Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 299

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 299

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Brad Williams

Recorded 01-05-2016 – Release Date 01-07-2016

Production Number #299 – Brad Williams

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Drew opens the first show back with Brad Williams in studio, Adam running late due to the rains in Los Angeles.

Brad tells Drew about last seeing him backstage at KROQ acoustic Christmas, he explains to Brad how he hates being viewed as the narc or party killer and why he can’t use pot.

Brad is telling them about the woman in his life, Drew asks how people are seemingly able to avoid STDs with all of the sleeping around going on, Brad jokes about sex with pornstars and then explains the realistic reason for doing so.


Brad tells Drew about not being able to sleep with a woman who had herpes, after she told him he couldn’t do it and Drew is being empathetic for the woman and tells Brad she was right, he was unlikely to get it.

Brad is explaining how unknown territory might be riskier than someone with herpes who tells you, Adam enters the studio with a joke and he’s riffing about killing people with cocks, using every gun argument but replacing gun with cock.

Drew has a killer Kalashnikov rifle joke “KalashniCock.”


Adam is explaining how interested his wife is in the ongoing ‘Making a Murderer’ series and drama unfolding, Adam is recalling when Dr. Drew first did a functional MRI test during production of his Discovery Health channel show in 2005.

Adam is quoiting himself from 11 years ago and argues away all of the of the strawman arguments for why this machine wouldn’t be superior to the current system.

It was first discussed here on:


The came up again later that year a few times, most notably in this episode:



Brad shares an anecdote about a wire in a cigar tricks pulled by a lawyer, Adam is back to why they can’t have this device, and Drew says its coming.

Adam asks if we are or are not scared of technology and brings up the millimeter wave scanners at airports once again.

Adam is talking about shutting down the B1 Bomber plant and putting people out of work vs. keeping open an obsolete factory for an obsolete aircraft.


They are riffing about fart comedy, Adam says that Drew has dominion over canines and he says his dog has all the stink of a fart but none of the noise, Adam says the greatest moment of owning a dog is seeing them move in their sleep, Adam riffs about all of the things dogs aren’t dreaming of doing, holy shit this is great!

Adam gets to dogs waking themselves up from sleep with their own fart noises.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Blue Apron


Brad talks about now using extra up high shelves in his house, because of his tall/normie bride to be.

Adam is riffing with Brad about his newfound access to the upper 3rd of his home.

Brad is telling them about how his dad would discipline him by putting him on a shelf, Adam is taking it to his STD sniffing dogs and takes it back to ‘Making a Murderer.’


Drew is talking about what pisses him off about this, it’s a television show and he shares the opinions of the panel of experts on his show.


1st Caller Todd, he’s calling about a heart issue that Dr. Drew explains and he tells Adam it’s a grave mistake to talk about these “heart hiccups” that are normal, maybe uncomfortable, the medicines are vastly more dangerous.


2nd Caller Elizabeth, she’s telling them about the morning after pill helping her at a difficult time and how she credits them with knowing about it.

Adam says you shouldn’t no anything in your heart, once again citing ‘Making a Murderer’ it would all be based on facts.

Adam wants to reverse engineer all stupidity and mistakes and prevent them from happening again, Adam is sharing how they discover causes of plane crashes with NTSB recreations of downed aircraft, how they comb over every detail.


Drew is also arguing in favor of science, Adam is now making a point about the guys with largest cocks not touching the ivory of the elephants around them but the Asian people with the tiniest cocks are the ones who want the horns, the phallic psychological implications are wrought.

Drew reframes her question about her partner who isn’t available for her, Drew wants a concrete example of the last shitty thing he said to her.

Adam says he runs into this himself and he comments on playing sports his entire life and how he’s fine with being coached up, he was raised being coached up and he doesn’t take personal offense to it.


Adam can understand how women could take critique and advice as an attack if they never experiences organized sports growing up, his same puss dude theory.

Adam is now citing his parking garage trauma from over the break, funny riff.

Adam wonders if women who are used to being yelled are better at dealing with this type of interaction, Brad tells them about his black belt girlfriend.


Drew is sharing what she needs to make clear with him, regarding her needs and how to keep her happy in the relationship.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam jokes about seeing Brad’s name up in big letters, did they need to be that big?

Adam plugs his dates.


3rd Caller Nicole tells them about having the opportunity to encounter her celebrity Sexception and it’s turned into an affair outside of her relationship.

Adam talks about his celebrity thing that everyone used to do, she says it’s a C list comedian and she won’t name him.

Adam jokes about it being Jeff Ross, Nicole is explaining that her boyfriend hasn’t discovered this is going on, Adam jokes about Elayne Boosler, Adam says it has to be an A-listers, it can’t be guys you can meet down at the comedy club.


Adam asks what it’s like having sex with someone you idolize, does it just become sex at some point and she gets some practical advice about ending this engagement and Adam wraps up the show with some plugs.