Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2013 – Evan Sayet and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/07/2013 – Evan Sayet and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-06-2013 – Release Date 01-07-2013

Adam is opening the show with a most impassioned “Get It on”; He’s teasing some upcoming “Django Unchained” talk with the Bald One.

Adam is now setting up an explanation about a macabre and possibly homoerotic dream he recently had, he’s telling the gang about his “mandated erection water displacement test” dream.

Alison is jumping in with multiple amazing quotes, just great. BB has some good input too, Adam is riffing and they’re discussing the various people who would be happy to participate and those who would find ways to avoid it.

Alison wants to know how this ranking would benefit you in daily life, Adam has some amazing replies and BB is riffing with him about the interviews the number 1 ranked dude would be giving.

They’re going even further in depth on how this process would work, Adam is declaring it would be a fun year and pitching a sanctioning body to oversee everything.


Adam’s telling Alison and BB about his day and driving to the warehouse, he saw the CHP who pulled over a guy in a BMW, Adam is telling the gang about how the cops use this particular spot to catch people for chicken shit tickets.

Adam is explaining the bizarre twist he witnessed just after he saw the tax paying citizen being taken over a barrel by the CHP. Adam is now making a larger point exposing the hypocrisy of these types of law enforcement tactics.

Adam is now taking the point one step further and Alison is even finishing his sentence and seems to agree with him, whoa!

Adam is now explaining how Natalia narced Lynette out for getting a ticket, Adam is SHOCKED by what city she was ticketed in.

Adam is now getting fired up and Alison jumps in with some funny, Adam is doing a live read and asking Bryan about Cristoph Waltz in “Django” vs. “Inglorious Basterds”.

They’re going in depth about his odds for winning an academy award and how what category he gets nominated for is a bigger deciding factor, some great points from Adam about lead actor vs. supporting actor.

Adam and BB are breaking down QT and the movie, they both agree that nobody makes movies like he does, Adam just invented a “sanity great Gazoo” for QT to improve his movies, hilarious.

Adam is telling the gang about his trip to Amalfi on Friday night and how he ran into a couple fans drinking the “Mangria” at the bar, he’s telling them how he sampled both of their drinks to make sure the mix was just right.


Adam returns from Break with Doc B in studio for his first visit of 2013, been too long in this superfan’s opinion, Adam is doing some plugs for the JKL timeslot shift, very funny riff about some of his first guests for the new time.

Dr.Bruce has some stories from the past few months; including Mitt Romney’s idea about windows on airplanes and a quick tidbit about January Jones before the topic switches to the plane crash of “Payne Stewart”.

Doc B is telling Adam about January Jones taking “Placenta pills”, Alison seems to know about this and Bruce is explaining it away as pseudo-science, Adam is taking the argument of the weird superstitious behavior humans still take part in.

Bruce is walking them threw a few more pseudo-science claims from celebrities and now Adam is sharing that a fan tweeted him about how much water he saves annually by peeing the sink, Bruce just suggested Adam do a PSA and BB is quick to make it happen.

Adam is now delivering one of his all-time funniest fake PSA’s Bryan is quick with the music bed and wonderful and hilarious reaction, great reaction from the Baldest one!


Bryan is asking Bruce about the cure for cancer; Bruce does have some news about immune system modification as a possible treatment. Adam is now in character and riffing as the western medicine dissenter (basically his mom), he keeps weaving it in to the discussion and it’s gold.

Bruce just dropped a new word for 2013, Adam and Alison are chiming and have some great reactions, and Adam is now comically asking Bruce if it helps his doctoring work to never understand what anyone is talking about, hilarious in character riff/improv from Adam as Bruce.

Adam is now ranting and riffing about Jenny McCarthy types telling scientists how things work.


Bruce is telling the gang about his first bizarre ER case of 2013, wow!

Adam is now ranting about the larger implications of manipulation of the medical system using Bruce’s example of the ER visit, Alison seems to agree and is making some points, Bruce the expert seems to agree whole heartedly, almost Stacy Metro levels of enthusiasm.

Adam is making some points about how society is the only thing can police society; he’s using riots as an example and has some funny points about how easy the masses could take over a city like Los Angeles.

They’re now discussing bullying and how it’s lost its meaning, Adam has some ranting and riffing, very good stuff I won’t spoil, some gold about Ray!

Adam has a great riff about his haircuts, it’s very short but it has a hilarious twit ending.

Bruce is teasing a critique he has about Mangria while citing the glowing review in Esquire; Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is asking Bruce about his beef, nice back and forth between the guys.


They’re back from second break, Adam is asking Evan about his take on “liberal politics” he thinks that thinking was outlawed in the 1980’s; he’s delivering his argument quickly.

Adam grew up with the crazy type of hippy thinking; he’s telling the gang how his mom wouldn’t allow any generalizations regardless of how accurate they are. Adam is explaining how you remove comedy by shutting down exaggeration and hyperbole.

Evan is explaining his arguments even further, Alison is making a couple points and Adam is of course giving his take. Evan is now back in effect and giving an even more in depth version of his argument, he’s giving examples now.

Adam likes his example and his topping it with a funny take that’s full of insight; Adam is now giving his own example about nuclear weapons and the cold war.

Evan is making a point and Adam interrupts with a hilarious Hanson interruption, great riff. Adam is now telling Evan that the music is not going away, nice work BB!

Evan is further explaining his point, Adam is now busting in another Hanson interruption, and Alison is asking Adam about his love for the band, this is great!

Evan just gave his book description in a nutshell, Adam is agreeing and now Evan is telling Adam about an example from Harvard university that goes along with what they’re discussing.

Adam is using his “women aren’t funny” nonsense controversy and how people just ran with it and turned his words into something different.


Alison’s News, Bryan is chiming in to explain they have a new Rich Banks and Mike Lynch collaboration in tribute to Mike August, this is gold!

Alison’s top story is about Los Angeles annual gun buyback, the two rocket launchers are a huge surprise. Alison has a great point about what a perfect way to get rid of evidence these gun buybacks are.

Adam is now explaining there are a handful of signs that are the tip of the spear that mean people should flee the state, he’s now listing a few examples.

Adam has a great point about Kevlar backpacks and now he’s going off on teachers and unions, Evan is jumping and now Adam is giving another example to further his point about teacher performance and charter schools.

Adam is now giving an example about the woman who was hired in DC and changed their system, Bryan jumps in with a needed correction.


Alison’s 2nd story is about a man who donated sperm but is now being forced to provide child support in Kansas, Adam is weighing and now they’re wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a live read; he has some anecdotes and a funny Dr. Bruce impression as they wrap things up.