Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2017 – Nick Thune

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2017 – Nick Thune

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nick Thune

Recorded 01-05-2016 – Release Date 01-06-2016

Production Number #1981

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Adam opens the show to a “He Never has a second cup of coffee at home” intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB has a “Coffee’s for Closers” #TopDrop and Adam welcomes everyone to the show before updating them on Alec Baldwin’s possible booking for the show.

Adam is now joking about the old commercial with the “he never has a second cup at home” campaign, he quickly transitions to his home and the efforts to keep Philly (Phil E.) Cheesesteak from destroying their belongings.

Adam brings up the premade microwaveable pancakes and how unhealthy they are, he also cites the popsicles leftover in a box, Lynette told him that people brought those over for the kid’s birthday, back in June.


Adam is now talking about Natalia laying on Phil’s giant belly, his daughter told him they missed the snow in Chicago and they need to head up to Big Bear and take Phil, so he could enjoy the snow as well.

Adam brings up Phil’s 8k stomach surgery and how his daughter still hasn’t learned to shut her door, Adam tried to use the Big Bear trip as motivation to get her to change her behavior.

Adam jokes about Phil being the best 2nd story man in the business and he jokes about Rob failing to follow some direction regarding the other warehouse and leaving the backdoor unlocked, he shares how Phil was able to escape from it easily.


Adam is now mocking his daughter’s “closed enough” reasoning for why it was ok she left her door unlatched.

Adam wants to talk her out of that life strategy and Gina asks if Adam walked away defeated after finding the door ajar, Adam says they’re putting signs up in the house to remind his family to latch their doors when they leave.

Adam is going over curtain call and how you cannot show up late for a Broadway show, he mocks the people in his life who need to be reminded of rules like that, BB says he and Christie have taken to giving people different times to compensate for their patterns of showing up late or early.


BB doesn’t get why Sonny wouldn’t enjoy even sledding, Gina reminds BB of Sonny’s demeanor and Adam explains how cautious Sonny is, he says he wouldn’t enter a private property with his dad and Phil because of a no trespassing sign.

Adam promises to update us all on the signs and if they work out but he says don’t hold your breath hoping it’s a success.


Adam says a bunch of fans have been tweeting at him with the story about the peanut allergies and early childhood exposure.

Adam is talking to Gina about Todd Donoho and picking some teams for gambling on the NFL, Adam is going in depth with BB about the various aspects of the spread and respective teams.

Gina wants some tips so she can sound knowledgeable about her gambling decisions.


Adam is telling Gina why he would pick Seattle to win and BB is peppering in more stats, really overwhelming everyone with information.

BB says he thinks Seattle is going to win at home, Adam explains “Money line” bets and jokes about Mike Tyson fighting “tomato can Du jour” during his run of knockout wins before he went to prison and his career was sidelined.

Adam is asking BB what percentage he is certain that Seattle will be winning, Gary has the current spread between Seattle and Detroit, Adam tells Gina to bet $100 on the Money line bet, she stands to lose $100 and possibly win $300.


Adam is now going over Miami vs. Pittsburgh and he brings up Earnie Shavers while making an analogy about one of the teams.

Gina asks about the weather element for Miami playing in Pittsburgh.

BB is going a mile a minute and goes in depth on his reasoning why he would pick The Steelers to win, Adam goes over the New York Giants vs. Green Bay as the final game breakdown.


Adam is going off on New York fans who mock Eli Manning and his resting pouty face, which rubs everyone the wrong way.

Adam is bringing up Eli’s Super Bowl win over The Patriots during their perfect season a few years back, Adam is bringing up the first Panthers vs. Patriots Super Bowl from a decade ago.

Adam is defending Eli and his two Super Bowl wins.

Adam tells the NYC fans to get over it and stop bothering him about the look on his face, he says he feels like it’s very New York for them to judge their star QB for pouting despite his hall of fame performances for said fans.


Life LockIs it Data or Data? And Adam bought deodorant online yesterday Edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tyler, he wants to bring Adam back down to earth and Adam jokes about spending his vacation cleaning his freezer out, believe him he’s grounded.

Tyler talks about being a chess aficionado and how bothered he is when he sees chess boards in media, film and television, they’re always set up incorrectly.

Adam is now going over what he would do if he was tasked with set design and how he would delegate the duty to someone who knows the game, he mocks the modern era of idiots who add their two cents and incorrect options to just muddy the waters and fuck things up.


BB references a former employee who often chime in early despite being incorrect, Mike Altier.

Adam makes BB say his name and he brings up the time Altier incorrectly informed him of who won the pro division of the Toyota Celerity Grand Prix.

The infamous Rutledge Wood won story.


BB is further complaining about that compulsion some people have to give a reply or speak out without having the proper information.

Adam is asking Tyler about chess and if it benefits him in life, he brings up the movie “chess prodigy” cliché and wants to know if there is any real effect.

Tyler has a great extreme bodybuilding analogy for chess pro’s and how they’ve lost sight of why they started playing, wow!


Tyler says he learned to play the game from the old black guys out in the park in NYC, nice question BB.

Adam asks Tyler about his profession as a chess teacher and conflates the movie ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ with ‘Little Man Tate’ as they were both released in the early 90’s.

Adam wants to know if they ever get it right in some of these movies with the child prodigy, Tyler goes off on the winning move from ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ and Gina brings up a recent movie that was chess themed and ok, Tyler claims the first Harry Potter movie got it right as well.


Adam jokes about Tyler playing chess with his wife and Adam brings up ‘Modern Family’ and how he had to keep pausing the episode to correct the remodeling work going on in the background, he says fake construction sites always get it wrong.

BB who doesn’t watch TV suggests the show was trying to convey that the two cast members were new to building and had fucked up the drywall installation.

