Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2015 – Filip and Fredrik, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2015 – Filip and Fredrik, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Filip and Fredrik, and David Wild

Recorded 01-06-2015 – Release Date 01-07-2015

Production Number #1483

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Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio, Gina reveals she’s also a “self-hating Jew”, Adam is bringing up the recent twitter and internet controversy about the departure of Alison Rosen after 4 years and roughly 1,000 episodes.

David Wild gets Adam to get right into it, pro move and ballsy too.

Adam explains that he had many conversations with Alison about uncomfortable encounters, citing the Howard Lapides story as told to Alison on air.


Adam says that Alison left him with the impression she would prefer the coldness of an email over an in person meeting, maybe there was a better middle ground option though.

Adam says his timing with telling the Tim Conway story was horrible and clumsy, he says he was unware of the unfortunate timing while telling the story.

Adam is now describing the email goodbye/severance and he says he didn’t write the email, he dictated it, he says it was form his wife or Matt, Matt was on vacation at the time.


Matt is now on mic and confirming that Adam supervises the emails to make sure they get forth his intent, Adam says he just wanted to move on, it was a creative decision and didn’t think this was her role.

Adam is now telling people they can look and look for an answer but they won’t find one, David brings up his emotional feelings about growing to love the news gals, Teresa and now Alison and how their departures affected him.

He’s praising Take a Knee with Gene Simmons and then slipping in some astute criticism of Adam’s “tonal blind spots” due to his “Atheist Serial Killer Robot” wiring.


David is joking about his own departure from the show after bring this up, Adam says he can sound like an asshole because he’s not an asshole, he says if there was a bunch of pent up Alison stuff he would’ve had a tougher time.

Adam says just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something, Adam says that he thinks she needs to step out from behind the drum kit, he didn’t do this for her, but he feels like people can fall into a stagnant position, accidently insulting Gina who “stood by while he interviewed Harland Williams” and now has a wedding guest invite analogy.

Adam clarifies he was wrong and didn’t provide enough for the audience and David laments how rough it was for Gina being brought into the fire like that, Adam says he should’ve done a better job and didn’t realize that it would have this effect.


David is now telling Adam about how he’s unaware of how deeply podcast listeners are connected to the show, Adam brings up his kids teachers and “you want to break a chair over my head, what!?” questions he gets from the, causing him to realize how much his words spread and are consumed.

David clarifies his R-E-S-P-E-C-T tweet was about him feeling like the sendoff wasn’t respectful enough, I agree it was very clumsy and didn’t have enough reverence for the time she spent with the company and the show, she’ll be good though.


Adam says that David has lost 50lbs and still going, nice work man!

David is telling them about weighing himself on the 30th and was only at 49lbs and Adam has a killer joke that will piss Alison off and please her, he says they lost “123lbs.”

David praises his Fitbit that lead to this weight loss, he’s walked the length of Japan, how cool, they should sponsor him!


David says that once you commit to walking 5 miles in the morning you don’t want to screw things up later in the day by eating like an asshole.

Gina brings up her dangerous neighborhood and Adam jokes about “Hebrew Heights” and then mocks David’s 9 inch gate.

Adam brings up the famous SNL bit and offer ups a modern variant with David.


Adam is doing a live read for


Adam asks David when the rock and roll hall of fame ceremony comes up, Adam is now reading the list of nominees and laments the band ‘War’ and ‘Joan Jett’.

Adam is mocking George Lopez’s use of ‘Low Rider’ as his stage entrance music, David is now telling them about the origins of the band.

David shares his love for ‘The Spinners’ and Adam reads more nominees, he asks about the pretend like everyone claims to have for Lou Reed.

Adam is having them play ‘I Love You Suzanne’ and mocking the lyrics, Dawson is on mic sharing what he likes about Lou and his limited musicianship.

Adam jokes about Lou working as a grip on David’s television show, David is now going in depth on ‘The Velvet Underground’ and their relevance and importance in musical history.


David brings up and upcoming Stevie Wonder show and BB is now sharing his own anecdote about seeing Stevie live.

Adam is now proclaiming that there are a couple best of CD’s that cover all of the material you need to know of a certain band, like ‘Steely Dan’ and proclaims his love for the band ‘The Smiths’.

Adam brings up the Jamie Gillis/Dry Anal Rape anecdote from classic Loveline when Ginger Lynn was guesting on the show.


Adam shares an anecdote about Morrissey and his tour manager, an example of backtracking after someone tells you something, he asked about Morrissey being a handful, the tour manager denied it up and down and then gave two prime examples.


