Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2016 – Heather McDonald and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2016 – Heather McDonald and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Heather McDonald and Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-05-2016 – Release Date 01-06-2016

Production Number #1731

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Adam opens the show and welcomes Matt Atchity back to the show, BB is giving his thumbnail review of ‘The Hateful Eight’ and Matt gives his take as well.

Adam is defending Quentin Tarantino and explains why you can’t hit pause on his movies and come back to them, you must see them in theaters without interruption.

Gina quotes Phil Rosenthal “This is a Play!” hilarious delivery, Adam tells them about a panty raid and or pillow fight his wife and daughter were engaged in.

Adam shares the “could you please be more considerate” angle he worked telling them to be quiet so he could sleep.


Adam explains that Sonny is home sick and he transitions to having a good pair of slippers and explains how the dog removed the fuzzy strip from the inside of the slipper.

Adam talks about Sonny and how he gets run over by Phil, he keeps losing Stuffies to Phil who takes his pick of the litter, Adam quotes Sonny’s hilarious “No Phil, No!” and explains how the dog trotted down the hall and took Sonny’s Gatorade.

Adam says Sonny is the worst at cleaning things up, he just kinda mats things.

Adam says he likes how the dog torments the shit out of Sonny, Adam is changing topics.


Adam is bringing up the local News and the reports on the LAPD officers driving through the L.A. river telling people who live there to relocate above ground.

Adam is mocking the apocalypse logic of this kind of reporting and how absurd it is, especially being reported without any commentary on why people are living there to begin with.

BB is weighing in and Adam references ‘The Revenant’ and confirms to Matt he’s seen it, BB too.


Adam says BB is right when he agrees with Adam, it’s the part where they just blow by people living in the river, like its normal, the status quo.

Matt is chiming in nicely and Adam is sharing how most fun activities are now illegal at the Beach, he says we’re getting screwed coming and going, paying all the taxes and having no fun.

Adam wants to know if society is in a free fall or not, can people live in the river and can he smoke on the beach or not, which is it.


Adam is telling them about watching ‘Duece Bigalow European Gigolo’ again and brings up fans telling him about random airings of ‘The Hammer’ and this leads to him getting into ‘Collison Course’.

Adam is explaining the plot of ‘Collision Course’ to the gang, Adam guesses 1988, and he’s close.

Adam shares how the bachelor cop apartment tilts over to hoarder and not just slovenly dude living alone, Matt has some trivia about the director and his previous work on ‘The Jewel and The Nile’ and now Adam mocks the lame plot contrivances of the era.

Adam quotes Pat Morita calling a black guy “a little monkey” and BB references ’48 Hours’ and Adam says he called up Leno, a Basic Cable Commentary Track!?

They guess the audience score on ‘Collison Course.’ Matt is adamant they don’t have an actual score for this film.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Rob, he wants to know about Adam using “Douche Nozzle” and he doesn’t take credit for inventing but perhaps bringing it back to popularity.

Adam is riffing about his various ‘Urban Dictionary’ entries credited to him.

Rob is telling them about seeing them live in Chicago a few months back, he wants to know what the hobo guy said to them on stage mid-show, Adam says doesn’t know and BB has a killer “key to the city” one liner.

Adam says it’s like when a woman tells you her cat thinks she’s a person is akin to how he reacts to guys who charge the stage, Gary is now reading some info from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ and brings up the misspelling along with reading the insult aimed at Adam.


Adam says you are hurting your own cause, touching the celebrity element to crediting people with the service, he’s unsure of the way the users submit these entries, they are moderated and vetted.

Gina is wise and explains things might not stay up like Wikipedia, BB predicts the dick who wrote it hoped Adam would stumble across it.

Adam asks what if they called him an “Uppity Nigger” wouldn’t they have to edit that, hilarious reactions across the board!

Holy shit that was great!


Adam is back to the standards required for this service and entries.

Adam explains that Willy T. Ribbs wants to name his documentary ‘Uppity Nigger’ and Gina is responding to it and Adam explains his effort to allow him to tittle his own story.

Adam explains the precedent for using that word in the title.


Adam is asking Gary for more entries that Adam created, he’s listing off a few and Gina has him check backsack, which is not one of Adam’s, he just uses it.

Adam explains “Good Lenses Bad Frames” and riffs about the Fondoozi/Fondoozi.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


2nd Caller AC, he’s a big fan and a buddy gave him a case of Man Show beers, he wants to know is Adam will drink one, BB tells them about how long beer lasts, Adam says he’ll do it.

Gina asks if it will be yeasty.


3rd Caller Max, he’s calling about their new senator in Tempe, he’s asking for Adam’s take on this woman having power and some kooky beliefs.

Adam mocks the notion of mandatory church or a new world order, the internet has ruined all of this stuff and there is no going back.

Adam talks about the anecdotal examples people have, but there is no measurable scale for any actual effect from this kind of fear mongering of things that never happen and never will.


Adam is talking about walking with his family on the roof, they even brought the dog up there and his son walked over to the Chimney and asked about Santa and he explains why he likes Christmas despite not being religious or even believing in a god, just go with it.

Adam is explaining how things like Tax Reform could be changed but cultural changes don’t work, he cites Vietnam and how the people said no, Gina brings up Nuclear power and they move on.


Rotten or Fresh the Rotten Tomatoes Game

‘It’s raining outside Edition’


1st Movie ‘Purple Rain’ (1984)

Gina loves the movie, Adam is sickened by them man, his look, his eye makeup and the motorcycle, he literally gets disgusted at the bike and how “gay” it is, hilarious!

