Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 01-06-2014 – Release Date 01-07-2014

Production Number #1234

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I was live in studio to watch this one so I’ll have firsthand insights as well.

Adam is opening the show to a #TopDrop from @FriskyLisp on twitter; he’s mentioning me being in studio, thanks BB!

Adam is bringing up seeing his book next to BB’s on the Amazon presale charts, BB was peeking at them too, and both guys love the listeners and all the support.


Adam is sharing his vivid dream and the possibly funny joke contained in it, he’s sharing how he’s often enamored with jokes in sleep but Lynette says this one is still funny in reality.

Adam is explaining the dream and the warehouse sleeping scenario within it.

Adam is explaining the warehouse down the road he’s setting up for “Road Hard” production offices and other Carolla projects.


Adam is now mocking the attorney culture and the requirement to hire them to people who sue without regard, Adam is bringing up the 5 million dollar bond required to use his warehouse and going to bed with that weighing on his head.

BB has a funny joke about Adam dreaming that he’s sleeping, funny stuff.

Adam is explaining the nature of guys who used to wrestle while breaking down the dream; he’s getting to the punch line of “banking days in the doghouse” for when you get into an argument allowing you to stay in your own bed.


Alison agrees it’s quite funny even with the long windup, he’s remarking on Dream Jimmy Kimmel enjoying the joke and BB has a nice reply.

Adam is explaining how Robert Redford is the “Holy Grail” for this Paul Newman documentary Adam is making, he’s explaining how one gets access to Robert.

Alison is quizzing Adam about the other elements of his dream and what was possibly in his subconscious.


Alison has a dream riddle that doesn’t work; Adam tries to figure it out.

Adam is now mocking the joke and dream Jimmy’s reaction, hilarious!

Adam is now joking about it being awkward, he’s bringing up this strange Danny Bonaduce clip that’s somehow infected his iPhone and will start playing when Adam plugs his phone into charge in his Jaguar.


Gary and Chris have a wise theory on the media port in the car activating iTunes, Adam is explaining how this audio file starts bleeding through mid-interview with back sack and fuckface in the morning.

Adam is explaining how a song wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s much worse because of what comes up.

Adam is now playing it live into the mic, Adam does not know how that got onto his phone, but I can only assume it’s from me as I have emailed him old show clips from 2007, so this could be my fault, but it doesn’t for sure sound like anything I would have sent.


Adam is trying to explain how hard it is to conduct and interview with a radio show with this playing in the background.

BB is explaining how this ended up in Adam’s iTunes library, this is probably something Adam had from the KLSX days, this seems old, that would make sense as those files has numerical file names starting in 0.

Adam is now asking who are the maniacs who slide in behind you when you pull over, he’s asking what happens if he never moves.


Adam is sharing the lack of solutions from Matt Fondiler and Gary is now on mic to explain the media port thing, hilarious Darfur joke from Ace.

Gary is explaining that he has to go to Adam’s house to remove the file; hopefully there aren’t more than one.


Adam is now getting to the one sip coke in his fridge, I watched him pull this out and bring it in to the studio for show content.

Adam is explaining how the holiday party left a stockpile of partial consumed beers, Adam is mocking people who only take a sip of their drink, and he’s citing Lynette’s Jamba Juice runs and the thumb/vacuum straw amount of juice she seems to consume.


Adam is explaining how much this bothers him and Alison is agreeing with him, Adam is explaining why it drives him nuts and why he needs to make sure things get consumed.

Gary brought in a mug and a full can to do a side by side; you can see the pics on the show page link above.


Adam is sharing the story of the time he had the cops called on him mid construction when his phone lines accidentally got crossed with a neighbor, BB is confused in this story despite hearing it many times, Alison seems to think she’s never heard it and I can’t disprove that at the moment, so she’s good.

Bb is joking about cops not having to respond to every call, Adam is saying these were the same cops that showed up to the same house on NYE for his party at 9pm.

Adam is explaining his fantasy of them all living on the same island, he wants a party for just the one sippers, hilarious one can of coke joke from Alison, Adam is mocking Lynette and Daniel by including them as the ones to greet all the party goers.


Adam is now doing a live read for Legal zoom.

