Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2015 – Patton Oswalt

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2015 – Patton Oswalt

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Patton Oswalt

Recorded 01-04-2015 – Release Date 01-05-2015

Production Number #1482

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Dawson has a solid “anger resolution” intro courtesy of Mike Lynch, Adam thanks the fans and plugs some upcoming live shows, and he then welcomes Gina Grad to the show.

BB plays the runner up “Oh Fuck!” Rob Huebel drop from the most recent Ace Awards as today’s #TopDrop, Adam is now explaining what Gina is doing on the show, for those unfamiliar she goes back to the KLSX days of the ACS and has filled in and tried out for the newsgirl/co-host/sidekick role in the past.

A friend of Teresa and radio pro, she was a regular on The Conway and Whitman show on KLSX, she currently has her own podcast and still co-hosts the Pretty Good Podcast, now over 1000 episodes deep in their run and still going.


Adam is explaining that Alison Rosen is not going to be part of the program in 2015, he explains it’s nothing personal and he thinks Alison is a great writer and has a strong comedic voice.

He says he doesn’t think sidekick is Alison’s calling, it’s not personal, it’s not a creative decision, nor based on her ability.

Adam says that’s probably a good thing and then tells Gina not to take offence, he says that he doesn’t know if he’s good sidekick material either, comparing Alison to him in the talent department.


Adam says he feels that Alison is better as a lead than a sidekick, he said something similar about the “two lead guitarists” format from the 2007 KLSX ACS with Bonaduce.

Alison has the most episodes as Newsgirl/cohost in Acs history and is Adam’s longest running consecutive female broadcasting/podcasting partner, her and Teresa both had roughly 4 years on air with Adam but Alison has somewhere between 300-400 more total episodes.

Adam explains that Gina is filling in and essentially trying out for the job again, he wants to bring a variety of people through and find the right fit, and they’ve done this several times in the history of the show.

In 2006 original Newsgirl Rachel Perry wasn’t working out, missed several episodes to film a pilot (the remake of Time Tunnel IIRC) and that’s when they first brought Teresa Strasser on the show, she became the permanent newsgirl in 2006, her role was expanded to sidekick officially in 2008 when BB also got more airtime, she joined them on the podcast in 2010 but had to depart due to conflicting schedules with her radio job.


They had more tryouts in 2010, even having guest newsgirls who weren’t really trying out like Natasha Leggero and Alanna Ubach.


Adam says that audition is not the right word and explains the idea of bringing people in, Gina is now filling the audience in on her history with the ACS.

BB has a killer one liner, Adam explains that he loves Tim Conway and describes a blissful moment, he’s being sarcastic.

Adam is now recalling the announcement instructions he was given in February 2009 about the end of the KLSX talk format/station.


Adam explains that he was the only one to realize that Tim Conway deserved the right to say goodbye to his audience, Gina gets Adam to clarify this wasn’t the program director Jack Silver’s decision, BB busts out some FJS (Fake Jack Silver) a very rare impression.

Adam is now telling Gina about the following morning hearing Danny Bonaduce going off on him about how he blew the announcement, jumped the gun.

Gina interrupts before Adam can finish the story, he actually called into that live broadcast with Danny, and he corrected him on air and made it clear he was wrong, completely destroying him on air without even raising his voice.


Gina finishes up her journey to the studio and Adam tells them about his dinner after the ‘Beef Bowl’ he went to ‘Lawry’s’ and further riffs about the possible gay connotations of the title.

Adam is now telling them about Dr. Drew’s wife and his openness with her about her being “nutty” he’s explaining how Susan re-ordered everything for them and complains about the wine list description.

Adam has a funny “cut you up right now” quote about how fresh the steak is at ‘Lawry’s’ and Adam says that hopefully Gina will stay “here” implying he’s rooting for her to get the job.


Adam says he was watching football with Kimmel and Cousin Sal, he’s telling the audience what 2015 has in store for him and his schedule, the way he’s announcing it all, it almost sounds ominous.

Adam says that ‘Catch a Contractor’ season 3 will be filming in March, his two movies releasing in limited theatrical engagements and on VOD.

Adam tells them about his 4th book (5th if you count The Dr. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Life and Love from 1998) and he is now sharing an anecdote about him and Mike lynch both not being aware of the month, let alone date that Father’s Day takes place.


BB brings up Adam’s upcoming filming in Las Vegas for season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he is now trying to get at something uplifting or meaningful.

Adam is telling them about his kid’s gifts this year, including a drone with a camera mount.

Adam says his kids got 3 of everything, yet somehow regardless of how fancy or abundant the gifts are, they weren’t moving the needle.