Adam is doing a live read for


Adam is telling them about re-watching ‘That Thing You Do!’ and how much he loves the movie, BB is now telling them about the director’s cut he watched that somewhat tainted the experience for him.

Adam is explaining that when you put comedy and music in a movie the material has to be good enough to stand up to scrutiny.

Adam says they wrote a pop song that would hold up if it was from the era.

David says he likes this song more than many ‘Beatles’ songs and he explains what he was told about Rita Wilson’s character in the movie and why he loved her so much as that character.


Adam is now on a “did you do what you set out to do” explanation for art, he brings up ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and how the profanity gets bleeped out while the guts and blood remains intact.

David tells Adam to bring up Gene Simmons’ acting work if and when they record a part two.

David has a great reaction to Adam’s joke about his newfound modeling work.


Q and Ace

“Fuck off beanpole!” – Adam’s happy birthday to David

1st Caller E.J. (Ejay?) his municipality is taking submissions for roadside signs, Adam suggests “quit externalizing” and riffs about buzzed driving.

Adam jokes about the death toll being displayed on road signs and how grim it is. David has some insightful praise for the chief of police in Tennessee.

Gina brings up the show ‘Sonic Highways’ and Adam praises the Seattle episode.


2nd Caller Keith, he wants to know if Adam feels he’s mellowed after having kids and has a killer one liner about what his life would be like without his family.

Adam is now lamenting the abundance of free gifts for his kids from the likes of James Babydoll Dixon and Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam has a crazy “buh, buh buuuuut” reaction to David’s wise point about the expectations these gifts instill in your kids, Adam brings up the Alison Bedell gift of a “do it yourself tie-dye kit” and how his daughter set up the kit ready to ruin his floors and carpets.

Adam says don’t give kids gifts that amount to piles of fucking stains, Adam is describing the interaction with his daughter and how she resisted him trying to get her to wrap it up for the night.


Adam is now asking for Gary to find a picture of the Tie-Dye kit and BB has a funny one liner feeling sympathy for Gary’s bizarre task, but he finds it within 3 seconds.

Adam brings up his decorative popcorn tin, BB has a funny “slash toilet” reply and Adam notes it and moves on, well oil machine.

Adam praises Alison Bedell and calls her the most thoughtful person in the world, David tells them about Skip spotting his exact weight loss and commenting on it when nobody else noticed.


Adam is bringing up his son bivouacking on his bed with his two bags of stuffies, Gina is asking about home and away stuffy sets.

Adam is bringing up listening to ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ and the evolution of Henry Ford, bet it leaves out the Tucker Auto part.


3rd Caller Tom, he recently started hosting a college morning show and wants to know about working his way up to a major market.

Adam talks about working hard and for free, show up early and often, do whatever.

Adam is skipping his “don’t be the van driver, you’ll always just be the van driver” advice given to him by Kimmel about not accepting just any job in radio.


David has a killer Danny Bonaduce reference, gold!

Adam is now saying “Fuck the Rams!” and brings up a conversation with Rich Eisen, he says the 20 year absence has left him cold and his heart is now too hard.

Adam is using his “don’t walk through other people’s museums” rule of life and echoing George Carlin’s own comments on abandoning a team.


Adam is doing a live read for Arctic Ease

BB brings up Adam’s fucked up knuckle from his years of boxing.


David brings up what he heard about Phil Rosenthal’s reaction to the first 20min of the movie, Adam explains he has a last minute edit for the movie and how it requires him to match the exact number of frames, the scene with Larry Miller in a car.

Adam said he un-fucked up the scene and brings up how it starts with a John Hiatt Song, Adam plugs David’s stuff and wraps up with him.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is now responding to a listener question about hand wraps and boxing, Adam is now going in depth on the process, telling him to train with 160z gloves and to use a water bag.

Adam explains how he called up the Ringside catalog people and made them give him a water bladder he then installed in a leather heavy bag.

Filip and Fredrik are joining their show making their ACS debut, Fredrik is asking Adam to recall what he remembers about first meeting Filip, when he came by Adam’s house.


Adam says it was mutual friend of theirs named Daniel (Kellison?) and he says it was when Adam was still recording his podcast at his home, so 2009.

Adam is asking them about their podcast, they co-host over skype, I wonder if they do a dual-synch recording setup.

Filip is telling them about entering an arena for a live podcast in a giant Klonopin container, Adam now asks for a sample of what a Swedish podcast sounds like.


Adam is asking them about the bi-lingual upbringings of most Swedish people and how they feel about English and American culture over there.

They tell Adam about following Tonya Harding and meeting Adam while he was working on ‘The Man Show’ and Adam is explaining how Filip’s memory is failing, he is informed she did appear on the Man Show but during the last season without Adam and Jimmy.