Adam is now demanding someone come in and finish the soda off, Gary is promptly attending to it.

Adam is now bringing up an interaction he witnessed that might be father of the year material; he’s sharing his day at the hobby store with the kids, playing with a remote control helicopter.


Adam is saying they ran into another dad and the kids were all wearing Stanford hats, Adam is describing the man and brought up the tough loss to Michigan State.

The 7 year old son overheard the conversation, the dad cut him off and told Steve the kid about the refs not being to blame, Adam is now quoting the interaction.

Adam is bringing up how the dad was trying to make his son internalize instead of externalize the failure and loss, Adam thinks that’s a better way to think, Alison says she wants to laugh, gold!


Adam is now clarifying why this interaction doesn’t make the guy a dick; he’s clarifying the man’s point to his son.

They’re all going in depth on the idea of this.

Adam is commenting on how Lynette observed his recent upswing in kindness and how he accredited that to her really helping him out and taking on a larger share of duties.


Adam is now joking about pepper mill protocol, citing his less years on earth as why he should be given his pepper first, gold!

Adam is bringing up titanic and Alison is mocking the squeak noise that old Lady Rose made in the movie.

Adam is now doing a Trunk Club live read with Matt Fondiler.


Matt is now on mic to share his helicopter story with his girlfriend’s dad the medevac pilot, Adam is commenting on the man’s resume and what he assumes about his character.

Matt has a funny Helicopter pronunciation and everyone is laughing like crazy at him, including the booth, gold!

Matt is sharing this epic story, I won’t spoil it!


Adam is joking about the cost and weight vs. usefulness of barf bags and the movie trope of slow Mo helicopter blades.

Adam is doing a plug for their upcoming live shows, Fitzsimmons is about to enter the studio but BB tosses in a last minute “Hooray for Baldywood”.
Alison seems to have a reaction to Greg’s face pressing up to the studio door.


Hooray for Baldywood

Adam brings up the coincidental “Great Magnet” type stuff going around in response to BB’s comment about the helicopter, BB name checks “Terrance Winter” who he forgets guested on the ACS radio show.

BB is reviewing “The Wolf of Wall Street” and praising the amazing cast.

Adam wants to know if we let people emigrate from Australia if they’re not good looking, BB is really praising Matthew McConaughey.


Adam is asking BB to get to the actual review; BB is saying he needed a few days to sit with it.

BB is bringing up the comedy and American Hustle, Adam wants to know if they covered it, Gary is saying no but it was covered on the December 17th episode.

Adam is bringing up his reaction to “American Hustle” after leaving Phil Rosenthal’s house and how thought the movie was fun but the story took the back seat.


BB is explaining how they were all at Phil Rosenthal’s house watching it with the director.

BB is taking it back to “Wolf of Wall Street” Adam wants to know why he’s saying it like he’s apologizing.

BB gives it an A-


Greg Fitzsimmons is joining the show for his annual attempt at “first booking” for the ACS, another success!

They’re returning from break to a great moment in local news.


Greg is telling the gang about his holiday and 9 days of vacation with the family, he’s bringing up the difference of “elected conversations” vs. talking to your family all week.

Adam is saying that 9 days feels like a long time on the road, Greg is joking about not being able to tell the good risqué stories.

Adam is bringing up the Reno/Tahoe situation, he’s telling the story of the time his wife paid for the champagne and didn’t use the complimentary bottle or the casino bucks to pay for the bottle, and he’s citing the Natalia Pancakes part of the story too.


Greg is getting to the meal vouchers he got for the cafeteria and how they ate there last time he was playing a Casino, he’s describing the saddest mess hall possible.

Adam is now joking about the east coast casino cafeteria/rec rooms and how sad they must be, the miserable fat people eating Jell-O.

Adam is now on the Natalia Pancakes part of the story, it’s being interspersed with Greg’s stories, he’s explaining how he recently explained to them how to order off a menu and be considerate of the cost.


Adam is getting to the vacation he took last year with the family at Disneyland, how they reached the compromise of hiring an escort who expedites the line, Adam is telling the full story including water bottle purchase for overpaid/charging escort, hilarious “get a gimp” joke from Ace.

