Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2016 – Brandon Marshall and Jamie Lee

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2016 – Brandon Marshall and Jamie Lee

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brandon Marshall and Jamie Lee

Recorded 01-05-2016 – Release Date 01-06-2016

Production Number #1730

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Adam opens the show to a fantastic new #TopDrop of Gina who is delayed as they started early and threw her off with a schedule change.

Adam and BB are talking about upcoming guest Brandon Marshall who is going to be joining them over the phone very soon.

Adam is talking about his wife and her obsession with ‘Making a Murderer’ and Adam says he’s not watching this as it doesn’t make him money nor happy.


Dawson tells Adam it will make him angry and they move on to Brandon.

Brandon is joining them and Adam compliments him on his commentating on Inside The NFL, he says he’s a close second to Dion Sanders and now Brandon is telling them about his efforts to improve on air.

Adam is marveling at how Brandon has evolved over the years since he first started in the league, Brandon explains how he works with other guys and Adam asks him about his borderline personality disorder.


Brandon is using some big therapy words to explain how he avoided medication with tools and skills to process his mental illness.

Branson is talking about how mental illness is stigmatized and Adam brings up the black community in particular, Brandon admits to that while focusing on the positive and overall stigma.

Adam wonders if society has grown too quickly and we’re not designed to read 10k mean tweets after a mistake at work like someone in the NFL might experience.


BB asks about other players coming to him with their issues and asking for advice, he talks about stigma and eradicating it and early onset diagnosis to curb mental illness and maybe eliminate it.

Adam is asking Brandon about playing football and he explains how he is able to overcome his anger and Adam is joking about Brandon’s quarter back resembling Connor McGregor, Brandon has a funny Anderson Silva joke.

Brandon is singing the praises of his QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and he says he’s never heard the comparison to Connor McGregor.


BB and Adam are both looking at Connor next to Ryan and BB is crushing it with the Zoe “I’m Not That Impressed’ drop and Gina arrives late and apologetic, he tells her it’s not her fault and explains his own experience with cadence changes.

Adam is now showing BB and Gina the Cris Carter and GodZuki comparisons, he says he only wants to be remembered for his ability

Adam is talking about ‘Making a Murderer’ and brings up his wife watching Nancy Grace and her “someone just shit on a plate under my face” expression.


Gina busts out a perfect Nancy grace impression and Adam is saying if you just hit pause 8 times randomly on Nancy’s show you will see that expression he referenced.

Adam is now busting out his own Nancy Grace impression and asks if there is now an abundance of proclamations from people, no shit cunt!

Adam asks if we are at an all-time high for “no shits” when it comes to almost all forms of public speech. Gina says everyone is now giving “pageant” answers and Adam agrees emphatically.


Adam is now bringing up MLK’s dream and all of the people throughout history who have dreamed of a better tomorrow only to be taken out with a bullet.

BB chimes in and Adam says it’s about preventing shitty tweets, so you get super sing songy and preachy about obvious things we can all agree with.

Adam says nobody wants a negative reaction to the change they propose.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam doesn’t live down with his honker exposed to daylight, that’s his rule edition

Adam talks about Lynette setting his bathrobe on fire over the break, not to send a message but on accident with a floor heater of some kind.


Adam shares how he wanted a high end bathrobe for sitting around the house, the old one is on the rainbow bridge with Molly Girl.

Adam wraps up this amazing read with a threat to slap any naysayer across the face.


Adam is sharing his suggestion of a functional MRI test for lie detection in criminal cases, Adam is trying to recall when he first came up with it in 99 or 2000(2005 actually).

Adam is going super in depth with his idea for a worldwide certified functional MRI, he offers up every possible counter argument and safety protocol, hilarious one liners and quotes from Adam, he’s on fire.

Gina asks who would be against this and BB is chiming in and Adam talks about outdated industries and how every innovation coincides with job loss in an industry and how it’s ultimately good for everyone.


Adam checks in on their guest who might have been told the wrong time, oh no.

Adam brings up the Christmas song he heard for the first time over the holidays, he explains he was sitting around Christmas Eve with Lynette and he keeps teasing this one song, he calls it a bummer Christmas song.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Hydrate before heading to the dealership, no you, no you edition


Adam is back to the song, its Simon and Garfunkel with ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ which has a dark newscast playing beneath it.

Adam is sharing how he felt raped hearing this “white guilt Christmas” as Mike Dawson chimes in with, Adam is explaining we will need dog free flights and guilt free Christmas music stations.