The guys are telling them about Monica Lewinsky appearing on their podcast to promote her handbags, Adam has a killer “to hold Jizz, secret Jizz compartment?” series of one liners and BB adds to it perfectly.


Adam brings up the humiliating honeymoon tape released of Tonya Harding and how the only thing worse than it leaking is the “rough” reaction to it.

The guys are telling them about spending the day with Vince Neil’s parents while he took off and got drunk, Adam asks about how much stuff they were allowed to ask Monica about the Bill Clinton stuff.

Adam is saying he’s found that a lot of people… he then tangents off about Robert Wagner and the controversy in his life regarding his late wife and the circumstances of her death, he says sometimes the people bring up their own controversy, almost on their terms.


Adam, jokes about the “please don’t ask him to take his shirt off” line on a Loveline guest’s bio, Adam is bringing up the thank You’s for his movie and how half of it was supposed to be shot in New Hampshire and tells them about adding a thank you to the tourism board to fool people into thinking they filmed there.

They’re asking Adam about his new movie, he says that good movies and shitty movies sound the same when you describe them, actually shitty movies sound better.

Adam riffs about the plot of ‘Sideways’ and how uninspiring that would sound just described, BB asks them about the best Swedish films, Adam says that Daniel made him watch ‘Let the Right One In’ and Adam gives a plug for their podcast.


Filip gives Adam a gift of a book, he tells him why he chose it, and he brought it on spec.

Adam is now riffing about Filip’s dog being named ‘Kindle’ after joking about being an ugly American who doesn’t read.


The News

1st Story Is on a Teenage girl fighting against chemotherapy treatments she doesn’t want, Adam is now having the boys riff about the dog some more.

Gina has the details and explains how the state of Connecticut is holding her against her will, Adam has a killer “they didn’t give the hospital a name!” reaction.

Adam says that the mere fact that she’s refusing treatment makes her immature, so the mature minor defense is void.


Gina asks Adam his actual take on this, he clarifies how he feels and Fredrik has an anecdote and mocks himself for bringing it up on a comedy show.


2nd Story is on the ‘Smart Belt’ featured at this year’s CES.

Gina is telling them about a 3D food printer and jokes about make your own dildos, Adam says he is alright with 3D printed organs but doesn’t think we need automatic belts.

Adam shares his support for stem cell research and forward movement in medicine.


Adam is telling them about the street urinals he saw while in Europe and jokes about the worst job being the guy who drains the piss from the urinals.

Adam explains this smart solution and asks why we don’t do this, why not adopt the best laws and policies of every culture, he uses the Japanese mimicking of other auto manufactures, hilarious acid in the face comment.


They’re back to the smart belt, Adam praises the metric system and says we should all be on that, he brings up the difficulty in picking out drill bits, metric is much easier.

Adam is joking about BB not knowing the metric system, killer “zeppelin” one liner from BB.

Adam brings up the failed attempt by Jimmy Carter to introduce it to America and have it replace our ‘Standard’ system.


Adam is doing a live read


3rd Story Gina tells them about the new variants of Girl Scout Cookies including some gluten free recipes, Adam asks the guys if they have girl scouts in Sweden.

They bring up gluten intolerance and Adam explains how nobody had it until it became fashionable with the rise in low carb diets, Adam is saying there is nothing better than a well-timed fart.

Adam is describing how he felt his daughter approaching and blasted her with a fart right as she went to bash him in the back/ass, Adam jokes about the slow motion cigarette tossed into a trail of gas ala ‘Con Air’.


The guys are sharing an anecdote of one of them blowing ass in front of Harry Hamlin, Gina asks a follow up about this fart story.

Adam brings up Jimmy Kimmel farting up the beach while filming a Man Show bit, he describes the joy in watching them travel down wind and hit groups of crew members.

One of the guys has a solid ‘Deer Hunter’ reference and then they bring up ‘Mr. Methane’ and Adam is trying to tell them about the air sucking method for competitive farting.


They are telling them about filming a colonoscopy and bring up how the doctor has done 10’s of thousands of colonoscopies.

Filip explains that he came from the stimulation, he asked the doctor about it and he had never seen that reaction.

Adam is now riffing about the doctor trying to backpedal and cover up some kind of sexual wrong doing, hilarious!

Adam is joking about “pre-loaded” socks and Gina has a great “squib” use, Adam seems to appreciate it.

BB plays Gina’s “The hack with the rack” drop.


Adam and BB are doing a live read for

Adam jokes about how they can jog his memory upon their next meeting, BB closes the show with the drop of them doing a sample of Swedish language podcasting.