Adam is sharing Sonny’s hesitance and his wife’s attempt to give him an out despite Adam’s angry quiet voice, Greg has a quick anecdote about his buddy Mike Gibbons faking an injury.


Adam is sharing how he was hesitant to make a scene or walk past people in line, Adam is further riffing on his quiet angry voice and his shocked “well I never” reverse sigh that makes Molly react.

Alison is sharing her dog’s reaction to that noise; Adam is doing some great vocal acting and has a killer BB gun joke.

Adam is now describing the picture you can see via the show page above of the family all on the Matterhorn.


Greg is telling the gang about his daughter’s reaction to falling down while skiing and his dilemma of trying to be a nice parent and still have fun.

Adam is giving some plugs for Greg.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the extreme cold and the wind-chill warning for half of the United States, Adam is mocking the local weather guys who come out and say things like “unless you have to be outside, don’t be outside”.

Adam is on a killer riff about spreading out on one’s roof, gold!

Adam and Greg are commenting on the cold, Greg is telling the gang an anecdote about a homeless man who would appear in front of a place he frequented.


Adam is telling Greg about the homeless “Rock and Roll” guy he used to see on his corner, he’s joking about the guy’s ball stench, and the idea of a homeless guy trying to maintain at least some game.

Adam is joking about the snobbery of homeless guys, if living in a subzero fridge cardboard box vs. a Kenmore box.

BB recently destroyed a fireplace cardboard box and felt a twinge of guilt of destroying a potential palace for a homeless dude.


Adam and the gang are commenting on the “dash of funk” during sex, that lets you know what you’re doing, hilarious whiff of the stuffing comment from Adam.

Alison is quizzing Adam about and Greg is joking about it, Adam is further explaining the scents of sex and how they are part of the experience.

Greg is blaming douching for homosexuality, hilarious “that’s a fact” riff reply from Ace.


Alison is bringing up Dr. Drew and his wife stuck in NYC, unable to get back to the west coast due to the storms.

Adam is saying how weird it is that we’re still used to controlling everything and how weird it is when we can’t get somewhere on our terms and how annoying it can truly be.

Adam is citing his recent flight delay and the guy who was trying to get the passengers to protest demanding their money back, Adam is explaining it to Greg.


Adam is explaining that he understands that airlines can’t control the weather; he says he loves to yell at the cunt at Alaska Airlines whose b being a bitch and name checks another airline saying he doesn’t blame them for weather.

Adam is bringing up the hospitality lounge and the curried fish soup that was served, he wants to know why such an exotic choice, Greg jokes about the reverse gas prayers once people eat that soup.

Alison is reading more details and Adam predicts this means more assholes move to California next year.


Adam is now riffing about the assholes that are in trouble in Los Angeles vs. the guys from Boston, he’s joking about the lack of verbal ability out west.

Adam’s on a great Andy Capp riff.


Adam is doing another live read.


2nd story is on the new black female cast member on SNL, they’re all joking about it.

Adam is explaining why he doesn’t like diversity for diversity’s sake when it comes to performance based activities like comedy and sports; he wants the people who are funniest to be hired by whoever does the hiring without caving to any pressure.

Adam is bringing up a good point about the lack of Asian SNL cast members; Alison has a hilarious reply referencing a horrible person.


Adam is explaining why nobody ever bring up the missing Asian element in sketch comedy, how it becomes its own form of racism.

Alison and BB have a Rob Schneider stretch and Greg jokes about Asian guests on the ACS, they’ve had several.

Adam is now bringing up the full circle moment of BB bringing up Pulp Fiction in his Hooray For Baldywood segment, Adam thought of Kathy Griffin and Karen Mariamo both in the movie who worked with him at “The Groundlings”.


Adam has a great joke about the Ralph Machio look alike also in the scene with the Kathy and Karen, Alison jokes about Kathy’s previous face pre-surgery.

Greg is making a point about standup vs. sketch comedy, and the economic restrictions of sketch.

Adam is on a funny riff about starting as a standup at young ages for black comedians, Alison is bringing up Arsenio Hall’s story and Adam has a great hiding a dove behind his gums joke.


They’re trying to figure out the Ralph Machio lookalike woman, another great magnet reference and a hilarious Linda Machio one liner.

Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show with some plugs.