They all weigh in.

Gina asks Adam about Prince’s catalog, she’s not a huge fan but does like the hits.

Adam is declaring it pretentious shit and asks Chris Maxipada to get on mic to confirm that he is a fantastic guitarist, he’s just not a fan of his creations, Adam is fine with ‘Raspberry Beret’ he just doesn’t like him getting serious about his passion.


2nd Movie ‘Hard Rain’ (1998)

Gina has never heard of this movie, Adam is bringing up his love of ‘A Simple Plan’ and how it never airs on Starz but they do trot out ‘Collison Course’ quite a bit.

I ordered this movie on PPV twice!

Matt says they have someone on the nose, Adam is now in negative points!


3rd Movie ‘Black Rain’ (1989)

Adam is trying to guess what it could be ranked at and the rest of the gang get back in the game with their scores.


4th Movie ‘Singing In The Rain’ (1952)

Adam says he’s only seen bits and pieces and thinks of it as an institution more than a film for critique.


5th Movie ‘Rain Man’ (1988)

Matt reveals we have another dead nuts on guess, Gary has the scores so far.


6th Movie ‘The Weather Man (2005)

Adam has a funny reply to the results, he mistakes a couple different Nic Cage movies and thinks ‘Matchstick Men’ is ‘Adaptation.’


They head to break.


They’re back from break

Heather is returning to the show for her second appearance, she was first on ACS #1647 last year also with Matt Atchity.

They have ‘Snowpiercer’ as a ‘What Not to Watch on TV Tonight’ opener.

Adam gives out Heather’s plugs and then his own plugs for some live dates, she wishes him a happy new year and Adam is trying to recall her status and life as they discussed the last time she guested.


Adam is riffing about the perfect storm of teachers that don’t want to spend any time at school and the kids who of course don’t want to be there, like to heavyweights hugging in the middle of the ring to avoid and life threatening injuries or even moderate damage.

Heather is sharing a funny anecdote and Adam talks about being warehoused at LAUSD, Heather tells Adam about being proud to be catholic and her feelings on sending her kids to a catholic private school.

She talks about her husband and his lack of religious beliefs, Gina has a funny reaction to Heather’s comment about her husband not being Jewish.


Adam is joking about throwing money at the school system and how it only further turns to shit, the constant threat of failure is the only thing that encourages someone or something to thrive, he says it’s a little example of what will happen if Bernie Sanders ends up in charge of the country.

Adam is joking about “chaining Mexicans to a chair” to fill the quotas in order to get paid and Heather asks Adam if his kids get into politics and he quotes his daughter’s “Black Labs Matter” proclamation, Heather is now quoting her son and daughter and their differing political takes.

Gary is saying that the black lives matter saying might have been her repeating what she read on the Facebook page, Adam says his daughter is basically the Tasmanian devil.


Adam is now describing his daughter in detail, he shares how he was pensive about them being up there and he spotted a guy jogging down below them, his daughter shouted at the guy and asked him about his dog.

Adam says nobody put that in her, he imitates her hilarious yell and explains how he admits the quality, how “out there” she is.

Adam is riffing about how his daughter would be very curious about a parrots name in a funny but plausible scenario where you encounter a dude walking down the road with his bird.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the claims of North Korea that an earthquake was caused by their underground nuclear tests.

Adam objects to the word humungous in the news story.

Heather talks jokes about social media being beneficial to her and Isis alike, Adam is now talking about Trump and the general consensus that his xenophobia could lead to new terrorists, Heather has a great add on point about that.


Gina is weighing in and Adam is destroying the “it’s not the people it’s their leaders” argument and he comments on how fucked up Russians are as a people, he uses Putin as his primary example for how only certain people accept a despot ruler.

Adam says he thought the internet was supposed to do away with all of this, Adam asks why North Korea isn’t finding a way out, and how much longer this can go on.

Adam jokes about winning an award at this years ‘Suppressys.’


2nd Story is on a woman who confronted a fast food worker after she stole her credit card number, Adam is sharing how awkward this exchange would be and how he wouldn’t participate and hold the camera if her husband.

Adam talks about how big her shoulders and arms are, they take up most of the frame.


3rd Story is on a 3yr old girl’s TSA pat down

Gina has a news report from the local station and Heather explains why she’s ok with government intervention and giving up rights in exchange for the illusion of safety.

Adam is now talking about the dumb rules of this horrible society we created.


Heather has a story about a woman on a Delta flight and she comments on how much she hates dogs on planes, Adam tells her to leave her husband right now.

Adam is talking about the way culture shifts, grunge comes from glam and hair metal, a reaction.

Adam comments on Trump being such a reaction and gets back to dogs on planes and the bizarre rules of TSA, he refers to the millimeter wave scanners as the machine that gives you testicular cancer.

Adam is now saying he would like to shield his kids from this horrible society we have crafted for as long as possible, he does not want to film them and put them on the internet so they end up humiliated on the evening news.


4th Story is on the upcoming funeral for Lemmy, she has the details of his demise and Adam gives him a decent eulogy for a dude who didn’t spend a lot of time on the elliptical, not too shabby.

Adam thinks most guys would gladly accept 70 for a life like Lemmy’s and Gina asks if Lemmy was a cool guy, Gina says this guy seems like he was very loved.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read


Adam is now wrapping up the show with some closing plugs and BB plays the ‘Uppity Nigger’ drop to close the episode.