Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2013 – Jay Mohr and Jay Glazer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/04/2013 – Jay Mohr and Jay Glazer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 01-03-2012 – Release Date 01-04-2013

This one’s coming from 34,000 feet.

Adam is doing a standard intro with Jay Mohr in studio; Adam is now commenting on Dawson’s intro, he’s riffing on the “Shaft” theme and specific lyric from it.

Jay is jumping in and now they’re riffing on Springsteen too, Adam is switching gears to explain that Jay didn’t know Adam he had a son and a daughter even though Adam has recently guested on his show twice in as many months.

Adam is now sharing a side story about his trip to Disneyland; he’s explaining the nature of Sonny and Natalia to Jay so he can understand their personalities for the story.

Adam is explaining how he had to force Sonny to get over his fear of Rollercoasters, Alison is sympathizing despite Adam trying to get her  to hold off, this story is great, everyone is disbelief, even Jay but I agree with Adam, good stuff.

Alison is now sharing her own not too dissimilar experience at Disneyland with her first rollercoaster; they’re all riffing on Space Mountain now.

Adam is announcing Jay’s new talk radio show and congratulating him and Jay’s busting out a new impression for the gang. Jay is complimenting Adams twitter feed and they’re bringing it back to the hilarious “SuperFly” riff from the top of the show.


Adam is now playing the Deacon Jones “Head Slap” clip for Jay who first learned about it from Adam’s twitter feed now that it’s been censored, Adam is explaining how he originally came by the clip back in the Loveline days.

Jay is now telling his legendary “Deacon Jones” story he once told on his own podcast, amazing quotes! Adam and Jay are now discussing Deacon Jones still being physically intimidating.

Adam is now on an amazing riff about black people understanding the game of dominos and not sharing it with the rest of us, the analogy he just gave is mind blowing, this is hilarious!

Jay just busted out some Christopher Walken and now he’s incorporating it into Adam’s riff, Jay is now in Chris Penn mode and Adam is kicking him the details about when Chris guested on Loveline in 1998 and the story of them at the “Cop Bar” in Culver City.

Jay is now giving Bryan a funny jab about bailing out on his own ideas, Dawson is now on mic explaining how he knows the rules of Dominos, hilarious replies from Adam, so extreme even Jay has a comedic shocked reaction about being associated with it, gold! Dawson just improved this episode 10 fold, nice work dude!

Bryan mentioned upcoming guest Alonzo Boden and now they’re on some funny racial comedy riffs, Adam is telling the gang about the time Kimmel prank called “John and Jeff”. Jay is jumping in to recreate the exact kind of impression, really fine work!

Adam is now riffing on this amazing quote about what he almost did in reaction to John and Jeff, Alison and Jay have hilarious reactions to Adam’s riff and are jumping in, this is gold, this episode is great!


Adam is doing a JKL live read, he’s now going in depth about the show and his booking history on it, and he’s explaining how the late night guest booking process works.

Jay just referenced Ryan Gosling and Adam of course has some ammo chambered for “Drive” Bryan is chiming in with how he loved it and actually giving Adam shit for “being in the minority” Adam is countering now, this is rich!

Adam and Jay are having a nice back and forth about taste and opinion, Jay is now doing a great Adam Sandler impression and they’re going more in depth on “Drive”.

Adam wants to discuss “Django Unchained” but nobody in the room has seen it, they’re all discussing Cristoph Waltz and the supporting actor category of the Academy Awards, Jay is busting out his Joe Pesci and a little Brad Pitt from “Inglorious Basterds”.


Jay Glazer is now joining them in studio and demanding a refill on the “Mangria” as he quite enjoyed it during his last visit, his last classic appearance from 2012, Adam is now commenting on Jay Glazer’s “Crazy Motor” and wants to know if he’s able to turn it off or down.

They’re now discussing Glazer’s scoops and other people taking credit for the work he does, Adam is trying to jump and Jay is shouting and Bryan has some nice drop work.

Adam wants to know if Jay Mohr can do some “Katt Williams” for him, Jay is warning the gang about how the impression can be tricky due to the language required, Jay is now asking Jay if he knows how to play dominos, hilarious reply and Mohr is losing his shit, this is wonderful!

Glazer is now telling the gang about his first attempt at standup comedy where Jay Mohr was the MC for the open mic night. Glazer is now crediting Mohr with helping his career and they’re all discussing Jerome Bettis.


Adam is asking the gang if he shared the details of the booking at the paramount theater, Adam and Prager were booked the day after Katt Williams was booked.

Adam is going in depth on what happened at the venue as he was told by the employee, this story is insane. Adam is going even further in depth on the story he was told at the venue.

They’re watching all the recent clips of Katt Williams assaulting people, Adam has a hilarious quote about Bill Cosby and Jay is now trying to bust out a Cosby impression to flesh out Adam’s bit, nice work.


They’re now back from the 2nd break and now the guys are breaking down an NFL play, super in depth NFL talk.


Alison’s news, her top story is on the Sandy Hook students resuming school at new location.

Adam has a funny quote about why you would want to remodel the other school to look like the place the tragedy occurred, Alison set him up for the quote and now he’s asking Mohr to bust out a Jesse Jackson impression and to use his quote.

Glazer is jumping in to shoot down the discussion; Alison is getting in the mix and standing up for them to keep discussing the story and issues. Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t like the term “Winter Break”.


2nd story is about Julianne Hough revealing her abuse while attending dance school in the UK. Alison is giving more details, Bryan and Mohr just revealed they both sat through “Rock of Ages” and now Adam is giving his theory on dancers.

Adam is giving a hilarious analogy between Mexico and Europe, not from the angle you might guess either, very funny and insightful.

Adam’s on a great riff about Roman Polanski, he’s making a larger point, Jay is now busting out a Roman Polanski impression and Bryan is jumping in to shit on a point, Adam is going back full force and Jay is busting out some more rare impressions.

They’re all now discussing death row, Adam has some funny points and Glazer is a little more intense, Mohr is now jumping in to assist Adam with some points and impressions.


Alison’s 3rd story is about two teens who were arrested after drugging parents with sleeping pills.

Everyone is giving their take on Ambien, Adam has some funny comments, Glazer is giving a story of trying to sleep on a plane, and Mohr is blown away that you can go on late night food runs while on the drug.

Adam is giving another example of unsatisfying eating experiences involving pie and unwanted phone calls, Mohr is now doing his Norm McDonald impression and asking some relevant questions about the story.

Glazer just spilled his Mangria mid live read, everyone seems to enjoy it, Adam is now wrapping the show and thanking the Jays.