slayton, Bobby is praising the Mangria and telling the gang about his nightly drinking activities, Adam is asking him if they’re similar in the sense they have to encourage their wife to drink too.

Bobby is telling the gang about his wife and Adam is riffing on the Underground Railroad.

Adam is now pondering how guys make it into their 40’s as a bad drunk without being made aware of it, Adam has some interesting points and Alison is chiming in, Bobby is taking the reins and explaining his nightly music and drinking activities, very funny one liner about his wife, good stuff!

Adam is doing a Go to Meeting live read, Bobby is interrupting and Alison saves it, hilarious quotes from Adam, I’m so glad Bobby jumped in, he made the live read great.

Adam is now telling Bobby he’s in an elite club of pusses, including the porcelain punisher himself, Bobby is now interrupting to explain he can’t even operate his blackberry, and Alison has a killer one liner in reply to Bobby.


Alison’s News

Her top story calls back Dave’s #1 sports, The BSC championship game. Adam is joking with Alison about her being a huge “Bama” fan, Alison is explaining how the “Bama” always throws her and makes her think Obama.

Adam is now explaining how the “Crimson Tide” became the Crims and Tide much like his “Nifty Lions” mix up as a kid, Alison and BB are weighing in, Alison seems to be taking joy, while Bryan is taking the piss out of Adam.

Bobby is now bringing up the Brent Musburger controversy covered by Dave earlier in the show, he’s now telling the gang about his daughter the pussycat doll.

Adam thinks everyone is insanely overeating to the Brent Musburger comments and has a hilarious idea for all producers who want to get game announcers fired, hilarious quote!

Alison is making some funny points about Adam and young tang, Adam just mentioned Graham Parker and Bobby is jumping in saying it’s so great Adam just brought up Graham, Adam is now interrupting Bobby with a double interruption proclaiming that Bobby would say that regardless of who Adam mentioned.

Adam just mentioned Al Jarreau and now Bobby is saying he opened up for both guys, Adam’s reaction is priceless, he just told Bobby how he would make the worst witness, hilarious!


Alison’s 2nd story is about Charlie Sheen tweeting a picture of Mayor Villaretardo at his new hotel in Mexico. Adam is chiming in with some funny observations about the state being better off without him in it. Alison is now reading his comments about the story, very funny delivery from A- Rose!

Adam is now going off on the Mayor’s personality disorder, he’s telling the gang about the night he spent doing a charity auction with the Mayor and how he has his own private MC for bringing him on stage.

Alison is now asking Adam about marriage, if he thinks the woman should take the man’s last name, Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his daughter and how she won’t give up being a Carolla because the name has some cache now.

Bobby is jumping in with some anecdotes from his life; he just brought up “The Stranglers” and “Pablo Cruz”.


Alison’s 3rd story is on the trial of the aurora shooter; Alison has a very funny observation about the term “booby trap”. Adam is now weighing in and explaining how the shooter actually had a more elaborate plan.

Alison is now reading off some more details to further explain the shooter’s elaborate “Home Alone” style booby traps.


Alison’s 4th story, Adam is interrupting with a “Pablo Cruz” update. The occupations most likely to attract psychopaths.

Alison is teasing Adam a bit and BB is chiming in with some of his standard input, Adam is now explaining how CEO’s need to be somewhat removed from emotion, because the bottom line becomes most important.

Adam is now explaining how Ray got fired from JKL due to the breathing game, he’s now telling the gang about “Boogerman” and Jimmy from the KROQ days, he’s interrupting himself for a funny riff about penis enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation, Bobby just did a triple interrupt to reveal his wife had the procedure, whoa!

Adam just wrapped his Kimmel vs. The Boogerman story and now Alison is asking Bobby about his wife’s vagina, he just confessed he made it up and she never had the surgery, I don’t even know what to believe anymore man!


Alison’s 5th story is on the “Make Me Asian” app, Alison is listing off the other semi racist apps made by the same company. Adam wants to know if the Asian community is outraged or if it’s “one guy” as it’s always one guy, who also goes by “Guy”.

Bobby is jumping in to explain the protests against the ban on shark fin soup; Adam just let loose a very interesting insight about so many things being “cock centric” with various Asian cultures yet not so much in the black community, whoa!

Adam has a killer riff about tiger testicles being aphrodisiac, hilarious quotes, do not miss this!

Alison wants to know where “The Boogerman” got his extra fat for his penis enlargement, Adam is now telling the gang about how he found out. He’s telling them about visiting the penis enlargement clinic with Jimmy for a Man Show piece.

Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show, Bobby just revealed he read both of Adam’s books, how sweet.