Adam says he “loves” where BB’s head is at but no, they were dealing with a contracting company.


2nd Caller Bill has a question about welding but doesn’t seem to be on the line, Adam brings up Classic Loveline and how he would ask people about “working with metal” and he shares how welding does affect the brain of people who do it for a living.

Gina asks about the effects of metal inhalation and how it changes their speech and brain function, holy shit!

They head to break


They’re back from break with Nick Thune making his ACS debut, how is that even possible!?

They have a new ‘Great Moment in Local News’ and Adam plugs Nick’s latest special now streaming on Seeso.

Adam compliments Nick’s special and Nick jokes about the Complisult he got from family about the special, Adam brings up his “did you try it?” Endless Rant IPA incident from yesterday’s show.


Nick shares the details of his first Comedy Central half hour and his mom’s reaction to a masturbation joke, Adam says his mom’s a mess and is only ever aware of Adam’s lack of nerves, she only focuses on what she fears most, never any comments about the performance.

Nick is now talking about his mom and overshadowing her, Adam runs with the info he provided about her working at ‘Curves’ and Adam has a killer “if she doesn’t like big shadows she shouldn’t have gotten a job at curves” joke.

They dance around the word faggot and Nick informs them he’s a Seahawks fan.


TCLNick has a brand new 55-inch TV thanks to TCL edition


Adam sets up a bit from Nick’s latest special, Gary plays the clip of the bit and confuses Adam then gets on mic to clarify with not awesome tone, come on Gary!

Nick’s bit is pretty solid and Adam is upset they don’t have a 2nd clip, Adam talks about how weird the ultrasound stuff and all of the steps are.

Adam says the pregnant belly exposure often feels very intimate and he comments on the tons of jelly poured on her belly, he says it makes it even creepier, Nick explains that his wife had an internal ultrasound.


Adam talks about women and their privilege of poop non-presumption, women can always hide behind peeing when they’re taking a dump, men are caught red handed, they are pooping and you both know it.

When things are going inside of you, women have two possible routes. With men, we know that means asshole, Adam keeps exploring this privilege women have.

Nick is now sharing the details of using a women’s restroom and Adam says one of the most disturbing sensations is holding a door shut while you’re trying to poop.


Nick says his voice cracked and he describes the dead-end hallway outside of the bathroom door, Nick shares the funny punchline to the story.

They skip made up movie and Adam has Gary pull up a picture of some Espadrilles for reference, Gian says those are like the shoes Adam wears on stage and Nick talks over the intro theme a bit, no big deal.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the MTV ‘Dear White People’ New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys video, Gina has the details and explains it, Adam interrupts and says he hates this stuff as it’s so goddamn easy to jump on the bandwagon.

Adam says the best way for things to go away is for it to quietly go away, not to be obsessed about and focused on forever.

Adam watches the clip and mocks it, Adam hates the preachiness and takes offense to the concept.

Adam is now making a point about cultural evolution and Nick Thune talks about the fear of too many opportunities.


Adam is now joking about his buddies with white privilege, Gina brings up the use of “woke” and claims she’s never heard a white guy say the term.

Adam asks what white guys should do, throw themselves into the sea and drown.

Gina has more of the video, Adam is telling black folk he’ll stop saying “woke” when they start saying “ask” and he mocks MTV for being “heroes” and Gina mocks the shitty “Mansplaining” (Not a Real Word, Nor Thing!) part, thank you Gina!


BB asks how much of his explanation to Gina about the spread and NFL betting would be construed as “mansplaining” (Not a Real Word, Nor Thing!), Gina says it wasn’t and she requested that info she was ignorant of.

Nick has them all on a wiping conversation and Adam is now talking about needing some daylight for room to get the action going and Nick says he had a broken tailbone and that’s what was holding him up with the butthole cleaning.

Gina brings up ‘My 600 Pound Life’ and Adam jokes about never watching the show as he typically hasn’t beat off yet, he skips it worrying he might ruin his chances at doing that if he watches the show.


Adam has a killer glory hole joke and Dawson gets on mic, Gina says a literal “rag on a stick” episode that ended her regular viewing of the show.

Adam talks about the guy who broke in and took a dump in a house he had under construction, back in 1997.

Adam is going over the tool theft, why did they have to shit in the tub too.

Adam thinks he was the one to clean up the poop, Adam talks about the loose toilet bolts and how lifting one leg only loosens them further, Adam jokes about BB’s household where everyone stands while wiping, hilarious hovering one liner.


Adam is asking Nick about “kicking tires and taking dumps” trying to find a house to buy, Adam is now sharing how you tighten toilet bolts, BB says he has a light up toilet bowl and needs to replace the bulb as it’s blinking at him.


2nd Story is on Charles Manson’s health update, Adam is now ranting up a storm about the unlimited funds we have for this while we can’t afford to retrofit school busses with seat belts.

Adam is killing this, hilarious Charles Manson flying via private jet to the mayo clinic joke.

Adam asks why other people don’t think this way, why have we spent endless funds on the Manson family and Nick shares a dark possibly bladder cancer side note of someone who can’t get medical care while Good Old Chuck receives top of the line care.

Gina has the details on Charles’s original sentencing and they wrap up the news.


Adam asks Dawson about the wiping hand vs. his cigarette hand and Adam talks about smoking while shitting, it’s important to kill yourself while you’re taking a dump.

BB plays the clip of Dawson saying “if you need to clean your seat” yet again.

Adam is talking about cigarette stench in cuticles, he finds that smell much more egregious than walking through plume of smoke, he wants to know why that secondhand/thirdhand smoke is more offensive.


Adam teases a bathrobe invention and moves on.


True CarAdam was just looking at the new Jaguar models, BB is a fan too edition

GEICO – Save 15% or more edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show, nice first appearance Nick Thune!