Adam says the number one gift his kids got was courtesy of former Assistant Jay, he bought a mobile ping pong unit for a Christmas white elephant/Yankee swap exchange.

Adam says this kit, with a mobile net and paddles was the biggest hit, allowing his kids to turn any flat surface into a ping pong table.

Adam is making a point about the simple things in life often being the most meaningful, he describes how his kids are now into playing him at ping pong.


Gina calls back the unmanned drone gifts, Adam says he’s unsure that anything will be as important as the simple interaction between him and his kids over the makeshift ping pong battles.

Adam says that he makes the kids get up to 10 volleys before letting them move on, he describes why repetition leads to progress, using the classic push up analogy.

Adam says that when you’re 8 years old, all the technology in the world takes a back seat to this close familial activity and the bonding that comes from it.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, he’s very excited to be on the show and BB mocks his enthusiasm, he says that his resolution this year is to be less of a pushover.

You can hear the timid quality in his voice, Adam is asking how many people are actually pushovers, he then follow it ups with a funny “do it now bitch!” line that hopefully Bryan is chopping up into a drop.

Adam is explaining the times in his life he’s been a pushover, almost strategically while planning to come back like Macarthur or the Phoenix.


Adam is taking this back to his days on the construction site, he describes the time he was ordered to run to a foreman’s truck to retrieve his level.

Adam says he lost that battle but won the war of life, describing where that foreman probably wound up in contrast to where he sits.

Adam says that in life you don’t need to settle everyone’s hash, Gina says she’s never heard anyone give that advice before, Adam is now taking it to asshole cops and reiterates his point about hash settling.


2nd Caller Robert, he wants to know how to instill grit in his kids, Adam is now telling them about his son gathering his “stuffies” in a pillow case and transporting them around the house, the opposite of grit.

Adam says that you can only lead by example, he has a monkey see/monkey do explanation, and BB calls back the “stuffy” comments.

Adam is now describing another Reverie bed scene, his son played out with a menagerie of stuffed animals.


Adam describes how aggressive his daughter is and how passive his son is, he says that you want your kids to respect you so much they fear disappointing you more than anything else.


Adam is now doing a Reverie bed live read.


Adam is describing his haircut over the holidays, he went to his usual spot, and he’s now describing a guy with a ‘Forrest Gump’ style do.

Adam says that the guy next to him was taking double, maybe triple the time Adam took for his simple cut.

Adam is joking about the square/round question asked after a haircut, Adam describes his reaction when asked about it now.


Adam cites his status in life as why his hair matters less than it ever did in the past, he is mocking the loser with the complex cut.

Adam is yelling about him looking ridiculous, if clowns had a mafia he could be part of the family and how he’s probably not getting laid or blown for said crappy haircut.

Adam is saying this guy is probably exacting his revenge, getting the control missing from his life for the brief moment he’s in the chair.


Adam has a horrible description of demanding things from a homeless guy before giving him money, having dominion over another human to enact some kind of existential revenge.

Adam describes his power move of leaving a 204, telling them to keep the change.


3rd Caller Mark, he’s telling them about his son who at best could be a kicker due to his limited size and athleticism.

Adam says that the amount of guys who were good enough to make it to the high school and college level but couldn’t advance to the professional leagues.

BB backs him up and they describe how difficult and unlikely a job as a professional NFL kicker truly is, Adam brings up ‘Necessary Roughness’ and they riff about Kathy Ireland playing the kicker.


Adam sees that Patton has arrived, Gary informs him that he first flashed the alert 30min ago, Adam wraps this up.

BB and Adam do a Draft Kings live read and they head to break.

A PodcastOne ad plays promoting a new show hosted by Adam Carolla and Dennis Miller.


Patton Oswalt is returning to the show for his 6th appearance (including Shakesbeer 2009), he has a long history guesting on air with Adam, dating back to 2001 on Loveline, Brian Posehn and Patton had a trilogy of episodes that are unmatched by any other comedian guest in LL history.





Patton also guested on the KLSX ACS 8 times between 2006 and 2008, if you’ve never heard him on the podcast before or it’s been a few years since you heard them, you should definitely check out his past visits.

ACS #150 (feat. Patton Oswalt & Teresa Strasser) – An episode so funny it was chosen as part of the 2012 “Superfan Selection Series” best of picks.

ACS #226 ShakesBeer 2009 (feat. Jay Leno, Bob Saget, Patton Oswalt, Jeffrey Ross & Jim Norton) – The episode where Adam and Patton share a revelation about performing and audience sizes in clubs vs. radio listeners.

If you’re a ‘Take a Knee’ subscriber you can find both of those episodes in the Libsyn archive that comes bundled with TAK.


Adam plugs Patton’s new book and upcoming tour dates, including Carnegie Hall.

