Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 487

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 487

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-02-2017 – Release Date 01-04-2017

Production Number #487 – Adam the Artist

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Adam has a great “Mandate to Get It On” standard intro and he asks Drew about a story he saw on ’60 Minutes’ about the increase in homicides in Chicago.

Drew shares how distorted the media is and how he was unable to ever get an accurate set of details about what exactly was going on, even when he was on CNN.

Adam is now talking about the logic for why the murder rate has increased, citing police reluctance to intervene to avoid becoming a YouTube viral video.


Adam is now sharing how the script has been flipped for Trump, Adam brings up how cops now must consider losing their jobs with every interaction, he mocks the “what’s going on?” reaction from the anchors on ’60 Minutes’ and Adam is now going off on parental responsibility and how it leads to gang violence.

Adam is now bringing up his argument from 2016 with David Wild about the symposium on race and the lack of a dialogue about absentee fathers who leave kids to raise themselves, often in poverty.

Adam is now talking about the pendulum swing he predicted and Drew says the cops want to help the community but will sit by if they’re not wanted or blocked from doing their jobs.


1st Caller? he suggests Adam get Phil some real bones, there is one out there in the shop and Phil prefers Drew’s humerus to the real bone, they need to get Buffalo Raw Hide from Amazon.

The caller wants to know about taking Coumadin and ridding motorcycles, Drew has a hilarious “Yes!” in reply to the caller who is shocked by the dangers of basic activities while taking coumadin.

Drew has some practical advice for what he should put on his person about his medical conditions and medications and they move on.


2nd Caller Andy, he’s praising Adam but has a complaint about his reaction to the arts programs for children’s education and the Wells Fargo commercial on ACS #1902 (feat. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, David Wild, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) and Adam asks Drew about the Wells Fargo apology to the colossal pussy artists who got their berets in a bunch.

Andy shares his issue with Adam’s stance, he sees Adam an artist and Drew brings up a 1997 discussion he had with Adam about his busy schedule.

Adam threw the point in Drew’s face about the relative salary of the greatest surgeon vs. Jerry Seinfeld, Adam is resistant to the label of artist.


Adam is thanking Andy and explaining his take on this, he says the artists should sharpen their easel and fall on it, Adam is now mocking the Wells Fargo apology which was a pro-feminist ad campaign and says they clearly had lots of thought behind it, to avoid this very kind of criticism.

Drew is now sharing how he watched a documentary about Robert Mapplethorpe and his art/madness and Adam jokes about his love for black cock and how he couldn’t get as much attention with his bit titty art.

Drew is now making a point about “sex negative” labeling used against him for being realistic about the dangers and harmful aspects of certain human behaviors.


Adam asks Chris if he has access to the pictures as they read the Wells Fargo stuff and move on, hilarious stammering from Chris.


3rd Caller Jeremiah is calling about his inability to stick with therapy and work through his issues completely, Drew says it’s called resistance and Adam asks him for a recurring issue that requires therapy.

Jeremiah shares how he can’t sustain romantic relationships and fears becoming his father, he’s very timid around adult males and Drew suggests a female therapist, he needs to tolerate closeness and a male might be too tall of an order right now.

Drew is being very insightful telling him how simple the therapy dynamic is and Adam says the broken record of the broken person bothers him, he wants people to quit the mantra and rewire themselves, it’s time to move on and get better.


4th Caller Steve, his son is crying and Adam jokes about his son being at risk to join a gang and Adam is now saying it’s an Obama/Trump flip story, 8 years of questions about why cops are stopping black people, now in 2017 it’s about why cops aren’t stopping more black young men.

Adam is making a great point and Drew is now asking why they would spin this narrative now that Trump is in charge, Drew ants Adam to characterize his point and what’s going on.

Adam is now trying to clarify his logic and how this seems to be a political bent from CBS, Steve is saying something is afoot there in Chicago for sure.


Adam is now talking to Steve about wiring and perception of danger, Steve asks what race his child should put down when he enrolls for college, he comments on Anderson Cooper disavowing his family legacy and claiming he had no Vanderbilt money when he growing up.

Adam says it’s super convenient to not worry about money, when it’s just there you never think about it, Adam mocks Joe Biden and his wedding gift of a humble Corvette and brings up Gavin Newsom and his wealthy father whom Drew mocks along with him, lead council of Getty oil!


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Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Drew gives his plugs and they close it out, solid ep!