Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2017 – Grant Imahara and James Mitchell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2017 – Grant Imahara and James Mitchell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Grant Imahara and James Mitchell

Recorded 01-03-2017 – Release Date 01-04-2017

Production Number #1979

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Adam opens the show to a funny “Talk Dirty to You” intro courtesy of Mike Dawson and Mike Lynch, BB has a USC themed #TopDrop and Adam starts discussing the game with BB almost immediately.

BB shares his take as a USC fan and the lengthy game, Adam says he likes seeing Penn State back in the running and BB brings up the sanctions on USC vs. Penn.

Adam is now bringing up the new ‘Dos Equis’ guy, Adam is telling Gina about the new spokesman.


Adam actually interviewed Jonathan Goldsmith the former ‘Most Interesting Man In the World’ on ACS #458 back in December of 2010 where he proved to be less than his title implied.

Adam is now setting up the new commercial and playing it for fashioning a coconut into a football and kicking it at the head of a giraffe, an endangered species, Adam says that’s not “enjoying responsibly” and Adam shares his revelations during a recent viewing of ‘Castaway’ and they replay the ad to mock it further.

Adam comments on the Most Interesting Man dropping the English, a sign of the times indeed!


Adam is now sharing a side note about the original Dos Equis guy being the most pussy-whipped guy he’s ever witnessed, BB is confirming things and Adam is now talking about the shrew of a wife who was perched in the studio telling him what he was able to answer.

Adam is now reacting to him winning the Ace award for most ironically named guest, Adam is now further shitting on the guy and his shrew wife, he says that the Most interesting man not being able to speak being the ultimate statement about the phoniness of Hollywood.

Gina asks about the fighter jets that flew over the city, Adam surprisingly likes the flyovers as he feels like he’s getting some bang for his buck.


Adam is now setting up the conversation with James Mitchell and a conversation he had with Andrew at the other warehouse about torture and prisons walls and torture work.

Adam is sharing his logic about their effectiveness being proven by their ubiquity, Adam is now talking about the 9/11 terrorists and they welcome James to the show.

Adam is now asking him about his background before they get to the enhanced interrogation conversation, James tells Adam about working in the bomb disposal department, he explains how he branched out in his career after starting in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


Adam is now asking him about dangerous IED’s and the most dangerous items he came across, he tells Adam about his time in Alaska and how he transitioned to dealing with Al Qaeda and torture resistance training.

Adam is now asking him about the general approach regarding trying to play dumb when captured, James brings up Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Adam jokes about having the full deck of cards featuring all of the terrorists.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Tapes were a regular KLSX ACS bit in 2006, one of the funniest recurring bits, hilarious!


James is now telling Adam about an attack that was planned for 2003 on the West Coast, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago were all targeted.

Adam is now asking James about torture and incentive vs. fear to learn intel.

Adam is now ranting about Senator Dianne Feinstein and Adam mocks the people who have the hubris to tell people like James what does and does not work when it comes to gathering intel and saving lives.


James mocks the millennial snowflake types and jokes about someone not being able to dress up as Mr. T for Halloween, unaware Adam has actually done that, holy shit Great Magnet!

James is now sharing how he spoke to the terrorist who decapitated Daniel Pearl, Adam suggests killing that guy’s kids too, James is now sharing how the terrorists figured the United States would turn tail and run after 9/11.

James is quoting how there would be a giant smoking hole where Paul Newman’s racecars are sitting right now had we not intervened after 9/11.


Adam is sharing caveman bully theory about Islam and James is now sharing how they are trying to ratchet up Sharia Law, using our own laws and civil liberties against us, like a Trojan horse.

Adam says our own political correctness will be our undoing and ultimately weaken us enough to be taken over and slaughtered.

Adam is now sharing his thoughts on our inability to say something if we see something, Adam brings up the most recent ’60 Minutes’ that aired on Sunday night, regarding the insane murder rate in Chicago.


Adam is now commenting on how the cops have stopped their active frisking of black teens, due to the rise in controversy about black people being stopped by the police, Adam is now mocking the perceived hypocrisy and blind spot.