Patton says he’s going to do a set after this recording to work out his material and performance on stage before playing Carnegie.

Adam and Patton agree that Carnegie Hall is the pinnacle for comedian to perform, mostly due to the historical cache of the concert hall.


Patton has an anecdote about the 2008 election and why he knew Obama would win.

Patton is telling them about hosting the independent spirit awards and the advice he got from former hosts, he describes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie admiring him from the audience, Adam has a killer one liner about Brad and Angelina’s thoughts regarding Patton’s physicality and existence.

Gina asks him about heckling, he is describing why this is more offensive than heckling, and Adam once again calls Patton a troll, good stuff.


Patton has an anecdote about a show that went wrong due to some pre-show card instructions to get a free T-Shirt.

Adam is bringing up T Shirt cannons and how people react to free shirts.

Adam is bringing up a disrespectful tweet that was sent to him, Adam describes a funny fictional photo of him in a dunce cap with a thumb up his ass.


Adam is sharing how the screenshot of ‘The Man Show’ has him cropped out, using Jimmy to advertise it as if they weren’t cohosts.


Adam says that he thought about getting ahold of Jimmy to have him see this, figuring he would get a kick out of it, Adam then realized that maybe they had a point when he remembered that Jimmy was celebrating the holidays with A-list celebrities.

Adam says the misspelled name is the most offensive part, Patton is now riffing about the cropped photo and praising Hulu.

Patton is now riffing about ‘Up in Smoke’ and subtracting Tommy Chong, he then does it again to another movie and BB has his own reference.


Adam asks how they would feel about the same situation, Patton is saying it’s clear that a fan had to track this down and alert Adam to it.

Adam says this was a calculated effort to make another dime, some bean counter made the decision.

BB brings up Patton’s new book and asks him about the premise, Patton says that from 1994 to 1999 he was obsessively watching movies and how it all started.


Patton has some great points about filmmaking and is now using ‘Wild Wild West’ as an example of all the ingredients coming together and “it just not happening” and now Adam is using a food based analogy for that experience.

Patton is now quoting Sylvester Stallone regarding film sequels, Adam tells Patton that he thinks he’s ready to direct a film and compliments his acting performances of the past several years.


The News with Gina Grad

1st Story is on the death of Stuart Scott, Gina has the information about his illness and career, Adam says he’s going to miss him.

Adam says he was re-watching ‘Plains Trains and Automobiles’ with his kids and once again has the reaction of truly missing John Candy, on the same list as Phil Hartman.

Adam is now describing the bizarre experience of passing the age of someone like John, who now becomes a kid to you, who died over 20 years ago.


Gina sets up a clip of Stuart talking about his illness, Adam laments the weird time in medicine we exist in where they can tell you how much time you have left but can’t save you.

BB is offering up an insightful explanation of the reaction to Stuart’s death and brings up BB’s brain tumor.


2nd Story is on Alan Dershowitz charges of sexual misconduct being dismissed, she sets up a clip of Alan speaking on the matter.

Adam jokes about the guy sounding like he’s been coached up by an attorney, Adam says that being forced into sex slavery is better when it’s a billionaire vs. some guy in Cleveland.

Adam is now joking about street cred, Patton comes in with a realistic take on those comments.


3rd Story Is on the ‘Play-Doh’ extruder attachment that’s been recalled after it was observed that it looked like a phallus, Adam is now riffing about them blurring it out on the TV news.

Patton has a great point about things not being perceived as “dirty” until they look like something else, he also has a realistic take on how this was something that slipped by and probably wasn’t intentional.

Gina has a funny “veiny” line and Adam is now telling them about the Jeff Goldblum calls from ‘Crank Yankers’ season 2.


Adam is now asking how money makes things right, Adam asks if they have the ‘Boomer and the Nudge’ Crank Yankers call, Patton recalls Adam laughing so hard he was sharking.

They’re now playing the call.


4th Story is on a survey of the top resolutions for 2014 and advice on “bite size resolutions” and now Adam is lamenting how easy it is to get fat after getting into the rhythm of indulging and enjoying each meal.

Adam is making a great point about human evolution and how we’re set up genetically to store calories as the odds were always stacked against humans getting fat, now it’s the exact opposite.

Adam is describing the abundance of take out and left overs clogging up their fridge and how he told his wife to start reheating it for the kids, he took a nap and awoke to find she went to Subway and McDonalds.


Adam and Patton are now riffing about his wife ignoring him, Patton jokes about Adam’s wife seeing him as a crazy old man.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read.

Adam plugs Take a Knee, Patton’s book coming out Tuesday and his upcoming live dates.

Adam tells Patton it’s always a delight, hopefully he comes back much sooner, the previous 3 year wait was too long.