Adam is now playing a clip of Bono singing in ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ and the notion of luck when it comes to being stuck in poverty.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jeremy shares an interested in anecdote from a different POV, Adam is sharing the origin of his “Everyone Else Get Your Shit Together” New Years Resolutions and Jeremy shares his own.

Adam is talking about “trying” vs. doing and uses a vague call the cable guy scenario to make his point.


Adam is talking about the horrible human wiring where people don’t check the last box or complete a task, Adam would hope people could come home and either check the box and get something done, don’t feel like you got part of it done by trying and making a wasted trip to a closed business on a Sunday.

Adam shares a quick anecdote about trying to schedule a breakfast at Good Neighbor with Kevin Hench over the Christmas break, Adam presumed they might be closed and checked ahead, saving himself the trip.

Adam is defending their guest Jamie and Gary confirms she did get screwed on the time.


2nd Caller Thomas, he wants Adam’s take on indoor vs. outdoor cannabis and brings up the amount of electricity use, Adam acknowledges the part where there is still a cost of electricity regardless of how green.

Adam is now going to solar energy and wonders why the state can’t capture this excess water and preserve it, wasted potential, he wants the Elon Musk’s of the world to figure out what is best and that will be what we do.

Adam is mocking the average American and brings up Take a Knee guest Manoj Bhargava and their discussion about nuclear power and how things that would be best can never happen to do public opinion and bias regardless of the facts.

Adam shares how he tried to show him his cars but he wasn’t interested.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Jamie Lee making her ACS debut, they play a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and Adam plugs her new show that premieres tonight/tomorrow.

Adam asks Gary for a clip and asks Jamie Lee if she was hired for this show or it was her baby, she explains her connection to the producer and Gary gives Adam the clip of show’s trailer where she explains the premise of the show.

Adam is commenting on how quickly Cousin Sal would destroy one of the things from the clip with his farts, Jamie Lee has some info on the show and brings up ‘ Heil Honey I’m Home!’ ow they’re talking about ‘The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer’ and they wrap up the discussion.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a Glee actor caught with child porn, Gina has all of the details and Adam is riffing on Sunland being a harbor for this kind of activity.

Gina talks about doing a radio show in a basement there and being terrified and now Adam is bringing up how Jay Leno uses the area for his show to open up the cars on a country road.

Jamie Lee shares an anecdote about the guy, Gina and BB both weigh in and now Adam talks about the Loveline questions and answers you have to presume upon with this kind of stuff.


Adam says he would rather work in the branch of the kennel that euthanizes dogs and cats than be in the department watching this stuff and catching these guys.

Gina has further details on the way these communities support this criminal behavior and exploitation of children.

Adam says he tries to avail himself of technology every once in a while, his son wanted Taco Bell and his daughter wanted In and Out Burger, Adam tried to get Siri to guide him to the nearest ‘In and Out Burger’ and Adam is having Gary set this up.


Adam explains how he was pulling over and couldn’t get the directions, it said he hadn’t downloaded the data, perhaps Adam’s mobile data was off and he’s on Wi-Fi only?

Gary is investigating why it works in the shop with the Wi-Fi but didn’t work on the road when Adam was trying to get his kids to In and Out.

Adam is riffing up a storm about the middle ground of CGI, plastic surgery and now Gary explains that Adam had his location services turned off, of course!


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read

Simple Like Adam Edition


2nd Story is on the upcoming ‘Guns and Roses’ reunion will be headlining Coachella, Adam is mocking DJs and their “music” and Jamie Lee says it’s more like a Circus environment than a concert, Adam says he looks at them as the prop comics of musicians, he misspeaks and says comics.

Jamie Lee is telling them about seeing DeadMau5 and Gina tells them about seeing Daft Punk, Jamie Lee tells them about her fiancé’s brother and his interest in that type of music.

Adam is explaining how many people are fuck ups and have bad taste, we don’t have different tastes, they have bad taste.

Adam says music takes something and Jamie Lee is making a point about live music and music you listen to on your own while alone.


Adam says pushing a button on a stage isn’t live music, Adam is saying he will respect anyone who’s name we know, our cap is off to them but musically no, he’s not interested.

Adam talks about dumb people vs. smart people and how some people are dumb and high.

Adam is riffing and says “fuck that music and fuck those guys” and brings up forms of music festivals and jam bands type acts, lots of LSD talk and the future class action lawsuits against bands like Phish where people claim they can’t focus or pass the BAR after following them around and frying their brains.


Adam is doing a life lock Live Read


Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, BB got some great use of the Zoe Bell drop this episode, hilarious!

BB closes the show with Adam impersonating Nancy Grace being sarcastic shouting from the POV of the deceased Teresa Halbach.