James is now sharing his take and brings up immigrations and dialing back political correctness and shares how he is being sued by the ACLU, Adam is now mocking them for blocking the DNA swabs to solve murders and close old cases.

James is sharing the gall of the ACLU and Adam is now joking about their efforts to support the most awful among us, to protect them, the lords work indeed!


James is telling Adam about the bath salt case where a man ate another man’s face in Florida where he currently resides, Adam plugs his book ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ and he wants to know what the big next threat from the middle east is and what to watch out for.

James is sharing how Al Qaeda likes the “single martyrs” attacks they can take credit for, in particular the D.C. Sniper, Adam is now sharing how far a plan to blow up gas stations went.

Adam is now joking about Miller Tall Boy’s and Marlboro lights it took to get the information to prevent that attack, Adam wraps up with James and makes a point about the terrorist’s simple desire to ruin our lives and destroy your children. James has a great “yeah, well there you go…” closer that BB is for sure chopping up into a drop right now.


Adam is now saying that he thinks the equal vote is a broken part of our system, his mom can cancel out Elon Musk and Dr. Drew, Adam is commenting on James and his expertise compared to his mom, how she’ll never know half of the realities and secrets he knows, how reality actually works.


SimpliSafeAdam talked to the dude from Harvard edition

BB busts out the drop from James and they head to the phone lines to talk to some listeners.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he’s calling to share and update on how he used ‘Take a Knee’ to teach some kids in Nebraska important life lessons, he apologizes for giving them away for free but says he has influenced some kids.

Adam jokes about the ‘Starfish story’ and he gives an example of how points and cash have incentivized the kids to pick up Phil’s poop, they have gone from “I will stab you old man” to the kids racing to pick up poop.

Andrew is now talking about the kids in his class who probably won’t make it to college, Adam wants to know what it’s so taboo to step in and try and get these kids an apprenticeship to help them out in life, why is stigmatized to learn a trade.


Adam is now asking about people who went to college who are actually using their degree today, BB fills the gang in on Christie and her education and career evolution.

Adam is now asking what TAK episodes he played for the kids, he mentions the Terry Crews episode and Adam brags about how Terry would make money as a painter while being cut from NFL teams and struggling to get by.

Gary plugs for the TAK archive.


Stamps.comDrew uses it at his house, I don’t even know if he has a business edition

BB jokes about mailing Philly (Phil E.) Cheesesteak in pieces after weighing him on the scale that can handle up to 80lbs.


Gina mentions Phil hitting her in the kidney and Adam jokes about his family being incapable of training a dog, they cannot spend the time and they don’t have enough discipline to train the dog, hilarious riff!

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Grant making his ACS debut, his former Mythbusting Sidekick Kari Byron was on the KLSX ACS on 04/15/2008, but that didn’t go so well “gotta express the anus” and she was ultimately overshadowed and embarrassed by her drops and BB’s merciless repetition.

They have a funny Definitely Not a Jew intro and Dawson has a great delivery of “She had no teeth!” and Adam gets right into Grant’s career history.

Adam is asking him about his engineering degree and presumes he is a USC fan, Adam brings up his previous accomplishments and work.

Adam is now asking him about 3D printing and how well it’s working now, he talks about ordering 3D parts and having them created by a Third Party, you design it in CAD on your computer and then get it sent back to you.


Grant says you can’t spec out a specific alloy, he says if you need that and a strength requirement C&C work is still superior.

Adam is now asking Grant about ‘BattleBots’ and his history with the show back on Comedy Central, Adam is sharing his love for the show and how he likes watching it with his son in its new current form.

Adam is recalling the old series and he asks about his opponents, Adam is sharing his love for Vlad The Impaler and Ziggo, Grant is also a fan and Adam is asking him about placing, he was a middle weight bot battler.


Adam asks him about making a living with ‘BattleBots’ and he shares how he broke even at best, titanium ain’t cheap and even some merchandising rights for toys didn’t get him into the black.

Adam says ‘BattleBots’ is a punt, pass and kick competition for engineers, he talks about the bots that were doomed to fail, he says the bots with the minions never do well, it’s an IQ test for engineers.

Grant is in full agreement and tells Adam about testing and trial runs to see if the bots even could handle combat.


