Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 488

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 488

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-02-2017 – Release Date 01-05-2017

Production Number #488 – Blast from the Past

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and a tease for a blast from the past, something Loveline related.


1st Caller Nick, he has been listening to classic Loveline and thanks me for repairing the old shows, he tells the gang about the psychology and lessons about human behavior he has learned form them on these old shows.

Nick wants to know if they ever solved the traumatic reenactments humans find themselves recreating throughout their lives, Drew recommends his own Dr. Drew podcast and then eloquently describes Nick’s question in even richer detail.

Adam is now sharing his own theory about it, Adam says people can’t let go of shitty prince music, food and familiar things in life, dogs eats the same food every day and they love it, they’re dumb and they love it.


Adam is further describing his theory about how nothing trumps anything, some people would rather do nothing rather than anything, even positive.

Adam says his family is all about this and he has some of it in him too, Drew is trying to solve the reason for this and Adam says his mom’s life is built around her phone never ringing.

Nick makes a great point and Drew is responding and he shares his evolutionary biology take on what this stuff gets recreated, Adam jokes about not liking to talk about himself and Nick responds to that excellently as well.


Adam shares his “rewired himself this way” theory on how he overcame his familial legacy of losers, Adam brings ups his various examples of immaturity and laziness that inhibited from doing basic things until he focused on them and rewired himself to escape the no count losers his comes from.

Adam is talking to Drew about using “we” while talking about people getting their shit together with this woman, Adam has a predictive/predictable story about his father who doesn’t mind wasting Adam’s time to save $20 bucks.


Adam is mocking his dad’s urgency to save a dollar and he explains he sent his dad $300 cash to get him to stop bugging him.

Adam is explaining he saw his father over the break and he didn’t say a word, Adam was perplexed if it the money actually made it to him, Drew is starting to suggest this is connected to his father’s senility and Adam says he’s always been this way, to him, him having to pay for himself is an emergency that must be forced upon other to solve.

Matt confirms the late-night phone calls and panic he witness, they all have some fun at Jim’s expense and Adam teases a classic Loveline moment thanks to Mike Lynch being in town and some scouring of old hard drives.


True CarAdam will be looking soon, the free cars from Jaguar are sadly in his rear-view mirror edition

“new or used, that’s about it”


Adam is now setting up the Loveline commercial setup with the best ad company and photographer in town, 20 years ago, the infamous leather coat photo shoot.

Adam is reacting to the commercial and Drew is providing excellent commentary, Adam is now bringing up his “history is not going to be kind to this” statement that Drew eventually began to hear from Adam much more often.

Adam is mocking the WB affiliate promo campaign and how he angry he got at the campaign itself and Drew says he offended the people on staff.


Adam and Drew are walking down memory lane of the horrific photography session and Adam transitions to the Teen Choice awards and the backstage panic of Daisy Fuentes and the other year where Adam complained about The Woody award itself.

Adam brings up The Shyne Awards and how he walked out when they didn’t replace the bad aforementioned promo photos, Adam says the staff will never find the image he’s thinking of, it’s not the brown leather coat photo.

Adam is bringing up how Howard Lepidus intervened and how he bragged out, Adam is saying fuck you to the “whoa, whoa!” people who try to prevent him from leaving events.


2nd Caller John, wants to know why people commit suicide and are compelled to do so around the holidays, John is swearing too much and he reiterates his question, it’s about other people.

Adam is now mocking the idea of arguing against suicide by listing off modern conveniences and quality of life. Adam has a killer “looking for a sitter” one liner too.

Drew talks about humans finding meaning and Adam says people need to get up and go somewhere, humans need to move.


Adam says people need to walk their dog, don’t hire a dogwalker, it’s for you.

They wrap up the show and give out the plugs.