Adam recalls doing the show with Jimmy Kimmel and they fought the Jay Leno Chin-Killa bot, Adam was familiar with flying remote control airplanes and how he was confused by the reversed controls, he asked them to flip it over so he could have a better edge to win.

They’re now watching some footage of Adam and Jimmy battling bots on the original series on Comedy Central.

Adam asks Grant about malfunctions and possible injuries, Grant says it used to be dangerous in the pits back in the early days of Robot Wars before the series existed.


Grant says he’s seen fires, flashes of voltage and Adam says he’s been studying about Grant and he had no idea he was so steeped in robotics.

Adam asks how far away we are from ‘Real Steel’ and Grant talks about the less than flashy battles, he talks about a show featuring robots punching, with hydraulic fluid and actuators, the bots are so tough they don’t fall apart.

Grant is talking about a United States vs. Japan robot competition and he references ‘Robot Jox’ a classic B movie.


Adam gives out the plug for Grant’s ‘White Rabbit Project’ series and he tells Adam about his radio-controlled car that goes over 200 mph and how he had to fly in the Guinness World Record Employee and Adam tells Grant about doing the same thing to get the Podcast download record in the book (digital edition) and Grant is telling them about the rules for this race.

Adan has a funnier “whose wife is more pissed off” rule of thumb for factoring who has the most impressive and daunting hobby, wives of drag boat builders vs. radio controlled speed record guys.

Adam talks about the Top Gun events in Florida with turbine jets that sound like actual jet planes, Grant is now talking about the scale and how impressive they are.


Adam is now asking for another video of one of these tiny jests spooling up before a takeoff, he has had them play one before if memory serves, perhaps last year?


Life LockEveryone Adam knows has this, what is Adam not telling us edition


Gary has a video of a turbine jet spooling up which sounds remarkably like a real full size jet, Ada masks the gang to guess where they make the model engines, Germany, Mexico or Jamaica?

They move on to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the HollyWeed sign culprit outing himself online, Adam is now asking Gina about the stunt after they play a clip of the guy talking about his “plan” and Grant talks about living near the sign, it was already halfway down by the time he woke up and tried to get a picture of it.

Adam talks about the big swimming pool up near the sign, Adam talks about how he wanted to take his wife for a horse ride over Beachwood canyon to a Mexican food lunch.

Adam is now sharing how the rental horses ruined the day, Adam says they went home and he beat off and looked at the Hollywood sign instead of riding horses near Beachwood, something he heard about for 8 years before ever attempting it.

Adam is talking about the market there that takes credit for locals, they run a tab?


2nd Story is on the top 10 earners for concert tours in 2016, Adam says he half heard this on radio earlier today, he says Bruce Springsteen was #1 and Beyoncé was #2.

Adam says this is why when his wife corrects him about a time she told him, he knows he’s right, remembering this stuff he had listened to and didn’t intended to retain for any reason.

Adam is now talking about the various artists and how much they brought in, including ‘The Rolling Stones’ who only played a dozen gigs but brought in over 90 million.


Adam asks if Paul McCartney has let nay gray creep in around his temples and BB tells them about seeing Adele live last year, she’s a star and Adam says she has the Kirstie Alley syndrome where her face stays thin and pretty while her body increases in mass.

Adam is further describing how Kirstie Alley was able to avoid the punishing big head syndrome that most people get as their asses grow as wide as Son of Whyachi, another BattleBots reference from the Aceman that Grant really appreciates.


3rd Story is on the latest incarnation of ‘The Apprentice’ and Adam jokes about the latest cast for the show, he makes a point about not being able to get all A-Listers, you’re going to get a few reality stars, one hit wonders and has-beens.

Gina has a clip and shares how the first challenge was a jingle but Carnie Wilson somehow lost, Adam shares his love for the Wilson Phillips record that hit big, he stands by it and BB calls him gay for liking it, he says his roommate Ralph had the album and he would sneak it.


Gina wraps the news.


GeicoWalking Around Money edition


Adam gives out some plugs and then cancels a date on February 23rd due to his upcoming TV schedule, hilarious plug gone awry, BB has some funny quips and Grant plugs his new series which is on demand and BB has that great “Yeah well there you go” drop from James to close the show.